Heartbeat Bullet // Hibari Kyouya Route (part 1)

This is a repost from my LJ which I’ve since deleted. Keep in mind they are quite dated lmfao and chances of me actually continuing these posts is fairly low cuz I honestly cbf.


Anyways… <.<…

Hibari’s Route!

Your first day with the people. Day 1.

Act 1. Visit Hibari.

Once he sees you, he’s immediately like, “who the hell are you?”

Niiice! You go wtf inwardly and then reintroduce yourself. After that, he finds you annoying, as usual. So he tries to kill you. Even better! Luckily Dino comes in and saves your butt, carrying you away to the middle of the forest away from Hibari.

I think Dino was telling you to persevere or something because he knows you were scared of Hibari, who wouldn’t be if some random started trying to kill you <.<…

Anyways, there was an option there: either go “I’LL KEEP TRYING ;w;!” or something I’m scared or I don’t want anything to do with him. Can’t remember XD…OTL

Act 2. Visit Hibari again!

You try to reason with Hibari, saying he needs you to support him so he can fight the scary Varia people. You’re going on about the rings and the mafia. Then Hibari goes all, I don’t know what you’re on about. You lose.

So he gets all aroused and says; “my tutor dude isn’t here now, what will you do? No one will save you” ;DDD

“Time to raep.”

And tries to kill you again. I swear the amount of times he tries to kill you is epic.

You’re all like “w-wait!!” and try to run away, but of course, instead you fall flat on your ass. However, instead of taking advantage of that, Hibari just lol’s at you.

“You’re just like a bunny. A small animal.” <- he’s trying to point out that you’re helpless and nubby, not cute.

Then tries to kill you. (see, again!)

You: “Listen to me!”
Hibari: “You’ve been annoying me for a while now…”

You tell him about your special ability as the Arietta and all that jazz, but instead of understanding and going “OH I SEE!”, he gets even more aroused, and wants to fight you. So he tells you to decide whether to fight or not and you’re like (a tool) “okay I understand.”

Hibari: Hurry up and decide, I don’t like waiting.

But regardless of that, in the end he decides to both ‘bite you to death’ and ‘kill you’. What a sadist.

You gear up to pwn his ass… run away. Hibari, being smug, says that it’s boring when you only run, do you want him to kill you?

And then I missed the rest of that debacle OTL -blames the game for not having a backlog-

After that is your first event. Lambo’s arrival!

Dino starts talking about a ‘Chibi’ and you ask Tsuna if he has a little brother ahaha.

You start going off on your own tangent saying you wanna meet him and all cuz he sounds interesting. Then you see Lambo, wondering where he came from o_o…

Tsuna: Lambo!

As per usual, Lambo ignores everyone and tries to kill Reborn, throwing grenades at him. Reborn dodges and shoots Lambo, making him go all “GA-MA-N….WAAAAH” and he crawls into the 10 year bazooka. Of course you’re WTF’ed at the whole situation with the weapons and the stuffies, and even worse when you realise Lambo wants to shoot himself with a bazooka.

He shoots! And out pops TYL Lambo.

He starts flirting with you, calling you kitty and kissing your hand as a greeting lool. And tells you about the 10 year bazooka.

Dino introduces him to everyone as the thunder guardian, something something lots of boring dialogue…Ryohei is all lost during this time, not understanding a thing. And baby Lambo pops back out.

Reborn ‘entrusts’ Tsuna to take care of Lambo and Tsuna complains: “What me only?!”

You’re watching all this happen and you tell Lambo to not do anything dangerous. He stares at you and then…

Lambo: “Hey, hey I want to share a room with her.”


Gokudera goes all red faced and yells at Lambo; “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO IN A GIRL’S ROOM?!” And hits him, making him cry again XD…

After that, everything is normal and Hibari will accept you to help him train =w=

Day 2.

Reborn wakes you up the next morning, and scares you shiz-less 8D. You drop off the bed lool. And you go eat breakfast with everyone~ There’s also a new person with Tsuna.

She turns out to be Chrome; Tsuna can hardly remember her name. You talk to her and she doesn’t really reply much to you. So you’re left kinda talking to a wall.

Nothing else happens, but you have to build up luff with Hibari by training/talking.

That night, Chrome is sharing the room with you and she’s already asleep by the time you get back so you go to sleep too.
In the middle of the night…you feel something touching your hair. It’s actually a someone touching your hair but you don’t know that, and then you wake up XDD…You’re thinking CHROME’S A LESBO!

Turns out it’s Mukuro staring suspiciously at you with that evil smile. He knows your name and your bra size and what panties you are wearing and you ask him who he is, and where’s Chrome and why he knows you etc. He’s like, I heard ALLLLL about you from Chrome.

You: O_o?!

And best yet, he tells you he is Chrome. LOLOL.

Of course that kinda argument convinces no one, so feeling violated you tell him to give you back Chrome. Which he then does, and she falls on the ground… and wakes up. >.>…

You’re kinda wtf’d, but Chrome doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you so she goes back to sleep.

Day 3.
You train with Hibari, (cuz this is his route 8D)…

After one of the sessions, you piss him off (not surprisingly). He gets ready to kamikorosu you…but…

…okay, “Midori tanabiku~ Namimori no~”

You’re going, eh? where’d that come from?

Then you see…Hibari answers his phone. Understandingly you wtf your face off LOL. After he hangs up, he turns back to you and is like whut?

You ask him while very surprised, “WHAT WAS THAT?!”

Hibari: “The Namimori Middle School song derrrr”

You: “You really love the school don’t you?”
-immediately- “Yes.”
“Got a problem with that?” – then he rambles on about the school, which I didn’t bother reading.

Eventually he comes up to you and steals your phone. He pats himself on the back and then gives you your phone back.

You’re confused….not new. Then you hear the ring tone again. But this time, he’s the one calling!  Yep yep, he changed your ring tone. 8D

Reminds me of how my boyfriend did that and added sexy in front oh his contact name <.<…

You have no choice but to say ‘yay thanks…’, or he might try to kill you, again. He tells you he also stole your number + email address.

Hibari: “If I call you, and you don’t pick up in 3 seconds, I’ll bite you to death.” What an awesome pickup line. =w=

He even tells you he’s making it his goal to call you at random times and even if it’s inappropriate, he doesn’t care.

Hibari: “I look forward to calling you out.” Evil grin.

You die a little on the inside knowing he wants to use you as a toy.

Yoruzakura – Night Sakura

Yep yep, another event! But this time it’s a rabu rabu event! ❤

You’re in your room at night and then you hear the school song randomly go off. It makes you jump and go wtf, but then you remember its your phone, and you pick up.

Yep, it’s Hibari.

You’re like @^#&*(&^(@#!?!?! and he tells you off, saying you’re so loud and annoying and blahblahblah.

…And you keep apologising to him.

You: “What’s you?”
Hibari: “I’m going out, come with me” So demanding but it came outta nowhere. But I couldn’t help notice he started using your first name ;D (on the other hand it seems your char uses his last name even in the epilogue…)

You argue, saying it’s night and it’s dangerous yaddayadda. He repeats, “come out”. Hesitantly you’re like okay… (why? 8D)

Hibari: “Meet me at the entrance. Come within 1 minute or I’ll bite you to death.” =w=…Doesn’t it ever get old? Your char still gets scared, so you run.

Hibari: 58 seconds huh? How disappointing.

You arrive in precisely 58 seconds. LOL.

Then he’s like let’s go. You’re still omg what we go out?? D: But its night. He leaves and you chase. After a while you ask him “where are we going?”

He’s like into the woods so I can rape you and dump your body. No. but I’m sure some people would die happy fufufu.

You are brought to a place where there’s a lone Sakura tree standing there. He tells you he discovered it in the morning and you ask him if he likes sakura. He tells you he used to like it, but now if he sees it, he feels like biting it to death (loool evil Muku-chan you ;DDD). You’re not supposed to know anything so your reaction is: “WHAT KINDA MEMORY IS THAT?!”

You: Hibari-san, do you like sakura?

You ponder why it’s the only one, and realise, oh it’s off season. -_-…

An option comes up here, and both of them make Hibari like you; one was about how the tree being the only one blooming must be soooo strong (I went wtf when I chose this cuz apparently Hibari was like “DESHOU DESHOU? I THOUGHT THAT TOOO *-*”), the other option was commenting on how the tree must be so cold.

Hibari goes wtf cold?? after you say that, but you’re like, it’s winter! This amuses him greatly; “small animal’s logic. Human’s don’t usually say that.” =.= Not even human to him.

He says it might feel cold, but it’s still here. Reminds him of you. He says that you’re his favourite (I checked the dictionary…really) so isn’t that enough? It’s one of those things that make your eyes pop out and go UH?


Then he becomes sleepy and says to leave. You’re like, huh we’re going back now? Nothing else?

He tells you he only wanted to show you the sakura tree. When you say only?, he gets insulted and worked up “ONLY?!”

Of course you cry and go noo don’t hurt me =w=…

Something magical~ The wind blows and carries the sakura petals.

You: “The sakura is so pretty, being blown by the wind. Flying in the moonlight. Isn’t it pretty Hibari-san?”

Hibari: “…”

Why didn’t he reply? Hint: he’s staring at you shocked. 😉

Then he blushes and and ask him what’s wrong. You notice, he’s not looking at the sakura, but at you. :O

Hibari: “You’re right afterall.”
You: “whut?” (even I was like whut)
Hibari: “Nothing.”

And then he runs off.

@__@ Too much “like”, “goes”, “says” ==…

The Lambo and Mukuro/Chrome events are common to all routes, so I’ll skimp out on the details when I revisit in other routes later.

There’s like so much more to go, I’ll finish it later. Need sleep.

Anyways enjoy this~



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15 responses to “Heartbeat Bullet // Hibari Kyouya Route (part 1)

  1. The theory of Hibari’s preference for animal-like lovers is correct, after all. Birds, Horses, Owls, and now Bunnies.

    This was an interesting and hilarious read, thank you. Will you get to playing Chrome’s route as well?

    • He actually uses it as a diss but then again you just reminded me he likes small animals “OTL I feel so nub.

      Yeah I’ve played her route already but didn’t take any notes to post about it. I was very disappoint when I played it. =w= I’ll do it again sometime later…very later.

  2. I don’t have time to read your review yet, but i did read your last paragraph.
    You can use “MC” (main character) to refer to your character if that make things easier 😀

    i will come back to read again later~

  3. wow! this looks so amazing! 8D
    is it a game?

  4. Hello there! First of all, thank you to the extreme for these posts! xD I was laughing to death while reading, your language is so funny (no, really, I really enjoyed). And it helped me much to understand many in this game, because I am… um, suppouse like a noob in Japanese. Some places were fine, but others were so far from understandig (not so many kanji know yet).

    So, firstly, I want to thank you again, and, secondly, want to ask something.

    I used some of your translation to translate it into Russian (parts which I didn’t understand, with ads of my own opinion, etc.) to share this review with my friends (from Russia). These posts are all closed, only visible to some people, so the question is: would you allow to open these posts (I mean, maybe you don’t want this translation to be used) so other people from the community will see it? If not it’s totally OK.

    Again, thank you.
    P.S. Sorry for my English, if I’ve mistaken somewhere…

    • *with adds, no ads, I mean
      Sorry. 🙂

    • Ooh, I’m glad you liked reading what I wrote 😛 I was afraid some people might go D:< with me dissing the chars. xD Actually, after I wrote some of this I looked back and I figured I got some translations wrong some places (but the general idea is the same…I think). So like, don't kill me if its wrong D:!

      Yeah sure you can translate it! You could link back to the post you're talking about when you do though o_x? Too bad I can't read Russian, or I'd totally read it too 😛

      Still, I'm happy you enjoyed it that much to rewrite it~ :3

      • Aha-ha, no, it is so funny to lol at them, I think. Especia~ally if they’re epic, cool and “no one should look at me” ones. We love them, after all… xD

        Thank you so much! Posts are here (maybe later I’ll crosspost them here, on LJ):

        part 1, 2, 3. Many screenshots and stupid smileys xD

        And there are some picture posts, if you look by the tag, but mostly the texts. Well, some of them I’ll translate sometime. When I have enough time apart from work and study xD

  5. Благодарю за инфу

    Где-то я это уже видел… А если по теме то спасибо.

  6. Благодарю за информацию

    Интересный блог

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