Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Elza Route

First of all I’d like to express how utterly disappointed I was with Elza’s route. My whole reaction to it can be summarised by the word, dafuq.



The whole route seemed so massively forced and so far it’s the only one which had me goin the entire time ‘FIONA WUT U DOIN?????’, srsly I CRINGED at the climax too. Not in rejet-suffering-fashion, but in the pure wdfuq.

Don’t get me wrong, Elza’s a pretty kick ass character and hilarious to boot. Just, his route is so massively dafuq saying it 289372193 times doesn’t even cut it for me. Most of the choices made sense for the other chars which Fiona has known for a while, but when she’s asking a dude SHE BARELY KNOWS, that gets awkward real quick. I understand there really wasn’t any other way to force him into the story but gdi, Y REJET Y?? Most of the route was pretty much….story?? What story???

Although that’s probably debatable to ppl who hate dem yanderes.

Yep, you herd me rite, yandere. They slipped it in BN right at the end (spoiler) but this time they took it to a whole new level (or old, if you consider other games like Gekka and Amnesia www). I overlook the whole ‘this is an abusive relationship’ part and focus on the ‘oh whisper more sweet insanities into mah ear moenii’ so that’s probably just my bias.

Plot anger aside, Elza’s whole personality seems a bit displaced in the whole scenario too. He’s a massive joker/悪戯好き/moenii tsukkomi so it pretty much detracted from any seriousness in the story. I admit I did enjoy the humour in the route too. However, once it came down to moenii’s raging siscon, even his tsukkomi couldn’t save him.

Spoilers and whole buncha other shiz lololol rememba to scroll fast

In Elza’s route, basically moenii doesn’t lose his memory, Zara saves Fiona in time and she decides to defy all fuking advice to run around outside despite just recovering from the verge of death. Not to forget the fact that she knows the wolves are after her, as are the batshit cat twins or that she already promised Elza to think about her actions more. EVERYTHING about this route that she did was pretty annoying. HOW CAN YOUR BRAIN BECOME NOTHING IN THIS ROUTE FIONA щ(ಥДಥщ)

Most of the route has Fiona just running around against everyone’s wishes, and forcing Elza to cover for her. All the while falling in love with him. DAFUQ.

Be careful what you wish for moenii.

Be careful what you wish for moenii.

Bad End

I almost called it….almost….

Practice match he says. I wont try to cut you down he says. I'm not angry at you at all he says.

Practice match he says. I wont try to cut you down he says. I’m not angry at you at all he says.

In this end, moenii basically ends up suspicious of Elza and Fiona’s association and he presumably stalks them on one of their rendezvous. That causes his raging siscon to explode and pulls everyone into the aftermath. Nesso confronts Fiona and asks her whether she likes Elza and she lies, saying she doesn’t. Moenii won’t take dat shit so he yells at her to stop lying, then proceeds to go insane after confessing that he’s never seen her as a sister.

I wonder that too.

I wonder that too.

In a non-creepy way. Or creepy, depending on how you wanna see moenii.

In a non-creepy way. Or creepy, depending on how you wanna see moenii.

....Well then...I didn't realise they were already in /that/ kind of a relationship....

….Well then…I didn’t realise they were already in that kind of a relationship….

Btw I doki’d so hard at this part, more than HIS ACTUAL FKING ROUTE…and won’t be the first time I doki’d at yandere!moeniisan’s in some-other-person’s-route. Herp. Everyone must doki at moeniisan’s passionate insane confession.

Moenii then manhandles Fiona and while I was massively 期待していた it turns out he was just trying to take her away. Moenii says that he’s only got Fiona now so please stay by his side, and she agrees, seeing how his love for her made him and they both run away from Weblin and live together…

Fast forward some time and Fiona and Nesso are now married. Nesso’s going out and tells Fiona to be a good girl and wait for him…..and proceeds to lock the house door from the outside. Well….it’s better than a cage/jail cell…..right? At this point Fiona realises he forgot his knife and I was expecting her to kill herself or something but nope. They wasted a whole cg on some pointless scene. Nesso never really does recover from his insecurity of Fiona leaving him behind for Elza.

I rly like yandere!moenii, but most of all I think I just like moenii. Seeing as how I couldn’t quite stomach the artificiality of Fiona falling for Elza I do believe this end was pretty good, in a sad way www. It would’ve been better if moenii’s own route wasn’t balls because he’s such a good char that deserves all the Fiona’s in the world. Compared to the good end, I really preferred this end.

Good End

Same as the bad end, cept this time Fiona doesn’t lie about her feelings. Moenii still goes batshit but Elza steps in during his manhandling and tells moenii to gtfo. Fiona also kindly notes to the player that Elza was always so calm and that she never saw him so angry before (welp come on, how long have you known this guy?). I know it was meant to be sweet or smth but I rly couldn’t care less, and that feeling was further strengthened AFTER I finished the end too www.

After moenii gtfo’s Fiona and him don’t rly talk…Until the other batshit twins come to disrupt the circle of life. This time round, moenii orders Elza to take Fiona away while he buys time for everyone to escape. He promises to meet up with them after but……… flow of things go in BWS LH you know those promises mean nothing.

SOBSSSS don't be so nice to me moenii 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

SOBSSSS don’t be so nice to me moenii 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

Shortly after Elza and Fiona leave the fortress it explodes in flames , the flames of moenii’s raging siscon. And moenii was never seen again. ゥゎ━。゚(゚´Д`*゚)゚。━ン!!!萌え兄帰ってくれぇ!

Fiona and Elza finally touch down in some hole of a village where they are supposed to meet Zara and the rest of the gang and they find out the batshit twins are no more. That night Fiona is feeling particularly vulnerable and decides to go to Elza’s room for comfort. He basically tells her to gtfo cuz he’s a man and he’s only carrying out moenii’s final order, shit like dat, man wtf aren’t you supposed to be her lover now? Then he realises he’s a massive douchebag and apologises, kissing her cheek. Yeh w/e man.

Soon later they meet up with Zara and stuff blahblahblah, Fiona is back in the tower at Scharlmessen but allowed to leave it now. She and Elza go to Nesso’s grave (well….memorial…more like since I doubt they found a body) where Elza proposes to Fiona after saying shit like he’s trying to respect moenii’s wishes and that he’ll love her even more to make up for now deceased moenii’s love. Yeah the fucking end. He kisses her once on the cheek, and that was all the action in this route. And most of it he’s just complaining about how moenii will kill him if he finds out about Fiona being all over him.

Just because he says he’s really bad at this romance stuff doesn’t make it alright to have a halfassed route. GDI.

Summary of  Elza's route

Summary of Elza’s route

End spoilers whateven gdi stahp pls stahp it I can’t take it

I wanna love you Elza I do and I might love you as a char, but as a pairing with Fiona gtfo until you decide where your loyalties lie gdi.

I probably tldr’d on the spoilers but srsly otherwise everyone will just read wtf like 100000x in repetition.



  • The humour was pretty good
  • yandere heaven


  • the halfassed romance
  • Fiona defying her cool self in all the other routes to becoming someone who acts purely on selfishness

If not for moenii, I really want to say I disliked the entire route, luckily the bad end was rather (●´□`)♡ imo.

And finally, it appears I only have Arurururu, Pearl and Richie, and true end left, wooo! Almost there.


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