Eikoku Tantei Mysteria // Friend end + Marple

I actually finished Holmes route too but I don’t wanna forget what happens in the Friend end and Marple end so I’ll write about these first ww.

Sara Marple is Emily’s like, only female friend www. She was also raised in the countryside like Emily, so Emily feels like they’re two peas in a pod. Marple is pretty wry and witty and takes care of Emily like a pet. She’s also seen drinking black tea very often.

The friend end was actually pretty entertaining because it was sorta like a 3P end with Watson and Holmes =͟͟͞͞(   `◟ 、). It wasn’t overly long either and had an overall feeling like…idk Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, there’s a fuckload of sexual innuendo but no one really ends up together. Oh also, Jack appears pretty often in it ◝(  ‾▿◝ )◟

It was pretty long compared to Marple end tho, who was only one short chapter. Marple end isn’t really a yuri end per se, but more of a, u dont need no man 2 make u happy, kinda end www. Instead of going off getting close to random dudes, Marple is always there by Emily’s side and helping her along. She’s a true friend although she thinks of Emily as a cute little puppy.

Spoilers for the ends wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Watson + Holmes Friend End

(shit all the screen caps I took were Jack’s moments in the route wwww)

McKenzie sensei introduces some prestigious london music festival that happens in the school or something and Holmes and Watson are to perform this time round wow. Apparently Holmes is fantastic at the violin and Watson is also good at piano?? Interest in Holmes growing.

That night Emily recieves a weird package from her wet nurse which ticks….! Yep it was a time bomb. And at the last moment, Pendleton realises what it is and saves Emily but gets slightly injured in the process. As expected, this completely freaks Emily out and she orders everyone to be vigilant.

The next day, Holmes takes one look at Emily’s injuries + her expression, and he deduces the whole situation like it was nothing lmfao.

... not shitting u

… not shitting u

This causes her to explain the situation to Holmes and Watson, and not wanting to get other people involved she doesn’t tell anyone else what happened. She’s about to take a leave from school cuz of the incident but they insist on her continuing to go to class so she does.

From that point, Holmes and Watson take up the job of being her bodyguards, going to and from school with her www. This causes everyone to go wtf and my bb Jack to get jeluz.

Emily gets scared that since the music festival is so close, this case is taking up all Holmes’ and Watson’s time that they can’t practice, so one day they get Jack to watch her while they practice in the classroom after school. Watson plays awesomely but when it comes to Holmes………..lmao.

(look at my bb Jack's face uhuhuhuhu)

(look at my bb Jack’s face uhuhuhuhu)

Apparently Holmes can’t play the violin properly when he’s thinking about a case (which is always during a case), so they’re gonna need to solve it before he can play properly.

The next day, Emily hears a weird ticking noise in the classroom. Another bomb! Holmes finds it and quickly chucks it out the window and both him and Watson cover Emily (//u//). Emily apologises and explains the situation to her class cuz it freaks everyone out, except all her friends start feeling apologetic for noticing her fear in the first place. They all agree to help her investigate this case! Holmes says he’s seen a bomb of that caliber before and turns out it was from a case his father was investigating concerning Colonel Moran.

i jus found dis funny gomen

i jus found dis funny gomen

Emily notices Slater, a dude in her class, is not taking too happily to everyone’s  support and concludes that he must be freaked out by the bomb lol cuz that’d be the normal reaction.

Then comes the day of the festival and everyone from Pendleton to Jack to Scotland Yard are watching over Emily in case someone wants to bomb the 3000 people event. Emily notices Colonel Moran, at the event and immediately freaks. Holmes notices this from when no one else does (// u //) and immediately comes to the rescue.

Jr and Snr Holmes confront Moran and tell him they has their eyes on him! Then comes around Holmes and Watson’s performance and Slater tries to talk to Emily. Erryone is like gtfo to him but he ends up dragging Emily out by saying he knows where the bomb is. Surprise surprise it’s strapped to him lol.

Watson and Holmes are like wtf u doin with our Emily and chase after them. Mid-performance.



Pendleton picks up and hopes for the best www.

Holmes can’t disarm the bomb and as it reaches the last minute or so, he tells Watson to drag Emily away in case. Emily refuses to leave him alone and Holmes snr comes in going ‘o lol u can’t do it mate, I’ll do it.’

Then he asks Emily’s favourite colour, pink, and snips the pink cable. All is saved. Bomb is disarmed. I don’t know whateven……………………..

Holmes jr gets pissed off at Slater for putting everyone in danger cuz of some shitty plan Moran had which failed anyway now www. And in the heat of the moment Slater, feeling like a useless coward, takes poison he had and well drops dead.

Sometime later they pay their respects to Slater’s family and no more bomb incidents have happened so case solved. The end has Holmes and Watson holding a private performance for Emily.

Marple End

In all the other routes, there’s a scene where Emily gets lost in the fog after the school picnic and the dude she’s chasing after finds her. In Marple’s case, she never allows Emily to get lost in the first place wwww omg, she’s the only one with a brain.

After that event, Emily invites Marple out to more picnics and eventually they get so close Emily invites her to her childhood home in the countryside. They spend their time making flower wreaths and drinking tea and making scones and shit like that.

Then comes graduation time and Emily still hasn’t decided what she wants to do with the rest of her life ww, i know dat feel bro. Holmes and Watson are apparently also investigating a case incredibly close to Emily but Marple tells them she’ll protect Emily, wow kakkoi.

After graduation, Marple tells Emily that as long as she hasn’t decided on what she wants to do, she can stay with her. Or something like that I don’t remember. All I remember was that Marple was gonna be something ridiculous like a tea detective or something wwww………………

lolwtf ye thats the end of dem spoiling spoilers

The friend route rly got me interested in Holmes cuz goddamn that was cute how he’s taking notice of Emily sooooo much ^q^…. I’d be interested in Watson too but his route omfg.

Marple’s route was really short like half an hour short, but it does lead to something bigger I suppose? The guides I followed showed that she leads to the truth end, but I still got Holmes and Lupin to go so nope lol. But that’d make sense I guess?

I needed a buffer for the anger Akechi put me through so Friend ends were good for that, but then onward to MoeHolmes…



  • no annoying illogical situations, Emily was really really brave and smart in Friend route
  • Marple route was too short to be bad and Marple was awesome (cuz she can sure shut Pendleton up)


  • nothing rly woaahh

Holmes is coming up…………………….^q^………….


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