Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- // Asmodeus Route and Final Thoughts

Okay so I finally brought myself to finish Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- for good but welp, I have no idea what the hell they were trying to achieve with Asmodeus. He seems a lot like that one char who the writers favour a lot over the rest but then they also did it rather badly with the whole, y’know, introduction of fucking plot holes.

I whined about this game so much over twitter I don’t know if I should do it more here, but I’ll say this: I think this game stole all my common sense. How does that work? Exactly.

look. full comp. no change welp.

look. full comp. no change welp.

Asmodeus is apparently the demon representative of lust in mythology and the writers of Solomon’s Ring interpreted this as a demon who pretty much just acts like a flirty weirdo. But the thing is, usually those kind of chars annoy the shit out of me but this guy was just plain hilarious because he sucked so bad at it. Then there was the transition between his ‘flirty’ and his ‘I want you to be mine and mine only’. Wait lemme rephrase that, what transition?

Spoilers for a game who no one will probably want to play but surprisingly sold out amiami

In this route, Lily actually brings herself to shoo away Asmodeus when he tries to make her form a contract with him because of impending demon attack, but he warns her that trying to seal that many little demons on her own would require an amount of strength that she can only obtain in some amount of decades. Since the alternate means her own death, she is forced to form a contract with Asmodeus so that he’ll protect her.

>>At this point Asmodeus says that demons have to protect their master with their lives. And I say what the fuck are the writers doing????? Paimon KILLED his own master in his fricking bad end. It’s like they magically expect us to forget everything we learn in each route wot da fuq.

After Asmodeus dusts his hand of the small fry and Lily vacuums ’em all up, she suddenly gets this epiphany like “oh my goodness, my goal in life must be to pretect the world from demons!” I don’t even. Asmodeus tries to snatch a kiss from Lily as a reward but then Paimon and Gracias come to cockblock. They both get angry at Lily for choosing to form a contract with Asmodeus instead of them and…

becuz u werent fking there when she was being attacked?????????

becuz u werent fking there when she was being attacked?????????

Asmodeus himedakkos Lily and flies off with her and literally says ‘so long suckers’. While they’re in the air, Lily asks what’s in the contract for Asmodeus and we learn that he wants to borrow her strength to destroy Lucifer. He says that even though he’s working with Beryth, it’s not enough to defeat Lucifer so with Solomon’s ring it’s a doable job. Although he says that he doesn’t wanna kill her, Lily doesn’t buy his shit and plans on using him to train up her magic then vacuuming him up lmfao. Gj.

….And then he asks her to be his wife when it’s over. ( ´∵)三つ)౪◉)

From then on Asmodeus moves in and keeps hitting on her at every single turn.

For example… the next day Lily wakes up with him half naked in her bed lmfao. Flora gives Lily some ‘stick cookies’ and while Lily has one in her mouth, Asmodeus comes in and plays the pocky game with her one sidely. (●´_ゝ`)ノ)Д`)

Then one day while Lily is eating lunch, a puppy comes by her and she pets it. Half way through, the puppy transforms into Asmodeus and obv Lily freaks out cuz he ends up lying across her lap lmfao. Turns out one of his special abilities is transformation.

Every single time Lily rejects Asmodeus’ advances, he apparently shows a sad face for a few seconds :((((((((( d’awww no. I think this is probably the writer trying to tell us “C H A R A C T E R D E V E L O P M  E N T”, very, very blatantly.

Sometime later, Lily comes home from work and finds a dripping wet half naked Asmodeus awaiting her. (●´艸`) Again, Lily freaks out and Asmodeus tries to get her to warm him, skin to skin. Getting angry, Lily subdues the guy with her ring by accident. Suddenly, Asmodeus becomes angry and tells her off for being a puny human. I actually found this hilarious because why suddenly??????

but he was the one who wanted to be her demon slave

but he was the one who wanted to be her demon slave

why not do this at the beginning?????

why not do this at the beginning?????

.................also could've done this a long time ago if he was serious

……………..also could’ve done this a long time ago if he was serious

Understandably Lily gets scared and Asmodeus notices this…..and feels bad?????????????????????? ISN’T HE SUPPOSED TO BE A STRONG DEMON??????

The next day, they both still feel bad so Asmodeus apologises and asks for Lily’s forgiveness. She gives it to him and they go on a makeup-date……………………………..I was expecting real plot development but I was smacked in the face with some sort of…plot…reversal.

He buys her a supposedly expensive dress and I don’t even anymore. While looking at accessories they run into Alicia…who then gets taken hostage by a jewelry thief who was on the run.  (  ´_ゝ`)

Somehow in the confusion, Asmodeus transforms into Alicia, is taken hostage instead, Lily saves Alicia and Asmodeus scares the thief into submission  (   ´_ゝ`)……………………………They called him a monster and this hurt his demon-y heart, but Lily says that he’s not scary. And from then on she’s not scared of him anymore and he’s pleased  ( ?´_ゝ`)………How many times can I use this face without annoying everyone????? That’s literally all my emotions about this development.

at least Asmodeus!Alicia is funny

at least Asmodeus!Alicia is funny

There’s another event where Paimon tries to kidnap Lily but it adds like nothing to the plot so I won’t even bother.

One morning, Asmodeus presents Lily with a diamond bracelet and Lily ends up thinking he stole it or something www. But instead Asmodeus has some skill where he can see precious stones through rock and by digging those up, he made the bracelet. Wow what a completely useless skill for a demon. Asmodeus says that he’s giving it to her because he owed her an accessory on the last date but they never got one cuz of the Alicia hostage incident. However in his monologue he says that he was just happy that Lily is no longer afraid of him. Then he fears that he’s going to seriously fall for Lily…But I thought he already did…………..otherwise why….okay fuck it, nevermind, this game doesn’t make sense.

Sometime later, Lily has a dream that lesser demons are going to attack a large group of people who are watching a performance.  Not knowing what this means, she finds out that there are travelling performers in town and feels nervous so she drags Asmodeus along without explaining. As usual things happen as per her dream, but this time Asmodeus is here to stop people from dying.

As Lily and Asmodeus are about to kiss……..I actually forgot how this even happened buuuuuut….Lucifer skypes in and cockblocks. He says that he’ll be arriving shortly to collect their heads so sit tight and Lily shits her pants.

As they head home, Gracias stops Asmodeus and sends Lily off. He then asks Asmodeus wtf he’s doing holding hands and playing newly weds with her and (lying very badly) Asmodeus says that everything is keikaku doori and that he’s gon steal dat ring o’ hers. After Gracias leaves Asmodeus ponders to himself even, can he really carry out killing Lily???? I think we all know the answer to that. He laments over the fact that at the very end, he and Lily are gonna have to face off and he’ll probably get sealed or something but he doesn’t really care. There we go guys, the demon of lust is a massive do M.

Lily then dreams that her father’s precious library gets set on fire by lesser demons and finally decides to tell Asmodeus that she’s having predicting dreams. Asmodeus lol’s and tells her he already knew but was waiting for her to tell him. …. . . . . . ..  . And as usual same thing happens. While Asmodeus is off killing other demons, Lily is attacked on her own. Knowing its do or die, she ends up sealing the demons for once by herself but she collapses from smoke inhalation. Asmodeus comes to save her of course and pull her outside, but in the end half the library is burnt down and Lily is in the dumps.

To cheer her up, Asmodeus brings her to his special spot, a lake int he middle of nowhere. They end up playing in the water like children and Lily slips but Asmodeus catches her. At this point Lily is like ‘oh ma gawd i can’t live witouchu Asmodeus kyuun I—–‘ Asmodeus shuts her up and kisses her. That night they spend their time on the couch talking and fall asleep together.

Lily then dreams of Lucifer pwning both Asmodeus and her and killing them and wakes up in a shock. It turns out that Asmodeus also saw that dream cuz Solomon’s ring was trying to warn him of impending doom……..(??wa??) They end up flirting on the couch and Asmodeus grabs Lily’s boob. Just as they’re about to fuck, he stops and asks her to ‘become his’ after everything is over and Lily says yes, so no sexy tiems yet.

doesnt it look like hes grabbing her boob???

doesnt it look like hes grabbing her boob???

In Asmodeus’ monologue, turns out he was actually srs about fucking her right there and then LOL. But he was worried about how in the end, she’s gonna have to seal him and that’ll end up causing her pain if they shared that memory together so he held back. …uh well that’s nice at least….???? Because humanxdemon is wrongwrongwrong he laments over not being human. But WAIT, he remembers that Dantalion told him that Asmodeus has some special skill that allows him to become human………………………………okay.

The day after, a giant storm hits town and both of them decide that it’s Lucifer so they should get far away from civilization so others won’t get caught in the fight. Lucifer arrives and  pretty much overpowers Asmodeus and Lily. Using Solomon’s ring Lily blinds Lucifer for a bit and they both run into hiding. Asmodeus tells Lily that the only way to defeat him would be for Lily to seal away his demonic power and usurp it for her magical power, which leaves Asmodeus a puny human.

Good End

Lily does this and it actually works, leaving Asmodeus a human stripped of powers. Lucifer pops up and asks wtf they’re doin and tries to kill them but for some odd reason Asmodeus’ spear stabs Lucifer on its own. Even Asmodeus says he doesn’t know why this happens.

Lucifer, weakened heavily, ollies the fuck out and both Asmodeus and Lily live happily ever after. Yeah that part was also written in 2 lines.

Best End

Same shit but THERE’S MORE. Lily feels bad that stripping Asmodeus of his power meant that he can no longer fufill his dream of becoming the next demong king but Asmodeus says that’s okay, because he has a new dream now, to be with Lily forever.

Saying this he lifts Lily to the bed.

lol cg recycling

lol cg recycling

L O L. AND using the games own words ‘that night we finally became one’ HAHAHHAHHAHA.

Days later, they both get married. Days. Days. DAys………………………………

Then it is revealed that Lucifer somehow died……….and all their problems are now gone.

….I……………..Right at the end, Lily is doing the laundry when Asmodeus comes in and………….


is he fucking feeling her up

is he fucking feeling her up

while she's doing the laundry?????

while she’s doing the laundry?????

I don’t understand why this is even a CG considering there’s also one where his face isn’t covered. But I suppose this one means they’re trying to hide what he’s doing although I don’t really get it.

Bad End

Lily gets scared that she’ll get the timing wrong and accidentally seal Asmodeus with his power but there’s no other choice so they try…And she ends up sealing him completely.

'im gon do it im gon do it im gon do it im gon do it im gon d- OH NO ASMODEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS?!'

‘im gon do it im gon do it im gon do it im gon do it im gon d- OH NO ASMODEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS?!’

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lucifer comes by and is literally just like ‘woah look at that power you got there’, while Lily is crying for Asmodeus.

….And then somehow she runs away. Then Lucifer keeps sending in demons to attack her and steal the ring so she spends her days running away from Lucifer.

lmfao see how bad the progression is

lmfao see how bad the progression is

….but she has Asmodeus’ power now….she can defeat the guy…why is he still going after her here but not the other demons’ ends…………. AND not to mention she’d probably eventually find the release spell from Gracias’ route???? So uh…..????????????????? AS USUAL, Pls MAKE SENse.

Dark End

While Lily is crying for Asmodeus, Lucifer finally acquires lvl 1 Common Sense, and says ‘yo, better safe than sorry’ and summons Paimon to finish Lily off. Lily ends up repelling Paimon with her super strength and Gracias comes to her aid.


eh, oh wow I mispelt daughter, welp who gives a shit anymore. this game isnt worth more of my time.

Gracias tells Lily to run away and that…the next time they meet, they’ll talk about their memories of Asmodeus……..?? Okay.

Lily runs away to Asmodeus’ special lake and cries for him and for a little while his spirit appears. He tells her that it’s not her fault but probably because part of him didn’t want to give up on being a demon so Solomon’s ring vacuumed him up completely. He asks Lily to defeat Lucifer in his place and then disappears.

reminds me of every asian parent ever

reminds me of every asian parent ever

But ofc Lily is overcome by grief and never ends up doing it, only spending her days running away from Lucifer and blaming herself for sealing her beloved lol.

Yeaahhhhhhhhhh what just happened?

I rly dont get it. That’s literally my final thought on this game. Like screw character development or even the horrible writing style of suddenly throwing info at the player, but goddamn, the PLOT doesn’t even make sense.

As I said before I’m guessing the writer thought that it’s normal for people to completely forget what happen in other routes or something but uh what the hell????

That being said, for a game that makes no sense, the characters are pretty funny. That and I also found several inappropriate things also hilarious, like the bad end for one, just imagining Lily doing that was like uhhh *chuckle*.

There was also this awesome scripting thing going on in the game where for a whole scene my heroine who I named Yukina for obvious reasons was referred to as Lily. GOOD JOB. It didn’t really annoy me but I just found it as a sign of dodgy editing/checking of their work. That’s assuming anyone actually double checked anything in this game………

And then we have this douchebag:

stay classy, douchebag

stay classy, douchebag

Srsly his char design is just………….like wtf is underneath his pants (in a non-perverted way honestly)……

dis is what I imagine it looks like auehauheuheuheuhuehue classy choice of panties there

dis is what I imagine it looks like auehauheuheuheuhuehue classy choice of panties there

Before I deface anything else I should just sum up my thoughts on this route lol



  • Even tho I usually find the charai-kei char in otome games rly annoying, Asmodeus was actually rly funny….for the wrong reasons
  • Uh…………Well…..they had the….sexy tiems stuff down……….which I would’ve preferred for my own seiyuu bias but okay
  • ……………………………pls don’t make me need to think about this


  • What is love
  • what is good writing
  • what is quality

Okay now for final thoughts:

Plot ranking of routes (best plot to lolwtf?):

  1. Gracias (bias)
  2. Paimon
  3. Asmodeus

However if I ranked chars alone…:

  1. Gracias/Paimon
  2. Asmodeus

So in this case I’d recommend people play in the order:

  1. Man it doesn’t change anything no matter what order you play.
  2. That’s if people even think I’m recommending people to play this game at all.
  3. Cuz lol nope. Stop. Don’t waste your time like I did…….

I think without saying what was good and bad about the game in general it’s pretty obvious so I won’t even bother.

I can finally move on to NORN9 now omfg, even though Storm Lover 2 just came out //cries.



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4 responses to “Solomon’s Ring -Hi no Shou- // Asmodeus Route and Final Thoughts

  1. ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
    lmao that thong picture xDDDD not gonna lie, that’s probably what it actually is.

    Regarding AmiAmi, pretty much everything on there sells out. I swear they stock like…..10 of each item or something and bam, 10 fools bough the game, and it’s sold out. Enjoy Norn9, though it’s plot consistency is probably on par with this game.

    • Demons love their suggestive underwear it seems ehehehe.

      Well I suppose being marked down to 1.9k yen for the LE had something to do with that too (≖ω≖)… But damn srsly is NORN9 that inconsistent? WELp looks like I won’t be in a gaming mood for a little bit longer now…

  2. kiri

    This game is so hilarious XD how the hell it can be sold out ? (´`;) ? and there are still 3 games else XD
    Thanks for the review ^v^ your writing is very funny
    and Lucifer very classy XD

    • Probably because of people like me….who pick things up without researching lmfao ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed throwing up all my complaints…………..( ◜◡◝ 😉

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