Heartbeat Bullet // Hibari Kyouya Route (Part 2)

This is a repost from my LJ which I’ve since deleted. Keep in mind they are quite dated lmfao and chances of me actually continuing these posts is fairly low cuz I honestly cbf.

Sooooo Continuing where I left off in Hibari Route part 1 here~

Nothing happens on Day 4 so skip that.

Day Five

Things start heating up now 8D…Nothing actually happens throughout the day, so you go back to your room at the end.

Suddenly, there’s some srs knocking on your door. Turns out, it’s dame-Tsuna. He’s quite frantic and asks you if you know where Lambo is, which of course if you did the day correctly you probably wouldn’t have visited him (amirite?), so no you don’t know. There you find out, apparently the Varia have figured out that the rings were fake and arrived in Japon today. Which of course spells trouble… for anyone unaccounted for.

Immediately, you’re like zOMG?! and dash out to look for Lambo (which of course would spell trouble for you too, stupid player character).

Running around you finally found Lambo, on the verge of crying.

Lambo: Lambo-san isn’t lost!! *waah*

And just your luck, he ain’t alone. Levi comes by and tries to pwn Lambo (guardian of thunder ring a bell?). Of course, Tsuna and the other people get to you -just- in time to stop them, as well as the rest of Varia arriving. Xanxus stands there all manly and tries to pwn you all but is stopped by the Chervello. Who explain how the Ninth wants both groups to compete for the rings (hint, same as mango/animu). And disband!

You’re back at your room going wtfwtfwtf happen? when Reborn comes upto you and says a lot of crap that I missed/didn’t read, probably along the lines of how it’ll be more dangerous from here on out and asks you if you still want to continue. You get an option here which were “I want to protect everyone”, or “I want to fight with everyone”, which I have no idea how it affects the story. =w= But anyways…Then you get to choose the person you want to protect/fight with, tada, yes in this route it is Hibari. OwO

So then Reborn is all lolwhut and leaves you to it.

You go over to Hibari’s room to tell him about everything thus far, but Hibari is more angry about how those crazy bitches were doing shit to his Namimori and is full about to run back out to own them. You’re all like nooo waiit, and explain about the fights and how you’ll support him as the Vongola Arietta and stuff. Then he starts talking about the fights as if it were all a game and stuff. Boring.

The Next Day, you’re training with Hibari, but it’s more like him using you as a punching bag. Everytime you try to dodge or something, you make strange sounds (like hii, uwaah, aaah), Hibari tells you to “stop making that weird voice”. LOL. Sounds ecchi ;)….At the end of that, you sigh in relief, happy to have survived XD…

Hibari found it fun, obviously and you’re like, “oh that’s good…wait, you fight with lots of strong people why is it fun to fight me?!”

Hibari: “Because you’re interesting and fun to harrass.” HAHAHHAHAHA.

Afterward, he’s thinking of different ‘games’ to play, but you intervene, telling him it’s Sasagawa-senpai’s battle tonight (wtf so fast). As per usual, he ain’t interested in ‘herbivour’s fights’, and tells you to continue ‘fighting’ with him.

Hibari: “If you run, I’ll kill you from behind and if you don’t run, I’ll bite you to death.” Ahhh, sweet death.

In pain, you bring yourself to Namimori Middle for Ryohei’s battle, in which….yeah he wins. Same as anime (don’t need to elaborate amirite?)

Time skip now to Lambo’s fight -> a loss.

Time skip again to Gokudera’s fight -> another loss.

Theeen! Day after Hibari’s only qualm with the battles is that the Chervello chose his beloved middle school as the battle arena XD…

Again, Hibari is like a child, wondering what ‘game’ to play with you today. You silently cry for the battles to be over already, and Hibari is about to kamikorosu you, buuuuuuuut Dino comes save you. I forgot what happened after that but it mustn’t have been important ;D…

That night was Yamamoto’s Battle, and for some reason, Hibari came with you too this time. Now…it gets interesting ;)…

Yamamoto is battling Squallo and you’re cheering him on (although you really only just said “ah! Yamamoto-kun” >.>”)…

Hibari: “HMMMPF watching so excitedly”
You: “Yeah! It’s Yamamoto’s fight.”
Hibari: “So you can be so excited watching others fight too.”
You : “Yeah…”
Hibari: “…”

Aww…Hibari is angry! Then…

Hibari: “Why are you looking at other people?”
You: “What?”
Hibari: “It’s not okay for you to look at others, only me.”

LOOOL. But of course, if your char understood straight away, there’d be no story…so you obviously don’t know what this means.

He continues, by making a special ‘rule’ for you.


Hibari: “If you are kind to or smile at anyone other than me, I’ll bite them to death.”
You: “What that’s cruel! You can’t do that!”
Hibari: “I said that’s the rule, so it is. Only look at me.”

Your char actually notices that something is wrong, but she doesn’t know what. >.>… Also, remember that Yama’s still fighting with Squallo in the back LOL.

Dino comes in and laughs at Hibari, “What’s this? Letting yourself be troubled by a girl Kyoya?” <- ROFL. Hibari gets pissed and tells Dino to disappear XD…Then orders you to leave with him. Now in the middle of Yama’s battle. =w=… Dino is like “lol whatever, don’t leave with him” but, player char goes all, I can’t leave him alone!!! *follows*.

After you catch up to Hibari, he’s still not happy, dissing you and saying you’re a people pleaser, being excited for Yamamoto and then him. Whut?!? (His jealousy gets annoying sometimes ==”) Hibari is all like, why didn’t you say with blondie? Pssht. Then runs away. Being a baby.

Later you go back and visit him in his room, but he just keep dissing you, saying you’re annoying, weak, blahblahblah. In the end he disses you, your mum and your next door neighbour (well not really but you get my point), and Xanxus gets called a wild monkey. LOL. After that, you go back to your room and tell Chrome to try her best for her fight tomorrow. =w=…

Chrome’s Battle

As with anime, she loses and Mukuro comes out to pwn Mammon. But this time…Hibari goes all O_O when Mukuro appears. Not knowing their history, you keep complimenting his strength yo. Hibari gears up to pwn Mukuro but Tsuna tells him (in vain) to calm down, to which he replies, “I got a debt to repay him.”



You: “But Mukuro-san came to win for us, why are you..-”
Hibari: REALIZATION -> Emo mode. “So…You knew that girl was Mukuro.”
You: “Ah…um..How did you know?”

Apparently when Mukuro appeared in the battle, no one actually said his name and you were the first, so 2+2.. Hibari goes frenzy mode on you, asking why you know and wtf is the meaning of this.

For once, you don’t act like a tool and go defensive; “Why do I have to tell you?”  This time, he actually says something meaningful…sort of…He supports his own argument by saying how you’re his lool (although you do think it means ‘his toy’, so that counts for jack). By the end of that, Hibari almost makes Vongola side lose by interfering but Mukuro defeats Mammon anyway.

After that, if you win Mosca’s fight then everything is won (same as animu).

After the battle, that night, you’re both in Hibari’s room for some odd reason. It’s silent for a while….

Hibari: “When did you know?”
You: “Huh? Whatwhat?”
Hibari: “When did you know that girl was Mukuro and why did you keep sharing a room with him?”
You: “But Chrome isn’t Mukuro!”
Hibari says she is since her body is his vessel and all that jazz.
You: “What why do you care so much?”
Hibari of course doesn’t like him so whatever.

After that he suggests something veeerrrrry random :O. He suggests you two play another game…(What’s with him and games?)

Hibari: “A game, where you don’t leave this room tonight.” HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA Oh my ;DD “The rule is to stay here in the room with me tonight, if you leave I’ll bite you to death. I’m looking forward to it. Should be fine since you always slept in the same room as Rokudo Mukuro.” Oh man totally got owned XD…

Of course by this stage I was like HMMHMMHMM OKAY. Ahem.

But it’s not that simple. When it comes to sleepy time, you’re obviously still awake and it’s all silent yo. (Maybe because you’re sharing a futon orz wishful thinking)

Hibari: “Can’t sleep? You don’t look like that type.”
You: “Noo I just can’t sleep in the same room as you >///<” Dokidoki.
Hibari goes into spiteful mode: “Heh? So you can sleep in a room with Rokudo Mukuro but not me…So who’s okay then? Sawada Tsunayoshi? or the baby (WTF?)? My tutor? But that seems like a bad idea.” Lol >.> At least Dino isn’t petty.


Hibari: “Meh, right now we’re alone. So you’re only mine… Tonight, if you think of other people, I’ll bite you to death.” Man, get a hint already D:…

Inwardly you’re begging someone to save you, but outwardly you tell Hibari to rest up cuz tomorrow is your battle. Going all nostalgic on him and talking about how he tried to attack you when you first met, second time you met, every other time you met, etc. Then how you’ve always gave it your best shot…And you fall asleep. Leaving a, kinda o.o Hibari.

Next day you wake up in Hibari’s room, and said guy is staring at you.

Hibari: “Yo.” LOL.
You: “Oh, good morning.” 8D
Hibari: “Seems like you slept well. You had this small animal sleeping face the entire time.”

LOLOLOL. Yeah them breakfast time out in the dining room.

Time skip to right before ring battle, you’re worrying about how scary your opponent is and Hibari is all y u no beliv in mi. Ahh…Fun times.

Both of you arrive at the school and Mosca fight begins. Follows anime pretty much from here on.


Hibari battles Mosca and you support him but Xanxus has cheeky face LOL. In the end Mosca is like immortal and you try to protect everyone by taking it on yourself (dumb). You use your super awesome sexy kotodama on it, but it doesn’t work (cuz it’s not human) and somehow it exhausts you to the point of death cuz you can’t run away from impending Mosca-doom. Then Hibari saves you. Woot 8D.

Tsuna comes in a nick of time and saves ya’ll. And you find out the Ninth is in there yaddayadda (revise on arc info from mango/animu). Then apparently that battle counts as a loss since Tsuna interfered and all. Then not important stuff and you all go back home.

After the battle you’re both outside the lodge and Hibari gives you the cold shoulder when you ask him if he’s okay. Apparently he thinks you’re an idiot (although I think the char is an idiot too). He tells you you make him feel annoyed, feel like kamikorosu-ing everything. You. Apologise. OMFG.

Impending Lover’s Quarrel. he tells you to stop worrying about him and worry about yourself, in which you reply with I do worry about myself. Then he points out a wound you have, which you didn’t even notice you had. LOL.

He treats you but you’re all like OWOWOWOWOOW I’M OKAY.
Hibari: “You’re not okay, go to other herbivours’ place.”
Then finally you snap.
You: “Is that okay? Do you really want me to leave? Will that make you happy?”
Hibari : “Why won’t you listen to me?”
You: “Why won’t you answer me?”
He threatens to bite you to death and you leave him =w= bout time.

Time skip to Sky Battle day, You go back to the spot where you used to meet Hibari everyday and you find a napping Hibari. 8D…*rape time*

You tell him you still wanna fight with him regardless of what he thinks to which he tries to push you away again, but you say you don’t wanna leave him alone.

Hibari stares at you and then wonders: “Hey, why is it that I get annoyed every time i look at you? Kind of like when I look at sakura.” Then he goes off on a tangent about the off-season sakura and how it was so strong. You wonder what went wrong in his head and ask him if he’s sleep talking. And he’s like, that’s right, people need sleep. Pulls you down and tells you to wake him up at night, and falls asleep on you.

Skip to battle time, same as anime, so I cbf writing about it. You’re back where you fought with Hibari and he gets poisoned but you can’t reach the ring. The alternative is to get yourself poisoned and give him the antidote, but yours lasts for only 10 minutes compared to his half an hour.

I dunno why, but using the antidote on him and poisoning yourself seemed so much easier since Hibari could prob get the ring faster than 10 minutes but you don’t do that ==… So you use Kotodama on him instead, cuz he be so strong he can handle da poizon.

You shoot and comes a moment of pure truth.


Hibari: “Hey yesterday’s answer, I’ll tell you. Even if something happens, you wouldn’t leave me alone right?”  LOOL. Finally! He gets the antidote and wonders to himself why he never realised earlier. Your char has no idea what he’s on about but he reassures himself that you’re his thing anyway.

He gives you a nice tool moment and asks you: “So, who do you belong to?”
You: “Uhh…Hibari-san’s..”
Hibari: “GOOD WORK!” Then to himself he’s like, “Yep, better than being alone. Being with her is not that bad.”

Cut to Xanxus/Tsuna side and Xanxus is suddenly interested in blowing you up. and he does that thing where he shoots randomly and hopes the rings land in Varia hands. You and Hibari see that from afar.

You: “Oh noes Gokudera, Lambo!
Hibari: “MY SCHOOL!”

Run into Bel, own him, get the ring, save everyone. Run back to Tsuna battle, see Xanxus frozen in the whatsamacallsit. (Yes I admit I got lazy here.) Ice melts, ring rejects Xanxus. Dino brings Squallo, and explains everything -> as per anime.

Xanxus is angsting and you’re all like, YOUR FLAME IS BEAUTIFUL I HOPE YOU CAN USE IT TO PROTECT PEOPLE THIS TIME. Or osmething, but you use kotodama on him and he loses. But man you should’ve done that from the start (“I order you to be my slave monkey” Xanxus: “Yes your highness” LOL)

That’s the end of the ordeal and Hibari is once again patronizing you. Reborn notices and comments that you have the potential to tame Hibari. LOL. Sparks a convo between you two with Hibari getting the wrong idea and you saying you were just trying to be a friend.

Hibari: “Of course you can’t tame me, because you’re my thing.” How can he say that with a straight face I wonder…
You: “…yeah…”
Dino: “HAHAHA, you’re on good terms with Kyoya aren’t you?” Dino fulls goes on about how Hibari is all grown up and ready to take a bride. LOL.
You: “No it’s not like that!”
Dino: “Oh really? Should I tell you what he really thinks?”
You: “No need. I already know he thinks of me like a little animal. A toy.”
Dino: O_O;; “…hah? Oi Kyoya, you really did it didn’t you?”
Hibari: “Shut up. Disappear.”


Dino: “can’t be helped…Do you love Kyoya?”

You: “Wha??”

Hibari: *hides in a hole* LOL.

Dino: “Hey, he’s not that meek. He actually sees you as his target, so he wants to make you his. THAT’S what it means.”

Dino: “You should reply to him, even if he won’t like it, we’ll all support you.”
You: O_O “Oh…I’m…fine…his..thing..”
Hibari: “Shut up, you’ve said enough.” LOLOL Must feel so emasculated.
You: “HYAH?!”
Hibari: (to you) “You too, stop saying embarrassing things.” Oh, so now he feels embarrassed?
Dino: “I’m only bringing unnecessary trouble to myself. I don’t really care what happens next.”
Hibari: “!#&^#*&@# Kamikorosu. Someday.”

Everyone feels awkward and leaves. Of course your char feels the most awkward. LOL.
Hibari says your name after a moment of silence.
You: “YES?!”

Hibari: “That guy didn’t say it right, so I’ll say it in my own way. I don’t know if I can make you happy. That’s all I’ll say, okay? If you are here, I can be happy. Before I was always alone, not knowing where I was going, not properly doing things.

You give a long ass speech, presumably saying how he’s always mean to you, but in the end you tell him, that you can’t leave him alone.
Hibari: “If that’s so, then good” 🙂 aww.


It starts off in Hibari POV.

He’s saying how everything went back to normal. Everything is the same as usual. Except this time he isn’t chasing after you, because you belong to him. Then he estimates that you’ll be running to him in about 10 seconds.


She’s here.

You: “I’m sorry I’m la-”
Hibari grabs you: “Wrong. When I ask for you, you’re meant to come within 1 minute. Why didn’t you keep your promise?”
You: “But I was in the middle of class!”


Then Hibari goes on about how happy he’s been lately, and how it’s exciting to be with you. So wtf o.o…180 degree personality change. He says he doesn’t want it to change even when you both grow old, and if you forget to do that, he’ll bite you to death.


Yeah that was so long. LOL. But when he got jealous, maaan the main char pissed me off so much HAHAHA. She’s so slow T_T… And man Hibari is so stubborn XDD Dino had to confess for him HAHAHHA.

Oh well, what route should I do next? Lol. I can write about Ryohei’s or Gokudera’s. And I’ve already done Mukuro/Chrome’s, Lambo’s and Yamamoto’s but I need to redo to write about it since I fail memory. Or I can do Tsuna’s (asdhsadjhsd) and Dino might take a while for me to figure out how to get XD…

Hope you enjoyed that! @w@



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6 responses to “Heartbeat Bullet // Hibari Kyouya Route (Part 2)

  1. I can’t believe I missed this post ~!

    Hibari is so pathetic that Dino has to do the confessing for him. -.- I guess his route is pretty fine and predicable, and the main character reminds me of some typical otome clueless annoying girl

    You should write about Yamamoto ~! Or Dino. ♥

    • Actually first time around I was all doki doki for Hibari’s jealous mode (wasn’t paying attention to the heroine), but second time round I got so annoyed LOOL.

      Since you’re the only one who said anything, I’ll go start again on Yamamoto’s route

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  4. Hello! First time commenting on your blog^^ I didn’t know there was a game for KHR! Is it for PC/PSP or mobile? I’d love to play it as well :3 Chara designs don’t look half-bad compared to the original ones. Thank you very much for these detailed posts^^

    • There were a few doujin games for KHR actually (but I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it in my posts (‘◇’) This game is PC only though and it’s pretty old ahhaha……… But yes… Thanks for the comment~

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