First Impressions of Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- // Glasyas Route

I’m not sure what compelled me to play Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- but I vaguely recall wanting to romance a char voiced by Kishio Daisuke so I did and how my interests always lie in games that no one bothers to care about.

they do this too wow

they do this too wow

Anyways I’m sure by now most people probably also had that idea that this game was complete shit and because of that I honestly had no expectations for this game either w w w.


this is what I think

this is what I think

Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- otherwise known as Solomon’s Ring -Chapter of Fire-….has absolutely nothing to do with that book. The prologue of this game (not sure if the others are the same) centers around the main character Lily, a 17 year old who was orphaned after the early death of her parents. She was raised by her grandfather who owns a library and a year ago on his deathbed, he passes on the legacy of Solomon’s Ring to Lily, ie. he just gives her the ring and tells her it’s her responsibility now. Apparently within Lily runs the blood of King Solomon (???wateven) so she possesses supah powers (that the ring grants her rly). Using the ring she would be able to seal demons, should they ever come back to the human realm and attack humankind. Scoffing at the idea of demons, Lily tearfully just agrees to everything because the old fogey was dying.

At the present time, Lily just thinks the ring is a nice looking heirloom and wears it. That night, on the way home from working at the library Lily encounters some weirdass penguin looking things with sharp scissory claws, which were demons. Unlike most heroines you’d encounter she basically runs away screaming for her life and when cornered accidentally seals those demons in her ring.

Sorry rly long post ahead ww

After this event basically she notices the presence of demons more and these three ikemen demons start aiming for her life and somehow along the way she gets one to fall for her. That’s the jist of the story.

Ignoring every other inconsistency so far I’ll introduce the characters and yes all love interests are demons.

There’s Asmodeus voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki; he reminds me a bit of Ren from UtaPri so far but he’s mainly a flirt. Konishi uses his Blood Dupre voice so I just sorta (ꏿωꏿ) every time he appears. He hates this supah demon called Lucifer.

Glasyas, read as Gracias voiced by Kishio Daisuke who I went for first mHMmm. He’s basically the neutral party in this game and is a kuudere who loves reading. This guy was also exactly the type I love in otome games so this opinion is probably very biased lmfao gomen.



And then there’s Paimon, straight from the Digiworld. He’s Lucifer’s digimon (read as: servant) and I’m not sure what to call him but I’d think he’s close to a tsundere? Basically him and Asmodeus duke it out a lot cuz of opposing loyalties.

Now for some spoilers gracias

So continuing on from what I said about the prologue, the day after Lily gets attacked and the ring sucks up the demons like a vacuum cleaner, she has this dream of a shelf in the library falling and injuring her friend Alicia + loads of other people around. When she goes to work at the library, she notices that there are these three hotties watching her and being plain creepy. No seriously, they acted sorta like they were her long time friend, being protective and stuff so I was like ????.

Basically things start playing out like in her dream and Lily catches on fairly fast, quickly shooing everyone out of the way of the falling shelf and saves the day. If this were an otomate game, this would have to happen at least 3 more times before the heroine would get it lmfao.

Somehow, after this event Lily and the three creepy hotties become acquainted with them watching her at the library I presume (kimoi). One night, Lily dreams that Paimon is gonna break into her place and threaten her life (first they were acquainted then he’s threatening her life????????) She wakes up and things play out like that again, but in a nick of time, Asmodeus comes along and stops the guy from dragging her away. She realises that they’re both demons and sorta shits her pants until Gracias….LITERALLY FKING JUST WALKS HER OUT THE DOOR WHILE ASMODEUS AND PAIMON FIGHT. Omfg whateven.

He explains to her that loads of demons have a grudge against those of King Solomon’s bloodline, since the guy protected humans by sealing them all up. If the demons were able to get their hands on the ring, then they pretty much have the world at their mercy. Additionally, if they were able to consume her soul, that’d grant them even more power. So it’s a 2 for 1 deal.

Asmodeus, for reasons unknown holds a massive hate for Lucifer and wants Lily’s power for himself, which Paimon works for, explaining why they’re fighting. Lily then asks Gracias if he’s a demon and he’s just like yep, WANNA SEE? and poofs into demon form. Being neutral, he says that he doesn’t want anyone to get their hands on the ring or her, which is why he saved her but then he just fking leaves her in a back alley???? Yeah… This really doesnt make any sense.

At the same time, IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR FIGHT, Paimon decides to login to skype and call up Lucifer via video chat to report the situation to him. Lucifer tells Paimon to let Lily fatten up with magic power to make her fit for his consumption, so stop all little demons from killing her. Even Asmodeus is like “HELLO I CAN HEAR YOUR PLANS GUYS.”

After that, Lily has another dream of many little demons coming for her after she finishes work and that Gracias pops up to help her. When she wakes up, of course the days events happen the same way. When Gracias pops up to save the day he says that him on his own can’t protect her so they need to form a contract.

preh much

preh much

Lily does so and he defeats all the demons. If he was such a neutral party why is he submitting to her willingly??? By this point I hope everyone can acknowledge how sense no make this plot is.

Being a homeless demon, he now has to live with Lily to protect her. Lily cooks up a storm like a master chef but Gracias is like “No me interest” and refuses to eat gross human food. This hurts Lily’s feelings cuz since the day they made the contract he wouldn’t become friendly with her and sits in his room reading books all day.

Next day she’s working at the library and Asmodeus casually flirts with her. WHAT THE FUCK mAN, LAST TIME THEY MET HE WAS AFTER HER LIFE. Lily also CASUALLY asks Asmodeus whether demons need to eat to survive and Asmodeus tells her that they eat things like human blood and flesh or souls but have no real need for ‘human food’ although it would provide a tiny bit of energy.

He tells her though, that Gracias is more likely to eat a book because he’s never seen him eat; he’s literally the ‘book worm’ of the demon realm.

………this game is making less sense as i play


After that, Lily cooks more food and tells Gracias to eat with her. As usual he refuses but this time….SHE ORDERS HIM lmfao. Good job. Gracias shits himself and yells at Lily “YOUR FIRST ORDER AS MY MASTER IS TO FORCE ME TO EAT??????” ( ◜◒◝ )

Anyway he submits and Lily gets him a plate of soup….but drops it and breaks the plate while getting soup all over herself. Gracias decides that to taste test the soup he’ll just lick it up off her arm =͟͟͞͞(    ε:)…

Sometime later, Lily has a dream of the small fry demons killing people again and she screams and cries in her sleep. Gracias wakes her asking her whats wrong…and turns out she never actually told the guy she has dreams which predict the future omfg (NOTE THIS; IT HAPPENS A LOT). Gracias tells her that those little demons are all Lucifer’s underlings, and that when Lucifer wages war, it’s actually genocide of his enemies. Since this time it’s humans, Lily decides she has to do something but she rly can’t.

Gracias tells her that she has him, but she feels bad for relying on him so much so she needs to train up her magic. Cue fate/stay magic implanting and Gracias kisses Lily’s ear to give her some of his magic power (w a t).

While Lily is studying on magic at the library, Gracias tells her that he’s part of this Solomon’s top 72 demon hierarchy thing, so not only is he strong, he also has the ability to use special magic. His magic is that he’s able to draw/see whatever future he desires using human blood. Pretty shit ‘special’ magic if you ask me but Lily is like ‘that means you need to kill people and killing is bad so no’. Okay.jpg.

Following this, she grinds little demons to level up with Gracias and for some odd reason, even though she’s performed demon sealings before this time she acts like it never happened before. #CONTINUITY?WHATCONTINUITY? Doing this adds to her magic so Gracias tells her to keep doing it.

One day Gracias tells Lily that she can rely on him because of the contract between them but lol, she says she believes in HIM. This confuses Gracias’ little demon heart and he ends up stroking Lily’s cheek for a while. :(;<>◞౪◟<>): me gusta

There’s an event where Lily dreams that demons attack her other friend Flora and kill her so Lily goes to protect her. When it does happen though, the demon only manages to graze Flora cuz Lily pushes her away. However she notices that normal people can’t see the demons. DESPITE this, when Gracias comes along to save Lily and tells her to seal the thing, Lily refuses cuz…THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND. Omfg. If people can’t see the demons why does it matter if she seals them in front of them or not????? Gracias casually puts everyone to sleep and Lily seals them.

She has another dream which is different from the rest though. A new higher demon killing people and drawing a magic circle with their blood, but before she sees his face, she always wakes up. Not knowing whether it was a predictive dream Lily goes to work but feels sick thinking about it. Despite living with Gracias it ends up being like a week before she tells him about her dream, wondering if it was Paimon or Asmodeus.

Lily ends up dreaming the same thing for the whole time and wakes up in the middle of the night from it. Unlike normally, she realises that Gracias is gone so……….she does the smart thing and runs around the town in the middle of the night looking for him. She ends up at the same place as her dreams and hears a guy scream. Approaching the place she sees the same demon from her dreams doing the magic ritual, only this time he peaks to her and surprise surprise, it’s Gracias.

He tells her that he’s been killing people, using their blood to see even for a little bit, the future he wants. Guess what future that is? It’s a future of unlimited knowledge, one where he is able to know whatever he wants. Whateven. He tells her that the people he’s been killing have dirty gross blood which only gives a shitty view of that future, so he needs something pure and powerful like a descendant of Solomon’s blood, her’s. He confesses that he only formed a contract with her so that he could monopolise her existence and keep her blood to himself HAHAHAHAHA. Not wanting to give her blood to him, Lily shits her pants again being unable to do anything. Gracias just sorta sighs and is like ‘welp I’m gonna keep killing randoms then’ and ollies the fuck out and doesn’t come back. _(;゚。3;」∠ )_ ???????

Lily finds out that all the people Gracias has been killing were criminals that no one gives about anyway, so in some weird way he was actually making the town safer. Lmfao.

That night she dreams of Paimon attacking her again because Gracias wasn’t there to protect her and when it happens…Lily fking owns the guy with the new magic she’s learnt HAHahhAHAH. In the end he overpowers her and she screams for Gracias’ help and then he pops up to teabag Paimon. He tells Lily that no matter where she calls him from, he’ll always fly to her aid, cuz that was part of the contract.

Knowing he can’t beat Gracias, Paimon tells Lily that Gracias plans on killing her anyway. Not denying it, Gracias tells her that Lucifer will kill her if he doesn’t, so who does she wanna be killed by (๑>◡╹๑)〜♥♡♥〜(๑╹◡<๑)?………………………..Of course Lily chooses to stay by Gracias’ side and Paimon flies outta there.

He reports this to his master Lucifer and Lucifer figures that Gracias is probably developing ~feelings~ for Lily. So like any demon, he plans on using this against him.

One night Lily notices that Gracias is missing again and fears that he’s out killing again. So instead of y’know, calling him to come back like a master does, she goes out to LOOK for him………………She stumbles on him killing people and tries to stop him with her noob defensive magic. However as noob as she is she can’t do anything and Asmodeus pops up to casually tell her a story about how Lucifer can control demons by whispering sweet words of lurve in dere ears. This leads Lily to believe that Gracias is being controlled and to stop him, Asmodeus tells her to seal Gracias in Solomon’s Ring.

Bad End

Lily refuses to seal Gracias, saying that she loves him and Asmodeus is dumbfounded for a moment. Then he just laughs and goes ‘well I’m not helping you if you wont seal him, bye!’ AND FLIES AWAY. WHAT THE FUK JHAHAHahHA….

Im sorry

Im sorry

i actually

i actually

burst out laughing here

burst out laughing here

Gracias eventually breaks through Lily’s defense magic and starts choking her. He then stabs her and cuts her carotid artery so she’s gonna just bleed to death. While this happens he’s pretty much boasting about W00T BLOOD FOH MAH FUTURE…….

Knowing she’s gonna die anyway, Lily decides to confess her feelings to him. She tells him she loves him and kisses him. Like any fairy tale, true love breaks any curse and Gracias comes back into his right frame of mind and is like OH shit what am I doing????





Happy that Gracias is back Lily apologises to him, but he’s desperately trying to save her to no avail. In the end she dies in his arms after apologising. Gracias realises his feelings and continues to hug Lily’s corpse.

At the end he says that a world without her is monotonous. If he hadn’t met her, he wouldn’t suffer these feelings but at the same time, not know true happiness. So that while he holds Lily’s corpse that has now grown cold, he draws the curtains to a close on this world.


Dark End

Same as bad end, Gracias kills Lily.

After she dies though, he’s in such a state of shock that he tries to wake her up and is full of guilt. As he holds her body, Solomon’s Ring glows and she comes back as a ghost.

mhMm...I can taste dat despair

mhMm…I can taste dat despair

He confesses that he loves her too and Lily tells him to accept all her love, and transfers all the magic of Solomon’s Ring and her own into him and poofs out of existence. Despite that, Gracias asks whether there is any point is existing anymore and is answered by Lucifer who tells him “lol ya, she was only one human girl why do u care????”

At this point Gracias takes the power of Solomon’s Ring and throws it in Lucifer’s face, destroying the world. No seriously, he destroys the fucking world LOOOL. Calmly telling himself that Lily would probably tell him off for destroying everything she tried to protect, he creates an arrow of fire….and pierces them both.

Kishio made this much more happy for me to read w w w #doS4lyf

Kishio made this much more happy for me to read w w w #doS4lyf

Good End

Lily tells Asmodeus she planned to seal Gracias from the start so Asmodeus helps weaken Gracias and Lily seals him. As he’s being vacuumed into the ring though, Gracias tells Lily that it’s fine, now he won’t be able to hurt anyone anymore ( *’々’*) and poofs.

Sometime after that Asmodeus talks to Lily and reveals that………..after sealing Gracias Lily’s magic power went up by so much that Lucifer turned around and ran away with his tail between his legs. Oh, my, fking whateven.



Then Asmodeus bids farewell to Lily and goes back to the demon world. Lily at this point feels empty and goes to clear out the room Gracias stayed in. While packing up the mountain of books, she finds a magic one….and spots a release spell.

……………………guess what happens?

Yeah she performs it and releases him. His desire for knowledge/killing is no longer there anymore so he can finally live normally (?) besides Lily.


…..Doesn’t this mean Lucifer will want to kill her again?

Best End

Same thing happens as good end.

This time, Solomon’s Ring sucked away all of Gracias’ magic power so Lily is still powerful. But this leaves him to pretty much become a human.

And they live happily ever after.

what i don’t even

Before anyone asks:

  • Yes the plot doesn’t make sense
  • Lily’s character doesn’t make sense (kick ass at one moment and not in the next)

But for some odd reason I still enjoyed this game? But these would probably be: kuudere, Kishio Daisuke, I was looking for a short game and the fact that I already had a pretty low expectation for this game. If you’ve read my Black Wolves Saga posts you’d probably realise I really like despair and suffering in my games so, the good ends (good and best) aside, I reaLLY SPECTACULARLY enjoyed those bad ends (and there were two!).

The system of the game plays sorta like Confidential Money, as in you unlock extra scenes from other perspectives (well mainly from the guy you’re chasing in Solomon’s Ring) from the second playthrough. Seeing Gracias dealing with his feelings for Lily was very cute www.

Another thing I remember going wtf at was the name input system. They have the alphabet, hiragana and katakana, most other games at least have kanji omfg. I couldn’t input my name. But thats nothing important I guess????

From what I saw in the credits there were 2 people doing the scripting so I’m assuming the better writer wrote the bad ends lmfao, because they were much more poetic and interesting that anything else that was written. For most of the game, everything was really sudden (like randomly springing information on the player as: “OH YEAH LATELY THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING IN TOWN….”) and very abrupt.

I’m still not sure whether I want to keep playing this game since I’m not particularly interested in the other two characters or their seiyuu but this game was more interesting than the last game I played Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steelwood and infinitely better than Custom Drive. I’m not sure how serious the programming bugs are but I got one which caused my whole game to suddenly become unvoiced which confused me to hell until I restarted the system.

Also I didn’t notice until I transferred all my screenshots from my PSP to my computer but it seems like the art (sprites/cgs) are all sorta pixelly? This wasn’t really noticeable on the PSP so I wouldn’t count it as a major flaw or anything but it could potentially annoy people (on top of everything else lmfao)



  • the text is so hilariously bad that it’s good
  • the story premise was actually interesting….until I saw the execution ahahahaha………………………..
  • GRACIAS. Well I liked his character ww
  • nice omake voices….goes on for like 2 minutes


  • bad writing lmfao but I aint picky with things that are interesting……..
  • could’ve wished for more sexy events but I can deal
  • I think every problem with this game probably falls under the bad writing

If you’re able to stomach a messed up sense of a suspension of disbelief, then maybe you’d enjoy this game too. I dunno I just feel like it wasn’t all that bad. Or if you have a massive seiyuu bias, otherwise you’re not missing out much by giving this game a pass I suppose.


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7 responses to “First Impressions of Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- // Glasyas Route

  1. Cthulhu-sempai

    Found your blog recently.

    I fucking love you and your reviews.

    • Well I wouldn’t call my ramblings a review but I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

      Although I’m not sure I can reply to senpai’s feelings but HAhahhAha thanks!

      • Cthulhu-sempai

        No, I really like the way you write.
        I can’t stand most of otome blogs actually. Sometimes I don’t know why I play them at all because I can’t understand a shit in japanese.
        So you got yourself an eternal follower.

      • Ooh thanks haha I’m not sure I make sense sometimes (/ _ \)

        I was like that one too you know, the more you play, the more you learn and then you no longer need summaries |D

  2. I’m not sure how serious the programming bugs are but I got one which caused my whole game to suddenly become unvoiced which confused me to hell until I restarted the system.

    LOLOL wtf honestly!!

    Thanks for the review, I heard this game was terribad but I guess your review was further confirmation. Glad I decided to never bother with the series, as if my backlog wasn’t full as it is lol.

    Are you gonna bother playing the other solomon’s cock ring games?

    • Ye I was thinking “WHY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE NOT VOICED” then the game crashed so I finally realised “oh..”….

      Yeah don’t bother HAHAHA this game’s plot is on par with a 14 year old’s twilight fan-fiction minus the potential porn.

      I’m not sure if I’ll try the other games but I guess I’m tolerating this better than most people so I could consider it……….if I’m bored. ⊂(゚ω。)⊃

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