Heartbeat Bullet // Sawada Tsunayoshi Route

This is a repost from my LJ which I’ve since deleted. Keep in mind they are quite dated lmfao and chances of me actually continuing these posts is fairly low cuz I honestly cbf.


Pffft. Tsunayoshi Sawada’s route. (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) ヒィィィィィ!

Tsuna route starts on Day 2, after Lambo arrives.

After training with Tsuna, you’re both exhausted and you feel like a cheerleader. He apologises to you for dragging you into this battle. He says that if you don’t want to fight, he’ll handle Reborn for you so that you can back out. But you tell him that its okay, you wont push yourself and that being with them all is fun (but you’ve only known them for 2 days?).

I-Is that so? You’re great aren’t you?

Tsuna is surprised at your enthusiasm and the conversation turns to how he doesn’t even want to be the Vongola 10th. Of course, you ask, why not just tell everyone?

TsunaNo one listens~~~


That night you meet Mukuro.

On day 3, Reborn tells you to go wake up Tsuna in his room. The option that pops up here is to wake him up by: a) yelling, or b) pulling his blanket away. Of course I did the latter ;D…

He falls off the bed and instinctively goes:

Owwww…. What are you doing Reborn…

You lol at his not being a morning person and end up chatting about school, how Hibari bites late comers to death, and how Tsuna goes to school with Yamamoto and Gokudera. Tsuna then invites you to go with them. For a moment you’re all like ‘really is that okay?’, then you realise, why is Tsuna wearing the same clothes as yesterday?

You ask him if he showers in the morning and Tsuna says no, so 2+2, you say “TSUNA -KUN GO BATHE NOW!” and his reply is a meager “Y-YES…” And trips on the way out, leaving you to think, ‘at this rate I’ll end up becoming his mother.’


After a few rounds of training, you’re in the living room with everyone.

For some reason, you’re taking everyone’s washing, telling them where their stuff is and helping them. Hibari is like, I’m thirsty make me some tea. Chrome is like, where’s my Italian learning book? After all that you’re thinking ffff, I’m their mother now!!

Tsuna comes along and offers help, to which you, more than gladly, take.

You: THANKS! Please help!!

Afterward, when you’re all finally done working for the family, you liken your situation to Cinderella. And start casting the family members in the roles; Hibari as cruel step mum, Gokudera etc. as the evil step sisters.. XD

At first Tsuna is like wtf are you on, but then comments that everyone is relying on you and that he’s been worried about you. You thank him and he gets embarrassed~ You think about how nice Tsuna is (cuz he’s the only one that offered to help ( ̄~ ̄;)).

You praise Tsuna and tell him he’s popular, to which he responds to with:
“No way! I only became friends with them recently.  I used to have no friends to play with after school, so I played games alone.” He tells you that its all thanks to Reborn that he’s here now and says that Reborn has actually been a good influence, since he helped Tsuna have friends.

In the end, he says that he still has no reason to be boss, but that its still fun to be with everyone.

After this event, his meeting mesage is changed to “…Oh you surprised me, I was just thinking about you…err…NO I-NOTHING.” x3

Nothing happens on day 4 (That I know of?)

Day 5
, Lambo goes missing and you have to choose a partner. Tsunafish of course.

You end up talking to Tsuna about it and Tsuna isn’t that happy since he’ll have to fight Xanxus. He keeps saying how he doesn’t want to fight and that its scary and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. =w= He knows that he can’t run away from this fight too…

I don’t want to hurt anyone…

So you hit him over the head.


You tell him to stop being so discouraged, since everyone believes in him, so he should believe in his friends. He apologises and thanks you for snapping him outta it.

Day of Sun Ring Battle

Reborn is training Tsuna and wants to put him into Hyper Mode, but Tsuna knows very well that he could die so chickens out, but Reborn shoots him anyway. Then you see a completely different Tsuna and are forced to use Kotodama on him…

You: L- let’s go Tsuna-kun!

Nothing happens during the Sun Ring fight.

Thunder Ring Fight

TYL Lambo tries to show off to you and fights Levi, just when everything was going well, Reborn goes all serious face, and says 5 minutes is up.

Levi beats up 5 year old Lambo and was about to deal the finishing blow, when you tell Tsuna to save him.

Tsuna saves Lambo in Hyper Mode, telling everyone that he can’t let his friends be killed in front of his eyes. Stuff happens, Xanxus attacks Tsuna and goes on about how Tsuna and the 9th are similar. He tells you all how he waits the day to kill you all off. Xanxus bargains with Tsuna and says if he can with the Sky Ring fight, then its Tsuna’s win.

After the battle, Lambo is in the hospital and Tsuna wonders whether he did the right thing by interfering. Reborn reassures him that if he didn’t save Lambo then he surely wasn’t meant to be the 10th.


Tsuna says that he wants to be stronger so that he’d be able to protect everyone and that something like this won’t happen to anyone else. You say you do too.

You: Uh….Tsuna-kun……Are you alright?

During training you end up seeing Tsuna’s real feelings through Kotodama, so you stop Tsuna and ask him if he’s okay. Tsuna is surprised by this and is like ‘what?’. You feel that something is wrong but you’re not sure, so you tell Tsuna to rely on you if he’s stressed since everyone’s fighting together. Tsuna then begins to tell you that he is bothered about something, and you guess Gokudera’s battle, which it is. Tsuna’s worried about this ‘genius’ opponent of Gokudera (Bel).

For some reason you and Tsuna are both on very much the same wavelength and connect well. But Reborn butts in and goes all “So whut if you’re both getting along well? Die.” -shoots Tsuna- xDD

Gokudera Fighto
Fight is normal, but you can feel Tsuna’s anxiety.

Gokudera goes all I can’t lose this fight! And after Bel steals the ring, Gokudera is intent on chasing or dying.

In the end, you’re the one yelling at Gokudera to come back and forget about the ring. You tell him that Tsuna treasures him as a friend and he needs to be with everyone.

You: It’s no good if Gokudera-kun isn’t here!!

After that the school blows up, but Gokudera is alive, which is all that matters.

Yamamoto Fighto Day
Tsuna is worried about Gokudera’s injuries and then you both start wondering about the 9th. Reborn shows you a photo, and you both think, wow he looks like a gentle old man!

But Tsuna then says he hates this person for making everyone fight. Pansy.

Yamamoto Fighto

Yamamoto wins. Squallo ‘dies’. Everyone is upset.

Chrome Fighto Day

Everything plays out like the day before, Tsuna is worried about Yamamoto’s injuries. Reborn is going wtf is wrong with you two?

Chrome Fighto

During the fight, Mukuro comes out and conjures a freaky deaky earthquake illusion.

You fall and cry for Tsuna, to which he catches you and tells you to not let go of his hand.

Mukuro wins.

You share feelings with Tsuna and you can feel his pain.

After Mist Fighto

Tsuna is depressed because he thinks that everything is his fault, Mukuro in prison, the fighting, and people getting hurt. But you tell him that it’s not his fault, since he has always just been trying his best. And he cheers up.

Hibari Fighto Day

During training, Tsuna has a sort of revelation where he wants to protect everyone and puts this feeling into strength. You level up more bullets here. Then Tsuna finally masters his Zero Point Breakthrough at night. Tsuna thanks you for helping him, saying that he couldn’t have done it alone. And off you three go to Hibari fighto.
At Hibari Fighto

Everyone is hurt and you don’t know why. Xanxus just sits there and lols at you all.

You: ……….Tsuna-kun…….!

Mosca goes to attack Chrome, but Tsuna saves her. Reborn tells you that Tsuna dislikes seeing his friends being hurt in front of his eyes the most so that makes him act.

He defeats Mosca and 9th falls out of its ass.


Tsuna Fighto Day

You goto school for once.

You’re on the roof contemplating your feelings about being back at school during this thing and you run into Hibari. He was apparently napping on the roof till just a moment ago and saw you. You apologise for not noticing him and he says, “don’t lose tonight”.

You: Eh?

Hibari: Don’t lose tonight.

You: Eh? ( ( ̄Д)=3 say something already!)

Hibari: If you lose, I’ll bite you to death. -Leaves-

I actually wanted to switch to Hibari route here (ー.ー”) ン…Tsuna route is so boring.

Anyways, then Tsuna comes up to the roof looking for you and wonders if there was a problem since he ran into Hibari on the way. Then you both talk about how weird it is to be back at school and the battle and not wanting to lose.

Tsuna says that he treasures everyone (he lists everyone @w@) and says that he can’t lose. But then voices his doubts of winning. You reassure him that he’s the strongest and kindest, so he won’t lose.


Tsuna: You’re always by my side, encouraging me, smiling…Seeing that makes me able to think that I can also be like that.

Because I always want to protect your smile, because I like the you who laughs along with everyone. Because I like that kind of peaceful time…I won’t lose, I can’t lose.

Whut? Where’s my confession?!

Then Tsuna says that he’ll definitely show you he can protect you in tonight’s battle.

Before the Fighto

Tsuna says that he won’t lose to the likes of Xanxus, and you encourage him some more.


Everyone is poisoned by the wristbands but you, Tsuna and Xanxus.

But noo, Xanxus the dirty bastard, he attacks you instead of Tsuna (T∇T )( T∇T)…

Tsuna saves you, but Xanxus is like, you can’t fight like this (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ!! He shoots you some more, but you use kotodama on him…which makes him stronger. You ask him if he’ll let his subordinates die, and without hesitation, Xanxus is like yep, this is the sky!

you cry back, THIS ISN’T THE SKY! The sky that embraces everything, this isn’t it! Tsuna agrees with you.

Then you realise that the lightning ring and the storm ring were obtained by the Varia, so you decide you have to do something. You aim your gun and Xanxus is like, lol n00b you won’t hit me.

So, you reply ‘this isn’t for you bitch’ and shoot in Hibari direction. Ah owned.

Hibari gets the Cloud ring and is like to himself, “you know my principle of paying back don’t you…” (At this point he uses your first name ┗(;´Д`)┛-wanted to switch routes-) So now, Hibari has no choice but to save everyone, since he’s the ace of the group!

Now Tsuna can finally fight without worry. -Cues fight-
You win the fight, but Xanxus is like o no u don’t. Tsuna tries to use his Zero Point Breakthrough, but Xanxus does something…and explodes….and it fails. You tell Tsuna to run away, that you’ll be fine (whut?) and Tsuna is like ‘no! I’ll show you that I can protect you!’

Xanxus is about to kill you both, but this time its you who goes, o no u don’t. Xanxus sees your determination and is reminded of the 9th, and goes all angry face. He flings you around for a bit (…wife beater).

Tsuna finally stands back up and says he’ll protect you (AFTER you got flung around…) Apparently, everytime you felt his pain, he also felt yours and he realised that, although you felt that way you continued to support him and that inspired him. o_o…

Everyones back by this point and cheering for Tsuna and doing a little dance. Save for Hibari, who just says ‘you lose, you die’.

-cue another fight-

You win again, and Xanxus goes all kaboom crazy and then is frozen again.

Squallo comes along and explains the situation. Xanxus melts. Mammon distracts everyone. Xanxus gets ring. Ring rejects him. He goes more nuts.

You and Tsuna go together to use Kotodama on Xanxus to calm him. And he finally acknowledges your power o_O…but still hates you =3 even though he understands how the 9th feels now.

Fighto finish, and Gokudera goes all TENTH <333333!! While everyone else just says well done.

Hibari comes up to you and says, “now I’m not in your debt anymore.” XDDD Yamamoto is like, “WOAH SHE SAVED YOU SRSLY?” Win.

You congratulate Tsuna and he talks to you about the future:

Tsuna: Will you be here from now on?

You: !!!

Tsuna: I can’t say it well but…

You: Yeah, I understand your feelings. (What?)

Tsuna: Eh? Um. Really?

You: Yeah, that’s why, I’ll give you a reply.

You put your doki doki feelings into your Kotobadama bullet and shoot Tsuna to death.

……………………. (。_°)〃 何だ?


Tsuna POV for a few lines; he says that everything is now normal and that the Varia have gone back, although he doesn’t know what happened to them.

It’s a Sunday and you’re both about to head to Yamamoto’s baseball game. You even made a bentou! You’re both late though…

Tsuna is like, let’s run with our dying will! You go o.o? And he holds your hand.

You: No…It might be the first time we’ve held hands like this….I think.

You stand there and talk about this being the first time you spent time like this (held hands like this). Then Tsuna talks about how he’ll continue to protect you and that he’ll never let go of this hand. You tell him to not let go and then realise you’re even later now. You’re both about to dash off but Tsuna says more stuff about protecting you.



Yeah. I dunno if it’s because I don’t like Tsuna or because the route was boring. But I didn’t really enjoy that. LOL.

With that, I decided I should prob post the last one I had with lots and lots of pictures which was this one. Sigh. (ο_ _)ο



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7 responses to “Heartbeat Bullet // Sawada Tsunayoshi Route

  1. WHERE’S MY CONFESSION?! Tsuna, you coward!!! D:

    This route is…. pretty normal D: I still choosing Yama!! But… but… I’m curious about the Ryohei and Gokudera ones… yeah

    I rather prefer to switch to the Hibari routes in that moments me too oAo Hibariii~~

    I’m waiting for the rest!! :3

    • So true. ;A; He srsly goes on about protecting you so much but not even one “I like you”. Goddamn. Even though he’s the main char they could’ve made him have some more balls.

      I’ve done all the Vongola’s cept for Muku’s true route, so I’m fairly sure Yama’s is still the best \(^O^)/~

      Hibari was cuter in this route than his own orz…

      Cough. I’m glad you enjoyed =3~

  2. Thank you for this. My Tsuna bias is the only reason why I found this route more heart-racing than Hibari’s.

    “No way! I only became friends with them recently. I used to have no friends to play with after school, so I played games alone.” He tells you that its all thanks to Reborn that he’s here now and says that Reborn has actually been a good influence, since he helped Tsuna have friends.

    ksjhfksf A doujin-otome game actually got things correct for once. And skjhfkjsf the Tsuna/OC screenshot. /loves on.

    • O_O…Doki doki?? Where?! LOL. Well I’m glad SOMEONE liked his route at least XDDD… so I didn’t waste my time doing this…

      (ノ´∀`)ノ Now, don’t you wish there were more CGs in this game like I do? -suss eyes-

      Glad you enjoyed =p

  3. will you do xanxus’s route later? >__>

  4. Anonymous

    no contimuation?

    You are not going to continue?

    Wat about the Varia’s part :((((( Please continue posting, your reviews are really fun and easy to read

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for doing this for people who have no access to the game and Japanese like me. But I do hope that you will continue

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