Heartbeat Bullet // Yamamoto Takeshi Route

This is a repost from my LJ which I’ve since deleted. Keep in mind they are quite dated lmfao and chances of me actually continuing these posts is fairly low cuz I honestly cbf.

 So like I know I said I’d post all the routes, but I’ve been too busy wasting time sleeping all my days away LOOL. I feel so fail OTL.

-Image/text flood-
For those who don’t know about the doujin KHR game Heartbeat Bullet, I posted information + prologue here.

Hibari Route Part 1 here.

Hibari Route Part 2 here.

So without more delays, here’s Yamamoto’s route!

Day 1

Same as I said in Hibari route, only thing that happens is that Lambo arrives.

Day 2

Chrome arrives too, same as I said too.

Amusingly when you talk to Yama instead of training…

  • About the mafia – “Ohh this game is fun. I’m the rain guardian no shizz, Tsuna is the boss yo, Gokudera is the right hand man lolol fun.” And it levels up your “THINK ABOUT IT CAREFULLY” bullet. xD
  • About what he likes – “I like you!…I also like Tsuna, and Gokudera. Oh and the brother Sasagawa, he’s a good guy. Hibari too, he’s interesting.” TwT….

That night, the first event happens. Yama comes up to you and tells you has has ‘something good’. he wants everyone to go out for fireworks (the sparkler things that you always see animu chars play with). Of course, he says he has fireworks but…

Gokudera gets annoyed at you both saying it’s the wrong season for fireworks (cuz it’s winter there apparently), Tsuna tries to be the middle man and says it’s okay. Till he sees that Yama has Gokudera’s dynamite, and Lambo’s grenades. ;DD Lambo comes along and Yama invites him, only to be rejected…with more grenades. xD

You: (to Lambo) “Hey that’s dangerous!”
Yama: “It’s okay, they’re just toys. They’re so well made recently.” LOOOL.

Stuff happens, things explode and you two run away. Yama and you have a chat alone ;DDD…He says the whole fireworks thing was to assimilate you into the group better since you are a random (transfer student). He just wanted to be better friends with you is all. Aww.

In the end, feeling like you’re better friends, everyone goes back to their room to sleep. Chrome has beaten you to it though. That night you meet Mukuro…(same as Hibari route).

Day 3

Now, every time you visit Yama he says “oh there you are, I was waiting for you” ;DDDDDDD…

At the end of the day, apparently it’s Yama and Lambo’s turn to cook dinner. But of course, being Lambo he played himself to sleep and forgot all about it so you help in his place (although it didn’t seem like a good idea to have Lambo in the kitchen anyway).

You find out that Yama’s actually really good at cooking and you compliment him. He tells you about his father’s sushi shop and invites you over to eat for free. Then begins this long long conversation with you saying “NOO I WANNA PAAAY” and him saying “ITS OKAYYYYY”. He goes all “my dad would be happy to make it for my friends” and you’re like OH U. SWEET TALKER.

Then you come to a compromise saying you’ll only eat if he comes with you. He’s like :O?! Okay I like sushi anyway.

After, he tells you that you’re pretty good at cooking because like, you were both cooking this whole time. Whut? Then he adds, “if you met my dad, he’d probably tell you to marry into the family.”

W-W-WHAT?! O///O”

Apparently since he has baseball dreams the sushi shop has no successor. =w=… But I read on the Reborn wiki that Yama’s dream was to inherit the shop? Whut? Meh.

He keeps talking and you’re secretly thinking HE CASUALLY INTRODUCED HIMSELF ONTO THE MARRIAGE MARKET! Then….He says something along the lines of, I WANT TO EAT YOUR HOME COOKING EVERYDAY ;DD

Sadly, the player char has a n00b moment and cuts into his speech, asking him how to prepare the next part of dinner. =w= Damn.

Day 4

After practice fighting, you and Yama have chats again. he’s like, he loves baseball the most in the world, but losing to Mr. Long Haired dude (Squallo) made him want to be stronger. Then he talks about Shigure Soen Ryu sword style.

Of course by this point everyone is like *-* Shigure Soen Ryu~~~~!!!! And you ask him to show you a little bit if it’s okay. Instead he’s like, I’ll teach you a bit! ;D~

He asks you to hold his sword.

You’re like oof it’s so heavy ;DDDDDDDD….

He comes up to you and does the whole, lemme support you thing. ;DD…and makes your char go amagadwtf.


Yama: “Your hands are small aren’t they?” ;DDDDDDD -suss smile-

He then tries to teach you something really difficult =w=…spoiled the mood. Damn. And you’re busy going, omg omgomgomgomgomg so cool  don’t do things to explode my heart!


Day 5

Nothing happens during the day…

  • Lambo gets lost
  • Varia arrived in Japan
  • You run out like a n00b to save Lambo
  • Varia attack you
  • You choose partner (Yamamoto)

After you choose him, you both talk (again). He says that, if you’re here, he can do his best.
You move on to Sasagawa senpai’s fighto, and yama’s like, I’LL BE THERE TO CHEER WITH A MEGAPHONE. You’re like, NONONONONO NOT BASEBALL GAME. Then he’s like, right, we might get lost cuz it’s night time. And you do this OMFGWTFBBQ.

Sasagawa Senpai Fighto

He wins. ;D

Lambo Fighto

He loses.

Gokudera Fighto

He loses, and almost dies in the process. But doesn’t.

Yama’s getting psyched up for his fighto too.

Yamamoto Fighto

When you two go fight Squallo, he goes all lol noobs I already defeated this sword style before. And Yama goes into depression cuz he was full telling you about how infalliable it is.

Then you goto Squallo, NO WAI ITS PERFECTTTT. And Yama gets up his hopes again o_O wtf. Squallo retorts by saying that you’re useless there and Yama is worse than him in every way. Yama protects you by saying NO, I NEED BOTH MY RIGHT AND LEFT HANDS TO DO THIS!…

Yeah, for some reason you’re his right hand now. Srsly. Wtf?

Before battle;

Yama: Let’s go my right hand!
You: Got it. I’ll support you my left hand!

You fighto with Squallo with kotodama supporting Yamamoto. And of course you win~ At the end Squallo does the whole FINISH ME OFF KONOYAROUU. And Yama does the whole NO WAYYY. xD And Squallo drops. =.=…

Then you and Yama are celebrating victory when he hears something. Of course, it’s the GIANT SHARK. Lol. You’re like we better run! Yama tries to go back to save Squallo but for some odd reason he’s like DIE BITCH and punches Yama to safety. HAHAHHAHAHA. Then yeah, same as anime.

On the way back from battle

Yama is all silent and emo cuz he couldn’t save Squallo from GIANT SHARK. But after being emo, he goes back to his normal happy self saying he’ll head back first. It was a ;A; moment when you realised you couldn’t do anything for Yama.

You try to stop him but Reborn comes along and tells you to leave him alone. You cry to Reborn, going all “ISNT MY KOTODAMA STRONG ENOUGH? I only wanted to be Yama strength…” T.T

Reborn then tells you there’s a way to power up your skill. The Rain guardian’s job is to wash away the blood of battle. But for the rain to fall, there needs to be wind. To make the guardian’s role work, you need to become a strong wind. (Did I mention that the Arietta is meant to be wind? 8D) That strength is what you need to become stronger. And then he leaves you to think about it because it was his nap nap time.

The next day

You wake up and are all like noo don’t wanna get up. When you get up to go for breakfast, Yama’s there smiley smiley like usual and he laughs at you for being late.

Apparently you had stayed up the night before waiting for him to get back @w@…but he only got back in the morning.

It’s Chrome’s battle that night!

Chrome Fighto!

Yama’s like wow she’s strong. And you feel incompetent because you think you’re weak (and you are).

But then she starts losing. Tsuna has this uneasy moment where he’s like HE’S CUMMING (lol). Just as his gaydar predicted, Mukuro cums.

Mukuro pwns everyone. No srsly, he almost does. He makes the ground go crazy and you almost die. But Yama saves you ;DD…Mukuro wins the fight and Yama is still holding you ;DDDDDD!

Are you okay? Hold on.

Hibari fighto next!

Hibari Fighto Day

You wake up early and see Yama about to head out. You ask him whats up and he says he’s worried about how Hibari’s doing after all. He was going to talk to Dino. You follow him to the hospital where Lambo is and hear Dino talking to Romario. Then they see you and you both talk about Hibari etc.etc.

Heading back from the hospital, Yama asks you what you’re going to do after everything is over.

Of course you do the animu girl ;> nothing will change. He’s like “we’ll still be friends right?” And you answer, “of course” =3

Hibari Fighto

Hibari defeats Mosca, picks a fight with Xanxus, 9th is in the Mosca, etc.

You shoot Mosca with kotodama, it no work. Mosca attacks you. Buuuut Yama protects you ;D…by getting hit =w=…

Yama: “I’m fine, don’t make that face.” ;A;….

Then Mosca starts chasing you both. Well, you. LOL. Yama tells you to run but it’s no use.

Yama: “Hey…isn’t it aiming at you?” LOL “Shit, leave it to me.” Aww :D…

But Tsuna comes and saves the day first. Pshht.

Then the stuff about the 9th being inside Mosca. Etc.etc.etc. refer to animu.

Back at the lodge thingie after the fighto


You’re all upset that Xanxus actually hurt someone important to him for this whole ring thing and break down.

Yama tells you to rest because you look pale, but you’re worried about Tsuna and stuff. Since he looks like the type that doesn’t want to hurt anyone in any way.

You: Why did it have to become like this?
Yama: Hey!
You: Lambo, 9th, Squallo too… everyone got hurt.
Yama: Hey…
You: as I thought…something like this…
Yama: HEY…!

Yama: Everythings fine, Stop worrying about everything!
You: Yamamoto…kun…
Yama: Close your eyes for now. I’ll hug you till you calm down (;DD…)


You calm down eventually and start feeling bad for being so depressed. Then…

Yama: ..Ahhh~ really, you’re so cute.

You: (c-c-c-cu?!)
Yama: I thought so from before, really cute. Really. Always smiling energetically and when you’re in a tough situation, you don’t give up. Even when you’re in pain you still try your best. It makes me want to hug you.
You: (yama yamamoto kun?)
Yama: I kinda…I like you, more than as a friend.

You: …!!
Yama: when I’m with you I feel happy and delirious. Every day I end up thinking ‘it’d be great to be with you all the time’ or something like an idiot. But sometimes I feel sad. Weird isn’t it? Haha. But, I’m serious. I like you.

You: Yamamoto…kun…
Yama: Sorry suddenly confessing like that. Must be troublesome. Haha…so uncool. I never planned on confessing like this. What I said now, forget about it. You don’t have to respond, since I’m such a dirty person. (NOOOOOO!!)

Yes I translated the whole script. Cuz it was so O///O!!! But this is only part of it anyway, the best parts ;D…

You get three options after he confesses, “I should reply”, “…S-SORRY!”, “I want some time”. WTF @ 2nd option.

I didn’t wanna be a douche, so I chose first option. =.=

But still you can’t reply anyway T.T…I was all dokidoki for no reason. Pssht. Your char is apparently going wtf happen so sudden noo can’t think. So Yama gives you some time in the end. =.=….

He takes you back to your room and thats it for this scene ;A;…

Final battle day

Going to breakfast Yama greets you but you’re all like I DONT WANNA LOOK AT HIM O///O…And the SUKI DA scene replays itself in your mind (and your eyes) LOL.

You go outside to calm down and inadvertently  diss his sense of mood out loud. What you didn’t know was that he was behind you :O…

He’s like :O “Such a cruel way to say it.”

He came looking for you cuz you disappeared after breakfast and he got worried. AWWWW.

You say you’re there to clear your mind and he’s like okay I’ll do it too. LOL. Everything goes awkward. And you still have to fight with him tonight too. After talking about the battle tonight, Yama asks you about what he said last night. He’s like “as I thought, it’s impossible to just forget about it isn’t it?” >w<

In the end, you ponder about Yama. You think about how he’s so strong to be able to smile during all these bad things but that his lapse of control made him confess. Seems he’s human afterall. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Poison etc.

Even without an opponent you suck. Ring is out of your reach =.=…

Then Xanxus attacks your area. In the end you’re like damn, I better use the key and poison myself instead of Yama. BUT DAMN YAMA STOPS YOU T.T as if he can’t get the ring without an opponent in 10 minutes.

He’s like, he can’t let you feel the pain.

Finally, your char gets some backbone. You tell him off about always carrying the burden alone, and that you want to be his strength, Being shielded by him all the time doesn’t make you happy at all!

You: “You’re my important person!”

This activates the supah kotodama.

Yama: “Rather than love, you’re my important person too.” Whut? I’d rather the love tyvm. “Of course I like you and love you. But I don’t want to tie you down… You’re important to me.”


In the end, you support him physically to use Shigure Soen Ryu to get the ring. Once he gets it down he collapses again. =.=

Once you cure him, he asks you if you were serious about what you said.

You: what did I say?
Yama: So it was a lie afterall… (T.T)..

He goes on like all  \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ YOKATTA! Then…

Random hug!

Yama: Let me hug you for a little while. This isn’t a dream right? This isn’t a dream…You’re this warm…  …. … …  OKAY I’m recharged!


You both run into Bel, kick his ass, steal the ring back, save Gokudera, join up with Ryohei and Chrome, join up with Hibari where Tsuna and Xanxus are fighting.

Xanxus loses, goes insane, Reborn tells you to calm him with kotodama, you do, all over. Our victory!

You: Good work Yamamoto kun.
Yama: It doesn’t feel like work when I’m with you =) being with you makes me happy. And I even got to hear your feelings. Are you sure it’s okay with me? (´・ω・`)

You: It’s not okay if it’s NOT Yamamoto kun. ( ̄▽ ̄)彡

Yama: Ahh, this is bad.
You: What’s wrong? IS IT THE DEATH HITTER? (the poison they used in the battle)
Yama: You’re really too cute.

You:….yes? ….-suddenly grabs you- AHH YAMAMOTO KUN IT HURTS IT HURTS.
Yama: AW geeze I love you! I’ll definitely treat you well!

You: I get it I get it!

Chrome: …
Gokudera: O///O What are…you two..doing?
Tsuna: You’re like this now?!
Sasagawa senpai: Like what? (lostie)
Hibari: …kamikorosu.


AND NOW FOR THE EPILOGUE which isn’t that great but meh

Everything is over, Yama is lying on the grass after club napping. You’re apparently now the baseball club’s manager.

You’re looking for Yama and he says he was napping cuz the wind felt good. You’re more worried about him getting his clothes dirty though, but still he’s like it’s okay -drags you down- ISNT IT GREAT?


Yama: Coming to school everyday with you, eating lunch with you, having club with you. I’ll always treasure you. More than everyone else, anything else, I love you! O(≧∇≦)O

😀 And that’s it for Yama’s path. Wordy. Yes. The cg looked kinda ugly orz so sad.

But but look what I have here >w< OMAKE!

Scenario 2 got to me the most cuz.. you’ll see >w<… Omake two is where the guy in question has to make you talk to win the word battle.
Yama: -walks up to you- Don’t move. Even if you call for help, no one will come. Tsuna and the rest said they’d be out today you see…So we’re alone. ( ゚∀(・-・) Hahaha, how was that? Different isn’t it? Just that recently it looks like you’re getting along well with other people, it’s good to be friends with other people isn’t it? But…you’re my girlfriend, am I wrong? If other people are too crazy around you….I…feel like I’ll cut them down… Sorry! My thoughts are bad. If I mistake something with your friends and cut them down… poor them… (・∀・ )

You: Yamamoto kun!

Yama: Oh you spoke! I win, so do I get a prize? A date with just us two would be good. Hmm? Why are you running away? This time I have to chase you?

( ̄ ̄) Yandere Yamamoto… XDD….

I really liked his path, but well, first half was pretty boring…

Anyways, what next? O_O…Should probably start on trying for Dino’s LOL. TwT…




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8 responses to “Heartbeat Bullet // Yamamoto Takeshi Route


    you’re like OH U. SWEET TALKER.
    This. So much. Oh Yamamoto.

    And just. xD Oh lord. This was so CUTE but just – ajnskdjfnkrnlf. Yamamochii so cute.

    • Yeah Yama’s route was my favourite so far ( ̄¬ ̄). His confession was so cute compared to everyone else, but it’s probably because his route is one of the most normal.

      Glad you enjoyed this (・∀・ )!!

  2. Either Ryohei or Dino next, yeah. Ryohei just because I suddenly recalled reading this that he’s in a perpetual state of being lost, so I’m wondering how exactly his path works out, haha~ *rolls around*

    Thank you so much for the translation! It was cute~~~ And pretty funny. Sorry Yamamoto :’D

    • P.S.

      So like I know I said I’d post all the routes, but I’ve been too busy wasting time sleeping all my days away LOOL. I feel so fail OTL.
      LOL it’s okay, that’s what I’ve been doing too ;3;/ Literally, on Wednesday and Thursday. *SOB, always stays up super-late and then is asleep every chance she gets during the day*

      Besides, to me at least, it doesn’t feel like it was really much of a wait~

    • LOOOL, srsly Ryohei’s one was pretty disappointing (hint: he’s really lost, even to his own feelings). I’ll go try for Dino, but man after failing once I feel so “orz.

      Well holidays are meant for being lazy amirite? ;DDD I’ll get around to everyone else’s routes too…eventually.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this (o ̄∇ ̄o)/ ~

  3. OMFG. Yamamoto. You. Perfect boyfriend. Most perfect boyfriend ever. We need more boyzzz like him in real life hehehee…
    Thanks for translating all that sweetness ! ;333;

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