Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steelwood // Matsuyama Yuu Route

After procrastinating for a week on the last chapter of Yuu’s route and then procrastinating from writing about it here it is. HOPEFULLY this is the last of the super-freaking-boring-copy-pasta-nothing-happens routes.

Okay this thing can't possibly be the only reason I'm playing this

Okay this thing can’t possibly be the only reason I’m playing this

I can’t even remember what happens but luckily I have notes……..and going through all my screen shots for the route, man I feel like Yuu was more moe than he was when I actually played. But whatever, maybe I’ll fall asleep while writing this even.

Yuu is the bocchama I-must-make-my-family-proud kind of guy, not unlike Masato from UtaPri, who is coincidentally also voiced by Suzumura Kenichi. Dang I almost mistook Matsuyama Kenichi for Suzumura cuz Matsuyama Yuu ◝( •௰• )◜Oh well.

welp im not even trying anymore, spoilers from here on oh and CGs too

From the second case, Yuki joins with Yuu to look for that cat Aileen. During the case they both decide to check the back alleys for her but instead Yuki gets corner by wild cats and while trying to back away she hits her head on a pole (゚ω。)……Okay. Yuu comes to the rescue and well…he pats her on the head. And she says it feels better. I DON’T UNDERSTAND, HOW IS THIS DOkiDOKI???? FAAAAAAAArrrrOut.

Nothing really important happens until the pool holiday, where Yuki stumbles on the green thing in the pool and mistakes it for a serial killer kappa. This time rather than joining Juunosuke or Hibiki, she stays with Yuu who was too idgaf about the kappa thing so decided to rest on the pool side seats.  Yuki apologises for dragging him to the pool despite him turning down the invitation before and Yuu tells her she should stop being so sensitive to other people.

Yuki asks him whether she’s allowed to be selfish with him and he says its fine…So then she confesses that she wants to know more about him, then asks him a billion questions about his interests and study etc. Yuu suddenly bursts out laughing and says that her being selfish is really cute which causes Yuki to doki. Then everyone else comes back.

If you look closely, his nipple is cute too.

If you look closely, his nipple is cute too.

The next event is at Rokkenjima where everything is copypasta until the point where the team tries to sneak out to look for Kei. Yuki decides to go out into the storm with Yuu to look and well, her umbrella gets blown away by the wind lmfao. Yuu then tells her to share with him and wow, Yuki actually asks to hold his hand ‘so she doesn’t get lost’. Welp. They reach the beach where they hear the voices of Hirasaka and Tatewaki sensei and discover the hidden passage etc. etc. copy pasta case solving.

Nothing happens for about another half an hour till the team solves the second death of Hirasaka Kyousuke. Yuki asks Yuu out on an after school date and they go window shopping. Yuki stares at the jewellery through the window and sees a ring she likes, Yuu asks her what she’s thinking of while staring at it and she says something along the lines of ‘I wish I would receive something similar in the future’. (I can’t remember lmfao sorry) Yuu says that even she has dreams of getting married in the future like normal girls and Yuki starts realising how manly Yuu is and does the full oh shit I’m alone with a guy thing and starts avoiding him.

Yuu notices and thinks Yuki is avoiding him but she was just embarrassed so yeah.

pic_0016 (11) copy

pic_0017 (12) copy

pic_0018 (12) copy

pic_0019 (11) copy

This guy has some of the makings of a yandere in him...hmm...

This guy has some of the makings of a yandere in him…hmm…

And Yuki runs into Aoi again and gets invited to the Halloween events. This time she decides to join the pumpkin cooking comp which is held at her school. When she arrives she realised its also a 2 person team event, but she’s alone and is about to give up when Yuu comes out. He was at school borrowing books to study……………..And after hearing about the circumstances, he joins Yuki in the comp.

They decide to cook a jack o lantern stew and bake a pumpkin tart. Half way in, Yuki cuts her finger and cannot cook anymore so Yuu takes over. As expected, they win the competition and outside the school Yuu ends up thinking about the team. He admits to Yuki that he thought that whole team charade thing was stupid until now and it was probably because she was there.

On another after school date, Yuki asks Yuu what he’ll be doing after graduation since it’s around the corner. Yuu says he’s gonna be some super hardcore investigator recognised by the government and all and Yuki feels bad cuz she’s only doing it for her sister ww. He consoles her saying her dreams are not crap and blahblah he’s surprisingly a nice guy. Yuki says that she still wants to meet with him even though they won’t be going to the same school anymore and he says he does too and at this point they get married and have 5 kids cuz he doesn’t know how to control his urges. No not really, but I did sit there facepalming asking them to get married already.

Unlike the previous two boys, Yuu calls Yuki up to invite her on a Christmas date. They go out and then he takes her back to his place Σ(   ☉q☉)⌒°………….期待した. But of course they did crap all before Yuki decides to give him his present….which was seeing the Christmas lights at the place she spent her last Christmas with her sister. Yuki accidentally loses her footing and almost slips, but Yuu catches her in his arms. When she tries to get up he won’t let go of her lmfao and they hug for a while. Yuki tells Yuu to let go because its making her heart doki so much it’s painful HAhHAHAHhahah omfg. Yuu then says that he doesn’t wanna let anyone else have her, so she should notice him more. mHhmm.

These are pretty loose translations because lol the meaning is right tho

These are pretty loose translations because lol the meaning is right tho

by this point....I think they shouldve just started dating already

by this point….I think they shouldve just started dating already

They go out again for New Years but jack all happens so.

In the graduation case, Yuu is obviously distressed hearing about his respected grandfather being involved. Yuki doesn’t know whats wrong but she tells him to believe whatever he wants so he shouldn’t suddenly lose hope. Idgi but he cheers up and sometime later , he reveals to the group that he’s related to the guy in the case haHAha…… He gets an appointment to meet with his rly busy granddaddy and tells Yuki to wait for him in the city at 1pm while he does his crap before the meeting. Yuki ends up waiting iN THE FUCkING WINTER IN THE CITY UNTIL NIGHT cuz douchebag doesn’t show up until he randomly walks past. YUU THEN HAS THE BALLS TO ASK YUKI WHY SHES STILL WAITING FOR HIm………………………………………….omfg.

Turns out he went to meet with his grandfather alone but never ended up touching on the subject because he was too scared, leaving Yuki there. Yuki being way too forgiving, tells him it wasn’t his fault and Yuu kisses her. After dat he drags her to his place to confront his grandfather.

The case goes from them investigating why a certain company is no longer making new designs -> company making faulty goods which caused the designer to strike -> lowering prices and reusing old designs to support the company. He asks the old man why he’s okay with selling faulty goods which is illegal and he makes up excuses about how THERE ARE THINGS YOU mUST DO TO SUPPORT YOUR COMPANY..EVEN IF ITS BREAKING THE LAW. Welp, Yuu is massively disappointed in him and Yuki steps up and owns that bitch, and they solve the case. Idk if that even made sense because I can’t remember half of it, it was so boring.

Yuu gets no valentines event cuz his family has to deal with the fall out from the case aehuaheuahe.

At graduation, Yuu tells Yuki to meet him after school on the roof. When she arrives he aint there so shes staring off into the distance when he comes up behind her and hugs her. Then he literally asks her to be his helper in the future for his detective job cuz he doesn’t plan on ever leaving her. The end. Omfg. THat WAs HIS EPilOGUE………………………………………… -=≡(☞三☞´༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ`)☞三☞ YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. (ノ*’ω’*)ノ彡┻━┻

Wotdafuq? end spoilers.

I forgot about all that until I was writing this out and omfg I’m suddenly a lot angrier about this route than I was when I started WHAT THE HELL…

Anyways I can’t even, THIS GAME IS VENTURING INTO PISSING-ME -OFF TERRITORY. But I heard the last two guys are actually interesting so I’ll see how that goes. Yuu WHy, I honestly thought he was the kind of guy I’d like the most, BUT HIS ROUTE WAS SO HALFASSED. HIS EPILOGUE I DONT EVEN.




  • Yuu was moe for about 3 scenes maybe, that didn’t even last 2 minutes by the way.


  • EVERY route so far had Yuki doing the “what is this doki?????” thing THAT IS RLY RLY ANNOYINg.


Right now I really wanna drop this game but lmfao 2 guys who are supposed to be good left………will tank Hirasaka. Don’t blame me if I take a rly long time tho. Already thinking about what game to play next.


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  1. Gabby

    “what is this… feeling..?” HAHA you’re right, I’ve seen that sooo many times. I love your blog xD

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