Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steelwood // Hirasaka Kyousuke Route

So after playing through the routes of 3 chars I’m finally on the real story, Hirasaka Kyousuke’s route. Honestly I’m still not convinced even after this route that the game is worth my time but welp, already wasted.

welp. times a wastin

welp. times a wastin

Kyousuke is the teacher in charge of Yuki’s class and also a guy who’s rly lazy with his job. I’m normally not fond of student x teacher romances but………No there’s no but, I’m still not fond of it lmfao. And honestly this route just reinforced the ‘I wanna date Haruki Tatewaki instead’ idea in me, but I guess they realised one rebound route is enough….more on that later on. Also I like him way more than everyone else so I put more screens of him here aheuahuehaea.

While this route was actually interesting in comparison to the last ones I played I can’t say that’s much of an improvement tbh but I’ll leave that to other people who actually thinks this appeals to them.

Spoilers for Hirasaka Kyousuke Route

Instead of after school dates with the other guys the first few events felt like a ‘registration of interest’ because Kyousuke pretty much turns Yuki down for everything lmfao. Bu I don’t get how ‘who to invite out’ suddenly becomes a ‘I wanna study after school more’, which makes Yuki go ask Kyousuke for help.

So his whole route pretty much centered on Yuki’s sister Aki, so much that I thought Kyousuke was also in love with her like a certain…………….

Anyways instead of going to the pool with the kappa experience, Yuki opts to study all day………………………..then head to school and ask Kyousuke for help………..but he’s tending to his beloved little garden that he hid from the school’s admin. The garden turns out to be a gift from Haruki and Aki, who were both in the first class he ever taught at the detective school, to encourage Kyousuke to be a teacher. At the time he was conflicted about quitting his detective work to become a teacher and that apparently sealed the deal. Yuki and Kyousuke bond over vegetable juice from veges harvested from his garden and he sends her home.

The Rokkenjima case ends up rly fked up this time round cuz Yuki pretty much does nothing. Kyousuke, Tatewaki and Kei pretty much get out on their own after scaring Yuki shitless making noises in a supposedly empty mansion.

The next case is Kyousuke death number 2. After solving it, Yuki goes to ask Kyousuke for homework help but he aint in the staffroom so obv has to be with his garden. He ropes Yuki into helping with the vegetable collection and washing and treats her to more juice. This time he says that she’s rly similar to her sister (imPORTANT PLOT POINT 5eva) and Yuki asks in which way, and he replies……..they’re both very manly in the way they drink juice. This upsets Yuki and apparently Kyousuke ends up having to console her for an hour, to which Yuki says she wished never ended.

lmfao nice compliment

lmfao nice compliment

For Halloween, Kaoru invites Yuki again but she doesn’t join. On the day she decides to go visit her sister’s grave and runs into Kyousuke in Harajuku. Turns out he was going to school to tend to his garden but forgot there was Halloween stuff going on, scared that he was gonna be roped in to help, he ran away lmfao. They both go to visit Aki’s grave and Kyousuke tells Yuki about Aki the way he knew her. Yuki realises her sister wasn’t as super cool as she thought and Kyousuke brings her back to the school where he shows her egg plants that Aki planted on a whim. Then Yuki finds out that Aki and Tatewki were probably dating (AT THIS POINT I WAS VERY DISTRESSED, ALSO IMPORTANT!!). Yuki is sad that she was meant to be the closest to them but didn’t notice at all, which isn’t surprising. Kyousuke consoles her and Yuki asks if he has someone important like that, to which he throws a tantrum like a baby saying he sorry he doesn’t lmao.

There’s another small pointless event with Kyousuke asking Yuki to make him pumpkin tarts but that was it.

Close to Christmas, Yuki visits Aki’s grave again because she died around then. Kyousuke beat her to the punch and is already there. Apparently nothing happens and he walks Yuki home at night when it starts snowing. Yuki lends him a handwarmer and sees that Kyousuke’s hands are all injured from the cold and tending to his garden to which she insists that he moisturise often and gives him a pair of gloves. Kyousuke is surprised she has something on hand that fits him so well, but it was just a failed knitting project hahaha, she made the wrong size and he takes it anyway. Before he leaves her, he asks her out for new years, saying he wants to pray for her safe graduation and Yuki is ecstatic. Welp.

After he leaves, Tatewaki runs into Yuki who notices she’s really happy. He puts together the dots before Yuki even has time to go “WHAT IS THIS FEELING?” and says that he supports her in the conquest of Kyousuke. Yuki tries to change the subject and asks him whether he was dating her sister, to which he was like OH YOU KNEW?……………………cries. Apparently he confessed to her but they were gonna stay friends till graduation where he was going to confess again but…..she died right before graduation…

On new years, Yuki is worried that Kyousuke forgot their promise but he turns up right on time surprising her. They goto the shrine and run into Kaoru and head off to his store for tea. Kyousuke then tries to tell Yuki something but Kaoru is cockblocking and won’t let them be alone. But instead of anything saucy it was just to do with Aki’s death; Kyousuke asks if Yuki wants to investigate it for her graduation case on the off chance that it wasn’t an accident. He also adds in that it’ll come with the condition of him being there to supervise at all times and while Kaoru is against it Yuki remembers that her sister once said ‘detectives cannot run away from a case; there is nothing a detective would be better off not knowing’. Kaoru is almost in tears going ‘I don’t wanna lose anyone else’ for some reason but accepts Yuki’s resolve…….saying everything was an act to test her. Kyousuke is then like wait that was an ac- *get’s kicked*. Kaoru says that he must’ve saw Aki in Yuki for him to get that emotional………………………….welp.

Investigation time and Aki was last investigating some grade schooler’s request to find this ‘nakiwarashi’, basically a legendary young boy who just cries, but no one ever sees him.

From here on out all my notes on the route contains is Tatewaki Haruki’s name lmfao.

Yuki finds out from the kid who requested Aki to investigate that she was last seen chasing a guy her age, whom she was speaking to as if they were acquainted earlier. Going from this hint and a description of the guy (short hair, no glasses, thin) they end up realising it probably is Tatewaki Haruki.

From here I’m just gonna call him Haruki to make it easier. Yuki and Kyousuke confront Tatewaki’s father and he tells them to call Haruki’s real mother. So she explains that his real name is Yoshino Haruki and that when he was younger, his father’s company went bankrupt and his father became abusive. When his mother couldn’t take it anymore and murdered his father in front of Haruki he lost his memories from the shock. Wotdafuq. And from that he developed dissociative identity disorder, which even Haruki doesn’t know he has.

Yuki is rly shocked at learning the truth and wonders what this has to do with Aki’s death……..until Kyousuke proposes to meet with this ‘other’ Haruki. Kaoru goes nopenopenopenope but Yuki dgaf.

this was literally the best way they could show a grown man acting like a child

this was literally the best way they could show a grown man acting like a child

They wait at night and see Haruki wondering out of his house and tail him. Yuki notices something off about Haruki and talks to him to which he mistakes her for Aki, so obviously they knew each other. Haruki starts..crying……………so the identity of the nakiwarashi was him……………his other personality is the 5 year old Haruki who saw his mother kill his father. Kyousuke asks about Aki’s accident to which Haruki says he has nothing to do with and runs away. Yuki chases after him but is almost run over by a car but Kyousuke and Kaoru drag her back and save her. Haruki starts crying again and says that he almost let the same thing that happened to Aki, occur again and with that the case was solved. The truth of the situation was that Aki found out about his other personality and spent every night till her death consoling him but one day he suddenly ran onto the road and she pushed him out of the way, getting hit by the car herself and dying.

BABy.....................( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

BABy…………………( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

Finding out about this Haruki leaves the school to get treated.

On Valentines, Yuki is about to give chocolate to Kyousuke when she overhears him say he’s going to leave the school as well. Yuki drops the chocolate and runs away.

Come some days later Yuki runs into Haruki who tells her how the truth made him wanna kill himself ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) but he suddenly saw Aki’s ghost, which talked sense back into him. Haruki is like, ‘yo face up 2 ur fears’ and Yuki starts to realise she’s being a baby.

no she aint bein tsundere

no she aint bein tsundere

She goes to meet with Kyousuke who then tells her she dropped something, which was her chocolate for him. So she tells him that it was valentines chocolate for him to which he’s like ‘o wow im da bomb, gettin choc from mah students’ which gets Yuki angry at him. She tells him that ‘she’s a girl tooooooooo’ and runs away……………….wat (✿◉◡◉)

After that Yuki doesn’t even speak to Kyousuke anymore and graduation comes around. Before Yuki has a chance to go to the afterparty with her team, Kyousuke comes around and drags her to the garden. He tells her that he’s gonna be leaving the school to become the next supah deetective ‘Steelwood’ lmfao and asks Yuki to be his helper. Then he confesses…..that he doesn’t actually have that much ‘love’ for her but he doesn’t want her to be taken away by another guy. Omfg wateven. Lazy character. Lazy confession.

Come epilogue and its been 5 years since. Nothing has changed much and even Yuki asks herself why she likes this guy ( ◜◡༎ຶ).

p much me

p much me

He brings her back to the garden and tells Yuki to LISTEN CAREFULLY CUZ HE’S ONLY SAYING IT ONCE…………

5 years,,,,,,,u know it couldve actually been shown instead of left to our imaginations how he fell for her in the first place

5 years,,,,,,,u know it couldve actually been shown instead of left to our imaginations how he fell for her in the first place

Yuki is like wat but suddenly she hears it again. Kyousuke is like WHY IS THERE ANOTHER ME?…….Haruki was actually watching them and recorded it lmfao (* `◟ 、) he tells Yuki that he’ll send it to her later AHHAhahAHHA. Kyousuke tells him to delete it right away but Haruki replies with ‘not till you make Yuki happy’ and well, Kyousuke confesses his love to Yuki. The end. (  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )

End spoilers

ME@THE END:(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )(  ・᷄ὢ・᷅  )

ME@HARUKI: _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ_( `◟ 、_ )ノシ_( `◟ 、_ )ノシ_( `◟ 、_ )ノシ_( `◟ 、_ )ノシ_( `◟ 、_ )ノシ_( `◟ 、_ )ノシ

And my post won’t be complete without this

not rly a spoiler

not rly a spoiler

I endured this, can I finally have my Haru-nii now? He hit ALL my husbando points omfg.

I mean sure, this was WAY more interesting than the other routes but…It sorta gave me this feeling of what the fuck, because what even. Kyousuke doesn’t seem like he was in love with Yuki at all and the way Yuki suddenly fell for him was slightly better but not by much. Kyousuke is p funny but uhh… this is a romance game right…………………………. The whole thing about Aki seemed to take priority over the story than anything about Yuki???? Idk, I felt like Yuki didn’t really do much other than investigate and get shocked over what she found then just listened to everyone elses’ problems. Her own life got shafted for someone who was dead.



  • now I kno y they didnt let me pursue Haru-nii but doesnt stop me wanting to; this was more interesting than HEY MATSUYAMA DENKI……….


  • wasnt this a little tldr for that one chapter that was actually important??? give me the option to skip cases at least omfg
  • lol ppl magically falling in love with eachother; kaoru magically being worried to tears about someone who was meant to be just a random he met a few months ago

Srsly what? Welp I got one char left and a whole lot of games I wanna play next, can’t wait to finish this lmfao.


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