Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Zara Route

In the beginning, there was a huge cry of “who even cares about Zara?!”, and then the Rejet gods answered: “YOU DO.” And so the Yukina began to care about Zara.

Srsly his BN route was pretty balls, and doing it after Nesso was pretty much like a massive copypasta route, so I expected nothing from his route here. OH HOW I WAS WRONG. His route was so good it kept me playing all fucking night and now I’m sleep deprived LOL.

Legit me when playing this route.

Legit me when playing this route.

I was so goddamn skeptical of Zara that even my bias for Ishida couldn’t save him the first time I came across him. But in LH his character is so goddamn moe I spent most of the time rolling around screeching for more.

Before anyone comes into his route expecting rainbows and butterflies, let’s just say as usual, I liked his bad end the most w w w ww wwwww. This route was mainly about Fiona and Zodiva rather than the evil twins.

High tier disease right here!

High tier disease right here!

While I was going through his route I realised that it’s probably impossible to make a sequel off Rath’s good end in BN since the cats would never be able to redeem themselves….although not sure if that is even really needed since in that game they do some pretty cruel things too. But don’t let me stop you from hoping they make a new game www, after all Fiona still stayed with Mejojo/Auger after those incidents.

And before anything else I better disclose this, I have srs Ishida Akira bias although I think that would be balanced out by the sheer idgaf about Zara before I played this route.

Since I did this route after Nesso’s I imagined it would be copypasta like before, but I was pretty  (pleasantly) surprised when my skip function failed to skip ANYTHING wwww. Once you go into Zara’s actual route, most of it is new stuff and all about Zara’s 看病 of Fiona within the same storyline as Nesso’s route WITHOUT the rage inducing plot device. For most of Zara’s route he’s pretty normal, going all OJOUSAMA every 2 seconds. Since he’s like that in everyone’s routes, it was hard to suddenly believe he was in love with ojousama (does that count as a spoiler? cuz you know he’s gonna be in love with her at some pt……)

Spoilers yooooo (´◉◞౪◟◉) + CG spoilers YOoooo SCROLL VERY FAST

Since nothing that interesting really happens in the events leading up to Zara’s own route, I can’t really comment. I do say though, that Ishida’s half crying ojousama scolding is pretty moe |・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

ok i admit i didn't find this moe before, BUT IVE SEEN THE LIGHT NOW.

ok i admit i didn’t find this moe before, BUT IVE SEEN THE LIGHT NOW. 今はマジで惚れたけど…

In his route, he finally tells you about his past. I think it was touched on in BN (or more?) but I don’t remember cuz I was bored to tears back then. Welp I’m all ears now. We find out why he’s so dedicated to Fiona and her family, and its cause he was saved from slavery by Edgar in order to use his knowledge of medicine. I think we already knew that but meh. HOWEVERR….He does tell us of a story from his and Fiona’s past that was massively d’awwww.

Apparently when he was first taken into the Galland family, he thought Fiona was really stupid and constantly bullied her although she didn’t realise. One time, he hid her doll and she went to him in tears to look for it. When he asked who could’ve hid it, Fiona replies “no one hid it, it just got lost!” カワエェ・:*:・:(*’▽’*):・:*:・ポキューン Fiona my babu. Then Zara decided, since this child is so trusting, he had to protect her. By the way, the walking stick Zara carries was purely to hide a sword which Zara will only use to protect Fiona. AS IF THAT ISNT CUTE??? ////ded

Anyway for this whole section, it’s all about Fiona contracting zodiva and well, struggling to survive. Zara is on the other hand wracking his cute bunny butt to research a cure for it.

Bad End (otherwise known as BEST END EVER???)

I went down the bad end first (btw I’ll do this for every route I play in LH at least). In this end basically they were all too late to save Fiona, even if they have the cure on hand. I found this rather bittersweet, and was expecting Zara to go I’ll die nao 2 bye. But oh, this end, above and beyond to make me flail in excitement (sorry). Ishida Akira’s voice acting in this end made me tear up pretty badly too ///bias speaking.

After Fiona’s death, everyone leaves Weblin except for Zara, who is now developing super bugs to kill everyone in the world. And then he’s on the road to becoming the next Sachiko.

Oh come on I swooned.

Oh come on I swooned.pic_0002 (7) copy萌ぇ萌ぇ・・(*’д`*)ハァハァ・・…..I’m sorry my definition of moe might be a bit weird. 

I got Clock Zero reminders from this too, although I found it way too tldr…. Back to Zara! 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工

Broken Zara + endless dedication to Fiona + Ishida Akira was a crazy cocktail which made me desperate for more. The despair in this end was tasty and seasoned on rather lightly, with full effect. I really, really loved it. It was believable and didn’t really break any of my twisted logic. It took out Mejojo’s bad end as my favourite scene wwww.

Good End

After playing good end, I know nothing in the good end could really make me flail more but I still enjoyed it. It’s pretty obvious how ends go from now anyway, if the bad end is death, good end is survival.

There was quite a bit of moe Zara here too ( ^ω^)ペロペロ

It wouldn’t be like me to not praise Fiona so, basically at the climax, she loses her voice and is unable to speak. In this end she gains it back (cuz she’s cured) but she doesn’t know so she quickly says everything she couldn’t in case she loses her voice again. Omg, if this were some horrible shoujo, she’s be going ‘wat happen’ the whole time before losing her voice again (I’m looking at you Orion in Amnesia anime ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ彡). Fiona, even if you’re helpless you still have a brain ;w; I love you for that.

Well all that really happens is Fiona recovers and eventually everyone finds out Zara and her have a thing going on. Nesso in particular could not hide his raging siscon wwww. Nesso was a bit of a cutie in this end too but too bad his route was a flaming ball of train wreck.

I'm curious what he'll do to Elza now.

I’m curious what he’ll do to Elza now.

Like in Nesso route, the crazy cat twins were mauled by wolves and there was uproar about what’ll happen to the kingdom. I think Julian still probably becomes king or something Idk cuz Nesso doesn’t.

Zara ends up becoming a researcher of Zodiva and makes Fiona more healthy (thus extending her life or w/e I guess). There’s talk of Aruru and Rath but it’s pretty minor so I’m guessing even Rejet didn’t expect ppl to go for Zara first lololol.

In the end, he says he wants to monopolize all of Fiona’s time and spend the day with her. Yeah. Oh come on I wanted some peropero or something mildly exciting. Like in Nesso’s good end. But yeah, THE END. That was a bit of a let down, but since Zara is a cutie I’ll forgive him.

End spoilerssssssss 8D

I loved Zara’s bad end purely for the 切ない愛 and his general moe-ness. I spent like half an hour skipping the common route before breaking off into Zara’s route, but there was surprisingly quite a bit of new material so that was awesome. His good end is just pure happy end fluff which is pretty new, there wasn’t really any suffering overall (except for Fiona). I’m not sure whatelse I can say, except for repeating how much I loved his bad end LOL ///orz

I’m still pretty sleep deprived so forgive me if I sense no make.



  • Zara is moe in his own route
  • There’s actually a different story!
  • omg the bad end yes pls


  • I wish they had the chapter skip function like they did for BN, spent way too long skipping the common route

I really liked his routes overall, so nothing much to say 8’D…

Finally, what I really hoped for;

I was looking forward to it too!

I was looking forward to it too!


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