Eikoku Tantei Mysteria // Lupin Jr.

Just a reminder, since in the English name for Lupin (student) and Lupin (phantom thief) are distinguished by the katakana used in the ‘pin’ part, I’ll use that to show the difference between who I’m referring to. Emily’s friend is Lupin and phantom thief is Lupan.

I left the Lupin last, he who everyone playing Mysteria on my twitter was fangirling over. Oh man, even though ultimately I didn’t like him more than Jack, I swear the writers probably had a huge thing for Lupan.

While everyone else’s route was pretty tame with the plot then confession and kiss……..Lupan’s was more like kiss, plot, CERO FUKING D MOMENT, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, plot, kiss, DESPAIR, kiss, confession and kiss. Watdafuq Karin, give Jack some more lovin’. I’m not as disappointed as I probably sound but I can totally understand why everyone was dying inside from playing this route too ww. I do believe that most people who will play this game will probably love Lupan the most too.

Lupin is the really timid classmate/friend of Emily with an oyabaka father. He constantly trips/falls/almost loses things and pretty much elicits pity from everyone. So of course no one thinks that this LUPIN could possibly be the phantom thief Lupan. Lupan Jr is a courageous phantom thief who’s driving both Scotland Yard and Herlock into a frenzy to catch him, because no matter what they do, he always gets away. Also, like Herlock, he’s a master cosplayer. So pretty much Lupin and Lupan are polar opposites.

dats wat i thot 2 pendleton, gr8 job

dats wat i thot 2 pendleton, gr8 job

Might I mention, depending on what choice you choose in the common route, he’s possibly the only other guy who can steal Emily’s lips in everyone else’s route _(≖ω≖」∠)_.

Spoilers for Lupin Lupan Lupin Lupan weewooweewoooooooo

Lupan’s route starts off with Emily going to one of her social obligations, like talking to other aristocrats and pretending everything is cool in the world lol. The person who invites her takes a shine to her and gives her some super special awesome black tea leaves so she’s like o ye and shares em with her friends from school.

Ofc Lupin comes too and they start talking about her family treasure, a portrait of Queen Victoria given to her parents by the lady herself, and a photo of her parents and their friends + Vicky. Lupin goes into spidey mode and starts acting strangely.

The next day, Emily receives one of Lupan’s trademark on-this-day-and-time-I-will-steal-ur-virginity cards. Emily is in Hulk mode because of common-route-kiss-incident and immediately thinks of it as a challenge to her integrity as a detective. So of course she’s not gonna back down. Lupin asks her about it and tells her he’s worried about the challenge and Emily invites him over  since he’s so worried……………………………………….u can see y dis is a bad idea.

Head officer Restoraid (wtf is his english name? Google suggest LISTEROID which rhymes with HEMORRHOID omfg fk dis i’ll use dat) and his partner/subordinate Ryan think that there’s a high chance Lupan will cosplay as one of them to infiltrate the house…………….-stares straight at Lupin-……….he’ll probably cosplay as Emily, they conclude………………………l o l…………

Emily notices a flowery smell in da house and goes to investigate; at the same time Lupin says he dropped his ring lol. Pendleton notices something wrong but it was too late and he gets drugged. The flowery smell was actually meant to mask the smell of sleeping gas or smt so everyone pretty much ends up falling asleep. Lupan goes to Emily’s room where the painting is and finds Emily pointing a gun at him. Turns out she was outside getting her hand mirror that her mother left her when everyone was being drugged so she stayed awake. Lupan tricks Emily into losing her gun and pricks her with a drugged rose, so she falls asleep.

When she and Pendleton come to the painting is gone and she’s ready to hunt him down for the rest of her life. Few days later, the painting is returned and Emily is like wtf, but her parent’s photo is gone. Yet again she’s ready to hunt down the thieving bastard.

Lupin, feeling apologetic about not being able to help stop Lupan (…………..lol) keeps apologising to Emily, and she’s like, if u wanna make it up to me, lick mah shoes and accompany me to this place. I wasn’t paying much attention @ this point but I think it was the next place Lupan said he’ll rob from. On the way Emily gets attacked by some no good thugs, and Lupin, unable to do anything in his dojiko has to reveal his real sugata to Emily by turning into Gambit and throwing cards at her attackers. Emily finally pieces it together and Lupin tells her he can no longer be by her side anymore and disappears. Dis was actually quite sad ww.

The next day Emily turns up to school, Lupin is no longer there….

ye totes legit

ye totes legit

Emily is angry at Lupin for being able to cut his ties so easily with his friends and decides to keep hunting him down, including to the next place he’ll be stealing from. That place turns out to be an aquarium on top of a cliff (DIS IS IMPORTANT REMEMBA DIS…………). Emily sees Lupan, who says if she comes any closer he’ll disappear, and they start having a nice chat where Emily basically goes all asian parent on him “IM So DISAPPOINTED IN U……….”. He starts telling her a story about a phantom thief and the woman he fell in love with, and how the woman ended up dying in what I thought was a robbery for her pink quartz necklace. This story is obviously about his parents bt whatever, Emily is like ‘why the fuq u tellin me this?’, Lupan doesnt give two shits and runs away.

Next Watson ends up getting caught in a trap set for Lupan, but Holmes realises there’s something wrong. Turns out it was Lupan cosplaying as Watson and he runs away to where the jewel is hidden. Emily confronts him again and Lupan, still not giving two shits, runs away with the jewel. Not taking that shit, Emily chases after him outside…………and ends up falling off the side of the cliff.

Lupan is like ‘omfg u doushyomonai yatsu’ and catches Emily. And falls down too. And then injures his ankle. They land in a river or smth cuz all cliffs have rivers below ’em and Lupan drags an unconscious Emily into a cave for cover cuz the sky decides to shit on ’em. To make matters worse, wolves decide to attack them too, but Lupan uses his super card throwing skills and own them.

AND THEN, Emily suddenly has like mild hypothermia. Cue the dramatic strip her naked and Lupan naked to warm her, skin to skin. No joke, this actually happens and they throw in a fairly Cero D cg. And you thought I was lying when I said that Karin’s ppl were biased to Lupan. I’m fairly sure Lupan is probably delirious half of the time during this scene, cuz when Emily wakes up he begs her to stay with him. The next day Emily wakes up and understandingly freaked outta her mind cuz she’s butt naked in Lupan’s arms. Pendleton is calling for Emily nearby and once she’s dressed Lupan is like ‘last night was gr8 bby……sayonara’ and runs away. Emily says she gonna come down on his ass for child support w/ judge judy and starts despairing.

Bad end

Papa Lupan spanks Lupan Jr while crying and saying ‘I DIDN’T RAISE MY BOY TO BECOME LIKE DIS…’ but Lupan says this is to protect Emily and help reach his real goal.

Emily goes back to school and Holmes tells her off for being stupid enough to fall off a cliff while chasing Lupan and is generally not giving her a break as usual.

Later on she gets a massive delivery of roses to her mansion and Alicia, her maid asks where she wants them, but Emily can see through dat cosplay and knows its actually Lupan. Lupan acts like nothing happened and he aint gonna take responsibility for dat night so he teases Emily. She’s aggravated, thinking that his feelings that night were a lie so she vows on catching him.

THE END. Btw I dunno how many ppl will actually believe me but its a joke, they didnt actually screw omfg.

Good End

Emily goes back to school and finds that Lupin is also back so she confronts him. He tells her to leave him alone and forget about him and walks off in Lupan mode. And at that moment, a cosplaying Papa Lupan walks in and disses ‘that young man that leaves a lady crying’…..And pretty much reveals to Emily that he’s Lupan’s father without saying it.

Scene changes to Lupan and reveals that his mother was actually a spy in the criminal organisation Spellbound, that once discovered, was disposed of in a discrete manner. Lupan berates his father for being a coward and not taking revenge for her and storms off, hot headed little shit. His father gives a monologue, and confesses that he wants to keep at least one promise to his mother, so its assumed that he promised he wouldn’t get revenge for her.

Lupan manages to cosplay as Moriarty’s subordinate to get close to him but that old fart can see through everything. He summons underlings but Lupan take em all out like they’re nothing and then threatens Moriarty with a gun. Moriarty gets a hard on at the thought of Lupan being stained with his blood and is like いい、いい!!!!ちんこたった!!!111 Emily comes in and blocks Lupan from shooting. Papa Lupan told Emily of Lupan’s plan to annihilate Moriarty for killing his mother, and Emily tells him that this will make him no better than Moriarty if he carries through with it.

Moriarty takes this chance to take Emily hostage and shoots her in the leg or smth. Turns out Moriarty was also in love with Lupan’s mother but she refused to join Spellbound so he killed her, but because of those feelings kept her necklace on him all these years. Lupan saves Emily and takes back his mother’s necklace.

He takes her back to the place where he first stole her lips and tells her that he can no longer stay in this city because Moriarty’s people surely won’t let him off easily. This causes him to rip off part of Emily’s parent’s photo and return the part with her parents as it will lead her to the ‘truth’ and put her in harms way. By doing this, he also gives he no more reason to chase him down. As a last request, he asks her to close her eyes until he counts down to 0 (which he also did the first time he kissed her) and kisses her again. She begs him not to leave but by the time she opens her eyes, he’s already gone and she’s wearing his mother’s necklace.







yes u baka lupan. baka.

yes u baka lupan. baka.

A week later, Emily’s been having nightmares of Lupan leaving her again and is in general depressed because of him. She finally decides to try and get over it so she heads to school where McKenzie sensei tells her that he’s relieved to see her back and that Lupin’s broke both his arms so he won’t be back wwwww. He also adds that a smile suits her more than her droopy face and this gets Emily suspicious, since when did McKenzie sensei give such charming compliments?

They both go to the classroom and before long another McKenzie turns up and he’s freaked out. Everyone is too, but Emily just stands there and asks the first one wtf he’s doing. He reveals himself to be Lupan and says that he’s here to steal her, if she’ll come. And of course they take a nice dive into the sky and Lupan opens up his fking hang glider and flies Emily somewhere nice n far. Omfg what even.

Emily finally confesses her love to Lupan, but he’s just like ye I KNOW I KNOW. So he asks her if she knows why he brought her there and…….makes her fking close her eyes again. Emily asks whether he’ll be there this time when she opens her eyes and he says yeah, so she does. This time instead of kissing her, she opens her eyes and the fking ass is gone again omfg, he almost made me rage at this point.

UNDERSTANDINGLY, she starts fking bawling crying for him. And…

ye well whos fking fault is it huh?

ye well whos fking fault is it huh?

He hugs her from behind and says that he loves her too and shit like dat. But this time Emily goes NOPE.JPG, ur a pathological liar so y shud i beliv u nao? So he does the knightly thing and bows to her while vowing to stay by her side and love her blahblah fml this guy. And then asks Emily to do the same, but she’s like lol why should I? Well she loves him already anyway and yeah, the end.

No moar spoilers fking ahuaslhdhaf does this guy get a kick outta making emily cry or smth

those r sum might fine lookin chikin wings ur wearin there chinpachi

those r sum might fine lookin chikin wings ur wearin there chinpachi

I really respect Emily in this route because she perfectly shows off her detective abilities in a Holmes-like way. But then when it comes to her feelings for Lupan, man, that guy is the death of her. I totally feel Emily every time she goes into despair because of his actions…to the point where I wanna bitch slap some sense into the guy. Omfg.

As a character, I can’t say I’m totally cool with him. His route however, is another thing; karin gave the guy 37 cgs while my bb Jack only got like 23 or something (IM NOT BEING PETTY OMG STOP JUDGING ME). I think after about the second time Jack went ADIOS on Emily she should just put on some bling and sung this to him. But of course it doesn’t work that way… When Lupin/pan is dere tho, homfg………….let’s just leave it there.

Also another point with his bad end, I felt that it was completely not sad at all. I mean sure they shoved in so many tear jerking parting scenes that I totally thought it’d actually end badly but then……dafuq guys. I want a real sad end lol, not some half assed thing cuz Karin’s writers couldn’t bear to write some suffering. Hell I thought the happy end had way more scenes to make it THE FKING SAD END…………

In the end, I’m holding my petty grudge on Karin for being totally biased to Lupin. It’s almost as if they wanted Lupan to be the most popular char or something. His route was worth the heavy panting and tears, but his personality is one that doesn’t sit well with me lol……So I’m gonna stay in my Jack corner indefinitely.



  • cg, story, ceroD scene (i particularly loved the oyabaka scenes too www)
  • emily da besto
  • i dun wanna admit it but the despair was actually quite gratifying at times


  • karin, be more fair 2 da other chars pls………………not even just jack lol, wat abt akechi, kobayashi…….watson

I’ve only got the truth route left nao uhuhu…wat game next omfg………………………



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  1. Yumi

    Just out of curiousity based on your photo, did you play using an english patch or did you just edit the english translation to the screenshots? ^^

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