First Impressions of Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steelwood // Akizuki Juunosuke Route

And I’m back, this time with Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steelwood, a mystery/detective game about students by Otomate. After Custom Drive I wanted nothing to do with D3P so ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) I picked this game up, which has a bunch of my seiyuu biases and I heard little to nothing about this game so might as well.

I think this is a pretty cool screen, shows you who you've captured so far.

I think this is a pretty cool screen, shows you who you’ve captured so far.

In this game you play a girl called Yuki Horikita who enrols into a school which trains you to become a detective. She does this following in the foot steps of her deceased sister and sets out to complete the things she couldn’t. At the school she gets assigned into team 5, a team of budding detectives (students) who she spends the rest of the school year with. In the team is Matsuyama Yuu (cv. Suzumura Kenichi), the local rich bocchama kuudere (?); Misato Hibiki (cv. Kaji Yuuki), genius shota; Akizuki Juunosuke (cv. Suzuki Chihiro), joke of the group/takes nothing seriously kinda guy. Additionally, you can also capture the homeroom teacher Hirasaka Kyousuke (cv. Toriumi Kousuke) and local fashion store owner Fuyou Kaoru (cv. Maeno Tomoaki), who were both friends of Yuki’s deceased sister, Aki.

Other characters which make an appearance are Tatewaki Haruki, your childhood friend/friend of your sister/also the teacher in charge; Class B’s group 6 consisting of Oda Akio, a girl who warms up to Yuki and is very protective of her; Haruno Kyou, the shota of their group who regards Hibiki as a rival; Kamiya Kei, the half gaijin who’s airheaded as hell and Komiya Haruka, the megane I R BETTA THAN THOU guy.

The system is a bit weird in that you investigate cases throughout the school year and you get to choose whether to question people and obtain keywords (for questioning again or solving the case) or by actively investigating a scene. It’s pretty cool the first time round but by the 213897120931st time it gets pretty tedious. Not only that but the cases don’t actually change so the answers stay the same and… it’s just tedious. Additionally, there a final exams, which the questions are random… I honestly never bothered to read the question because it’s literally a lump of text or something and it’s timed. Guide is the way to go haha.

For my first guy I went for Juunosuke because Suzuki Chihiro _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ Too bad his character is exactly the kind I really dislike though. He reminds me a lot of Junpei from P3p so……..

Since this game involves being a detective, I couldn’t help but compare it to Eikoku Tantei Mysteria….and I think this game probably loses in almost every respect. So far I’ve only gone through Juunosuke and Hibiki’s routes and…they are both pretty much the same? Like plotwise its all copy pasta, except the scenes with the actual guy you’re chasing changes a little so I’ll just summarize the plot in one go.

Spoilers for the plot of harajuku tantei steelwoooooooooooooooooooood -insert boner joke here-

The plot follows the school year basically. At admission, the school forces you to investigate the ‘murder’ of Hirasaka, which is staged as a test.

Then there’s another case where they put decoding secret messages to good use by doing a treasure hunt style game where you have to decode a location and go there to pass the test.

After that, there’s another test where they assign random cases to each group and your group ends up having to track down a missing cat……..

Following that is mid year exams and when you pass with flying colours, Tatewaki Haruki, your childhood friend/friend of your sister/also the teacher in charge, gives Yuki tickets to the pool so you can go with your group.

There’s also a mini case at the pool where after Juunosuke tells you a scary story about how a kappa drowned a girl in an empty pool with her boyfriend, Yuki spots something green in the pool and freaks out. In Juunosuke’s route, the green thing turns out to be Kei’s father’s floatie. Since Yuki finds it, he gives her tickets to the water slide because Kei was too scared to go on, so she goes on with Juunosuke and cue skin to skin contact blushy blushy. At the end of this, they both land into the pool and Yuki can’t find Juunosuke and panics. She ends up finding his swimwear…without him in it. Once he pops up, well lmfao.

The next event on the school calendar is the school trip, where they boat to this Rokkenjima-esque island to investigate the unsolved murders of 4 siblings. For 50 years the case stayed unsolved and every year the detective students all go here and try to solve it to no avail, including Yuki’s sister, so she really wants to conclude it. Halfway through investigating, turns out Kei disappeared, just like the first sibling in the case so it all gets put on hold. A huge storm strikes the island and even the police can’t come so Team 5 decide to take the thing into their own hands and investigate. After the Hirasaka and Tatewaki both go missing searching for Kei, Yuki feels like history is repeating itself. So to get to the bottom of it they investigate the original 4 deaths and conclude it was performed with inheritance in mind and Hibiki proposed a trick by which the killer was able to make it seem like there was multiple murderers. The group splits up with Yuu and Hibiki heading outside into the storm and Juunosuke and Yuki staying inside to avoid suspicion but they end up hearing weird voices so they head down into the room they heard it from. Group 6 is also there and they realise the voices are coming from the fireplace, which appears to be fake. They break it down and find a secret passage from which Tatewaki, Hirasaka and Kei comes out of. Turns out that was the passage which the original killer went around the island killing their siblings and they all got trapped there as the storm broke down the exit. With this the case is finally solved and the trip ends.

There was a holiday date here with Juunosuke but I don’t remember what happens so lol woops. It was probably not that interesting anyway.

After summer break, Yuki heads back to school and like the opening ceremony before, Hirasaka is forced to play the victim of a murder again. This time though, his death is just him being hetakuso at juggling knives and ended up being stabbed by one of them………

Halloween then comes around and Kaoru invites Yuki to the Halloween events that are being held in Harajuku so Yuki agrees to go. At Harajuku, Yuki runs into Juunosuke, who was apparently looking for her anyway and asks her to accompany him. He one sidedly enters them both in the dress up/acting competition and dresses Yuki up as a witch while he himself as a…wolf I think. Since it was so impromptu, neither of you have an act to perform so he just himedakkos Yuki up on stage. Yuki pulls that cliche shoujo “WHAT IS THIS DOKIDOKI FEELING” and the scene ends with them not wining the comp lol. Juunosuke admits he only just wanted to go on stage with her so it didn’t matter if they won or not. IDE.

Next up on the agenda is orientation for students who are wishing to enrol in Harajuku Tantei Gakuen and Group 5 gets this little girl called Momoka to teach. Yuki and co. try to show her how to create a room locked from the inside, from the outside (locked room mystery situation). To do that they had her stand inside the room while they locked it from the outside. Unknowingly someone else had sneaked into the same classroom and they end up locking all the doors. At that moment, an earthquake strikes and breaks the locks on the door, so it wont open. While trying to find the keys to the storeroom to get something to open the door, they find out someone had broken into the principal’s safe and stole crap. Putting 2 and 2 together Yuki realises this must mean that Momoka is locked in with the burglar. Yuki and Juunosuke go to keep watch on the classroom Momoka is in but since it is on the 2nd floor they cant do much. Juunosuke tries to climb on the window from the next classroom but almost falls out, luckily Yuki grabs him in time and pulls him back in, with him landing on top of her _(≖ω≖」∠)_ At this point Akio walks in and mistakes Juunosuke for being a pervert and decides to reeducate him ww.

In the end they unscrew the screws to the door and Momoka gets taken hostage by the burglar. In full Home Alone style, they set up tricks to make the burgler fail and Hirasaka owns the guy and hands him over to the police. That day Momoka is grateful and says that she wants to become a detective like them and leaves. Juunosuke and Yuki head out to get food after school and he asks her if she likes anyone and she says yeah. Juunosuke also tells her he likes someone too but runs away before Yuki gets to ask who it is and she suddenly realises she feels really uneasy about it, BUT WHY…….

Subtlety, this guy has none.

Subtlety, this guy has none.

Sometime after this is the final exams again and on Christmas eve, Juunosuke asks you out on a Christmas date. Turns out Aki died on Christmas when she was meeting someone, so Yuki completely forgets about Christmas but only remembers her sister’s death date. She agrees and goes present hunting with Tatewaki who does the brotherly thing and is all like “I’ll support you!”…I wanted to go after him tbh. ANyways…

On Christmas, Yuki waits at the school gate for Juunosuke and he wraps her up with a scarf, which is his present to her. ww They go out and feast on loads of Christmas limited edition sweets but Yuki feels there is something off about Juunosuke. When she confronts him, he tells her that he’s really worried about his future, saying that he only chose to go to detective school on a whim and that being with srs ppl like her, Yuu and Hibiki made him feel so stupid for doing that. He then says that he felt like giving up on school without knowing what to do after that. Yuki tells him that he shouldn’t give up and that she wants to work hard with him, then he gets all sad and asks her if she meant just him or everyone in the group. She confused at this point but he’s like “I wanna be special to you” and they leave… omfg.

They decide to go to the shrine on New Years together and_(≖ω≖」∠)_ Then she finally realises Juunosuke likes her in that way.

its like

its like

jus get 2getha already

jus get 2getha already



sasuga even Im like wat

sasuga even Im like wat

For the graduation exam, the principal gives them a case which they have to solve on their own and to be honest I was so bored by this point I’m not too sure what it was about. They had to investigate the reason why an electrical company stopped producing new designs and were recycling old ideas. The company Sakura Electrical was absorbed by a larger company Matsuyama Electrical when this happened and…well Both Juunosuke and Yuu start acting weird. When Yuki finally realises Matsuyama is the same name as bocchama Yuu’s last name, she tells Juunosuke about her worry for Yuu being dragged into the case. Juunosuke says she has a point but is also jealous that she’s caring so much about Yuu lmfao and they agree not to confront Yuu about it until he tells them.

Only that Juunosuke ends up confronting him anyway.

Juunosuke says that he wants to take this deal seriously, and since there is a time limit they can’t just sit back and wait for Yuu to tell em everything. He ends up going to the Sakura’s factory and asks the workers but they won’t tell them anything. So he ends up chasing up old employees who spill the beans whateven lol. They solve the case and since it was so boring I don’t think anyone cares what it was.

On Valentines, Yuki works up the guts to give Juunosuke chocolate and he’s super excited, until she says that she got Yuu and Hibiki to taste test HAHAHHAHA. Juunosuke kisses Yuki and apologises since she didn’t actually answer his feelings but she obviously didn’t hate it. Hahaha………………

gj Yuki chan

gj Yuki chan



In the end they pass and graduate safely from detective school and Yuki goes to look for Juunosuke, who disappears into thin air. Yuu and Hibiki tell her that he asked them to pass a message to her saying ‘wait for me’. Apparently he went off to apply for university so he could get a degree in law administration or something and Yuki is happy that he finally has a goal in life.

After a month, he finally gets in contact with Yuki, asking her to meet him at the school gate. He spent a month studying to take the entrance exam and he finally got in so now he can see Yuki again. When he gets there Yuki won’t face him, because she’s so pissed he went off without saying anything.To get her to turn around he hugs her and tells her he’s never leaving her side again. The end.


End of da Juunosuke route I aint shitting you

I would be lying if I said I really enjoyed this game lmfao. It’s not bad (nothing is bad when the last game I played was custom drive), but it’s not something I’d call great either. I guess if you were bored it could be great to pass time with.

If anything though, I really like Yuki. While I do hate those “WHAT IS THIS DOKI?”, in general she’s pretty cool. She does whats needed even if she’s horribly embarrassed and it’s not like she sits there doing nothing in the story. When I saw her character design I thought she’d be one of those characters that just go ‘no I can’t do it’ all the time but nope.

Rather than an ‘otome game’ I get the feeling this is more like a mystery game with love sorta thrown in??? Like it doesn’t even seem like a major part even. I spoiled myself a little reading part of Kaoru and Hirasaka’s short story on the site so I have expectations for them, but so far I’m pretty bored.

Also I wish Tatewaki Haruki had a route sobs ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)



  • characters/character interactions are pretty amusing
  • dem seiyuu biases mmhmmmm o bb
  • for an old game they had the blinking and talking sprites down real good mhmmm


  • couldnt you have better cases omfg….chasing down a cat oh plz
  • where my dokidoki?? i think lord of the rings has more romance than this
  • gdi why do I have to sit exams in a game

While I don’t plan on dropping this game yet, I still think this game is pretty……boring. Next up is Hibiki da shota.


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