Heartbeat Bullet // Chiavarone Dino Route

This is a repost from my LJ which I’ve since deleted. Keep in mind they are quite dated lmfao and chances of me actually continuing these posts is fairly low cuz I honestly cbf.

 So, I wonder if anyone’s been waiting for my translations. ;DD….”orz

Anyways, I forgot what happened last time so I finished Dino’s route. I only got around to playing it like a few days ago, and I was half dead from the crazy heat here so I’m not sure if the translations are completely correct 8D brb brain melting.

Anywho, yeah so Dino’s path…

Skip the prologue which is mentioned in my post…somewhere. Look for it under my tags @w@…

Day 1

You talk to Hibari for the first time, and he’s like totally trying to kill you. Dino saves you though and you both run away into the forest. While he’s talking about Hibari’s unwillingness to cooperate with you, he apologizes for leaving him in your hands which then leads to him offering to accompany you somewhere.

You contemplate whether its a date or not, and you get three choices: the amusement park, seeing the night view (as in watching stars) or it’s up to him.

The good choice here is seeing the night view, cuz stuff like amusement park whatever is dangerous since you’d have to leave the protection of the guardians with the Varia running around loose. So Dino says he’ll choose the best spot to see the night view with you. You go all doki doki over the idea of being under the night sky alone with him….then Dino trips. On his own legs.


This leads to you going all NOO DON’T DRIVE ME AND ACCIDENT WILL SURELY HAPPEN in your head, but speaking-wise, you just say walking is much healthier/fun.

Then you both go back, and Lambo arrives.

Day 2

Chrome arrives~

Nothing happens during day, but come dinner time…You wonder where Dino is. Apparently, he’s been missing for the past hour, and he was ALONE. D:… Reborn tells you Dino has become a lost child.  And you’re like WTF? =w=

So you volunteer to go out to look for him, though, Tsuna says its too dangerous for a girl to go alone and comes with you as well as Yamamoto. Gokudera is all like IF 10th GOES I GO TOO! But Tsuna is like nah stay and her reluctantly does. Lolol.

So out in the night, in the forest, you get a little spooked. Yamamoto warns you to not get hurt in the dark and just as you say you’re fine, you fall down the side of a steep hill (think generic anime event).

While Yama and Tsuna try to find a way to get down there to help you you’re stuck in the dark alone….that is, till you see Dino =3…He also fell at that spot. HAHAHA, and so he’s like we should hurry up to get back, in which you go, do you know how?

Dino: not at all.

You both end up wandering in the dark, and just in case either of you gets lost, you both have to hold hands. While you’re busy going all asfasds Dino’s manly handddd ∑(O_O;), he realises that you must be cold, since after all, your hand is cold. He gets depressed, but you assure him you’re fine and then you ask him why he’s out at night. Turns out he was looking for that ‘perfect’ spot to see the stars. Ahh fail. Knowing how fail he is, you tell him to promise you to take you with him as insurance. After he agrees, Tsuna and Yama finds you both.

Tsuna: Eh? You both um…

The convo went along something like this:
Tsuna: Thank goodness I found you- Σ(゚Д゚|||)!!
Yama: oh you too are getting along very well aren’t you? Holding hands and stuff. \(^∀^)ノ
Dino & you: O////O
Anyways, after that you go back and sleep. That night Mukuro appears and yeah.

Day 3

I think I may have missed an event here…I won’t know unless I play his route again orz can’t be bothered. Otherwise nothing happens on day 3.

Day 4

Because I expected to be Hibari’s partner while sweet talking Dino, I ended up getting Hibari’s phone number as per his event on his route. But aside from that, after training, Dino comes to your room.

he mentions that the stars look nice today, so invites you to go out all while I, playing am thinking man why is he so obsessed with that promise? Going out, you go all girly and like omgomgomgomg so pretty~

Dino: Isn’t it? A little known place, where no one can disturb us. (He sounds like he’s about to rape you…)
You: What did you say? I wasn’t listening.
Dino: Nothing!

You get cold and sneeze, so he offers you his jacket. All the while you go, nononono you’ll get cold…

So he hugs you in his jacket =3 You get shy and Dino calls you cute.

After talking about nonsense, you find out about his past with Reborn as his tutor, and how that made Tsuna his ‘little brother’ and how you’re now his ‘little sister’. o_o

Then he falls over, and while you help him, he says something under his breath….something like ‘if you were mine, that would be good’.
That obviously sounded like a confession so you’re like WHUT? So then he elaborates, if you were by my side that would be good. Inside your head, you’re massively going omfg he wants me to marry him. owo;; THEN he realizes and goes NONONO I MEANT MY FAMILY, MY MAFIA FAMILY. xDD Awkward silence descends and he’s like let’s go back…

Day 5

Lambo goes missing at the end of the day.

Varia comes and attacks you all.

You have to choose a partner to fight with.

You try to choose Dino, but Reborn hits you and is like wtf r u doin, Dino isn’t in the Vongola. N00b. So he pairs you up with Tsuna.

You meet up with Dino who apparently knew nothing of Varia’s arrival. He asks you to go out with him for a little while and Dino gets worried about you. He says, if its too hard, don’t push yourself, but you’re like, we’ll lose if I don’t. Dino knows this, saying that if we lose this fight, everyone will die regardless, but still doesn’t want you to be pushed too hard. o.o…

Time skip Ryohei, Lambo and Gokudera’s fight.

You visit Lambo in the hospital and wish him to get better soon. There you run into Dino on the way home. You learn that Squallo was Dino’s class mate and he’s fearful of Yama losing the fight, but you go all NO WAI I BELIVE IN YAMA SO HE WILL WIN. Dino says he envies you an leaves. You feel all, damn, Dino is so adult-like, probably sees me as a kid ;A;…

Skip Yama’s fight.
Day after, you wonder about where Dino is, since he disappeared after Yama’s fight, and he randomly appears. Srsly, wtf is with the random appearing. He just tells you that he won’t be able to go to Tsuna’s fight (it’s not THAAAAT important is it?) and just when he leaves….he falls over and drops his whip.

You follow his steps and go to the hospital to return it, but while you’re there, you see Squallo on the bed. He tells you to be quiet about it and takes you out.

Dino: Somehow it’s been a long time since I was like this with you eh?

He mentions that it feels like its been a long time since you two were out like this and talks to you about his past, how he didn’t want to be a mafia boss, but eventually did, in order to protect those important to him. His family, Romario, Tsuna and everyone, and you.

Then you’re like, Dino-san must be suffering. Surprised, Dino asks if you used kotodama to find it out, but you say it just seems that way. You apologise and say you just want to see a happy Dino-san. This came across to me as a girl -> guy confession but I guess not >.>…

Dino says that he does indeed feel sad, but when he sees your face he feels happy =3 awww.

Skip Chrome Battle

During the day of Hibari battle

You talk to Hibari, at which you get surprised that Hibari would have Dino’s email address. o.o

Then you meet Tsuna, but Reborn tells you to GTFO and help Dino instead. You talk to Dino as part of your training (o_o? not sure about this part). He makes you uncomfortable by being too close, and tells you to use kotodama, in which you end up using the power of “SOMEONE HELP ME!!!”. He ends up feeling useless and says he wishes he could fight with the Vongola, but alas he’s part of the Chiavarone family. Then begins to say something else, but stops.

Hibari fighto, 9th pops outta Mosca’s ass etc.

You’re at the hospital checking up on the 9th, but Dino tell’s you to go out and get some air. While out, he tries to tell you something again, but trips over and falls onto you. Not on purpose. ;DD

Anyways, he then realises how small (petite =w=?) you are, and you retort with a “compared to Dino-san!”.

Then he gets all emotional and comments on how such a small you has been trying her best all the time. And tells you to close your eyes. He assures you that he won’t do anything weird.

Dino: It’s okay, I won’t do anything weird.-Close eyes-
Dino: For now, just let me hug you like this.

He hugs you =3…He says something along the lines of he won’t forgive anyone who hurts this small body of yours. Then…

Dino: Hey, when its all over, will you come with me to Italy?

He invites you to join the Chiavarone family~ (no it wasn’t a wedding proposal…yet).

So you say of course you will! You’ll be fine without everyone in the Vongola if you’re with Dino. Then he tells you to do your best in the sky ring battle tomorrow, and if anything happens, he’ll come save you. That was pretty sweet xD…

During the day of the Sky Ring fight, Reborn actually tells you to gtfo even more. He says that you’re all confused inside and tells you to get your priorities straight.

So during the Sky Ring fight, you are made to sit out of it….

Etc.etc. The ring rejects Xanxus and he goes batshit on everyone. Dino steps in to save the day, but not before making you call him boss O_O…

You support Dino in fighting Xanxus, and he wins (wtf?) and then Reborn tells you to calm Xanxus’ rage with your kotodama.

After that ordeal, Dino asks you again to join his family and leave Vongola. You reply with a yes of course.

Dino: You’re part of my family, I’ll protect you form now on. And I’m happy…

…I love you.


You’re in Italy after the battles with your boss, on a date. o_o…

He’s been busy lately so he hasn’t been able to spend time with you. So he thought you’d be lonely, to which you say I’m fine 8D! He goes all ;A;?? But you’re like, you’re the boss of the Chiavarone family, I cant be selfish and want you all for myself~ Finally something I think is smart to say. =.=”

He compliments you, calling you cute cuz apparently he dressed you (as in bought the clothes you’re wearing) but then says you’d look cute in anything or nothing! hurrhurrhurr. Then he asks you where you want to go, since he’ll take you anywhere you want, if you’re with him~

Teh Endo.

I dunno, the whole omg you’re useless to the Vongola thing with Reborn was pretty annoying =w=… Ah well, Maybe I’m missing something, but Dino’s route didn’t seem as doki doki to me as Yama’s path. Lul. orz.

I’ll probably get like, either Ryohei’s or Gokudera’s path up by the end of the weekend since I did those ages ago and I actually supposedly have time to do this stuff now 8D…

Anyways I hope you enjoy~



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7 responses to “Heartbeat Bullet // Chiavarone Dino Route

  1. Duh, Dino is kinda cute (L) but Yama’s route make me squeal!!!! 8DDD

    Gokudera would go all TsunTsun and then DereDere in his route?? I can’t wait~~

    Thanks for the translation!!

    • I actually like Yama’s route the most in this game (has finished all routes) O//O, so adorableee~

      Gokudera doesn’t feel very tsuntsun to me though, more…bakabaka, deredere. LOL xD

      No problem, glad you like it =3

  2. Oh man, I’m reading the walkthroughs…I never expected that a otome game for reborn exists XD
    Thanks for the work, I’m really wainting forward to read more!

  3. dino is so cute when he blushes (≧∇≦)

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