Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Pearl and Richie Route

Since Pearl and Richie’s routes aren’t really considered distinct I’ll write about their routes together in this post.

While they do have 4 different endings in total (good and bad for each), both routes have only very little difference, with most of it being copy pasta from the other. That was a little disappointing, but the overall feeling for their routes was pretty meh in terms of the otome game perspective. Their routes are more like a little adventure in which Fiona hardly plays any part of and when she does, she’s mostly worrying over them as a guardian rather than anything else. But this is understandable cuz you know, Pearl and Richie are 12.

In their route, they just act as they normally do, fawning over their ojousama. Nothing less, nothing more. There’s a bit of history revealed to show why even they’re indebted to Fiona/want to save her so badly, just like Zara’s route. Mostly they’re just busy being kids and |・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑. The other half of the route I just spent all my time sympathizing with the kids because of how useless they felt but I’m pretty sure that’s probably the point of those scenes…….

This route also made me realise that I was particularly weak toward the seiyuu acting out the crying scenes 萌工エエェェ(p゚∀゚q)ェェエエ工…..maybe that’s why I liked the despair ends so much wwww.

idk what to write so i’m just gonna head straight down to spoilers, so like, you know skip if you dont wanna see it

There were a lot of things that happened in the other routes which I would’ve expected to happen in this route too. Moenii’s reactions for one, he was angry but okay with Fiona choosing Zara, completely batshit when she chose Elza, so what reaction did he have with the twin Funto? Absolutely no reaction. Wtf?? o_O

Neso you're letting them sleep together now, but you'll regret it! You'll regret it in 3 more years!!!!

Neso you’re letting them sleep together now, but you’ll regret it! You’ll regret it in 3 more years!!!!

I was particularly moved by Pearl and Richie’s dedication to Fiona when they decided to take Arururu head on when he was abducting Fiona. Especially also after they were upset about being unable to save Fiona from Rath the first time. I was expecting to see Pearl and Richie turn super saiyan or something but in the end Nesso, Elza and Zara come to the rescue so wwwww poor kids never get their moment.

Their route diverges at the first battle, so the climax is their infiltration of the castle to steal the Zodiva research. I was….hoping it’d be like Elza’s route honestly, that way they’d get more raburabu time with Fiona but alas Rejet is ashamed about it’s pedo route. Pearl and Richie have to come up with their own plans to infiltrate the castle and goddamn, at this point I felt like Richie was smarter than ME. Holy shit wtf I’m dumber than a 12 yr old Funto orz.

Pearl made me feel better tho, www you cutie.

Pearl made me feel better tho, www you cutie.

The climax of the route ie. the whole infiltration part, was really suspenseful and they developed their personalities a bit. Although he’s the little brother, Richie was very calm and smart. Pearl on the other hand, is a bit on the slow side but he’s optimistic. Contrary to my usual preferences, I liked Pearl a lot more than Richie but that’s just my bias. With that in mind, I did Richie’s route first to savour Pearl’s after.

Richie Bad End

After they successfully leave the castle, they are about to head back to the fortress to deliver the goods, but the CCK have somehow followed them. At this point, knowing the time limit Pearl decides to buy Richie time by taking them on by himself while Richie takes all the research back.

(I’m really not sure if this is Pearl bad end instead tho since they aren’t labelled or anything wtf….)

Here on we get to see Pearl display his gallant guard dog skills as he basically bites all the CCK to death while being skewered by them. I never thought I’d actually see them kill so that was pretty surprising, esp since he’s a child, I thought Rejet would spare them some pain www guess not. Pearl single handedly takes down every CCK until Leonidas decides he ain’t taking dat shit and deals a heavy wound to Pearl before falling. He apologises to Fiona and asks whether she’ll praise him. Skip some time and Richie got back in time to save Fiona, who’s now recovering. One day she dreams that she heard Pearl telling her that he’s back….and then wakes up. Turns out Richie felt the same thing and they go out searching for Pearl who they find collapsed in the forest right outside the fortress. But they were only just too late, because he no longer has a pulse even though his body is still warm.

Man that was some massively cruel fate (゜ロ゜) since I didn’t expect this, it actually caused me to bawl a little. PEARL BB ;_; sobs. In some way, this is actually worse than having him die in Fiona’s arms, since he never got the closure of her recovery.

Richie Good End

Same thing happens, except this time Richie is the one who buys time for Pearl to get back.

Just a cg of Richie playing with Leonidas, not like he's going to bite him to death or anything. Look! Leonidas fell over hahaha, Richie help him back up. What this is the CG of their final show down??? 工工エエエエェェェェェヽ(゚Д゚;)ノ゙ェェェェエエエエ工工

Just a cg of Richie playing with Leonidas, not like he’s going to bite him to death or anything. Look! Leonidas fell over hahaha, Richie help him back up. What? This is the CG of their final show down??? 工工エエエエェェェェェヽ(゚Д゚;)ノ゙ェェェェエエエエ工工

All the events that follow in all of the family routes unfold (batshit cat twins die, country in turmoil etc) and Fiona decides to stay at the fortress where Zara is researching zodiva to wait for Richie’s return.

One day while she’s out gathering herbs with Zara they come across a wild dog, who suspiciously looks like Richie! Oh my goodness it IS Richie!!111 ‘Cept he completely reverted back to wild behaviour so would not respond to Fiona nor Zara and tried to attack them. Fiona goes down memory lane and gathers sweets just like the first time she met them to cool his behaviour and Richie collapses. When he wakes up he has no idea what happened and says the last thing he remembers was that wolves took down Leonidas and the rest is a blur. But now he’s back together with his ojousama so nothing matters anymore ( ゚Д゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.

Time skip, Fiona decides to go back to Scharlmessen and Richie asks her to go on a picnic with him. Fiona’s all ignorant of his intentions and is all like “good idea, let’s invite everyone else”, so Richie goes all “NO WOMAN I’m ASKING YOU OUT ON A DATE.” At this point Fiona’s like wat u sayin, so Richie elaborates and asks Fiona whether she like likes him.

At this point the look on her face says that even Fiona feels like a pedophile.

At this point the look on her face says that even Fiona feels like a pedophile.

Trapped in a corner she can only say yeah. So Richie the kissing demon comes and snatches a kiss from her, laying claim to her and telling her to wait for him to grow up so they can marry.

I felt rather conflicted at this end, because you know, 12 year old. I’m not a pedo at heart so I can’t exactly tell you I loved this or w/e but it was okay????? wwww They did all they could for this end to work, so I guess it’s fine, not particularly awesome tho, but that has more to do with the fact that he’s 12.

Pearl Bad End

This was literally a copy pasta of the other bad end, except this time it was Richie who dies. No joke. Although I expected it…….can’t say it didn’t make me bawl again ┐(´ー)┌フッ

Pearl Good End

Since Pearl was my bias in this route, I was pretty happy at how his good end turned out. It was the same as Richie’s good end, except for the confession scene.

In this case, Richie ends up begging moenii to let him work under him, so that he could grow up into a stronger man and one who would be suitable for Fiona. He actually dared to say that in front of Nesso’s face. I was expecting him to use his SISCON PUUUNCH c=(∇ ̄ ̄ ̄メ) but he only listened earnestly. Strange. But I suppose…Pearl did save Fiona’s life…. He accepts and later on Richie goes too, leaving Fiona alone.

So after 3 years of basically no contact with Fiona, they both come back to propose. U HERD ME RITE, BOTH OF THEM PROPOSE. There was more focus on Pearl, but still. After 3 years Pearl and Richie (15) loook…..exactly the same and sound…….exactly the same. I mean I swear dudes reach puberty earlier e_e or I’m too old to remember that part of my life. Whatever. So all grown up, I guess it’s implied that Fiona (19) accepts this proposal from Pearl.

Since both Funto confess to Fiona (or rather propose to her), I felt like this was more of a harem end than Pearl’s good end www. But I did find it pretty nice to have a time skip into the future, especially for my bias :3c. Richie’s good end was nothing compared to this development honestly, so I’m glad it was done for Pearl. I would’ve still hoped that since the ends were so copy pasta that they’d have done a similar one for Richie, but nope. Richie’s end has the skinship stuff down better though, seeing as Pearl had the self control to not steal kisses and stuff uhuhuhuhu.

okay no more spoilers now i guess i didnt have much to say without revealing the story huh? ==”

Overall I think Pearl’s end was a good wrap up for the family route, since it was nice and fluffy, but not sappy. For anyone who hasn’t played this route though I recommend you play Richie’s first, because Pearl’s is much more fleshed out.

I wasn’t too thrilled about the fact that all the fate determining choices (good or bad end) were ones which Fiona could not contribute to, so to extrapolate to a real life setting (bear with me) it’d have pretty much been up to chance? That goes against my perspectives of ‘choose your own adventure’ style of stories. That being said, the whole route except the end, felt more like I was reading an adventure novel or something than playing an otome game so that feeling of a predetermined fate was natural.

Their routes were pretty short altogether, considering it was mostly copypasta, so even the game deems their ends as one route cuz I couldn’t unlock all their special voices till I finished Pearl’s ends too.

So tldr;


  • well it was pretty cute and the brothers are ・:*:・:ウーン(ノ)’ω`(ヾ)萌ぇ:・:*:・ so can’t complain about that
  • it was a nice way to wrap up the family routes, I really felt a sense of completion, even if I wasn’t particularly thrilled about being a pedo

didn’t like

  • dat copypasta

Welp one char left then I’m done with BWS LH uhuuhuhuu, time to choose what to knock off next….


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