Eikoku Tantei Mysteria // Jack

Omfg I JUST finished Jack’s good end, following his 2 other ends and I needed a way to unload my feels.

As I’m sure I made it clear earlier, I came into his game for Jack and BOY WAS I IN FOR A RIDE ヾ( ノシ。ÒㅅÓ)ノシ Jack is the most moe character since I don’t even remember omfg. OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS MOE. 萌ぇ萌ぇ・・(*’д`*)ハァハァ・・ I have a massive thing for these sorts of chars so pls, don’t hate.

I had no idea before but it seems like you get tiny little scenes from Watson or Holmes depending on whether you choose to up their affection, and by tiny they’re literally like 3 different lines of text lmao. My sheer anticipation for Jack rly overshadowed everyone else like 1000000% although I heard Lupin Jr. is also a moe target??? Not too interested in him right now though.

SO JACK. Jack Millers is the local kuudere classmate who everyone avoids because of his poor upbringing in the East End (aka. the slums). So far Emily is the only one who treats him like a normal human being, and being the awkward person he is, he’s usually really crude and mean. In the common route, Emily warms up to him and starts exchanging letters with him cuz he obviously sucks at speaking. However, Jack has a secret life as a killer <— hey this isn’t a spoiler cuz they actually name him as Jack the Ripper on the site lmao. This is all one massive ruse though, goddamn.

-puts on otome goggles- DID YOU SAY YOU WERE SUPER WORRIED?

-puts on otome goggles- DID YOU SAY YOU WERE SUPER WORRIED?

For once I was really happy a route actually went the way I expected it to, and in a way which didn’t completely make me flip out. This was one of those routes which make the player feel like it should never end and continue forever. Emily and Jack should make babies and they will be as moe as eachother. I took more screenshots than I could fit in a post so -goes to stay longingly at Jack again-………………

Time for the spoilery moe-ness that is Jack Millers

Like in Watson’s route, Emily comes along to East End one day during a case and stumbles upon a person being murdered by having their throat slit, only this time Watson wasn’t there to save her. Jack immediately discovers her and swoops in for the kill, after all it’s him or her. HOWEVER…….He realises that the person who saw him was his friend Emily Whitely dundundun!! He tells her to not tell anyone what she saw and walk away, which she does while in deep fear and shock. How could her moe classmate be a killer?!

Emily does keep her word though, being quiet to the extent of worrying Watson and Holmes. Things go awry when Colonel Moran tells Jack to kill Emily anyway, cuz he has eyes and ears everywhere. Jack contemplates for a long ass time, and finally comes to the conclusion that he cannot kill his precious friend uhuhuhuuhu 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工.

After a letter is sent to Scotland Yard detailing the Ripper’s intentions of killing all the prostitutes in East End along with Emily, everyone is on high alert and protection is given to the Whitely mansion for Emily. Knowing that Moran is gonna dispatch someone else to kill Emily, he goes to her and tells her to run away. Emily, still not wanting to believe a person such as Jack is actually the Ripper, asks him if he is the killer of all those women but turns out he isn’t. She remembers that she saw him killing a dude, not a prostitute like the papers have been talking about and realises another person is Jack the Ripper. <– SEE WHAT A FUKING RUSE. JACK AINT JAck THE RIPPER AFTERALL buthe’sstillakillerlol. Jack’s presence is discovered by Pendleton with a gun and he quickly tries to escape.

Dead End

Pendleton shoots at Jack but Emily covers his escape and takes the bullet. Emily ends up dying in Pendleton’s arms and not knowing the truth of the situation. ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) なにそれ. Well I could’ve hoped to see more to this end but it was realistic so I give them praise for that. Jack doesn’t realise Emily dies there either so………yeah.

Sad End aka. the other dead end

Emily pushes Pendleton’s arm and his shot misses, Jack successfully escapes. Jack goes back and runs into his kouhai Bradley, the REAL Jack the Ripper www. Jack reports back to Moran that he killed Emily, even tho it’s obvious as day that he did nothing lmao, so they end up fighting, but Jack ends up killing Moran.



Knowing Bradley is probably on his way to kill Emily, Jack also rushes back but he runs into Watson, who also thinks that Jack is Jack the Ripper. Without knowing much of the situation they fight, but Jack escapes ahead to the Whitely mansion. By this point, Pendleton has Emily escaping through an underground tunnel that her parents prepared for emergencies such as this, although it did them no good. Jack rushes into the empty mansion only to have Watson barge in accompanied by Lion/Raion whatever the policeman and they capture Jack under murder charges.

He gets thrown into London Tower, the prison for those harbouring grave crimes. He sits in the tower in the tower for a month, knowing he will be executed for his crimes. He’s content with this end cuz he knows he deserves it, but still does not know of Emily’s fate. Emily finally finds the newspaper Pendleton’s been hiding and learns that Jack has been captured at her mansion, probably to warn her of a killer so she feels horribly indebted to him. Begging Pendleton she is able to visit Jack, who calls her stupid for not running away. She tells him of her plans for building a school in the East End so that she can help impoverished children be free of their crime-filled life and he’s surprised by her initiative.


NOW KISS.  ヽ(⌒(ノ´。ω゜`)ノ

The day before Jack is to be executed, Emily devises a plan to use herself as bait for the real Jack the Ripper to come out and prove Jack’s innocence. It’s a dangerous plan, but Emily will do anything to keep Jack from being executed for something he didn’t do (although he has killed an unknown number of people too…….). Jack learns of this plan from Beef Eater, the guard.

...Beefiter? Beef eater?? How the fuk do u romanize his name.

…Beefiter? Beef eater?? How the fuk do u romanize his name.

Sensing his heart’s preparation for death going to waste, Jack sets out to protect Emily from Bradley….by breaking out of prison….very easily… He runs into Pendleton who…exchanges witty insults with him. And things take a pretty light hearted turn, but in the end Pendleton enlists Jack’s help to protect Emily, cuz Scotland Yard is useless lmao.

Emily joins up with Pendleton who informs her Jack is protecting her from the shadows and her spirits are lifted. The plan is to have her walk the 5 places where the Ripper’s victims were found. In the sad end, Emily walks through these areas fast, and at the last area, she is attacked by Bradley. Pendleton tries to protect her but they end up separated and Jack comes to her rescue.

Jack and Bradley have a showdown…and Jack gets his throat slit by Bradley. FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Scotland Yard catches up and shoots Bradley, and he falls to his death.

In the end, Jack’s name is cleared at the cost of his life and everyone goes to his funeral.



Good End

Instead of walking past very fast, Emily prays for each of the victims at each location. Same thing happens and Bradley attacks, Jack comes to the rescue.

This time, Watson and Holmes are also there for backup against Bradley. And they overpower him (come on 3 to 1 lmao). Turns out that Bradley is high as fuck on drugs and he stabs himself in the chest thinking he defeated Jack. Emily is safe, Jack the Ripper is dead…now for Jack to be cleared of his charges…

its k, those clothes will look better on ur bedroom floor

its k, those clothes will look better on ur bedroom floor

Since it’s been a long night, the officer in charge gives Jack a night of freedom, only to come question him the next day. But Jack is more worried about needing a place to stay, Watson offers but Holmes quickly hits him and says they’re gonna be busy/have no space sorting out materials related to the case and suggests he stay at the Whitely mansion. YOU SLY SLY BASTARD. ( ◉◡͐<)✧

(⑅ ◔ڼ◔) Watson is way more tolerable in others' routes lmfao.

(⑅ ◔ڼ◔) Watson is way more tolerable in others’ routes lmfao.

He ends up staying with Emily the whole night and he tells Emily his past as an orphan and what made him into a killer. Emily then feels sad that he’s gonna go away for the investigation and Jack kisses her, confessing that he’s loved her for a while now |・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ huhuhuhuhuhu. And they spend a long, long night together. :3c (nothing happens tho)

Jack ends up being put away into the London Tower again but exonerated of Jack the Ripper charges, so he won’t be executed. Still jailed tho.

Sometime later, Emily is putting forward her plans to build a school in East End and Pendleton suddenly tells her he can’t go with her, but instead a new bodyguard will come with her. GUESS WHO? www Pendleton pulls his butler powers and somehow gets Jack exonerated of all charges, on the condition that he abandons his past and promises to serve Emily forever, even if she were to marry someone else. ;w; Of course he knows of Jack’s feelings for Emily so he’s just using them against him, but Jack concedes.

Hey, let's pretend I used correct grammar here and bask in the wonder that is Jack Miraz.

Hey, let’s pretend I used correct grammar here and bask in the wonder that is Jack Millers.

Knowing of the turbulent society and values, they both know that there will be trials ahead. However, they’ll always be together from now on. ( ≖´◞౪◟​≖`)

This ending was better imo than one where Emily abandons her status and gets with Jack because that’d be completely historically inaccurate in so many ways that it’s only second to Emily reheating her pizza dinner in a microwave. But hey, at this point I’m always up for more Jack fanservice. Needless to say I’m completely doki’d out for Jack, and I’m not too sure how everyone else will fare in my remaining playthroughs. ;D

End spoilery spoilers aheuaheuahe

Can we all just spare a moment to longingly sigh at Jack Millers?

Okay, now that’s done, let’s say I’m completely content with this route and his character. On more than one occasion I had made inhumanely amounts of weird noises at him, and I expect many others who will play this game to do the same.

Oh, also he looks completely weird in some scenes so that’s a plus.

I spent a very long while staring at that hat of his www...then realised his whole profile isn't shown

I spent a very long while staring at that hat of his www…then realised his whole profile isn’t shown

He doesn't look like the hunchback of notre dame now, but rather a char from Gakuen Handsome....

He doesn’t look like the hunchback of notre dame now, but rather a char from Gakuen Handsome….

I’m sorry Jack.

tldr; I was too focused on the moe to notice anything else rly.


  • jack u moe


  • i think the art looks funny but…that could be amusing???
  • y did the route have to end???

Next up is Akechi-kyun.


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