Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- // Paimon Route

You know that kid in the corner of the room who everyone always avoids because they’re so freaking weird? That’s how I feel right now. Even though Solomon’s Ring is a pretty sub par game by any standard and shit by someone with real standards, I’m actually finding myself emotionally invested in it(s bad ends). It probably helps that this route makes slightly more sense than the first one I played.

Yeah I continued it even though I said I didn’t know if I would haha, might as well full comp it now, with one char left anyway. And holy shit, no one told me this game was cero C lmfao, must be cuz of the bad ends.

Also for anyone actually interested, I only just realised the Solomon’s 72 demon thing is actually from this. The spellings are a bit confusing so chars like Glasyas I have no idea who he is meant to be but probably this guy? And Belyth could be either Berith or Beleth www.



The next demon I went for was Paimon, Lucifer’s digimon, the dirty tsundere (I dunno why I called him a dirty tsundere in my notes but no one will really care anyway, since no one cares about this game ueehuheuhe).

Spoilers foh da Di Di Di Digimon Digital Monsters Digimon are the Champions

Paimon’s story begins at the point where Lily is attacked outside the library for the first time and needs saving by an ikemen demon. This time Paimon pops up and just orders her to form a contract with him, not even explaining why.

Tbh I’m not even sure why they had to form a contract at all since all actions were mutually exclusive; Paimon weakens demons, Lily vacuums them up. Need for contract=???????

Paimon follows Lily home to which she’s like wtf u doing creeper and he finally explains the outline of the contract with him. In exchange for having full control over him, he’ll help her level up her magic and then take Solomon’s ring to Lucifer. He even throws in the extra promise that he would even spare her life! But Lily knows that Lucifer will still come after her soul regardless of what Paimon says, and tells him that.

Paimon's reaction

Paimon’s reaction

He says ‘welp you agreed to the contract already 2 bad lmfao’. So Lily really has no choice. HOWEVER, she begins to hatch a plan to level up her magic and THEN SEAL PAIMON (́◉◞౪◟◉) Gj.

Paimon ends up watching Lily like a creeper day in and day out and Lily starts noticing things about him too. She notices that he really likes sweets.

One day while watching him eat, she asks him about Lucifer because Paimon’s totes in love with the guy. He kisses the guys ass non-stop and lets slip that Lucifer saved him, but then wouldn’t elaborate when Lily asks again.

Sudden scene change and apparently Lily is afraid to sleep cuz of the predictive dreams she’s been having. After being unable to sleep for a whole night, Paimon notices she looks like shit and asks her what’s wrong and when Lily explains, he just wtf’s at her. He asks why she’s afraid when all she needs to do is just change her actions so that the dream doesn’t come true and this is legit a MOMENT OF REALISATION for Lily. Omfg srsly.

'eres proof that I'm not making shit up...

‘eres proof that I’m not making shit up…

or am I.........ahaha I wish I was

or am I………ahaha I wish I was

NOW SHE’S NO LONGER AFRAID OF SLEEPING…………………………………………………………………。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 なにそれ?!

That night she dreams that people are being attacked by demons in the morning…SHE TRIES TO BRIBE PAIMON INTO HELPING HER……..He even tells her that if she wants something, she should just order him to do it. In the end, she doesn’t want to and the guy just storms off like he usually does. ????????? WHy?

So during the day the same thing happens while Lily is with her friend Alicia. Lily tries to save people but Alicia won’t leave her alone, then causing both of them to fall into danger. Alicia gets injured and just when the demon is about to kill Lily, Paimon digitizes out from the digiworld and protects her. All the while there is apparently no one that’s wonder wtf Paimon is cuz people normally have wings and wield rapiers and shit like that. Totally.

legit excuse next time someone asks you for something

legit excuse next time someone asks you for something

alternatively see if you can convince someone they were dreaming in broad daylight

alternatively see if you can convince someone they were dreaming in broad daylight

Some days later, Lily runs into Asmodeus who suggests they ‘go somewhere with no prying eyes’ for a chat. Being the genius she is, Lily actually follows the guy. He talks about how there are loads of demons out there who wanna bang her, but out of all of them she chose that idiot Paimon, so asks whether she wants to break the contract with him. Demon contracts are meant to be permanent so hearing about a way out, Lily gets curious. At this point Paimon appears and cockblocks and tells Asmodeus to fk off, cuz Lily is his human. Asmodeus and Paimon being to duke it out, all the while Lily is yelling at them to stop. Just when Asmodeus is about to land a blow on Paimon, Lily jumps in to meat shield, causing a cut on her chest. At this point Asmodeus sighs and leaves.

Paimon freaks out that his human is hurt and takes her home for treatment. Telling her to show him the wound so he can treat it, Lily refuses. Paimon then rips off the top of her dress and then realises what he’s doing and blushes, cuz not like he wanted to see her naked or anything like that. He helps treat the wound and Lily notices that he’s angry, thinking that he’s angry at her she apologises but that wasn’t the reason he was angry. Paimon was angry at himself for not being able to protect his human and when Lily brings up the idea that he was worried about her, he vehemently denies it like the tsundere he is.

Lily then has another dream, but this time its about Paimon’s past. Apparently Paimon was once an angel but was sent to Hell for the sin of pride. Since he can no longer go back to Heaven, he begins to rip his wings off and Lily freaks out and makes him stop. He starts crying and then tells Lily that as long as he steals the ring off her, he doesn’t care what happens to her. The shock of that statement wakes Lily up.

Not sure whether the dream was true or not, she asks Paimon whether angels can become demons, without trying to step on his toes. Paimon reveals that Lucifer was once an angel so it is possible. Then Lily asks about him and Paimon realises she knows. Being reminded of things he doesn’t want to remember, he goes up to Lily….and STARTS CHOKING HER. Paimon tells her that she’s only alive because Lucifer ordered him to keep her alive until she’s fat enough to eat and after that he leaves and doesn’t come back.

Sometime later, Lily dreams that Paimon is gonna come strangle her in her sleep…and when she wakes up, he’s right there choking her. ( ̄∇ ̄*)b lmfao. Lily pretty much gives up at that point and apologises to him, thinking it’d be fine if she died and he stopped being so pained by everything. He stops choking her and tells her that she was the only one who he didn’t want to know about his past and….falls asleep next to her…Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ WTF?

Presumably by this point Paimon’s already fallen in love with Lily cuz he’s been worrying over something and won’t tell Lily about it, making her sad.

Lily has a dream that Paimon is about to leave her for good cuz he’s losing his sense of self around her. That day Paimon says he has some business in the next town but being the insecure housewife Lily is, she tails him and finds that he was indeed lying! Paimon runs into his other woman, Glasyas, who tells Paimon to hand over the ring and Lily if he ain’t gonna make a move on it. They duke it out although this time, Paimon doesn’t really put up a fight at all cuz he was planning to let Glasyas kill him. Lily steps out and meat shields again and stops him from wasting his life, so Paimon suddenly turns super saiyan to the point of risking his own life again. ……Glasyas sighs and leaves even though he was winning. Uhh?????????

So continuing on from the dream, Paimon is about to leave her, saying that he’s no longer himself. Lily stops him saying that he hasn’t changed and Paimon pretty much (。 ・)???? and stays.

Later on they go out and hear about cases of people randomly disappearing into thin air on an island nearby and Paimon comes to the conclusion that it’s another supah demon called Belyth (who’s in the 4th Solomon’s Ring game btw). Paimon reasons that if Lily seals that guy, the ring will level up so much that it’ll finally be good enough for Lucifer so they plan on going there. When Paimon reports this plan to Lucifer though, he tells Paimon that Lily is already fat enough so he should deliver her on a platter already. For this reason Lucifer plans on sinking the boat to the island and drowning Lily along with it. Paimon obviously doesn’t wanna go through with it but agrees.

slightly creepy but okay

slightly creepy but okay and she was sleeping

That night Lily dreams of being on a boat and then it sinks. Before she blacks out from lack of oxygen she calls for Paimon to help, but he is no where to be found. She tells this dream to Paimon and he freaks out but assures her everything will be fine.

Paimon leaves Lily alone on the boat to deal with some ‘issues’ and that’s when demons start pouring into the hull from the demon world . Paimon realises he has to make a decision, whether to side with Lily or Lucifer and he chooses Lily, killing the demons that poured in. Lucifer logs on skype and asks Paimon wtf he’s doing but Paimon still insists that he’s not betraying Lucifer, just that it’s not time for Lily to be devoured. Lucifer hangs up on Paimon and one of the demons explode w w w w. Lucifer imbued it with self destructing magic and that causes the ship to begin sinking. As per her dream, Lily is thrown off the deck and begins to drown.

Paimon saves her and kisses her. Lily doesn’t wanna ask why he did that so leaves it be !??!?!??!?!?!??!? AUGHAKUDGASHAJOUDHOAsAHSUAHGDUILAHDASHAUSHAISHA …………

Despite their plan to seal Belyth, it appears that he saw Paimon coming and ran away. So the whole trip was pointless lmao. Srsly.

Lily slowly comes to terms with the fact that she can’t seal Paimon cuz she luuuuuuurves him but can’t be with him either cuz of that 3rd wheeling bitch Lucifer. Asking for advice, Alicia indirectly gets Lily to confess to Paimon.

The thing is though, instead of saying “be my luva boi”, Lily asks Paimon to be her lover for ‘one night’. TAKE THAT AS YOU WILL BECAUSE THE NEXT SCENE IS WAKING UP THE NEXT MORNING IN BED WITH EACH OTHER. (   ゚□)!!!

After that, they both know each other’s feelings but don’t dare to go any further.

Lily dreams that Paimon confronts Lucifer and in the end both him and Lily die by his hand w w w and tells Paimon. That’s when it becomes clear that it was Paimon’s plan to begin with hahaha….what other end did he really expect? Lily then asks Paimon to kill her and Paimon tells her that’d mean dooming the world. However, Lily says that she loves him so much that it’s fine if the world dies with her as long as he lives. (*・-・) CUZ dats how much she luvs dat ass of his. Paimon knows he can’t do it so he devises a plan with Lily to trick Lucifer into thinking Paimon was delivering Lily’s soul and the ring when in fact they were planning on vacuuming his 3rd wheeling ass into the ring.

They do this but Lucifer saw the plan from 100 miles away and subdues them both without even moving lmfao. Lucifer then says its too boring to just kill em both so he fking cages them both. srsly what?? just kill em omfg.

Lucifer summons Lily and starts planting seeds of doubt in her about Paimon’s feelings cuz y’know love between demons and humans just isn’t possible. Lily tells the guy to fk off and she’s sent back to the dungeon.

3 days later Lily’s beginning to die from presumably starvation/lack of water/different world/everything. Lucifer comes by to watch them squirm and gives them a choice, seal Paimon so she regains the strength to live or give Lucifer the ring so Paimon can live. Paimon ain’t having either and tells Lucifer to GTFO as well. Lucifer’s heart must be bleeding from all those rejections he faced.

Good End

They both choose to throw their lives away and Lucifer’s like okay kewl and decides to execute them both. Paimon lets Lucifer throw him around and Lily starts sucking up Paimon’s magic through his blood.

Eventually she begins to seal Lucifer to which he’s like o no u don’t! but Paimon stabs the guy in the heart. Lily then completes the vacuuming and Paimon collapses. Lily now has supah magic power that no one dares to piss her off.

In two lines, they both head back to the human world and live happily ever after. I’m not kidding you.

Best End

Same as good end, cept this time once they arrive in the human world, Paimon falls into a deep sleep cuz he used up all his magic.

Lily waits by his side for several months and one day decides she misses him so much that she’ll kiss his comatose lips. Lo and behold, he wakes up.

He says that the world is now in some psuedo-peace cuz no one will fk with Lily’s magic but as long as demons exist there cannot be peace. Then he tells Lily to seal him too cuz he’s a demon ( ಠ_ಠ) Lily flips some tables on his face and tells him that she waited for him for so long, as if she’d seal him now.

Paimon then vows to love and stay by Lily’s side and he never changes into his demon form again.

Bad End

The seeds of doubt that Lucifer plants in Lily begin to grow and she starts going insane preh much. She begins to say that Paimon was after her ring all along and she ain’t letting anyone touch it. She start spouting some rly hurtful things to Paimon and becomes Gollum.

wow this is perfect

wow this is perfect

Unable to talk sense into Lily, Paimon falls into despair. Lucifer comes in and lol’s at them. He offers them both one way to survive, by dueling to the death. Of course Lily doesn’t stand a chance against Paimon but she decides to become sane again at this moment www. Unable to deal with betrayal anymore, Paimon slits Lily’s throat and takes the ring off her as she dies.

Dark End

Same as the bad end, but Paimon kinda just goes stabby stab on lily instead of just slitting her throat. All while Lily is mulling over how stupid she was for doubting Paimon, he slices her up and she dies.

In the end, Paimon tells himself that he can only trust Lucifer and no one else. He takes Solomon’s ring and presents it to Lucifer.

End spoilers hahahahah cries

The order I wrote about the ends is the order I played. I also changed it to have the bad ends last cuz (ノ)ω(ヾ) I rly enjoyed Glasyas’ ones so I thought I’d enjoy this one too. Big mistake. Paimon’s bad ends actually really hurt lmfao. One cuz Lily was so stupid and two cuz poor Paimon and three cuz isn’t it all Lucifer’s fault to begin with????? asdhakda just my luck.

The good ends, as usual were pretty sucky but can’t say I expected any better.


With Lily, I can’t tell if she’s supposed to kickass or not because at some points I was rooting for her and at others I wanted to slap some sense into her. This problem also happened in Glasyas’ route so I’m assuming it’s going to keep continuing. At least the fact that sometimes she’s pretty cool makes up for the times she isn’t….sorta, because if you consider her against some other heroines who are just plain stupid all the time (I have one game’s heroine in mind….) this is still preferable.

Paimon is pretty hilarious but his obsessive love for Lucifer reminds me of Nova’s love for Felicita’s mother in Arcana Famiglia. It wasn’t nearly as creepy though, but in the bad ends it’s like a confirmation of ‘the title of the 3rd wheel….now goes to you Lily’. But uh, I guess this was canon anyway so I shouldn’t complain about it; Paimon was one of the most devoted demons to Lucifer.

The amount of unskippable copy pasta (ie. same text but doesn’t register you as having read it already) in the ends is pretty annoying and doubly so after I have to skip through the entire plot once again to get the best/bad ends. But seeing as the 4 ends split from one choice, it’s not that difficult to stomach imo, but annoying nonetheless.

Anyways tldr;


  • (I think I’m just easily affected emotionally but) the flow of things made a bit more sense than in Glasyas’ route but that’s not really saying much lmfao and wtf first of all it shouldnt be ‘good’ that the game makes sense??? its a given wtf dhaslda okay.
  • I was rly affected by the bad end but I think it could be cuz of the reason above


  • i heard u liek copypasta
  • do i rly need to mention horrible writing again
  • u kno, every problem in this route could’ve been solved by Lily ordering Paimon as his master instead of sitting on her fat ass going “i’m so useless” the whole time???????

Welp last char, Asmodeussssss. Wish me luck. (>Д<)ゝ



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  1. Cthulhu-sempai

    After reading this I have a feeling this is some doujin otome from lemmasoft made by 13yo girls.
    Anyway, hang on there, better games will be released soon.

    • PlanPeace now hiring!
      -must be <13 years old
      -must not know how to write

      Imma play NORN9 after this so HeLL yEa. Unless that's shit too. Then I'll hang myself HAHAHA.

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