WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME, MY UGUU CAGE OF LOVE which btw you won’t be leaving from anytime soon.

I’m yur local friendly yandere oniichan ❤ and tbh I have nfi what I’m gonna write about here, so lemme ramble on about what I think/hope my uguu cage of love will contain (coughyoucough).

Originally I started this with some grand hope of writing super sexy awesome reviews about random otome games, drama cds, animus and mangos but I get the feeling that’d have been too much werk for me. So I’m just gonna write my thoughts on whatever I please that fall under those categories. I don’t specifically label that as a review because my opinion is based on no criteria lmao and I’d hate to bring down the quality of the word when associated with my sexy otome blogger friends (can I call you guys my friends???? PLEASE? <3).

Sometimes this may involve me throwing spoilers around, and hopefully I’d be smart enough to warn people before it. Please people, if I do something stupid CALL ME OUT ON IT. I see so many people on like tumblr just making comments in places the offender can’t see so they can’t correct their ways.

However I also remind you, this my MY CAGE, so my lovely birdie, I do expect people to not agree with my opinions, but they are what they are. I’d hope people won’t be rude about it.

Also I switch between good grammar and typin like dis a lot.



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