Black Wolves Saga Last Hope //Mejojo Route


I did Mejojo’s route after Rath’s hoping for some despair, and all I got was…….moe Nesso and Julian. Like the easily distracted fangirl I am, I kyaa’d and hnggg’d at Nesso manymanymany times this time.

One for this game, one for your next game, and one for a Julian only game.

One for this game, one for your next game, and one for a Julian only game.

Strangely (I dunno if the guide I’m following is weird or wat) Mejojo’s route converges into Auger’s bad end and his good end, so I’m guessing Auger’s route goes to Mejojo’s bad end. So this time round, I’m gonna write about Auger’s bad end and Mejojo’s good end.

Once Mejojo’s route starts, it’s like his personality does a 360.

You're nice, then you make my brother lick your..............

You’re nice, then you make my brother lick your…………..

Idk why I even let myself be hopeful of Mejojo being moe like in Fiona’s flashbacks anymore. And this kind of change happens more than once.

Surprisingly, I never felt so attached to a heroine before. I loved how Fiona has a brain and even if she’s physically weak, she can handle herself like shutting down Mejojo’s ore no mono ni nare. So respect for you Fiona, RESPECT. //fistbump

Another reason why I love the BWS series is the science in it. Belonging to a biological discipline myself, I found it pretty interesting how they could actually incorporate real immunology (or at least ideas that make sense) into the storyline. Spoiler (highlight to read): I still can’t believe that rather than killing their father, Auger and Mejojo actually proposed to KILL OFF the people they’re ruling. Since Zara explained that it doesn’t change anything, we’d know that there’s nothing to be gained from killing their people other than lowering what I’d expect to be the income that would sustain their life? So wtf is going on men?

At least in this route they actually started explaining a bit more of the history of the characters so that was good. Although, I’d like to mention that unlike in BN there’s not really….that many events in this route. The second half of the game just has Fiona spending quality time with herself and suddenly it reaches a climax, so I’m not too sure how to feel about that.

And finally, Julian also appears in this route. When he came up my Julian bias beought tears to my eyes wwww. SRSLY, whoever’s played the cat’s routes WILL DEFINITELY feel for Julian. //plans Julian appreciation post. I’m sorry, did you not realise how much this guy is my favourite character?? ;3c ALL MY LUFF FOR YOU.

Closer to the end of the route, where they diverge, Fiona once again demonstrates her MANLY balls of steel. If BWS were a shoujo manga, she’d more than likely be kicking and screaming on the ground, so her resolve was a welcome change. And let’s say at this point, I’m sure even without a Julian bias, I cried manly tears of love for him. щ(ಥДಥщ) They finally threw in an event that was worthy of despair.

SPOILERS YO. wee woooweee woooweewooo

Auger Bad End

I decided to go for the bad end first, but ofc I didn’t know it was AUGER’S bad end =.=… The end follows the final battle with the wolves where they decide to set the forest on fire to kill everyone, and for some odd reason everyone thought it would be a good idea to meet WHERE THE BATTLE WAS HAPPENING. Wtf man, srsly.

By this point I had spent most of Mejojo’s route going WHERE’S HIS WHIP FOREPLAY, and welp, as much as did not care for him, this end was a massive slap to my face……………………MEJOJO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE ME FEEL SORRY FOR YOU. ずるいよずるーーーーい!Both twins are slumped on the ground near Fiona suffering massive battle wounds, but she only has one soldier with her so they can’t carry both princes. You finally see Mejojo’s honest feelings and the pain he feels after Fiona decides to save Auger instead and I immediately regretted saving Auger. Well tbh given the same choice in real life, I’d never have chosen Auger anyway WWWWWwww.

After choosing Auger, he lives on and Mejojo dies along with everyone else (Nesso, Elza, yaddayadda). ….And Auger decides he’s some messiah on a mission to make the world one of only Kyasshi. I have NO idea how this would make ANY sense. I mean they’ve already explained that their world has many many other types of … people? Like the funto (dogs?), huma and Elza’s (I forgot what they were called lol). How would Auger have even tried to eradicate them all with just Kyasshi? It just doesnt work imo, unless they already said there’s more Kyasshi in the world than any other group, but even then, surely everyone joining together would put a stop to that. This part needed way more explaining than they gave.

Fiona was yet again locked up as a witch, and she still had fight in her. While her death did sorta make it depressing, it didn’t feel as bad as her death in Mejojo’s bad end in BWS BN, which I think they were trying to do. Auger being his crazy ass self was pretty hilarious too. However, this WAS the despair I was hoping for (uhuhuhuhu) so sure. Okay. Just explain wtf happened in between.

Mejojo Good End

In this end, Fiona chooses to save Mejojo cuz being first prince and all he’s probably more important. And also cuz I’m sure even Fiona likes Mejojo more than Auger 8’D.

This time Auger is the one with the monologue, and JUST when I thought I’d feel sorry for him, he just HAD to ruin it. Lmfao. WElp HE DESERVES IT. The CCK find him and attempt to move him, but he’s so massive compared to the mice that they can’t even make him budge. Being the massive douche he is, he insults the CCK to the point where they lose hope and just leave him to die. YEsS. TAKE THAT KUZUYAROU. I’m sorry, the whole scenario where he’s begging for someone to save him just made me cackle, and go all YOU DESERVE IT BRO.

SOMEhoW THis time everyone survives the blaze (except for Auger lololol). Wait wat?

And Mejojo is crippled for life or something so he cannot take the throne anymore, so Julian ends up being king (Fiona, YOU COULDVE BEEN QUEEEEEEEEEN). Everyone has their future set out for them, except for Fiona and Mejojo, who are now living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere together.

No longer in a position of power, Fiona is not scared of him anymore, and he’s actually settled down to being normal-ish. He starts talking about his past to Fiona and she tells him she’ll stay with him, and he’s all like ‘omg i finally hav u in my hands’. And the route sorta, well, finishes. IDK WASN’T THAT SO TAME FOR BWS, WHERE THE SAD? Rath suffered more in his good end than Mejojo did. ( ಠ_ಠ )

End Spoilerssssssss. (┳◇┳)

I can’t tell if I’m only unimpressed by the fact that I detest the cats (mainly Auger tho), or if the route was really really really tame. Hey Rejet, just cuz the game is called Last Hope doesn’t mean you can withhold the despair yo!

Rejet, stick to slashing my heart to pieces pls.

Rejet, stick to slashing my heart to pieces pls.

I think, even if they wanted to stop with the kinda things that had in BN, they should’ve put more moe Mejojo in his route. In BN, the moe Mejojo was overshadowed by the fact that he’s a crazy ass whip wielding maniac, but in this game he’s just like a nanny who doesn’t really care about the kid he’s keeping around, only that she stays out of trouble (or in this case, in his possession). If they gave some nice scenes with Fiona like they did in Rath’s route, to make up for his route in BN, then I’m sure I’d have melted into a puddle of fangirl goo. But this route sorta made me confused as to what the point was.

BN brought up my expectations for this series, and LH is slowly bringing it down. Well, at least I still have a lot of characters to bring it back up (I’m lookin’ at you Nesso, Elza (ლ ^ิ౪^ิ)ლ). And I find myself spending more and more time wishing Julian had a route.



  • Science
  • Julian
  • Fiona
  • Julian
  • Nesso
  • Julian
  • I guess they finally filled in some plot holes from Rath’s route

Did not really like:

  • Now they gave us more to wonder about
  • Do not expect to romance Mejojo


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2 responses to “Black Wolves Saga Last Hope //Mejojo Route

  1. Wait… There was despair… Did you play the Bad End for Mejojo, where he only remembers Elvira and went all nuts and was confined into a dungeon? THAT WAS DEPRESSING AS FUCK. ;w; Because Fiona decided to kill Mejojo and probably herself after that.

    But regarding the good end…. I think Mejojo actually changed because Fiona said she would stay with him, even though he had nothing left. He was surprised and like: “Why would you choose me? I have nothing left…” And finally learns that power is not everything if you want to be loved by others. Or something like that. IDK. I forgot almost everything after a year. LOL

    But I agree that there weren’t enough romantic scenes with him. And then there was Julian, who won over our hearts. x’D There was this “He chose tea especially for Fiona” scene, but yeah… WHY. I NEED MOAR FLUFF WITH MEJOJO. And Auger deserved his death…. WE WILL ALWAYS BE A TROLL. EVEN IF HE HAS TO RESURRECT FROM A FIRE.

    • I don’t think that Fiona would kill herself but rather killed him to end his ‘misery’? I say misery loosely because he was insane by that point anyway LOL. Yeah I liked that end :{D ->had to look at my post on it to remember

      As for Mejojo’s good end, yeah I thought it was way too simplistic there though. Like Mejojo snaps out of his ‘must rule everything with an iron fist’ mindset all of a sudden just because Fiona is still there was just really anti climatic to the point where I just went NOPE. It was just really out of the ordinary for BWS at least compared to what happens in Bloody Nightmare.

      I’m forever angry that Julian was such a throwaway char in this game lol (even Guillan had more of a role ahdkjakflasljhflka). inb4 Auger rises from the ashes like a pheonix.

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