Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steelwood // Misato Hibiki Route

Next up is the shota, Hibiki Misato. And of course as usual, the shota gets ripped off in almost all aspects of the romance.

It changed again!

It changed again!

As I’ve said before, Hibiki is the genius shota. He’s also pretty girly, into handicrafts so he carries a sewing kit with him everywhere. On the first day of school he sews Juunosuke’s button back on for him and everyone is amused by his skillfulness ww.

By the way, I’ve noticed people romanizing the name of this game as Harakuju?? What? Am I massively missing something because from my knowledge and every dictionary I check, the title stays as Harajuku. In fact, looking up ‘harakuju’ gives me the closest match of ‘harakudashi’ which means laxative and boy, laxative detective school steelwood? I’d play that for sure. 三(    ε:)

Spoilers already? Yeah I’m getting lazy.

As I expected pretty much the whole route was copy pasta to Juunosuke’s route, with minor scene differences when you pair off. Sadly this would also mean every other student’s route is also copy pasta -eyes Yuu-.

Nothing interesting really happens until the holiday date with Hibiki, where I think you both go out to Harajuku and he looks for fabric or something I forgot. He was also using it as training to speak to people because he talks in really fragmented sentences and always ends his sentences in desu.

Haruno Kyou otherwise known as Kyonta tails them on the date. Hibiki asks Yuki how to make friends since he was always studying prior to entrance to Harajuku Tantei Gakuen so he has no friends. Yuki suggests that he start with someone he talks to lots and Hibiki immediately thinks of Kyonta. At this moment Kyonta pops out and says he doesn’t want to be friends with Hibiki and argues with them both. Yuki has the choice to suggest that they seem like an old married couple (to which the response wasn’t nearly as interesting as I thought it’d be) or that from rivalry, friendship can be born. Of course the latter is the correct choice and Hibiki immediately brightens up while making Kyonta feel like puking lmfao.

The next worthwhile event is with the kappa pool case. Unlike Yuki who’s scared out of her mind from Juunosuke’s story about the kappa drowning, Hibiki feels compelled to look for it and greet it. As before, Yuki stumbles upon some weird green thing in the pool and runs to the group for help, Hibiki follows her along to greet the kappa and they both get into the pool to check it out. While Yuki is talking to Hibiki though, she feel something pull her down and remembers the story again. At this point it drags her into the pool and she almost drowns but Hibiki saves her in a hime dakko オォ!(゚∀゚*≡*゚∀゚)カッケェ~♪ And for the first time, he speaks normally without the keigo and fragmentation. Yuki tells him to put her down and that she’s fine but Hibiki ain’t having any of that sheit and tells her to shut up and let him help her and then realises what he’s doing lol. Yuki is freaked out by Hibiki so she shuts up. Then he returns to normal and is embarrassed at his own actions wow okay whateven.

Nothing happens till about the latter half of the Rokkenjima island case where Yuki chooses to go outside to investigate Kei’s disappearance with Hibiki. Hibiki tells Yuki they should hold hands because he’s scared she’ll fly away in the storm but Yuki sighs inwardly and thinks about how fat she is and how that would never happen. She tells him that she’d be fine and Hibiki starts pouting and says he wants to hold hands, Yuki realises he’s acting like a child and holds him hand without any of that shoujo nonsense ‘oh noes’ which was surprising….And thats about all that happens.

Nothing happens again until they solve the second murder of Hirasaka and Yuki invites Hibiki on an after school date. They end up going to the local shrine and feed turtles. Hibiki throws food like a girl and birds end up eating it before it gets to the turtles so he does that annoyingly cute pout again while Yuki laughs.

This is pretty much a summary of the whole route

This is pretty much a summary of the whole route

he actually says it more ambiguously but since english isnt like that I made it more misleading

he actually says it more ambiguously but since english isnt like that I made it more misleading

this way it actually validates Yuki's confusion

this way it actually validates Yuki’s confusion

although its still pretty obvious

although its still pretty obvious






Next event is the Halloween thing that Kaoru invites Yuki to attend and Yuki decides this time round she wants to join the pumpkin carving competition. However once she arrives she finds out that to enter, you need a two person team. Facing the same problem is Hibiki who also wanted to attend so Yuki suggests they band together which of course they do. Hibiki tells Yuki about how jack-o’-lanterns were used historically to scare off ghosts and Yuki remembers her sister. Apparently when she was younger, after her sister’s death, she always woke up in the middle of the night and sat in the dark hoping to see her sister, even as a ghost. ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) So she asks Hibiki whether good spirits get scared off too, since there was a ghost she wanted to meet. Troubled by this Hibiki proceeds to carve a cute jack-o’-lantern and tells her that since it’s cute, surely all the good spirits would become attracted to it instead. They actually win the competition with this and after going outside they decide to light it up and watch it. Yuki thinks of her sister and suddenly she hears her voice saying that she was sorry she couldn’t be there, surprised she asks Hibiki if he heard it but he doesn’t have the slightest idea what she’s on about. This time he asks if he could hold her hand and they sit there watching the pumpkin holding hands o_< huh.

During the case with Momoka, Yuki, Hibiki and Kyonta go to the infirmary to question the nurse. However right before they question, Kyonta tells Yuki to be nice to Hibiki and tells her how Hibiki harbors special feelings and shit for her. Not understanding, Yuki is like wat and Hibiki greets the nurse. It seems like even Kyonta noticed Hibiki’s feelings before Yuki omfg. (乂 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

For once, Hibiki asks Yuki out on a Christmas date. Yuki notices Hibiki acting weirdly on the day, because he keeps dragging her around while looking at a memo, and later asks him whats up when he takes her to the school gate. Turns out he was taking advice from his sisters, who planned the whole day out for him since it was his first date. He explains that he took her to the school gate because that was where he first met her and it was a special place to him, he then gives Yuki her Christmas present which is a scarf. She realises that she forgot to give him his present and shows him a bento box with button shaped onigiri which have gone all cold. Hibiki is so happy that he hugs her asks her if there was any way to preserve them forever lmfao, but Yuki freaks and says that he has to eat them. He gets depressed but then settles for eating them together with her.

During the last case, same as Juunosuke, Hibiki pretty much just stays there at the Sakura electronics factory and asks every passing employee for the truth, which none give. Finally he tells Yuki she doesn’t need to be there and she suddenly realises that makes her sad…BUT WHY? =_=”… Like in Juunosuke route, Yuki starts putting the clues together and realises Yuu is related to the Matsuyama electronics company. Hibiki notices her being troubled and asks her whats wrong. She says nothing but he snaps at her again and scares her ww so she spills. As before, they both agree not to confront Yuu and he actually doesn’t. Yuu finally tells them on his own.

In the end Hibiki pisses off an employee so much, the guy shoves Hibiki and feeling guilt, finally spills the truth. Then they have all the pieces of the puzzle to solve the case and safely graduate.

On Valentines, Yuki makes Hibiki chocolate but doesn’t end up giving it to him until the end of the day as he’s leaving school. He’s thrilled to get chocolate from her and tells her to meet him after graduation in March…and she wonders why…

After graduation, Yuki knows that everyone will start going their separate ways and starts crying. She then notices her feelings of not wanting to separate from Hibiki and he sees her crying. Trying to comfort her he hugs her and tells her not to cry. Then he confesses his love to her and kisses her forehead and at that moment, Yuki finally realises she likes him too and responds omfg.

In the epilogue, it shows them both 4 years later. Shota Hibiki has grown into an ikemen who talks normally and opened his own investigative firm with Yuki working as his partner.

look ikemen Hibiki mhmmm

look ikemen Hibiki mhmmm  _( ゜q゜」∠)_

All this at 19 whateven. Anyways, in the end he hands Yuki a key and she’s deducing that it’s not a lock or bike key….and realises its his house key. He asks her to move in with him and she agrees. The end.

w w w w w w w shota didn’t even get a kiss in the route lmfao and no, forehead kisses don’t count. Talk about RIPPED OFFFffffffffff.

Hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahha gimme back my time

This game, this story is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. I spent like two of the three hours playing Hibiki’s route just skipping the common scenes and cases. I got bored of writing this post because it reminded me of how boring the game was lmfao but I’ll tank it to the end! Kaoru awaits!

Hibiki is an okay character and at times, really charming. But the game, was so boring, I cannot stress this enough. I’m halfway through Yuu’s route now and I’m telling you nothing changed lol.

This is only my second route and the amount of times Yuki goes ‘what is this doki’, I can tell by the time I get to the last char I’ll probably be flipping tables. _ノ乙(、ン、) For a detective Yuki sure is clueless, but I guess in every other respect she’s okay.



  • girly manly shota who grows up to be an ikemen also voiced by Yuuki Kaji


  • …………….where my doki? where my kiss? omfg wat
  • freaking copypasta, at least give me a skip case option
  • can they have something more interesting happen at least??? I almost fell asleep so many times

Yeah…next is Yuu Matsuyama.


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