Black Wolves Saga Last Hope//Auger route

Since Auger and Mejojo have the same story I decided to do the three ends his route allows.

And I think I can adequately sum them all up like so…

'Judgement' end

‘Judgement’ end

Mejojo bad end

Mejojo bad end

Auger good end

Auger good end

Since most of the route is pretty much the same as Mejojo’s I don’t have much to say about it, though as expected, Auger’s events don’t really have much moe to them even when compared to Mejojo. And seeing as he’s my least favourite character I didn’t really gaf about him lol. >.>;;

spoilers weweeweweeooo (there’s a cg spoiler in Mejojo’s bad end so scroll very fast)

Judgment End

Like in Mejojo’s route, Fiona’s given the option of saving the cats or not. In this case, nope.jpg.

They finally filled in the gap in Mejojo’s good end where I was going WTF HOW DID EVERYONE SURVIVE? although, how they die didn’t make sense in Auger’s bad end still, since they were relying on Zara’s sensitive nose. ….yeah.

"This is my decision, the road that I chose."

“This is my decision, the road that I chose.”

"This was what I should do....The decision that I made."

“This was what I should do….The decision that I made.”

Things like this scene really get to me. I love it when Fiona does something she knows is wrong, or not the best idea lol BUT SHE STICKS WITH IT. <3<3 Fiona best heroine. And then, when Nesso tells her that they have no idea where the twins disappeared to, she’s all like ‘it’d be good if you can find them’. d(´▽`)b AHHAHAHAHA GOOD JOB.

This sorta end is like one of those, nothing really changes except the world is finally at peace. Also the fact that Rath is now srsly all alone. -> secret route pls Rejet, pls.

I really liked this end cuz of how Fiona acted and the lingering sadness that Rath’s side brought into the peace, YEAH EVEN DESPITE THE FACT THAT FIONA GETS WITH NO ONE. Fiona awesome (*ノωノ)チュキでし☆

Mejojo Bad End

Welp this end was worth it for watching Auger die again. Kuzu.

The characters finally do things which make sense in regards to Mejojo and (if he was still alive) Auger. He’s going around ordering people to get their face burnt like him, so his father sends him down to the dungeon 4 lyf. In the end, Fiona is able to visit him for a little bit. When the CG popped up, I knew it, this was one of those ends like Auger’s bad end; trying to make me feel bad for Mejojo. NO. I CANNOT. WILL NOT. Okay I felt pretty bad for Mejojo. And then of course he calls Fiona ‘Elvira’.

He was really nice to her surprisingly, a side that would’ve been more welcome if it wasn’t shown right at the end. Yeah I really like seeing nice Mejojo wwwww don’t hate.

"Don't cry... You're supposed to be my wife from now on, if you cry, I'll be troubled."

“Don’t cry… You’re supposed to be my wife from now on. If you cry, I’ll be troubled.”

COME ON, I SWOONED althoughIcanbeconsideredpartialtoMejojocough. And then well, Fiona goes all Augerstabbystabstab on him. YEP THIS WAS THE END I WAS HOPING FOR. AAA++++++++ GOOD END. LOL.

Auger Good End

After Mejojo bad end I don’t think I could deal with rewatching his death in Auger’s ends sooo skippyskip.




But man this was the third end in a row that the cats ‘broke’ lol. I was beginning to feel so omgwtfbbq, Y U ALL BREAK????



Right at the end when I was starting to admit I like that Auger.

A normal end with Auger? How about no.

A normal end with Auger? How about no.

In true fashion with his good end in BN, he’ a fucking troll. A TROLL. GO LIVE UNDER A BRIDGE YOU STUPID TROLL. His character makes me flip so many goddamn tables. щ(ಥДಥщ) I can no longer ignore the trolling in BN anymore, it’s true. omg (」゜ロ゜)」 im ded.

end spoilers lololololol orz

Of these 3 ends I’ve played, I liked 2 of them very much. They’re finally giving back the despair I was hoping for.

I’ve also realised that, compared to BN, there’s not that many events dedicated to the cats at all, only about 3 really short ones in their whole route and then their ends which were MOSTLY copypasta. The prologue is really long and it’s all dedicated to Rath but, it seems like the quality of this game is slipping compared to the BWS I knew and loved. I’ve still got high hopes for niichan and Elza, but unlike BN, the game specific chars (Elza, Richie and Pearl) don’t have a ‘true’ route anymore. For BN, those routes really made an impact on my enjoyment of the story so I’m hoping at least this time round, their changes to the format of the routes don’t affect my judgement.

Additionally, I know I should’ve said earlier but pretty much everything is copied straight from BWS BN like the BGM, character images and BG (save for a few new ones). I know I can’t expect to see too many new things but this really doesn’t impress (」゜ロ゜)」



  • This is the unmei I hoshii’d (ie. there’s a pretty nice load of sadness here ;3c)
  • Idk really, I hate Auger so I’m probably just a biased baby

Didn’t like

  • Copypasta
  • The cat’s routes were pretty short, or I was expecting too much

Gonna head down MOE Niichan territory next! (*°∀°)=3


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