Heartbeat Bullet – Information

This is a repost from my LJ which I’ve since deleted. Keep in mind they are quite dated (so I might sound like a retard) lmfao and chances of me actually continuing these posts is fairly low cuz I honestly cbf.

So like, I’m a fan of otome games/visual novels, especially those with hot bishounen. Also I’m a  fan of anime, current obsession – Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn- (and Gintama really…but that’s besides the point).

When you combine both of these, Reborn + otome game you get… Heartbeat Bullet fangirlgasm.

It’s a doujin game produced by Dear My 1bit (they seem to have closed down, their site is gone too @w@…)

Information About the Game

It’s actually quite a simple concept, the gaming part. You finish a path with lovelove ending and you unlock a side story, which to more fan girl’s delight, is Varia side. Unfortunately I haven’t played any of that yet, no time ;w;…So this post is really all about the main story, which is the Vongola side.

How the Game works

Menu is self explanatory XD

The obtainable chars in Vongola side, areee all here~!

You only meet all the obtainable chars on the second day so that’s why it’s different to the prologue screen.
Note that in Chrome’s route, you actually get both Mukuro and Chrome…Which is kinda strange, so I call it the TWO FOR ONE ROUTE!…Yeah anyways…

Each day follows the sequence of: waking up in your room -> day begins and you can do 6 things -> go back to room and sleep (end of the day). Sometime during any of these, if your rabu meter is high enough for one char, they’ll trigger an event.

The ‘things’ you can do involve you visiting your bishounen while they train and: a) chat to them about random things (you, them, the family, what they like/hate etc.) or b) train them with kotodama. Both give you more rabu on the rabu-meter (which I forgot to take a screenie of), except training gives you more rabu.

When you talk to them, they level up your bullets for training (the person you support does more damage). I never bothered to read what they say because I couldn’t be bothered 8D…

The training basically has you choosing certain phrases in the bullets and if the char likes it, it increases their dying will flames? When the bar is full they release a butt kicking combo lool. After each shot is fired they say something that could be interesting to read… The blue bar is HP XD…I was going for Hibari in this route, training against Tsuna OTL…

In the end, you choose the person whose ending you want as your partner to fight the Varia with and you get your confession and epilogue after all the battles. It’s pretty repetitive if you’ve played the game as many times as me. XD

Now for the story!

Prologue (ie. common story to all the Vongola members’ routes)

(Set during the Ring Battle Arc)

You play as a girl who just recently moved to Namimori Middle High School, in Tsuna’s class. It begins with a intro with your name etc.etc. and you have the first option of how you want to live out your new life, something about going your pace or making new friends or…I forgot.

Anyways, you’re wandering around Namimori, then something happens. You run into this scary silver haired man…Guess who? Squallo! He’s all like, Imma cut you down cuz you’re in the way with his awesome sword skillz (I didn’t actually read his threats cuz I cbf OTL sorry) but in a nick of time, you bump into Tsuna.

Tsuna is all surprised and whatever going all “amagad it’s you!!” Soon Gokudera, Yamamoto and Reborn follow. You’re confused as hell but Reborn tells Tsuna to fight, because it’s his fight. Tsuna goes all chicken as usual and refuses, then Reborn turns to you and tels you that he’s hired you or something like that, so you have to fight as well. Of course you’re still confused going wtf happen?

You immediately refuse, saying the silver haired baddy is ‘too scary’. Reborn is like you useless piece of… hands you a gun. You take it and freak, ‘it can’t be real, it can’t be real, it must be a toy!’

Reborn: “No it’s real.”


He tells you to save Tsuna who is in the process of wetting his pants. There on you have a choice: “I don’t want to hurt anyone!” or “I just want this to be over!”. Reborn presses you to shoot and that it becomes your power.

And you do. You shoot Tsuna.

Tsuna is surprised.

“I’m full of energy?!”

You: Tsuna-kun, go!

And then goes to fight Squallo. Tsuna hits!

Squallo is not happy, and is like all Imma kill you bish, to you. XD Gokudera and Yamamoto decide to be manly and step into the fight, then get their ass handed back to them. In the end Dino comes to save you all. Squallo is a weakling to S&M ;D and he runs away, with the fake Vongola rings.

For some reason (meaning, I didn’t bother reading) following that, Dino leads you all to a lodge in the middle of the forest that belongs to the Vongola Family.

Over there they’re all, you’ve seen too much, we’re going to have to rape you and dump the body. Actually it’s all just introductions from there on, info about why they’re fighting, what the rings are, who they all are. But one thing isn’t explained, why you’re there.

Honestly I forgot where this part comes in the storyline, so I’ll chuck it here 8D
Tsuna saying: Wha- What isDino-san waiting for?

Reborn tells you that you’re an Arietta, someone who has the power of  言霊 (Kotodama)  which is basically, power of words. xD… You can make someone feel a certain way depending on your words. And you have to shoot the kotodamadan, the bullet with this power, to get your message across. My boyfriend asked me why can’t Reborn just do it himself hahaha. =w=

Then you are shown this screen; Game Over!
You can visit each person by clicking their face~ There’s a few characters missing but it’s Day 0 so you meet them later. Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto have nothing special, Ryohei was like wow you’re all here etc. with his EXTREME introduction, then there’s… Hibari.

At the time of making these screens I was doing his path so yeah. You visit him with everyone, Tsuna is all grateful to Hibari.

Tsuna: “Thanks for coming and accepting the ring!”
Hibari: “What? I’m not interested in you, I came to fight with the baby.” In other words, he knows nothing 8D

You learn that Hibari is the school’s disclinarian, blahblah Dino nudges you to say something, so you do, you can either tell him; “let’s fight together!” or “let’s learn together!” Lol. Guess which one Hibari likes?

You: “let’s fight together!”
You: “!*#&@($ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”
Hibari: “No biting to death?” puppy eyes
Reborn: “If you’re with her, you’ll become stronger.” 8DDD

…What have you gotten yourself into eh?

So in the end everyone has to live in that lodge, including you. Reborn splits the rooms up; Ryohei and Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto, Reborn and Dino, and Hibari alone, you alone.

Apparently Hibari had the largest room too XD but he’s not willing to share.

When you get to your room at the end of the day, you go all “IT’S JUST LIKE A DREAM!”, trust me, your char uses that phrase A LOOOOOOOOOT. So brace yourself.

After this, each character’s route is different, so I’ll post that separately later.

The Game’s Downfalls

It. Has. No. Log.

Omfg. Everytime I try to take a screen shot or look a word up, the dialogue moves forward and annoys me to hell. And then I can’t see what has been said either. Which is partially the reason why I miss a few things while playing =w=…

Also, if you’re in for some hawt cgs, look elsewhere. I don’t have many screenies of the game because it gets boring to stare at dialogue all the time. The only cgs are at the epilogue, which is kinda sad. I wish there was more! 😦

Hmm, the game is pretty long but that’s a plus…I dunno what else XD…


Well I’m thinking I’ll keep posting what happened in the routes for people to read (and for myself to read sometime too 8D). Honestly I really hated Mukuro’s route, cuz it was lame. Then I also have a bone to pick with Tsuna (does not like) so I haven’t done his path. Yamamoto’s route was so adorable XD…but I won’t write about that yet. I’ll post up Hibari’s route sooner or later…(after my exams). So anyways…enjoy.



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46 responses to “Heartbeat Bullet – Information

  1. Aw. Haha, thanks for sharing. I’d love to play this game, too bad, no clue where to get it. Anyways, I’m excited to see the routes you’ll post up~ Thankfully, you’re going for Hibari first! I want to see Hibari’s, Yamamoto’s and (yes, I’m a sucker for…) Tsuna. But of course, the rest of course. Looking forward to it 🙂

    • Fufufu, at first I was like you, all dedicated to Hibari. But after I played Yama’s route I became torn. AHAHAHA sorry XD but no problem, glad to see someone enjoyed it ;D

  2. i always think KHR will make a good otome or yaoi game material xD
    This game looks really awesome! I would buy it if it is accessible for me. Where did you get yours?
    Thank you for sharing and writing the summary. They are really fun to read! 😀

    • Hell yeah~

      I bought my copy second hand overseas so no freebies either ;w;. There might be a demo floating around on the net if you’re lucky but I haven’t looked.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it

  3. Thank you for sharing! ♥

    That game sounds fun! 😀 I’m looking foward to you writing about Yamamoto’s or Dino’s route. :3

    • No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Trust me the game is epic XDD I almost took it as canon HAHAHA. Yamamoto’s route won’t disappoint you. As for Dino’s…I still need to figure out how to get him xDD

      • LOL, you made it sound so good that I want to play it like now! XDD I think Yamamoto’s route would be super sweet and kawaii? X33 Ahaha, take your time. I’m sure Dino’s route would be dorky and sweet. :3

  4. Yay, thanks for sharing! I want to play this game, even if the art is not really my style xD (I’ve been spoiled my Amano orz)

    FFF I’m looking forwards to everyone’s routes, but since I’m a sucker for Hibari, I’m lucky he goes first x3

  5. Thanks for the translation. I’ve been playing this game for ages without knowing what they’re saying. ^^;;

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, anotehr erason for me to start learning Japanese. ALL THOSE WONDERFUL OTOME GAMES AND THEN ONE WITH REBORN-BISHIES?! Why, is teh world trying to kill me with the agony of knowing I can’t play such games in a while? BUT THANKS TO YOU I at elast know soemthing like thsi exists. You amde my day~ I dun wanna read all of it yet, but the little I dared to read makes me wana play it. RIGHT NOW T_T I hate those language barriers…

    • Trust me, these games WERE the reason I started learning jap. orz

      • …my friends can tell a tale about my ambition to study Japanese next year when I will finish school. The reason? All those Japanese-only games that are waiting to be played…it’s a lame reason, yes, but such are a girl’s dream xD

        Did you learn it by self-teaching or did you attend a course or something?

      • Heyhey it’s not a bad reason =p I have a friend here that learnt pro jap from eroge. So it is possible >w

  7. ohhhhh my god i wish i knew enough japanese to play this ;___; BRB STUDYING

    btw i googled it & i can’t find a download or anything.. is there seriously no way to get this game? ;~; because omg i want to play it so badly. if i had to i’d even pay for it idc

    • Lool. Good luck studying up jap! Good life skill too 8D *coughtoplaymoreotomegamescough*

      Waw. Well after I found out about it, I chased everyone I knew overseas to hell about it, and eventually landed myself a copy second-hand. It’s dodgy but I can play it. I’m not sure where you can find it now that the site is gone though. Sorry @w@ rare game is rare.

      • heh thanks~
        i actually did download it, after searching everywhereeeee, on some chinese site lol. i think it’s a demo but still. i cant play it anyways LOL it’s just my luck i guess ;~;. i can’t get past the name screen >> i tried for like 5 hours yesterday to get it to work but i can’t type in japanese on it. well it does let me type in katakana but it won’t accept it, something about half-width characters OTL it hates me

      • LOL! Well at least now you have a copy XD?

        My comp is default jap so easier for me to type >->…tried changing it?

      • i got it to work hheheh
        now i just need to learn enough japanese to understand what they’re saying LOL i’ll just read yours for now hahahah

      • Really ? Would you mind telling how you did it ? I tried for 4 hours and didn’t get it to work TT^TT !

      • wrong journal lol ^^;;
        yeah no prob i know what you’re saying lol i was trying forever and almost gave up but try alt-shift (i think thats what it was i can’t remember exactly..) and your keyboard should turn to japanese and you can type it directly. it only types hiragana for me though, i didnt figure out how to type kanji but i didn’t want to mess with it too much in case it stopped working lol

      • Thank you so much =) ! I will try *hope it will work >x

      • You found the game? o_o Do you mind giving me a link or something? xD I can’t find the game anywhere. ;-; I’ve been searching on Japanese sites, Chinese sights, heck, even Spanish sites. xD

  8. I’m not too familiar with KHR, but… I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU MANAGE TO GET HOLD OF EVERY POSSIBLE OTOME GAME, lol. Teach me, sensei. 8D

    • LOOL did you go on a comment-fest or something? XD I didn’t expect you to comment on my KHR post (albeit otome) :O

      I use my skill (ie. multilanguage skillz) OTL. Though it only gets me so far >< *keeps looking for ecchi doujin games* HAHAHA.

      • Idk, I had some time last night, so I thought it would be time to stalk & catch up with your new posts. xD Ohhh, I prefer to leave my stalk-mark everywhere, you see, LOL. /o/

        My multilanguage skills don’t help much with otome-fandom, but it’s probably because I don’t use my extremely low-level Jap, orz.

        …but ecchi doujin games makes sense. Must mean that you are addicted to p0rn, and must get your daily dosage, yes? 8D

      • LOL pro-stalker here orz

        Well one day your Jap will be so pro you’ll be finding jap pirating circles full of sexy doujin games….and I’ll be there to loot the links off you. LOL. XD

        Oh man don’t get me started on the ecchi Hakuouki. IT HAS SOUND EFFECTS AND EVERYTHING 8D. LOL -Hgame noob- You’ll be there soon too. 8D

      • Trololol, IKR. 8D

        Ohhh, that sounds like a bright future for yours truly! But pirating might take some time, and I might not have time to, idk, let’s say EAT, so you’ll have to bring me food in return, how is that? 8D

        MY LAPTOP IS BEING A TROLL, and doesn’t let me play the game. I’ll play around with my system locale a bit once I have some moar time, lol. T^T

      • Oh yeah, till various government people come knocking down at your door 8D. Sure, I’ll be there to make you instant ramen ;DDD then we all binge on sexy games. LOL.

        Really? Why not? I had problems with other games before but it was fine once I went into jap system and reinstalled. owo Too bad you got school, half naked Souji is raping my Chizuru ;DDD…”orz

      • lolol, I just won’t open the door, because I’ll be too consumed in gaming, boo. 8D Instant ramen? Unfair desu, you think I’m that cheap desu? I’ll keep my sexy games to myself and make you jealous. 8D Desu.

        Bahh, idk, my laptop is being a bitch manwhore (it’s a he 8D) nowadays, so I suppose he’s just against the ero stuff. 8D
        I’ll PWN him though, muhaha. But I think I’ll just go to Jap system, too, and do the same.

        Yeah, well, not everyone has a 4 month holiday these days GRRR. I see you’re playing with ero games 24/7, hmm. Good to see you having breaks in between by reading yaoi (just for RESEARCH reasons) 8D

      • D: But what happens when you get hungry. You won’t be able to resist the ramen. You are the unfair desu. 8D I’ll rape your games when you least expect.

        Your lappie is like: “Imma raep u if u ero on me.” Well when you get to it I’ll help you if it still doesn’t work. ;D Oh that reminds me, whenever I see you on msn you’re busy Dx too scared to talk. Might get bitchslapped, ;DDD I’m perma on ‘busy’ so just ignore it and talk to me if you want. Just saying~

        I’d feel more sympathy for you if I was actually playing games T.T been busy doing random crap. AND NO YAOI! Btw, I’ve got some scans for the Clover no Kuni no Alice manga if you’re interested/don’t already have ;DD

      • No, I never get hungry, desu. Or I’ll just stock up on non-instant ramen and pretend I don’t hear your screams of “Let me in, I brought you RAAAMEN! ;o”, and let you get taken away by those goverment people. And I’m sure you won’t get to play with eroge in jail. HOW SAD THAT WILL BE.

        Yeah, I guess my dear ol’ laptop just can’t take your usual amount of p0rn. He is just not used to it, you see. He ain’t as tainted as you are. :’D

        I’m actually “busy” on MSN 24/7, as well, but only to keep away some not-so-welcomed peoplez. You are not one of them, fyi. (=∇ = )

        Yeah, right. You can’t go on without your eroge and yaoi, so I shall not believe you. I’m not that naive, you see. Hah! You think Ore-sama doesn’t have CnKnA scans? How wrong you are. >:D But thank you for thinking of me, my dear eroge-addict friend. Here, some hearts for you: ♥♥♥

        Also, I apologize for being about 7 months late with this reply. Please accept a virtual cake as a token of my regret.

  9. ZOMG!! Thanks for posting this (Will you do the other guardians too?)!! I have absolutely no understanding of the Japanese language! DXX But I want to play it so bad!! TAT Any tips on learning Japanese? LOL

    • No problem ;D, Yeah I’ll eventually get around to the rest of the guys, though I dunno who I should next owo.

      Lol, if you wanna learn jap, all I can say is lots of practice reading and writing. The engjap dictionary will be your new best friend. orz

  10. Hey! Thanks for this! I have a question, I’ve just started playing this but I’m already stuck -_-‘ You know when you have to decide the name of the heroine, I write it but then i cannot confirm it because a message appears and I can’t go on! Do you have an idea about this? Thank you! :3

  11. Heartbeat Bullet

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I actually just finished playing the Mukuro route after downloading it a couple days ago. XD I guess I must have done something different than you did because I only got Mukuro at the end without Chrome. Haha. Anyway, I hope that you can keep posting about Heartbeat Bullet whenever you feel like it.

    • Re: Heartbeat Bullet

      Ffff. Thanks for that info, now I know why I’m missing a random cg >_< Hope his real route is better pff.

      Lol sure. I try to ;DD

      • Re: Heartbeat Bullet

        Lol. You’re welcome. I’m glad that I could help; anyway, I think I got that ending because most of the choices I made after Mukuro shows up earned HIS affection instead of Chrome’s. XD Hope that helps you. 😀

  12. I’ve played the game but i’m stuck in Dino
    Can you help me with his route? What should i do to get him?

    Is Heartbeat Bullet is the one and only KHR otome genre doujin game?
    I’ve reach the net and only find a few (and that’s all BL) I’m definitely can’t enjoyed BL T__T

    • Well, my Dino translation route should help you?

      -copy and paste-
      Day 1

      You talk to Hibari for the first time, and he’s like totally trying to kill you. Dino saves you though and you both run away into the forest. While he’s talking about Hibari’s unwillingness to cooperate with you, he apologizes for leaving him in your hands which then leads to him offering to accompany you somewhere.

      /copy and paste

      =3 You talk to Hibari and I think an option comes up where he tries to kill you and you want someone to save you. *memory fail* So you choose that option…or…better yet try both options xD!

      There’s more otome doujin games for Reborn out, by kisekiya(?) which are under the products section here: http://mosquito.moo.jp/Kisekiya/

      I played a little bit of Doki Doki Alice Panic, but admittedly they aren’t as good as this one, since they’re all AU. The demos are on the site though, I think.

      Glad to be of help~

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