First Impressions of Eikoku Tantei Mysteria // Watson Jr. Route

Let’s see…because my TL was full of Eikoku Tantei Mysteria tweets I conceded and picked it up too. Admittedly my interest in the game lies solely in Jack the fuking ripper (omg ;_;) IMAGINE THE PAIN WHEN I REALISED HE CAN ONLY BE UNLOCKED ON SECOND PLAY THROUGH!! Also, lol Eikoku Tantei Mysteria translates to Great Britain Detective Mysteria, whatever that means. ( ≖ヮ≖)

I’ll introduce the game then since a (quick google search) turned up no reviews. The intro on the actual website seems pretty useless into the actual plot so… In 19th century London, Emily Whitely an Earl’s daughter, is about to have her debut into society as a woman since she turned 16, and she will do so at the Queen’s party at Buckingham Palace. At the party she bumps into Watson Jr. and Holmes Jr. who appear to be in the middle of a case, and being nosy as she is, she eavesdrops on their discussion with Scotland Yard. She’s quickly discovered and brought to question, but Queen Victoria summons them and promptly tells Emily that her mother was her friend and savior. Seeing the resemblance between Emily and her late mother, Victoria gives Emily a ring, which signifies her as the Queen’s detective and enrols her into a esteemed detective school, Harlington (Idk how they’re gonna spell it so this is my own spelling). At this school Emily will learn to become a detective worthy of the Queen’s recognition and build bonds with others while setting in motion darker things at play in the shadows of the East End. That’s the general gist of the story.

Amongst the rest of the historical otome games out right now, English history is a welcome change to all the 和風 games that are coming out and making our heads hurt when we play them from the sheer amount of uncommon kanji. Ye, im one of those ppl who are like, JAP HISTORY? COOOL -throws to the end of backlog-. Anyways, I heard the whole reason Hakuouki was so popular in Japan was cuz its srsly well written in accordance to real  history (although shoving in the fantasy elements I don’t see how that even makes sense) I RLY RLY RLY cannot say this applies to Mysteria ww. Having studied at least a little 19th century England history in high school, I can tell ye the history depicted in Mysteria, while has no bullshit fantasy like other history games, is almost completely wrong lmao. But I don’t care about historical correctness so it matters little to me.

As usual for Karin, the char designs are overall cute, except for Jack. He looks sorta like the hunchback of notre dame in some poses adhasda HAHAHA. But still he’s the main reason I’m gonna tank this game. And I srsly mean TANK. THIS. GAME.

The guide I was using to play, far out, even states ‘the common route is really long, so let’s do our best!’………….So goddamn, must. not. break. psp. ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)

I’m not kidding when I say the common route is goddamn long either. It took me about a week on and off because I was so bored by it that I kept playing and stopping. I tanked the last 6 chapters yesterday, taking about an estimated 6 hours. And that was only a little over HALF the  common route. I’m playing Jack’s route now so thank goodness for their skip system which lets you skip to the next choice rather than just dialogue. There are ppl who’ll say the common route was fun or something but I rly found it goddamn tedious that i dont even. There’s pretty much a chapter to introduce each char (and ironically Jack’s chapter was the fucking shortest) and each chapter is set out like: Emily reads the newspaper and sees a case which is somehow related to the case she then has to solve later, which she does…Yeah.

I didn’t take many (or rather any) screens during my Watson playthrough because I set it on auto while multitasking and since the system doesn’t have a ‘return to scene’ function lol good scene gone. It also has no screen shot function, but that doesn’t matter to me (though it might to others).

Going through my notes for my first play through….Holmes is a massive douche bag. So that makes it doubly funny when he gets shot down by the other chars.

└(^o^└ )┘The weirdest part was that it was actually right on the mark.

└(^o^└ )┘The weirdest part was that it was actually right on the mark.

Um…Okay William Hamish Watson!…He’s the son of Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ helper. He’s the typical genki, honest kind of char who’s too gentle for his own good. Although he’s the son of a famous doctor, he was apparently no good at it at all, and because of ‘circumstances’ he opted to become a detective. He also suffers from massive inferiority complex as one will see in his route………… For a char with such a romantic background, he honestly had a really irritating route.

I’m gonna throw spoilers in for Watson’s route here now I warned you.

When they finally split into Watson’s route, they throw in the osananajimi plot in which caught me pretty off guard because it came from no where. Wtf. Apparently Watson met Emily when they were young and her being overly pent up with sadness but not showing it made Watson wanna protect her. Upon hearing that Emily had a case that she, herself needs to solve, he wagered that his best chances of finding her again would lie in trying to become a detective himself, which he does find her again of course but she’s completely forgotten about him lmao.

Once we get over the light hearted common route……Emily stumbles upon Jack the Ripper, well, ripping out some dude’s throat. When he comes to dispose of Emily, Watson saves her but being just a kid himself he couldn’t do much but they escape. Watson and Emily are both freaked out as fuck, and Emily’s butler comes in at this point to tell off Watson for not being a gentleman lmao. Goooo Pendleton. Jack and Watson fight like a billion times and Watson never finds out Jack’s identity srsly wat. After this, Emily and Watson both realise Jack the Ripper might come after then again so they do the smart thing and continue wandering around alone even though they know they shouldn’t.

Emily starts dreaming/flashbacking about her past and how it was so similar to Watson’s story of why he wanted to become a detective, but at this point before Emily can even speak to Watson, he’s for some reason avoiding the fuck out of her. Turns out he feels that he’s too weak to protect Emily so he……avoids her instead. Emily gathers her balls speak to Watson and heads to his place, BUT NOPE he ain’t there. She spends the evening with Miss Hardson and heads out, only to be dragged into an alley by Jack the Ripper. By this point I was begging Karin to gimme some Jack fan service, but alas. Watson discovers her in time before her throat is slit and saves her just barely….But Watson pissed me off so much by this point I felt it would be better if he just found her corpse and regretted being a douche his whole life.

Sad End (because Karin has no need for a bad end lmao)

In this end, basically Watson is still training himself to be worthy of protecting Emily so he basically tells her ‘UNTIL THEN…………………….’ and they don’t get together.

I felt nothing for the idiot at this point so I was pretty meh about it.

Good End

Instead of choosing the choices which make Watson feel jealous, you choose the ones which make him happy.  This time, Pendleton never interferes with Emily and Watson after they are attacked by Jack the Ripper, and Watson finally grows some balls. He picks up Emily and takes her to his place to calm her and just when they’re about to kiss, Pendleton cockblocks www. They clear up the inferiority complex stuff but ~it doesn’t mean its gone~, and Pendleton at this point is like ‘KEEP UR HANDS OFF MAH DAUGHTER’ www. (//︶ω︶//)

Both Watson and Emily uncover a secret plot at an attempt on the Queen’s life during a Fox hunting event by Colonel Moran, Moriarty’s employee. But of course Watson again feels like it’s too much danger for Emily and stops her from trying to go destroy the plot. This time Holmes Jr. talks some sense into Watson and makes him understand so Emily is allowed to go. Emily and Watson find where Moran is hiding out during the hunt and with the Queens Guard (w/e they’re called) Moran’s underlings are subdued. Moran however, takes Emily hostage and taunts Watson, telling him he’s too weak willed and crap to save Emily by shooting both of them. Of course Watson does shoot Moran and grazes Emily’s shoulder and saves the day, hurrah!!

They finally share a kiss and Emily faints. Nothing happens for about an hour of playing. Watson earns the Queen’s recognition and becomes her detective too. Then he takes Emily out to the country side where they first met and tells her there is a case that only they can solve. He confesses to Emily and promises to protect her and gives her the Queens ring to seal the promise, much like how he did in the past. Emily gives him hers and promises to stay by his side or something I don’t remember. They really laid on the romance all at once despite there being nothing else in the other situations so that was a rather dumb move in my opinion.

The cut scene to the end was a nice touch, how it sums up everything that happens and the people they’ve bonded with and the future ahead. It sorta reminded of a movie ww.

Goodness finally. No more spoilers.

If I had a single thing to say about this game, it would be: SO FUCKING LONG. This was both good and bad. First of all the long ass common route bored me to tears. Secondly, it scared me like BWS LH did, that means the actual characters route would be short surely. But luckily, Watson’s route was really massively long too. So I’m thankful for that. Good thing after the first play through I can also skip the hell out of this game. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

I honestly expected Watson to be a better char, but his idiocy really tested me. Other than being too curious for her own good, Emily is a good heroine though. Despite living a sheltered life, she’s strong and realistic…although also optimistic.

This game is more like a normal otome game so I can’t really expect the despair my doM gamer self is hoping for ww but after tanking Watson, I can only grow more patient right?! RIGHT?!



  • length of the char’s route was good
  • humour


  • common route was so long and boring
  • watson y u so stupid

I’ll continue trying to date that serial killer now.


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  1. vui256

    Thank you. This game seems kinda boring to me… due to you “bad” thing.

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