Black Wolves Saga Last Hope // Arles Route, True End and Final Thoughts

After I forgot how long I finally finished the remaining ends in BWS LH, Arurururu’s good and bad ends, and the wolves true end.

While I have no particular interest in Arurururu since he’s the oldest dude in the game (30) and I ain’t into lolicon (Fiona is 16 rememba), I always did his routes last in my play throughs of all the BWS games. In BN I found him incredibly boring and I can’t even remember anything else I found remotely interesting in his route. This time in LH, I had some hope that, you know…maybe he’d be more interesting. Honestly I didn’t really expect much from Arurururu but more from the true end, cuz come on, the true ends in BN were fantastic (particularly Julian’s www). I can’t help but feel my expectations were rather betrayed.

Admittedly I lost interest by the last scene of Arururu’s good end, so I lost myself at some of the explanation, but uh…doesn’t explain much for the true end.

Arururu’s bad end was pretty weird, but it was still decent considering the events which all passed. It was pretty similar to Auger’s bad end and I found is sorta funny (sorry). I didn’t listen to Arururu’s special voice so I’m not too sure what he has to say about it. His good end involved explaining his past but… was copy pasta from BN right down to the CG………I guess that’s fair but still sorta irks me. And seeing as how Elvira was the catalyst for everything, goddamn I found her fairly irritating, but that’s just my personal feelings. The true end on the other hand was like ‘hey, we still have space on the UMD, let’s throw together a half assed afterstory!’. It was really short and the way it was written/presented was REALLY REALLY HALF ASSED. щ(ಥДಥщ) These ends really put me in a bad mood.

Some spoilers here but idk how much more I can tolerate wasting my time on Aruru gdi

Without doubt the best part of Arururu’s route was Rath and Guillan (mainly the latter cuz his events are common to the wolves’ routes).

Impending doom.

Impending doom.

And the awards for the best reactions ever go to.......

And the awards for the best reactions ever go to…….

He argues with Arururu who comes to save Fiona after he ‘attacked’ her and it goes along the lines of:

Guillan: For someone like that newcomer to lose his head, it must mean that this chick is delicious!

Arururu: He has zodiva!

Guillan: THEN I DO TOO.

_| ̄|●ポッ。oO(ヵヮィィ)

Being no psychologist, I can’t tell how much of Fiona’s feelings can be accounted for by stockholme syndrome, but I did find it strange how Fiona got jealous over Elvira (at the time she didn’t know who it was) so quickly. Well I just found it really sudden how she fell for Arururu so fast is all, if that flows well with you then by all means enjoy him www.

Hey man, don't mention your dead fiancee in a nice scene gdi.

Hey man, don’t mention your dead fiancee in a nice scene gdi.

Let’s just say, after Fiona fell ill and Arururu came to visit and dropped his bomb on Fiona’s heart, I pretty much lost all motivation for his route.

As per Rath’s route, moenii dies after doing pretty much nothing by the hands of batshit crazy cat twins.

Arles Bad End

You get his bad end by chasing after Rath once he finds out the planes Arurururu had for the wolves and pretty much you get to feel each other up www. If it were me I’d have jumped him right there buuttt ( ̄ー ̄; ヒヤリ…….

Then in the final battle, Mejojo pretty much declares his victory without fighting and calls for Fiona to return to his side, wifey. Then omg best comeback ever;

Ur waifu? No MY waifu.

Ur waifu? No MY waifu.

Mejojo continues to go cray over the fact yet another ‘Elvira’ chose Arururu over him and they have a showdown. Right before the end, everything goes quiet and Fiona steps out to say something pretty obvious (but also fairly stupid by this point), she asks them to stop fighting and try to get along and asks Mejojo to apologise. Of course she doesn’t know how deep the hatred in both of them run, not to mention the fact that Mejojo has mother issues. And this is echoed by Elvira’s voice in their perspectives, so they are similar afterall!

Mejojo obviously only saw Fiona as a replacement, but Arururu calls out Fiona’s name instead, so this somehow shows that he’s always seen her for herself all along although I don’t buy it but whatever. Then both Arururu and Mejojo proceed to skewer each other, then apparently everyone else dies except for Fiona and Auger, who now becomes king.

Fiona is locked up as a witch in Sharlmessen again like his bad end and there’s a legend of a black charred monster who goes around at night killing people. Turns out it’s a now craycray/half dead Arururu. Fiona is obviously broken by this point, talking to her family who she knows are dead and won’t reply (this was a nice touch btw, I really liked it). Craycray Arururururu turns up at Fiona’s witchy doorstep and Fiona is all excited, asking him if he’s here to take her away and she knows what’s coming. Arurururu doesnt reply and continues to chew on her and slowly dying, Fiona tells him to be good and not to leave behind any of his ‘snack’…and well she gets eaten up.



.This was….quite unexpected, and I don’t get why it happened. It would’ve been cool if it linked to something that happens earlier but it doesnt so I was pretty wtf’d out. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this though, I thought it was cool wwwwww.

Good End

For the good end, when Rath runs away Fiona doesn’t chase him and continues talking to Arurururu. He explains his past with Elvira to her and cue massive copypasta from BN. Halfway through it I was like, hey this sounds familiar, //compares CG, o wat.

I said earlier I was irritated by Elvira and it was cuz of the flashback. The way she suddenly came onto Arururu (it wasn’t meant to be sudden, but the way they wrote it made it pretty damn sudden) despite being Mejojo’s fiancee was incredibly short sighted and stupid imo. Since she grew up with Mejojo, she has some idea of how his personality is and it’s explained by Arururu later that ‘Mejojo had more pride than she could ever imagine’. Still though, she comes onto Arururu so relentlessly I found it hard to even try to sympathize. Arururururu too, accepted her way too easily but at least mentioned the problems. (#´_●`)b

This time at the final showdown Rath and Guillan are leading Fiona away from the fire to save her. Fiona and Rath start crying about abandoning Arururu to his death and then Guillan starts crying, and then I couldn’t take it seriously anymore.

If I knew how to record it, it'd have been more ridiculous. ww bb (●´艸`)ヾ

If I knew how to record it, it’d have been more ridiculous. ww bb (●´艸`)ヾ

They all end up going back to the battlefield and find Arurururu who’s heavily injured but still alive cuz wolf meat shield by his underlings. That’s pretty sad for Arururu since he was planning to kill himself that way, but instead the others protected him ;w;…

Skip some years or was it months? I forgot, but Arururururu is being cared for by Fiona, and they’re both living in a Wolf village after the truth comes out. So the time before this nothing has actually happened but, Fiona confesses how she felt upset that no one saw her for herself, but only as a replacement for Elvira and was nice to her for that reason. Arururu is surprised and, forgive me if I’m wrong cuz I was bored to tears, he says something along the lines of, it was because she was so similar to Elvira he was trying to push her away, not be nice to her. But since he acted the opposite way to his plan, it means that he fell for Fiona. Sounds about right, but I’m not buying something so bullshit rofl. Sorry to rain on Arurururu fan’s parade tho.

Wolf True End

This end comes up when Fiona chooses that she wants to be with both Rath and Arururu, live with them, not screw them both lmfao.

Then they literally skip/gloss over the battle and how Mejojo and Auger died and how Zara created a cure for Zodiva and is now helping Julian rebuild the country. This was explained in like 5 lines, no kidding.

Then they skip 20 years. Twenty. Fucking. Years. What. The. Fuck. Were. They. Thinking.

Fiona (36), Guillan (38), Rath (37) and Arururu (50) are now sitting in Wolf village telling stories of the bloody history of the wolves to wolf children. And they all look very similar to their 20-years-ago-selves. Come on, Arurururu is literally an ossan of ossans now, but he still looks like his 30 yr old self who looks like his 20 yr old self. =A=”….

AND THATS LITERALLY ALL THAT HAPPENS. Fiona’s like ‘it’s peaceful now’ and cue Arurururu’s famous quote about the dark history of the wolves ending as the Black Wolves Saga. This was cool, how they wrapped it all up, BUT THE END ITSELF COME ON. WHAT IN THE WORLD???????? PLs Y U HAD TO DO DIS. /(。□。ハ

End spoilers and end horrible ends and time to wash my hands of this stupid ending and my mind of it

If you still can’t tell, I’m really REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE TRUE END. I’d have probably been more disappointed with Arurururu’s good end, but everything else becomes white noise when compared to the true end. I just. I can’t.

If I continue I might end up hating the whole series cuz of one stupid stupid ending. I can actually tolerate all the other stupid endings, but this was, just unbearably bad/half assed.

the tldr on these three ends:


  • bad end; i love it when things catch me off guard ww
  • Rath and Guillan were cuties, ocassionally Arururu, esp his comeback to Mejojo

Didn’t like:

  • copy pasta
  • dat true end, dafuq

Anyways; Final thoughts on the game

I started with horribly high expectations of the game and ended up horribly disappointed. The overall plot of BWS is really good imo so it’s always worth playing just for the political intrigue. As for the otome aspect of it, it’s really second to the actual plot and I see it more of an omake sorta thing so if you’re really after romance, go elsewhere.

For ppl with heroine problems, Fiona is preh cool so I really liked her. The char designs are nice too (Guillan is allergic to real clothes too). Umm…what else…As most people should know by now (with some idea of the game) the plot is really dark compared to other games, and that’s one of its appeals too. Music is fantastic. Seiyuu are fantastic.

My favourite routes from highest to lowest based purely on plot:

  1. Zara
  2. Rath
  3. Pearl and Richie
  4. Mejojo
  5. Nesso
  6. Auger
  7. Arles
  8. Elza

It was hard to rank them since I do think they’re all very close. Elza’s down there cuz….stupid route. I love Nesso, but he’s low cuz that fucking plot device they used pissed me off. I hate Auger but his story was decent compared to the rest below it. In general I don’t have much to complain about with Zara and Rath (even if I did complain before, playing the rest of the game really opened my eyes to other atrocities). Pearl and Richie cuz their route was cute are really high up. Mejojo’s plot was decent too, and his bad end was particularly good.

I dunno what else to say www. Well time to pick up another game I guess, bye bye BWS LH (and good riddance to that true end).


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