Eikoku Tantei Mysteria // Truth End and Final Thoughts

I FINISHED EIKOKU TANTEI MYSTERIA 100% 888888888888888888888888888888888888888!!!



While the truth end didn’t explain everything perfectly, it finally gives us an indication of what really happened to Emily’s parents. In some ways I think it just brought up more questions and the end was rather open in a way so could this be a sign of more to come in the Eikoku Mysteria saga? Who knows.

If you’ve some idea of the storyline of Mysteria, Emily is shown to be constantly chasing after why her parents died the way and night they did. We know by now that there’s some link between Moriarty’s association Spellbound to her parent’s deaths and so truth end shows everything else.

Like the friend end, Emily borrows the skills and strengths of her friends in order to find out the truth end ultimately ends up with no one, although imo there are some strong hints here at some Herlock ey ey ey ey???? I quite liked the fact that Jack gets some kind of a role here along with Lupan since they really never appear otherwise. And like those ends too, this one is fairly short, being one chapter only.

Spoilers for the truth end here

It’s nearing Christmas and Pendleton decides to take some leave for the first time, leaving Emily all alone. While she’s feeling pretty lonely since everyone is spending Christmas with their families, she knows it can’t be helped. Holmes notices that she seems worried and ends up deducing the fact that Pendleton has left.

He also confronts her with the real reason why she’s back in London after 12 years of hiding and so she ends up having to explain the situation with Watson and Holmes, whom she knows she can trust. She explains that her parents and their close friends along with the queen had set up a charity which allows for the needy to go to Harlington and starting with her parents, each person has started to die off one by one in recent years. The only ones left from the original committee are Queen Victoria and Earl Beckford, whom she has not been able to contact.

She also tells them that on the night of her parent’s death, she saw them with stab wounds and not long after Pendleton ran away with her, the place burnt down and their deaths were marked as an accident. That is why she is back in London to investigate the truth to the incident.

Holmes finds a set of keys in Emily’s house that are usually locked away and they all figure it might be for the basement which Emily was never allowed to go down to. They go to investigate and Emily realises its the same passage that Pendleton took her down after her parents murder and there she finds a bunch of stuff that was meant to have perished in the fire, including reports for the English secret intelligence agency. This means that her parents were actually spies the entire time ww.

After she heads back into the mansion, Alicia, Emily’s maid tells her that there was a telegram from Beckford.

all i can see is 'im sorry jack was not able to go to...'?? SOMEHOW THIS TRANSLATES TO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.............................

all i can see is ‘im sorry jack was not able to go to…’?? SOMEHOW THIS TRANSLATES TO SOMETHING DIFFERENT………………………..

Emily reads it and says that Beckford is fearing for his life and wishes for her backup. So Herlock, her and Watson head over to his mansion, where his servants will only let Emily alone see Beckford.

At the same time Akechi and Kobayashi are investigating some lost art at the art museum with Scotland Yard and pondering whether there’s a secret passage way.

Beckford has been paranoid for a while and fearing he was next after finding out everyone in the committee was dying. When Herlock tries to follow Emily after she left, the servant stop him and attack him and Watson. Being outnumbered, they cant do anything and realise it was a trap. One guy sets fire to the carpet (lol) and helps Herlock and Watson escape; surprise surprise it’s actually Jack kyun! (✿◉◡◉) He and Watson stay behind to buy Holmes time to save Emily.

Emily meets Earl Beckford and she explains the situation where an unknown entity is killing them all off one by one. She then spots a gun man at the curtain and covers Beckford, thinking he’s the target. Another gunman at the window then shoots that guy and Herlock busts in. He explains that she was the target all along and urges Emily to run away with him, so she does. They end up running down a secret passageway and into an underground factory where they meet Professor Moriarty. Herlock is drugged and subdued while Moriarty tries to persuade him into joining Spellbound.

Moriarty shows the two his large collection of national treasures, including the Rosetta Stone ( ◔ д ◔ ) and explains that everything in the museums are fakes lmfao. He explains that, in order to preserve British history from the huge war that will befall on the country, he needs to save all these treasures underground here in his storage. Ths was the purpose that Beckford served, he was laundering money from the charity set up by Emily’s parents to fund Spellbound’s activities. Apparently her parents then realised money was going elsewhere and found Beckford, so to hide his crimes, he borrowed Spellbound’s power to dispose of them along with any evidence.

At this point Herlock is so drugged he can barely stand but Jack and Watson finally catch up to protect them. \(゜ヮ゜)/Yeah!! Moriarty summons Lupan Jr. to get rid of them all with any treasure from his collection as the reward, but Lupan then betrays the old fart.

Moriarty, now not giving half a shit anymore, summons magical bombs and destroys the passage ways, attempting to trap them all down there while running away himself with his hot butler. Akechi and Kobayashi also magically appear, saying they were lead down here after finding a secret passageway at the art gallery and hearing their voices, and they all escape out into the gallery. By now, Lupan is long gone and he leaves a nice letter behind, which Jack reads.

AJUU he says

AJUU he says

my cute babu

my cute babu

Coincidentally Lupin comes running by covered in dirt and asks if they are okay. And no one suspects a thing, u get ma drift? ww (* `◟ 、) Pendleton comes in at this point too and Emily asks why he’s there, even though he was meant to have gone back to the countryside for Christmas. He confesses that he was pulling some strings during this entire time and Holmes figures that the other gunman at the Beckford mansion was him.

He tells the group everything about Emily’s parents past and it’s nothing we don’t already know at this point lol.

  1. Parents met at Harlington
  2. Get married
  3. Emily’s father, Robert Whitely, figures out that Beckford was laundering money
  4. Beckford kills them both + destroys evidence in fire
  5. Pretending to be a victi himself, he was gonna kill Emily

In the end, Beckford’s mansion burns down and a corpse which they think is his is found. Emily though, knowing the situation figures it’s probably a fake. Scotland Yard try to investigate the storage with all the treasures but their paths are all blocked, so it’s probably Spellbound’s work.

Emily decides to keep chasing down Spellbound and Beckford, but she does not know what to do with her parent’s charity, especially now that it’s been used to fund criminal activity. Thinking about Beckford too, she feels angry that he can hide under the Queen’s ring and perform criminal acts and is about to throw hers into the river. Herlock steps in and reminds her of all the wonderful things that the ring has lead her to and that she should not abandon it yet, even if knowing Beckford had one too pisses her off.

well ye

well ye

as if no one else sees this yasashii herlock kyun omfg

as if no one else sees this yasashii herlock kyun omfg

Sometime later, it’s Christmas day and Emily goes to school thinking it was on thanks to Marple ww. She turns up and there’s no one there so she waits, then she hears some whispering behind her and…Surprise, lol.

Her friends planned a Christmas party just for them and they’re all happy to spend their time with her. Jack complains that they’re all just too free, but he’s secretly happy too www.

Grand end for Her Majesty. No shit, they actually called it this.

End spoilers yooooooooooooooooooooooo

So in the end there are a few questions that this route raises;

  1. Who dafuq is Pendleton
  2. Who is Pendleton
  3. Who da fack is Pendleton
  4. ペンデルトンって一体誰なの

See the trend yet?

The overall feeling is pretty warm and fuzzy, especially since Emily has such a tragic-ish past (lol nothing beats BWS……….) and it was a really nice way to end the game. _(≖ω≖」∠)_

tldr on the end;


  • the suspense was nice
  • the way everyone was brought together for this final case

didnt like:

  • hey explain ur shit better sometimes karin; I’m not sure if my Jap is shit or what cuz sometimes the plot loses me and it wasnt only in this route

So my overall thoughts on the game;

Well dat common route was frikin long lol. Akechi was one boring ass char. Jack is the cutest babu to ever live. Moe Herlock is moe. Why can everyone fight omfg? Why u no give everyone a more well rounded out route Karin (stares at Lupin’s route)?

Some of the cases in the game are pretty tedious, like the puzzle solving but lol not like I actually thought about it cuz GUIDES…….. But hey I’m sure some people out there actually play their games properly.

Save for the necessary evil of playing through the really boring and really long common route, the rest of the game was pretty good mostly. The game is lacking on special features like screen shotting, extra voices, omake stuff but has a nice skip to next choice feature which made everything much faster. I especially liked how they used Emily’s character song as the ending theme for the Truth route too.

There’s also that issue with shitting on English history the way they did. When it comes to their own history, otome game companies seem to do some pretty epic research, but when it comes to other cultures….lol but


If I were more bored/disinterested I’d have written more weird things but I do feel sorta satisfied with this game now. My last experience with Karin was with the PC Princess Nightmare in which every end just made me wanna cry because good end = bad end. This game has some elements of that, but is generally much lighter than anything Rejet might’ve thrown at us otome gamers anyway.

Plot ranking of routes (best plot to lolwtf?):

  1. Lupan Jr.
  2. Jack Millers/Jack the Ripper
  3. Herlock Holmes
  4. Friend=Truth
  5. Watson
  6. Akechi/Kobayashi (although if their routes weren’t joined I’d put Kobayashi higher)
  7. Marple

However if I ranked chars alone…:

  1. Jack
  2. Herlock
  3. Lupan
  4. Kobayashi
  5. Marple
  6. Akechi=Watson

So in this case I’d recommend people play in the order:

  1. Akechi
  2. Kobayashi
  3. Watson
  4. Herlock (and either Friend+Marple end after or before)
  5. Jack
  6. Lupan
  7. Truth (can’t change order of this end lol)

This game is more like the average VN only otome game, although people shouldn’t expect this kind of length from every game either. I’m saying this just in case people get a weird idea from things like Diabolik Lovers and Black Wolves Saga, which I’ll call them niche games more than anything else. Yes a niche within a niche population.

Now there’s the problem of what game I should play next……………………٩(๑˃̌ۿ˂̌๑)۶



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2 responses to “Eikoku Tantei Mysteria // Truth End and Final Thoughts

  1. Do Glass Heart Princess if you’d please! Or summon else…

    • I wasn’t gonna play GHP in the near future cuz the cast isnt all that interesting imo but I’m always open to more suggestions XD….

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