Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Nesso Route

Rejet wat r u doin. Also lots of r00d language later on www.

I finished Nesso’s route this time and wow, WOw so different from his route in BN, in both good and bad ways I suppose haha.

At the start of the route/common path, Nesso was quite |・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  These were the times that I just died from gushing over him while playing the other chars’ routes. SO SURELY his actual route would be full of moe right? Well since we’re talking about a Rejet game, I probably shouldn’t have thought that wwww.

Although so far in terms of cuteness, I daresay that Nesso is probably the best (although I’ll see what the remaining chars have to say about that). I was quite happy with the route overall in terms of being part of an otome game and I do think that this route was probably the closest to what people should have expected for a romance game. However, it’s also important to remember Rejet feeds on the character’s suffering, the bad end was, welp truly bad, mortifying even if I had to think about it from Fiona’s view (of course that means I loved it); the good end had me wondering for a long ass time whether it was actually a good end, I swear. They pulled this shit on me in BN for Rath, but this time they actually delivered so…still good.

There was one scene where they pulled the bullshit classic ‘y he kiss?’ shoujo scene, like they did in BN and that got me into a bit of a fit. But other than that, Fiona was as usual, astounding (。>ω<。). She went above and beyond the shoujo heroine stereotype and was smart enough to deduce her own feelings. +infinity respect

A few scenes in this route reminded me so much of Arles’ route in BN and Julian’s…Namely the bad ends for them. And naturally that made me quite scared of what the twins would do to Nesso wwww bb (*≧д≦).

It’s spoiler time; 8’D screens ahead scroll fast if no want spoiler

Once I got to the ‘climax’ of Nesso’s route. GDI WHY DID THEY HAVE TO PULL THIS KINDA SHIT PLOT ON US. Nesso falls off his fucking horse and hits his head cuz fucking Auger and loses his memory. WTF. I was pretty angry they did something like this cuz wat the fuk.

And then whether you get the good or bad end was determined by wtf Fiona decides to do when talking to him….errr….

This fuking scene made me soo goddamn creeped out www fuking Auger;

pic_0001 (4) copy

Bad End

W h y is it a l w a y s AUGER  fuking AUGER??

Go die in a fire Auger. OH WAIT.

Go die in a fire Auger. OH WAIT.

This end was the one which reminded me really badly of that scene in BN where they kill Julian and go all ‘hey u lyk him so much? let’s put keep his corpse wit u, cuz u 2 tight.’ Except this time, THEY ACTUALLY FUKING DO IT.



Nesso's head was rollin' in da deep.

Nesso’s head was rollin’ in da deep.

This end was so cruel and gross that it literally made tears spring to my eyes. Fuking Auger.

Also that being said, I actually thought it was pretty good. LOL. I liked seeing Fiona break and well, I was honestly disappointed at how easily Nesso went down. Memory problems and all. The end was really short but I sorta wished there was more to it, like the other ones, have a bit of an epilogue? Although I’m not too sure whether that’d ruin the whole impact of Fiona breaking down.

Nesso’s extra voice said ‘I love you’ (well it said suki da so w/e you’d translate that to) for this end, so I’m not really sure wtf is going on in his head. So he was secretly already in love with Fiona even without memories or what? I think he may have said something about it in his good end but I forgot (already www) T_T

Good End

Well then… Rejet the troll strikes once again レ(゚∀゚;)ヘ=З=З=З

There were so many moments in this end that made me wonder if I got another end instead. I mean, Nesso asks Fiona to go back to being ‘just siblings’ after discovering her feelings. And after that welp, disappears for a really long time, before becoming king. I mean wat. King dies and Julian disappeared too without an explanation, I mean was this supposed to be a shitty means of ‘let’s chuck the amnesic hero becomes a king too’ plot in? I wasn’t too happy about how everything was so ‘convenient’.

I was really really surprised by the fact that they slipped in one of those ‘fade to dark’ scenes too for Fiona and Nesso. And mainly at Fiona’s forwardness XD…

I kinda expected Nesso to just gain back his memory suddenly (as things usually happen in plots like these), but that doesn’t really happen….and it ended up making me feel pretty pissed off. Right at the end, he does gain memories back, but there’s no knowing how much he got back. It kinda left me pretty unfulfilled, because the moe niichan I wanted to go after pretty much disappears in his own route gdi.

That’s not to say he didn’t have his own moe scenes….



The end was pretty long too, with most of it being rather depressing. I didn’t mind that though (゚∀゚ ).

End spoilers; ehauheauheuaheauaheuhaeah

I didn’t really notice before but BWS LH has rather FEW ends compared to the last game, and that’s pretty sad since I thought BN was really short but super enjoyable. This game sorta makes me feel cheated out of my money (o_ _)o….They could’ve shoved so many more ends in at least in part of Nesso’s good end and it’s that kinda heartrending painful ends that I really enjoy. But that’s just me.

I said this before but I’ll say it again, I came into this route for ・:*:・:萌(ノ)’ω`(ヾ)ぇ:・:*:・niisan but instead I got a punch to the face. They made up for it a bit but of all tropes to use, they had to go for this one, so YEAH NOT HAPPY.



  • despair :3c
  • moe
  • romance is actually present!
  • Fiona!


  • fuking trope
  • 私の萌え兄さんを奪った、何だそれ?!

Not sure whether I’ll go for Zara or whoever next, Arles will be last tho for sure.

I’ll let you out of the cage….never :3c byebye.


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