5nin no Koi Prince ~Himitsu no Keiyaku Kekkon~// All Routes and Thoughts

No this isn’t about the mobile game of the same name, but the Vita port that came out…..2 years ago.

Y’know when they announced the cast and I saw Koyasu I immediately eye zoomed into his char and after hearing it was originally a mobile game, realised they doomed him to a subpar game. Nevertheless this means I bought it.

I originally intended to do this as a short thing because I imagined it was a short game but…Yeah nothing new it was short, I’m just slow. I didn’t take many screenshots either.

This game has all the hallmarks of being the Best Game in History

5nin no Koi Prince, or KoiPri is about this super rich old fogey who recently died, Saionji Hajime’s fortune. Apparently he left behind like an obscene amount of money (50 billion yen) to his children, with one catch: only the one who marries the daughter of his one true love will be the one who can inherit it. Making sure this is a legit marriage of love, is the lawyer Maki Yuusuke.

Coincidentally all of Hajime’s sons happen to be super successful as well as good looking which makes them the Prince Five as dubbed by Maki (I used this dumb ass name as my tag for the non-spoilery live tweeting of the game as well). So Maki drags the daughter of Hajime’s first love (the heroine) to his mansion and abruptly tells her to marry one of them.

The heroine (patissier) couldn’t give two shits about the money since she’s happy with her life, but upon hearing that the jealous younger brother of Hajime, Shiro might try to destroy her life accepts the conditions, choosing one of the dudes.

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Magic-Kyun! Renaissance // Suminomiya Aoi Route

After Teika, it only makes sense to do Aoi so here he is.


Aoi (CV: KENN) is a hikikomori who only cares about calligraphy, his magical art. He has poor social skills and attendance record, so much that people in his class doubt his existence.

After Kohana transfers to Hoshigei High School, she is assigned to be on the Hoshi Fes Committee with him among others and everything begins there.

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First Impressions of Magic-Kyun! Renaissance // Ichijouji Teika Route

As most people would know, Magic-Kyun (Majikyun) was an anime airing this winter in Japan which finished it’s run a few days ago. What they should also realise is that it was based on an otome game released in September.


Honestly the anime was balls but they didn’t shaft the heroine for fujoshi fanservice like UtaPri so I’ll give them credit for that. I also particularly liked that the main climax involved the heroine’s insecurities with herself, so the dudes were there to help her, rather than the usual girl is the one who loves the guy just as they are!1!!1111 The first episode left a pretty deep impression me despite originally casting off the premise as some wannabe magical idol series so I hunted the game down.

That being said, the game will have differences to the anime so I’ll be looking at this game from a comparative perspective versus the anime, so there might be spoilers for the anime.

The premise of Majikyun is that there is this super high class private academy called Hoshinomori Magical Arts High School (Hoshigei) which only students with the power of magical arts can attend. Aigasaki Kohana has dreamed of attending due to her admiration of her mother and wishes to become the Artista Princess just like her mother.

When she arrives at the school, she immediately runs into Teika while looking for the dorms, who mistakes her as a prospective examinee and takes her to the staff office. He asks her why she wants to go to Hoshigei and Kohana spouts that she wants to be the Artista Princess impressing Teika with her unwavering confidence, who replies with “the school needs someone like you” and leaves. Unable to find any staff in the office, she wonders around and hears someone playing the cello. Hibiki Kanato is practicing the cello in order to catch up to his senpai and they offer to listen to him. Walking away, Kohana bumps into Anjou Louis who plays around with her in a game of …dance…tag (????) with his fans. Prying herself away from that, Kohana stumbles on Tatewaki Rintarou sculpting. After they awkwardly make eye contact, she runs away to the art club room and is speechless at Tsukushi Monet’s monotone art’s beauty. He comes outta nowhere and scares Kohana into thinking she was being a bother and she runs out on to the ground where she spots a dragon in the fucking sky. The dragon was actually Suminomiya Aoi’s magical calligraphy and Kohana decides not to disturb him.

Next day somehow Kohana’s made it to her dorm and….is already good friends with Chikamatsu Juri (main character power!). They both go to class and Toudou Chieri does nothing to introduce Kohana as per the anime, and just tells them that Kohana along with Aoi and Teika are part of the Hoshigei Summer Festa committee. Teika immediately objects to working with Kohana but Toudou sensei doesn’t budge.

Starting out, the immediate difference I noticed was that Kohana isn’t completely airheaded like the anime in the introduction. She has some idea what she’s doing, so that’s,,,,,,,good?????

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Impressions and Experience: Animate Girls Festival 2016

Those who follow me on twitter would know that this year I got the pleasure of going to Animate Girl’s Festival for the first time, which is the hallmark event for female fans of anime and games/drama CDs. Major companies and faces go to each event to promote their games etc. and people from all over Japan fight to attend. It happened on the 5th and 6th of November this year in the World Import Mart which is attached to Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.

Unfortunately because of bad management ( ‾᷄꒫‾᷅ ) and being generally unlucky, I missed out on full day tickets and only managed to get afternoon tickets to the event, which means entry was only allowed after 1pm on each day. Not to mention the process of getting the tickets was a pain in the ass (´L_` )…

Anyways in general, unlike cons here in Australia (and I assume most places in the world) there are tickets specifically for cosplayers which allowed them to enter a cosplayer only area if I recall but (  ~´・_・`)~ I didn’t cosplay so I have no idea. The most I prepared with an itabag, which most attendees also had to put their best boy on display (・∀・)

Bear with me as I recap my experience in many photos and tweets www

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the event and I still miss it(^ω^)

Warning: Tweet/image heavy post ahead

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BAD APPLE WARS // Higa route



This time its the tall dude on the left

Admittedly trying to double the dose of Rinka by doing Higa right after Aruma killed all my motivation in trying to play this game…So I took a 3 month break from this game hahahaha //sweats.

Anyway I’m back with your favourite not-Angel-Beats otome game, with the baseball baka Higa’s route.

Higa (CV: Suwabe Junichi) is your average huge idiot who is all brawn and no brain, basically the perfect side kick for Aruma’s who is actually 90% brain 10% muscle.

Since I assume people reading this would have read the Aruma post, I’ll gloss over the common events rather than go into detail. Giant wall of text as well.

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Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Astaroth Route and Final Thoughts

HAPPY NEW YEAR <- 2 weeks late

I said I’d blog whenever and it is now whenever. I’m sorry if you expected me to update with BAD APPLE WARS but Rinka is driving me insane so I need a break from her. What a better way to take a break than play the shittiest game imaginable hey?!

SO here I am with the last route of Solomon’s Ring Chapter of Wind (like the wind from my ass). Honestly I’m already thinking of what game I should play next, barring BAD APPLE WARS, because I’ve got very little patience these days.


Lookitdat silver haired derp face. He’s Astaroth.

By now, I’m too fucking lazy to type out the back story because honestly you’d only be reading this to see how I’m suffering anyway. The char I went for this time is Astaroth, some duke in hell, has legions of demons working for him yadda yadda yada. I don’t know anything about demonology (lol why the heck is there even such a thing) so what’s so special about him, I’ll never know. In any case if he were special, GOOD NEWS! Solomon’s Ring will completely fuck with that and make him not special anyway.

Coincidentally the oresama Astaroth (he’s so oresama he actually calls himself…oresama) is voiced by Suwabe Junichi….much like Higa…the next route of BAD APPLE WARS that I’m playing through…………………………..Suwabe overload.

Anyways JUMP OVER FOR SOME SPOILING SPOILERS AND THINKY THOUGHT THOUGHTS and skip past the huge text for my final thoughts

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First Impressions of BAD APPLE WARS // Aruma Route

I’m back! I didn’t actually expect to write this so soon but having just finished Aruma’s route I have a lot of written(verbal?) diarrhea to release about BAD APPLE WARS.

Image heavy/sarcasm heavy post ahead

At least the cover looks cool

At least the cover looks cool

The game is basically about ‘life’ after death. The heroine Rinka is an ’empty’ girl who basically just lives each day doing nothing special, with no interests and no aspirations. On the day of her high school entrance ceremony, she drops her shoe and…ends up getting run over. She even died in a really stupid way.

The next thing she knows, she’s in this weird world where the sky is red and there’s a freaky teacher with a rabbit head on welcoming her to Nevaeh High School. Thinking he’s one of those weirdos commonplace nowadays, she asks him to bring her back to the school she was actually heading to. Rabbit sensei tells her he can’t because she’s already dead. 




Sugitan seems to have a knack for voicing trash lately lmfao

Thinking it’s a horrible dream, Rabbit sensei drags her to the entrance ceremony where there’s another student, Satoru, who’s already waiting. The ceremony begins and, as you’d have it, the invisible principal explains that they’re both there because they died meaningless deaths while achieving nothing in their lives. The goal of the school was to “to compassionately reincarnate a loser” lmao.

Suddenly a giant explosion happens and a group of delinquents calling themselves Bad Apples appear. The Disciplinary Committee appears almost immediately and both groups fight.

The Disciplinary Committee fighting

The Disciplinary Committee fighting

This red headed kid who is presumably the leader, asks both of them if they want to live before retreating.

So you see where I'm going with this?

So you see where I’m going with this?

All the principal says after that is that these new entrants should not become bad apples. Rabbit sensei turns out to be their new teacher and he hands Rinka a student hand book with a whole bunch of pointless rules and she notices the other students look really lifeless and are wearing the same freaky mask and finds it incredibly disturbing.

In the hallway she gets stopped by Bucket sensei (a teacher with a bucket on his head lmao) and harrassed by Gas mask sensei (…yeah). Here she chooses to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

I did Aruma’s route first because it’s fairly obviously the Tacchi char is meant for last so…Aruma is the leader of Bad Apples and voiced by Sakurai Takahiro. Continue reading

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