Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steelwood // Fuyou Kaoru End and Final Thoughts

Okei, last chara for this game lmfao, Fuyou Kaoru. He’s the owner of a fashion store in Harajuku that asks Yuki to help him find the key to his store after he drops it. After that favour from Yuki, he tells Yuki that she can come by whenever and ask him for help cuz he’s quite the pro investigator himself.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone................

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…………….

As I thought, this guy is probably likely to be the main guy, since his story is pretty much the best one out of all the chars. Despite that though, since playing the other chars and seeing how he reacts to Aki I knew roughly what to expect. He was also the only char to make me rage hardcore (╬◞≼◉≽◟:.;;◞益◟,;;.:◞≼◉≽) cuz he pretty much did everything I was hoping he wouldn’t.

It also took me a while to realise but lmfao. This game is really short and doesn’t have alternate ends???? Except for Kaoru’s route which has a ‘normal’ end, but that’s not for him but more of a default generic end for Yuki that just splits from Kaoru’s route. I’ll write about that here too.

Spoilers (CG++++++++) for Fuyou Kaoru route and normal end

His route doesn’t really start until the supposed pool event, except like in Kyousuke route, Yuki doesn’t go. This time she walks around Harajuku and runs into Kaoru who invites her to the summer festival. She turns up to his store at night and he gives her a yukata.

They go to the festival and he leaves her alone to buy food. After 20 minutes Yuki gets worried and goes to look for him only to find herself lost. Then he turns up behind her almost in tears thinking she disappeared like someone. Yuki not knowing what’s wrong could only console him by saying she wasn’t going anywhere. You see where I’m heading with this? He notices that her feet are all cut up from running in geta (I’m not too sure if that’s what ppl wear with yukata but you get my point) so he bandages her up and they watch the fireworks. When they head home, Kaoru says that he wants to spend more time with her… I can smell the impure intentions as I was playing this.

During the Rokkenjima case, the same things happen as in Kyousuke’s route. This time though, she hears the voices but is too scared to check it out and instead recieves a message from Kaoru saying that he’s waiting for her to return and wants to eat with her. Whateven.

After the case is solved and Yuki get’s off the bus at school, she heads straight to Kaoru’s store. Finding out that she came to him first thing after arriving home, he’s happy and immediately takes her out to dinner.

In the next event he takes Yuki out shoe shopping. No joke lmfao.

Now things actually start happening at Halloween. Yuki doesn’t end up joining any of the activities and walks by Kaoru’s shop. She notices that he’s busy cuz of the fashion parade happening in Harajuku and Yuki offers to help him out but he refuses, saying she should enjoy the festivities. Yuki then pouts and says that he’s gonna break his promise of spending Halloween with her if he won’t let her tail him around helping him and so he concedes. All the while Kaoru is like ‘omg ur so like her….’. After his work is done, they finally rest and Kaoru talks about Aki, Yuki’s dead sister. Yuki is surprised he knew her and he tells her he was Aki’s friend and HoW YuKI IS SIMiALR TO FKING AKI………………….

watch him

watch him

eat his fking words

eat his fking words

At the time Yuki was flattered that she was similar to her repspected sister and so they go out for dinner. Then Kaoru stops Yuki and tells her that on Halloween you’re supposed to say something. Reluctantly Yuki says ‘trick or treat’ and Kaoru jokes about how he’s gonna play a trick on Yuki, who freaks out. Afterward tho, Kaoru says that it would’ve been okay to play a trick on her too…

On the new student orientation day, while Yuki is looking for the thief that broke into the principal’s office with Kei, someone grabs her from behind and covers her mouth. Yuki was actually able to fight back with some self defense that Aki taught her, surprising her assailant, who was actually Kaoru. Kaoru is surprised that Yuki could do such an ‘Aki-like’ thing until Yuki explains that Aki was in fact the one that taught her. Kaoru goes quiet for a while and then tells Yuki that lately he’s been thinking about her and wondering why, then concludes that it must be because of Aki. Yuki flips her shit at him (about time) saying pretty much that she’s nothing to him if her sister was not around. I’m guessing Kaoru finally realises what’s going on and he apologises, with Yuki realising that she is jealous of her sister with the attention he’s giving her. She apologises too and tells him to forget what she just said and he says he will, watdafuq. Kei pops up at this point, worried about how Yuki suddenly disappeared and they go solve the case.

punch him nao yuki do it

punch him nao yuki do it

After Yuki’s exams, Kaoru turns up to her school waiting for her. Yuki goes to see what’s up and he invites her out for a Christmas date, saying that he wants to be with her no matter what on Christmas. Needless to say this makes Yuki doki and she says okay. After Yuki leaves, Kaoru quietly apologises. Omfg no pls.

ere he is.....mr impure intentions 1000%

ere he is…..mr impure intentions 1000%

As per other routes, she shops for a present with Haruki who cheers her on. She decides on a necklace for Kaoru.

On Christmas, Yuki get to the meeting spot early and Kaoru drags her back to the classroom that he and Aki were during their school days. He tells Yuki about his past, how he moved from the countryside and didn’t know left from right when Aki stopped to ask if he needed help. Aki then became friends with him and introduced him to Haruki and Kyousuke and he literally says ‘do you see how I feel towards Aki now?’. Omfg. Wat watw at wa t this is not the unmei i wanted.

Yuki is speechless and Kaoru apologises, that he was spending Christmas with her only as a replacement for the Christmas he couldn’t spend with Aki because she died right before it. Seven years ago, Aki, Kyousuke, Haruki and Kaoru promised that they would spend Christmas together in that classroom and Kaoru decided he was going to confess to her but see where that got her lmfao. Yuki is like fk this shit and tells Kaoru to confess now then to Aki because he was the only one that couldn’t move on from Aki’s death.

why does it feel like Yuki always gets the shit end of the stick

why does it feel like Yuki always gets the shit end of the stick

....dang this guy

….dang this guy

Kaoru does so and starts crying, confessing his love for Aki and asking her if its okay to move on. Yuki just silently hugs him from behind. After this, Yuki is pretty depressed but Kaoru says that he’s going to start seeing Yuki for who she is and not her sister, asking her out on new years. ( ´◉ c_,◉`* )

On new years, they go to the shrine together and Kaoru says he’s sorry for all the trouble he caused her the year before and that he’s moved on (?????? what the hell couldn’t do it for 7 years but could do it in 6 days??????). Yuki zones out thinking about how bad she feels for being jealous of her sister and Kaoru asks her what’s wrong. Of course Yuki says nothing, but Kaoru can see that she’s lying and says that lying kids need medicine, so drags her back to his store and gives her the Christmas present he never gave, a necklace with a star pendant. This makes her remember the present that she never gave him either so she gives him the necklace that she picked out with Haruki, a locket one. Kaoru is like ??? then !!! and asks Yuki why she didn’t put her photo in it lmfao.

Kyousuke comes by at this point and does the whole thing he did in his route about investigating Aki’s death to see if it was truly an accident. This time though, Kaoru was really only playing around when he told Yuki she shouldn’t investigate. He’s finally able to accept Aki’s death and Yuki starts investigating.

Instead of Hirasaka being by Yuki’s side, this time it’s mainly Kaoru accompanying her during the investigation. After a while Kaoru realises Aki and Haruki were probably going out with each other and that makes Yuki sad, esp how he admits to have been jealous of Haruki. ( ‾      ˌ̫̮     ◝)

That night when they were both leaving the school, Kaoru brings Yuki to the school roof to look at the stars. he tells her that when he just moved to Tokyo, Aki, Kyousuke and Haruki broguht him up there to make him feel better cuz it looks just like his country-side home.

After that they call Haruki’s biological mother and find out the truth about his past >refer to Kyousuke post.

Normal End

Kyousuke suggests that they go meet this ‘other’ Haruki and they wait for Haruki to leave his house at night. Same things happen, Yuki chases Haruki and almost gets run over again etc. This time we get delicious CG action.

dun tell me not 2 ship dis

dun tell me not 2 ship dis

cuz id rather dis dan kaoru

cuz id rather dis dan kaoru

but i guess the rebound-ness of dat route would b 2 hardcore

but i guess the rebound-ness of dat route would b 2 hardcore

After all that Haruki finds out his condition and asks Yuki to go to Aki’s grave with him. Haruki starts talking about how it was his fault Aki died and starts breaking down but then suddenly they both hear Aki’s voice. Looking at her grave they end up seeing her ghost (???wotdafuq) and she tells them both to be happy and that she loves Haruki. At this point, playing Yuki I felt like such a third wheel haha.

( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) totes

( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) totes

In the end, Yuki safely graduates and becomes a detective. Haruki also gets cured and becomes a teacher. Yuki says that she’s writing a letter to her sister in her heart, which tells her that they’re both happy now so she doesn’t need to worry anymore. ( ◜◡‾ )(‾◡◝ ​​)

Kaoru End

After the event with Haruki, he goes off to get treatment and Yuki becomes a hikikomori. Since Haruki is no longer at the school and she finished her exams, she doesn’t feel like going anymore.

Kaoru suddenly texts her and asks her to go out with him the day after and absentmindedly Yuki agrees. Then she gets another text from Akio saying that she wanted to make chocolate together for Valentines, and that’s when it hits Yuki, Kaoru asked her out for Valentines hahaha. So she quickly gets to work to make chocolate for Kaoru.

On Valentines day, she goes to Kaoru’s store and he takes her back to the alley that Haruki ran out of and almost got Yuki hit by a car. How romantic. ( థ౪థ`) He confesses that he was scared shitless when he thought that Yuki was about to die and Yuki says that’s how she felt when she saw Haruki dash out. Then Kaoru confesses that it was also when he realised there was a part of him that also loved Yuki. Asking how Yuki felt, she tells him of course she loves him too and uh okay…. in the end it’s only a ‘part of him’ that loves her wow.

In the epilogue, Yuki graduates and is heading to the after party with Juunosuke and Yuu, but she’s busy looking for Kaoru who said he’d be there. Juunosuke wonders what she’s doing and Kaoru randomly appears on one knee? He starts ichaicha-ing with Yuki to scare Juunosuke off and Yuu just sighs and tells Juunosuke to go with him. Yuki and Kaoru end up celebrating alone that day, leaving Juunosuke a sausage fest for a graduation after party. _ノ乙(、ン、)_

Five years later, Yuki is Kyousuke’s helper, presumably after he becomes the next ‘steelwood’ lmfao. He calls Yuki ‘Horikita’ to which Kaoru butts in and says that she is no longer a ‘Horikita’. Not knowing wtf is wrong with Kaoru, he defaults to calling Yuki by her name which pisses Kaoru off even more.  He orders Kyousuke to call Yuki, ‘Fuyou’ and HIM Kaoru instead HAhahhHAHA watdafuq. Apparently they got married a month prior even though he proposed almost right after she graduated _(ᅙωᅙ๑_ )_ , with Yuki thinking that it’d make Kaoru settle down, but his possessiveness knows no bounds.



That night they promised to eat dinner together but while waiting for Kaoru to finish his work, Yuki falls asleep. For some odd reason instead of waking her up, Kaoru decides to carry her bridal style to the car. The end. Whateven.

Omake Stuff

There’s a mini story about Akio’s group and How she’s jealous that Yuki’s group always have so much fun together since they get along so well.

And another about Haruki and Aki, and her death. _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ Harukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, at the end of that it has Aki watching over Yuki and commenting on how everyones flirting with her cute sister. Siscon even in death.

There are also some 4komas and random CGs that don’t appear in game but Idk what the point of those were. Can’t say this game has no good extras tho.

End spoilers lmfao whateven did I just play????????

I’m not sure I ever full comped a game and cared so little for it after hahahahaha……………..

The three guys in Yuki’s group were really boring. Then Hirasaka Kyousuke’s route made no sense. And then Kaoru’s route made even less sense, as sad as it was. I have so many gripes with the investigation/examination system that I don’t even. Like what was the point of the exams? They don’t appear to increase the love meter at all and while I was playing Kyousuke’s route, I can safely say I got some things wrong cuz I was sheer cbf but I still ended up full comping his route. I’m so glad I don’t need to play it anymore.

This game would’ve been so much better if I could just…Haru nii -=≡(☞三☞´༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ`)☞三☞ but parts of his roles overlap with Kyousuke and Kaoru. The way things worked out I felt so bad for Yuki, like even in death her sister outshines her in almost every way.

The lack of eroi was probably also something that made it really boring. Like Hibiki and Kaoru both didn’t get a kiss CG (Kaoru’s ‘kiss’ was mentioned as a passing line haha and Hibiki didn’t even get one at all).

I dunno what’s wrong with the skip but sometimes I can’t skip things I’ve read so I had to smash in my O button. Gahh whateven.





  • Character interactions were funny
  • Good omake/extra CGs
  • ????


  • pls make sense next time
  • stupid system
  • pls stop shafting Yuki in her own story
  • srsly you only have 6 ends?????
  • haru-nii needs a route pls

In the end my favourite character in this game wasn’t even an obtainable one, what does that even say about this game?

Since this is the last post on this game;

Plot ranking of routes (best plot to lolwtf?):

  1. …Kaoru??
  2. Yuu
  3. Kyousuke
  4. The rest of the chars

However if I ranked chars alone…:

  1. Haru-nii
  2. …………………….i dont think i actually liked anyone in particular what the hell

So in this case I’d recommend people play in the order:

  1. Juunosuke/Hibiki
  2. Yuu
  3. Kyousuke
  4. Kaoru

Honestly though, if you don’t wanna full comp this game, I think it’s probably fine to just play one of the students (probably Yuu) and then Kaoru’s route and you get the full jist of the game. I’m not even kidding. But I guess the emotional impact of Kaoru’s route would lessen a bit, not that I was completely moved or anything, I spent the whole time going what the fuck Kaoru srsly?????? (ノ*’ω’*)ノ彡┻━┻

Wow and I was just typing the title of this post and I completely forgot the name of the game lmfao……………………………………..

Ahhh, now to pick another game…I said I would try something 和風 but Otomate is starting to wear me down with its lack of anything. Maybe I’ll play that shinigami game from Quinrose…


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