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The Un-caging of the Best D-arts evarrrrrr

MAn I’vE BEEN SO BUSY LATELY I HAVENT EVEN BEEN ABLE TO TOUCH MY PRETTY FIGURES. Oh yeah btw did I tell anyone I collect figures??? LOL. I bought Godoka and Konohanasakuya from Japan and I still haven’t been able to unbox them yet orz (insert cage pun here).

Anyways, I recently recieved the very VERY VERY VERYyy expensive Thanatos D-arts as a present (uaheuaheuaheauheh) and only got to unbox it now. So I did an impromptu mini shoot and well, unboxing post HELL YEAH.

Should I tell it again?

Should I tell it again?

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First Impressions of Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Rath Route

Last night I finally finished my first route in Black Wolves Saga Last Hope. OF COURSE SINCE NEITHER OF MY BB’S, JULIAN AND GUILLAN, GOT A ROUTE I went straight for poster boy Rath. But so far I’m not too impressed, and I hope the rest of the post will convey why.

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