Eikoku Tantei Mysteria // Herlock Holmes

And I’m back.

Sasuga Main Character-kun, Holmes has a pretty long route, or I just played extremely slowly…………….well that was a kick to the balls.

Anyways, Herlock Holmes (NO SPELLING ERROR THERE IM SRS) is Holmes Jr., or more famous as Sherlock Holmes son. He follows in his father’s footsteps and is aspiring to be a detective through studying at Harlington. Like Emily he has the ring signifying him as the Queen’s detective, but he refuses to acknowledge Emily’s skills as a Detective. This causes Emily to strive to become a detective who even Holmes has to praise! Like many depictions of Sherlock Holmes in other media, Herlock is also very cold and realistic, and often says things without sugarcoating.

I admit I started off the game hating Holmes cuz he was a massive douchebag but after finishing his route omg, the moe is undeniable fk. I’m sorry I ever doubted u Holmes. He’s like….the Akechi that I wanted but instead of punching me in the manboobs like Akechi did, Holmes casually hugs it better and feeds me more chocolate while bitching @ me for being a baby.

Wat im tryin to say is, our luv has changed, it’s not the same and the only way to say it – Is say it – It’s better……………………………………………._( 、´◡`)、

onto dem spoilazzzz probably watch it in case i shove some CG spoiler here cuz I might

The common part of Holmes route is actually pretty long compared to the last few chars I played so i was pretty scared I missed the bad end flag ww but I guess not 8D

His route uses a common event in Watson’s route (which I happily didn’t detail in his post www). After Emily comes back from helping Holmes and Watson with one of their job requests they run into a kid who tells them his bag got stolen. Watson and Holmes both run off to find the offender and leaves Emily alone to be attacked, only to be saved by the elder Holmes. The robed man who attacked Emily tries to escape and Holmes jr, letting blood get to his head instead of some nether region he posseses uhuuhu chases the guy down. In Watson’s route, Emily stays with Watson, but this time her spider senses tingle and she chases after Holmes.

The robed man ends up being shot by some man who casually places the gun into Holmes jr’s pocket while threatening Emily’s life if they follow. This causes Holmes jr. to get arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

Emily and Watson ends up investigating another aristocrat for his involvement with the people who framed Holmes Jr. in order to establish that Holmes jr is innocent. Holmes jr turns up with his man of 1000 faces kit and pretends to be an ossan. At this pt, the aristocrat he was talking to ends up dead and the maid accuses Holmes of the murder while an accomplice slathers evidence all over him. Lmfao they work fast.

The accomplice gets noticed by Holmes and escapes through the window while Emily, Holmes and Watson chase them down, and cue cockblock Lupan Jr. (I’ll romanize phantom thief as Lupan and friend as Lupin even tho both are canonically Lupin =w=”). He warns Herlock that his rash actions will involve his father since he’s associated with the criminal organisation that caused Herlock (fking 2 many holmes) to be arrested to begin with and runs off with the accomplice. He also predicts that Herlock will wanna see him again very soon.

The next day like Lupan said, Sherlock Holmes was arrested for the murder as the accomplice, after the maid turned up dead lol cuz of all this circumstantial evidence, but wat is justice in the 19th century? Realising Lupan has more info than he lets on Herlock decides to confront him by sitting in on a stakeout after Lupan announced that he’ll be stealing some jewels.

Emily joins Watson and Holmes in the stakeout and since its cold, Holmes lends Emily his gloves…………( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

His face is so moe it’s a crime

His face is so moe it’s a crime

Watson wanders in and…

no stahp

no stahp



dont wat son me

dont wat son me

o herlock......///sighs......

o herlock……///sighs……

Then an officer tells Herlock that the commander/head officer whatever the fk they’re called, has summoned Herlock. So he goes and suddenly figures that the officer is a fake and the officer smoke screens. Turns out it was Lupan lol, he must’ve bought the man of 1000 faces kit off ebay like Herlock……..

Herlock then drags Emily to chase after Lupan, buuuuuut then a second Herlock appears! The one who dragged Emily was actually Lupan cosplaying as Herlock and before Emily could ask Lupan for a photo, he uses ravens to attack everyone and distract them from stopping his feat cuz apparently he is a master beast trainer too…omg where can I buy that skill??? Emily uses her hand mirror to scare the birds by directing light on them and it works, until she starts getting attacked. One of them grabs her necklace, a memento from her mother when she was a loli. She chases after it but falls out the window lol but grabs the curtain. She tells Herlock to forget about her and capture Lupan and he actually hesitates for a moment. Lupan is like wow ur spineless and saves Emily while dissing Herlock for his unmanliness, then chloroforms Emily and runs away. He actually CHLOROFORMS HER lolololol wtf.

Pendleton actually gets angry at Herlock and slaps him like a little bitch. I felt the need to mention that, anyways, then Emily wakes up in Lupan’s hideout and he tells her that Herlock has gathered the strength of everyone to pass a message along to Lupan.



Lupan locks up Emily and heads to see Herlock. He challenges Herlock to a match of chess, in which Emily is the prize. However, in order to find Emily, he has to take Lupan’s pieces and check the places which are written on the bottom of each piece. Since chess isn’t about taking the enemies piece but check mate, Herlock has a dilemma, take the pieces instead of attempting check mate or not.

Emily meanwhile, is determined to not let things go Lupan’s ways and escapes from the room by using her sheets as rope. ww u go gurl.

Sad End

Emily reaches the place where Herlock and Lupan are playing and witnesses Herlock losing. Emily denies Lupan his prize ww and he’s like ‘fine I don’t like forcing ladies against their will anyway’ and runs away.

Relieved, Emily collapses and Holmes tries to help, but holds himself back because he feels like he isn’t good enough. Emily blames herself for getting in Holmes way and they both end up creating a distance between each other.

Holmes charges are cleared and a week later he’s back in business with Watson. However, it’s clear that Emily and Holmes both still feel horrible about the incident and…..





omg no pls, get 2getha and make bb's pls

omg no pls, get 2getha and make bb’s pls

Good End

Emily runs out during the chess battle and gives Herlock the hint that Lupan always throws around ‘he never abandons his queen’. Omg do u kno how 2 play chess??? it should be king lol. ANYWAYS w/e and Herlock owns the shit outta Lupan, however u can own someone playing chess.

After losing, Lupan gives Holmes the hint that he needs to exonerate himself of the charges as well as asking Herlock for a chance at wagering Emily’s heart in another chess battle. After he runs away Watson is like wtf wrong wit him and runs off to tell Pendleton Emily is saved, leaving Holmes and Emily alone ^q^…

Emily felt so bad for being an obstacle to Herlock’s investigation and apologises profusely. Herlock is mad too, tho it was cuz he was worried about his bb being in the hands of another man. Emily is so happy she starts crying and Herlock hugs her……then she falls asleep IN HIS ARMS omgdhlasd 10 bucks says he did something nasty to her while she was asleep.

When she wakes up she finds out that Holmes is trying to distance her from him, but Emily aint having any of that shiet. Lupan actually gave Herlock another trail to follow linked to the society Spellbound (by now we should all know is the society run by Moriarty).

Watson tails one of the ppl involved and disappears. Following that Herlock recieves a letter with his hair + blood and runs off in a hurry, telling Miss Hudson NOT TO TELL EMILY. So she does as he says and tells Emily wwwwwww. Emily is scared of being in Herlock’s way but Miss Hudson begs her to help. At that moment Pendleton pops up and is like i’ll help u on 2 conditions, let me watch over u by ur side and not to be alone with Holmes again after.  Desperate as she is she agrees and Kobayashi, Akechi and Marple are found watching from the side. They also want to help naturally ww.

Herlock is meeting the sender of the letter and they threaten to ruin Herlock like his father ruined Colonel Moran. This time Kobayashi and Pendleton save his cute ass. Herlock finally swallows his pride and asks them all for help. AND JUST AS THAT HAPPENS, UNDERLING #120198201 DROPS A FKING MAP TO THE SECRET LOCATION OF MORAN.

...they actually have plots like this.........again

…they actually have plots like this………again

They split into two groups, one searching for Watson and the other for Moran. Kobayashi and Akechi take on Moran while Herlock and Emily look for Watson.

They find him and turns out he was pretending to be unconscious covered in ~fake~ blood (omfgwtfbbq) and he and Herlock take down all the underlings.

Rocks fall shit happens, Moran is fighting a losing battle so he runs away, but Emily is hot on his ass. Moran is confused about why Emily is chasing him down if not for a reason related to her parents, and so she realises that he’s somehow involved in her parent’s murders. He attempts to strangle her but Holmes saves her.

A king gun flies into her path and instead of going batshit, she just goes OH THATS DANGEROUS....This gurl omg,,<3

A fking gun flies into her path and instead of going bat shit, she just goes OH THATS DANGEROUS….This gurl omg,,<3

Holmes asks Emily to stay by his side and watch him as he confronts his short comings and pwns Moran with his bare fists. Emily confesses that she wants to stay by his side and that she loves him, and Herlock is just like, OH WHAT A COINCIDENCE, I FEEL THE SAME WAY. omfghsdflhasd THIS GUYYY ヾ( ノシ。ÒㅅÓ)ノシ

Just as Moran is about to be arrested, he jumps to his own death, into the fire (which apparently the place was on fire but I didn’t notice lol sorry I think it was in the CG too oh shit sorry I didn’t mention this earlier). SO Emily ends up losing the only connection to truth of her parents death as well as Herlock losing his only connection to Spellbound.

Since then Emily and Herlock haven’t been alone to talk about their ~feelings~ and Watson starts getting worried. Emily promised Pendleton she won’t be alone with Herlock anymore so she was trying to keep away from him.

One day Pendleton tells Emily to return dem gloves she borrowed from Herlock and she’s like is dat rly okei??? And pendleton agrees, saying he believes in ojousama’s integrity. In the empty classroom, Emily returns the gloves and asks Herlock if he can see her after school cuz shes got something to say to him ohohoho, but he’s like, ‘why can’t you tell me now?’ LOL. HEY SOMEONE GIVE THIS GUY A MEDAL. I always wondered the same thing in shoujo manga…………………….

Then they hear Watson trying to keep McKenzie sensei out and Emily realises everyone was listening in and gets embarrassed. _(≖ω≖」∠)_ Marple gives Emily some cookies that apparently cats love, but she’ll love too and McKenzie sensei tries to return Herlock’s ring (the Queen’s one) since it was confiscated during the investigation but he realises he misplaced it.

Turns out, McKenzie’s pet cat stole it and was running around the school with it, so he asks the class for help to catch it. Emily and Holmes heard from McKenzie that the cat likes high places so they goto the roof to check, only to be locked in by Watson, Kobayashi and Marple.



Akechi u dun hav 2 cock block

Akechi u dun hav 2 cock block

Yes Miss Marple

Yes Miss Marple

jus cuz u were cockblocked in ur own route

jus cuz u were cockblocked in ur own route

Emily confesses her feelings to Herlock once more and just when they’re about to kiss….the cat with Herlock’s ring cockblocks. Emily wants to go chase it for the ring but Herlock won’t let go of her WooOohhOOOo.  Although she secretly admits she doesn’t wanna move :3c….

The cat then drops his ring in favour for the cookies Marple gave Emily. Herlock is like, lol now i need to thank ye………and kisses Emily. ^q^…………………………….

Herlock then goes ‘wait 3 minutes’ and smashes down the roof door to find everyone eavesdropping, then proceeds to hulk smash.  Emily notices that his ears are red………TERETA. TEREHERLOcK. |・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Emily then jumps onto Holmes and tells him she’ll never leave him. She notes that there’ll probably be times in the future where she’ll cry but she don’t caree since she with her moebabu now.


oh BABY don’t moe me so much Holmes kun my heart cant take it

I never meant for my life to end up this way. Herlock don’t be so moe. Akechi was supposed to be in ur place omg.

Herlock was too moe when he was dere for Emily; I totally expected him to be more oresama but he wasn’t. He moved up to second place in my heart now, behind Jack lol.

They bring up a lot of stuff which might be important for the truth route here too so I’m guessing he probably should be one of the chars before it.

His sad end was actually sad imo too compared to the other ones I did (minus Jack’s because his ends aren’t just sad, they’re just painful). I really felt for Herlock so seeing that scene I wrote up there……//dramatic fall.



  • moe babu
  • emily was so manly ilu
  • marple was also fantastic in this route
  • the lupan integration into the plot was actually quite interesting in this route, makes me look forward to his route


  • i thought the case was a bit ridiculous, how they framed holmes snr/jr

omg only lupan/lupin left. quick, i need to find a new game to fill the hole in my heart that this game will leave when i finish!!111 i dont wanna end up like my predecessors!!!1111oneoneone


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