First Impressions of Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Rath Route

Last night I finally finished my first route in Black Wolves Saga Last Hope. OF COURSE SINCE NEITHER OF MY BB’S, JULIAN AND GUILLAN, GOT A ROUTE I went straight for poster boy Rath. But so far I’m not too impressed, and I hope the rest of the post will convey why.

First of all I had this impression that LH was based on Rath’s good ending???? So when everything was FINE and SUNSHINE on Fiona’s 16th birthday I was massively WTF’d out. Well I got over that, so I thought that they were heading down this whole parallel universe where the wolves get to Fiona before the crazy cats do. Then that alllll finally makes sense.

Still, the more I got through Rath’s route the more I was wondering what was going on. Don’t get me wrong I 100%’d Bloody Nightmare so I knew exactly what the story was going down, but the whole interaction between Fiona and Rath/everywolf else was sorta iffy in my eyes. She trusted Rath way too easily but I cast that aside as like, Stockholm syndrome lol. Then came the whole Aruru (his name is aruru I refuse to use arles in my own cage ;D) thing, and I just gah’d. I mean, Last Hope is supposed to be a new game. Sequel or not, the story is not exactly a continuation of Bloody Nightmare, so I expected the back stories to be exposed like in Bloody Nightmare. Especially since Rath was like posterboy, his route should’ve been most relevant (?) in a way to Bloody Nightmare. Maybe it’ll happen with Arurururu’s route or truth route, so my (last) hope is that my expectations will be answered later on.


Did ye see dat? Ain’t I clever uhuhuhuhu.

But seriously, Fiona seems to go with things way too easily. Not once in Rath’s route does she question about Rath’s “DEM CATS BE POISON TO DIS COUNTRY” nor does she question why Arururururu wants to kill them so bad. Was the whole avenge thy mother and father thing supposed to have explained the depth of their hate? My mind just kinda filled in the gaps with BN knowledge made me think ‘HELL YEAH YOU GO GIRL’, but then I realised I know people who have never played BN and bought LH. The game would probably really suck to them if they chose to play poster boy first and in their place I feel cheated (yeah I have no right to I know lol). Well I told those people to play BN if they could just in case anyway, cuz I srsly loved that game.

There were moments in the CGs that Fiona looked really loli imo. I know she’s 16, but she never looked like this in BN?

Timeleap; she's actually 12.

pic_0035 (2) Timeleap; she’s actually 12.

Since Rath’s route in BN was cut so short, I was happy that Fiona and Rath got their fluffy moments together. I rolled around in bed more than once. That is all. (*´艸`) ぁぁ・・・・・

Rejet living up to its motto.

Rejet living up to its motto.

As usual Rejet delivers, in the most unusual way imo.

Plot spoilers below. Beware. Don’t look if you don’t wanna know about Rath’s route I warned you! Stop looking. Warning warning.

Srsly Rejet. In the finale, Rath has a showdown with the crazy cats. He was sad enough with ONE blind eye BUT THEN YOU MADE IT TWO. Ermageeeerd. That just— really broke my heart. But Fiona uses herself as a human meat shield in the end and wow, I applauded. FIONA YOU GO GIRL!

Good end thoughts:

Needless to say Auger creeped me out massively, more so than in BN. (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) Cuz, what in the hell man?!

Next in the BWS fandom: AugerxFire

Next in the BWS fandom: AugerxFire

Well I guess…He got his just desserts in the end………? Who am I kidding for all I know he probably survived to troll again.

Then Rath and Fiona ran away and lived happily ever after with their two kids. WhAT THE  hELL??? How did they get away??? WHAT IS THIS? MAGIC? BOTH Fiona and Rath were injured but they miraculously ran out of a flaming forest. Yep. Totally. Okay. Howaboutno.jpg

Overlooking that….Well, they are now living in the middle of nowhere with their two children. I’ve been waiting since BN for some romance, and yes I got it! They finally kiss! Then go above and beyond (●´艸`) …Rath and Fiona actually did it. YES I’M IMMATURE LEAVE ME ALONE. AHAHAHA yes my bb’s, make more bb’s of your own ushishsishishi. L(´▽`L ) Although in the extra voice for Rath’s good end he says he lost his eyes, but gained happiness in return…it feels sorta anti-climatic? I guess I’m bit of a vengeful person or something but the injustice done to him seemed to outweigh the punishment dealt to the evildoers? More than anything it just reminded me of the ending of Jane Eyre lmfao.

Anyways I’ll leave the best end alone since I can happily know that Fiona and Rath are no longer virgins (HAHAHAHAHAHA).

Bad end thoughts:

Well…as expected it was pretty bad. Rath tries to save Fiona who’s suffocating from smoke inhalation, albeit being completely blind himself.

Then this LOVELY and VIVID scene comes up

Rath my bb don't cry- oh wait.

Rath my bb don’t cry- oh wait.

And guess who pops up?

Your friendly neighbourhood life ruiner!

Your friendly neighbourhood life ruiner!

Then the next scene came straight from the depths of Heavenly Host Elementary School. Here’s a hint, one of the kids had their eyes mushed up through stabbing. While it may not have been as gruesomely described, can’t say it made me feel very comfortable. In a strange way, I sorta liked this end. Pls stahp judging.

I reckon that if they cut the good end at the right place, it would’ve been a pretty poetic happy end too. Learn from Princess Nightmare and make the good end one of fleeting happiness. Well that’s what I really expected for the good end, although I’m not disappointed with the way they went.

BTW, this bothered me since BN but I thought Fiona being a …robeira(?) meant that she’d live a short life to begin with. Her being exposed to animals and wild, other people, the very things she was protected against during the course of the story, wouldn’t they kinda cause her death? But for some reason she always seems to live for quite a while (in the good ends). Or was the whole being weak thing, just a miniscule more and was just exaggerated by everyone around her? ESPECIALLY in the crazy cats bad ends in BN and stuff, she’d have been likely to die from bacterial infections but she was still alive and kicking.


WELP. I prob TLDR;d so I’ll just summarise my FIRST impressions (ie. likely to change):


  • Fiona i luff u
  • Rath luffs you too and he finally shows it
  • I asked for despair, and well I guess I got it


  • Tries to be stand alone game but not rly stand alone enough to be played without knowing about BN
  • Plot holes. Goddamn PLOT HOLES.
  • Did I mention plot holes???
  • Love a character? TOO BAD HE PROBABLY DIES. >>>sorry I’m whining too much

I really can’t stand plot holes so that brought the experience down. But in general the game is good. I’ll see how my opinion changes as I finish more routes.

I know I butcher my english too hardcore so I’m sorry (人;´Д`)ゴメンネ.



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2 responses to “First Impressions of Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Rath Route

  1. Yup… Auger popping out of the woods… HE JUST WANTED TO TROLL YOU. OMG, that was so CREEPY. And even though Rath got happiness with Fiona, I can’t help but feel bittersweet for reasons… I mean, he’s happy, that’s for sure, but he can’t see (because fuckin’ Auger stabbed his eye °A° )! That’s not exactly a “Happy End” if you ask me… But okay…

    And dammit, I need to finish BWS LH….. after 1 year. LOL

    • Ye actually now that I look back at it, Fiona and Rath may be happy but I sure am not. LOL.

      Im shure there are better games for you to play than last hope tbh.

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