First impressions are forever for Custom Drive // Mayuzumi Ruka

Man I don’t think I ever played an otome game that was such a big steaming pile of shit before. Judging from other peoples’ reactions of Custom Drive I now realise that the harsh insults they for it were TOTALLY deserved. At first I thought people were just more critical than I was because, hey we all have different opinions right?………………Custom Drive. I don’t think I’ve ever dropped a game this fast.

First I picked up this game because Hosoyan and hearing him speak for the kizoku kei aka. aristocrat personality it just gave me massive Julian baby reminders so I wanted to go for it. First mistake. The thing wouldn’t even let me pick the kizoku kei route, no matter what I did ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) so I thought, maybe I needed to unlock it by doing the default route puchi ero (slightly perverted). I finished that steaming pile of shit and nope, they threw my head back down into it when I tried to go for kizoku kei. So I just rage quit. ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) I honestly have no idea why I couldn’t unlock any other personality other than the annoying puchiero, so if I actually find out how I may go back just for that. But whatever right now.

Custom Drive is about a chick called Kouda Saya being forced to nominate an ikemen for her weird school’s long running tradition of male beauty pageants. The event is called Prince Collection or PuriCore I don’t even. Basically whoever wins the competition gets a free ticket to confess to the one they love and apparently since it started, none of those confessions have ever gone awry, even when it was directed at a teacher or whatever. That’s literally the real story.

I have nfi what D3P was trying to do with this game cuz it plays in a really linear novel style………..except its literally just a bunch of random scenes with your boy strung together. I didn’t realise till like half way that the game is played in ‘phases’ and only at certain times you can unlock CGs/events…So obviously I didn’t end up getting many. Not only that, but you have to have the correct items/coordinate to even UNLOCK the goddamn scene BEFORE the phase comes up. So at those moments where I’m like ‘okay this is the right phase -changes Ruka’s clothes-‘, the game is like ‘hey stop right there, no, just no.’ And I get a shitty default scene.

Also aside from the fact that you can customize how the dude looks (hair/accessories/clothes) and his personality, no one ever told me you could customize how you call them too???? LMfao. I named Ruka ‘Chichinashi’ (what Ayato calls Yui aka. no tits/no boobs/no chest) and the game ceased being serious to me. I had to go back and restart because I couldn’t take the game seriously anymore.

Ahahaha spoilers or whatever I don’t think this’ll be that long anyway

This is only for the puchiero route btw.

Basically in the prologue, you meet all the guys who you can pursue; osananajimi Touma Riito, scary student body president Kannagi Shion and the kouhai Mayuzumi Ruka. Well I was going for Ruka so screw the other guys.

Since Saya has her ikemen allergy thing, she blacks out when Ruka saves her from falling down the stairs cuz he was holding her. So later on she decides to thank him and ask him to join PuriCore and he not so subtly asks her out straight away. I honestly have no idea where this came from because then he spends the whole time before the competition teasing/ichaicha-ing with Saya (one sidedly) but apparently he seriously likes her??? I can’t tell if I just hate that kind of flirty character or if the events I missed were seriously that important in explaining how he grew to love Saya. I DONT KNOW THIS GAME, IT JUST MADE ME SO STRESSED. I dunno about you but, I play games to DEstress NOT STRESS EVEN MORE.

It’s just that normally you see the flirty side and then it changes to a more serious ‘why won’t you take my love seriously’ sort of thing right? In this route, it was like ‘hahahah seeing your troubled face is so fun hahahaha’ ‘hahaha I love teasing you’ ‘hahahaha this is fun, making you blush hahaha’ THEN ‘oh I love you’. What the fuck? TO MAKE THINGS WORSE SAYA ALSO SEEMS TO FALL FOR RUKA OUT OF NO WHERE. One scene before, she’s going ‘gah stop teasing me!!’ then next she’s going ‘Ruka I……………..llllluurve uuuuuuuu 222’. I just got goosebumps recalling that.

I say there’s no ‘serious Ruka’ because the only time those situations actually happened were….in Saya’s dream events. I can’t take HER DREAMING as a serious step up in the relationship, what the hell D3P. There was a dream event where Ruka gets annoyed at Saya dodging his advances (well honestly what advances were there???) he loses control and tries to rape her to make her his.

This was seriously the most exciting event that happened...and it wasn't even real.

This was seriously the most exciting event that happened…and it wasn’t even real.

Honestly I don’t even know what the plot is. Then there’s the nice-ish event where Ruka takes Saya out to a mansion in middle of nowhere in an expensive car and plays newly weds with her. Except, every fucking time something good is about to happen, her allergy acts up. Omfg. I swear it was just a way to pay the writers less for a half assed scene.

Then there’s the epilogue, for some reason after Ruka kissed Saya…….her allergy was cured for him only. What. Here’s an excerpt from my original notes on my play through, can you feel my suffering through the text?


( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) CANT EVEN WHAT THE FUCK ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) I GIVE Up

Worst. Conclusion. Ever.

If there’s anything this game is good for, it’s to go back and customize the little bits and pieces of the CGs.

I opted for making Ruka look like a completely mental pervert.

ey there baby u wanna go 4 a swim? in mah pants dat is

ey there baby u wanna go 4 a swim? in mah pants dat is

"I dressed up especially 4 ur bday babe...."

“I dressed up especially 4 ur bday babe….”

Finish spoilers lol told ye itd be short

Like my predecessors who played this game, 100000% do not recommend. Having Hosoya voice Ruka did NOT even help a single bit.

For some reason I keep seeing people say that the skip system is really bad? But honestly I had no problem with it so I don’t know what they are referring to. The functions in this game overall aren’t bad, and given a different CG/event trigger system it’d definitely have gotten many more people interested. But fuck this kuso you need this coordinate at this time or good bye CG.

The events were also pretty shit imo seeing how Storm Lover has all ’em bakapple events which literally blow your ovaries to pieces and in this one the guys can’t even TOUCH Saya.

I don’t think the amount of times I said fuck are adequate for the amount of rage this induced in me. And I was following 2 guides………………………



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6 responses to “First impressions are forever for Custom Drive // Mayuzumi Ruka

  1. yaoidaisuki

    Omg, really? .-.
    I didn’t expect this game being so… shit too.
    Hahahahahaa XD he’s still without any clothes XDDD
    Won’t play this, for sure. By the imgs I saw in the internet I thought this game was a little more nice, my mistake XD

    • Yeah, never ask the question ‘HOW BAD COULD IT POSSIBLY BE…………..’……………………….totally not worth the time I spent on it omfg.

  2. Eu

    lmao you already dropped this game XDDD

    I have never been stressed in my entire gaming life when I played this. Not even when I marathon TMGS which all the stats (one of them is stress too! ww) you have to raise.

    While I was tweeting with you, I had to go back to my previous post about this to refresh my memory. I TOTALLY FORGOT THE STORY MUCH LESS EVER PLAYING THIS GAME LMAO |D.

    What will you be playing next? 😀

    • I actually thought TokiMemoGS was tolerable, not too difficult or anything. But this thing made me wanna choke Ruka lmao. ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

      BECAUSE THERE WAS NO STORY….das why u couldn’t rememba. HAHAHA.

      I’m playing Harajuku Tantei Steel Wood right now…Picked it up cuz so many biases _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ

  3. ok what’s bad about the skip system is when you have to re-do each character 6 times you have to constantly SKIP through 80% of the scenario its REALLY FUCKIN SLOW lol

    also you have to constantly change personalities a million times in order to unlock them but by doing so you have a chance of missing CGs so I’ve kept it to unlocking only 1 or 2 personalities per route.

    oh well still doesn’t excuse the game from being complete systematic shit. I hope they hire that artist to do something less shitty. D3P is pretty demonic when it comes to programming but its not really D3P per say it’s their programmers VRIDGE who btw also did KoiShiba so let that be a warning to you!

    • Oh so its just slow skipping lmfao, I still think that’s probably the most tolerable part of all the gripes one can have with this game tho HahAHHAHhah……………………………..But like srsly it’s not the slowest one out there imo, so i guess I didn’t focus on it.

      WElp AT LEAST U COULd CHANGE PERSONALITIES AT All omfg I COULDNT………IDK WHy and it pisses me off ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) it always displays as ??? and im like no.

      THANks, I was considering KoiShiba before I chose this…its like substituting shit for more shit so goddamn. I’ll stick to Storm lover only ==”…

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