First Impressions of NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Senri Route

First of all, what the fuck the title I don’t even.

what happen

wat happen

Secondly, I finished Senri like 2 weeks ago or something and I don’t really remember anything from the route and my notes are full of “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING????? HELP” so if I don’t make sense……..yeah. My douche bag brain thought it’d be a good idea to write something up after I finished Kakeru but I didn’t end up finishing his route till today lol.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this game so far cuz I’m still really wtf is going on.

NORN9 centers around these kids with super powers like X-men except instead of Xavier, they have this godly being called ‘the World’. Since the game starts off with Koharu’s introduction, I felt it probably made the most sense to start with her. She’s this 17 year old who is not used to dealing with people and for the most part, takes notes on human interactions to direct her own actions. Years ago she was handed the uniform by a traveler and told that on her 17th birthday the ship will come for her. Rather than the ‘I don’t trust anyone’ kind of person, she’s the opposite ‘I trust everyone way too much’, so obviously most people can tell what problems to expect to arise later on. The game starts off with an primary school kid Sorata getting magically whisked off to the Taisho era from our time during a school trip and in his time of need, Koharu pops up to help him find a way home. However, both not knowing where to start, he tags along with her to find the ‘ship that will take her away on her 17th birthday’ (or was it spring….)

They wander around until Koharu senses the ship is nearby or smth and Kakeru and Akito come down and attack them two for being suspicious. After Nanami and Mikoto tell them to cut it out and explain the situation Sorata sees the round ship Norn and his brain does not compute and blacks out. The ship is apparently heading to America for some reason and thus begins their journey. The rest of the game follows one of the heroines and their bonding with one of the other guys.

Each heroine can capture three guys and as I’ve learnt, you should probably not ask any questions about the plot till you finish at least one route and get some idea wtf is going on. Cuz srsly, Taisho era -> flying ball ship -> television. What even the fuck. For a moment I thought Otomate suddenly butchered history, but just forget about all that for now.

I dunno how much detail this is but here are some spoilers!

Soon after Koharu and Sorata board Norn, the ship gets attacked by someone. At that moment, Koharu was being introduced to the resident hikikomori Senri, who wouldn’t even open his door for the concerned Kakeru and Akito. While Kakeru and Koharu run to the …cafeteria (? dining room??? what makes more sense…hmm) Akito kicks down Senri’s door and drags him by the collar away to regroup with everyone.

After the attack stops, Koharu learns that it isn’t the first time and sorta freaks out that it’s so unsafe on the ship. Since everything is self sustaining on the ship, they go to assess the damage and collect…peaches. Because it’d be bad to waste perfectly good fruit….

Kakeru and Koharu decide it would strengthen everyones bonds if they shared fruit together and collect enough for everyone with (an unwilling) Senri and Masamune. As they wash the peaches, Koharu drops one and … falls into the pond while trying to get it. Masamune and Kakeru try to catch her but they both fall in too. Senri, thinking they were playing in the water, JUMPS IN HIMSELF………….

After playing in the water, they all go to an urgent meeting in which everyone else discusses how the explosion on board was caused from the inside, since Mikoto’s special power, erecting barriers, is pretty much infallible from the outside. However, not everyones powers are known to eachother so anyone with an offensive ability could be the perpetrator, which puts Koharu in an uncomfortable position. To investigate, everyone not only needs to be split into pairs to keep an eye on each other, but into male-female pairs, so when the time arises, the guys can protect the girls also.

For this route, Koharu chooses to pair off with Senri who just tells her to leave him alone since she knows he can’t possibly be the one who caused the explosion. Torn between wanting to be with people and being told to go away by Senri, she doesn’t know what to do. But fear not Koharu, Heishi and Kakeru decide to include Senri in  all their games and exhaust him.

Seeing his distress, Koharu lets Senri stay in her room to rest. She chats with him for a while and Senri says that both Heishi and Kakeru are only making fun of him by bothering him but Koharu thinks that its probably the opposite. Having been alone for most of her life, she feels that they are probably paying attention to him because they also know that being alone is…well lonely. Senri doesn’t buy it and says that peoples’ expectations are a pain in the ass so Koharu, trying to cheer him up tells him to expect something good from her and she goes off to make him some sweets.

Using the peaches they collected earlier but were unable to share with everyone cuz of the tense situation, she decides to make some baked sweets…..however she doesn’t know how. Akito wonders by and asks wtf she’s doing and when she explains, he teaches her how to bake it: “i-it’s not like I wanted to teach you or anything okay?!”, something along those lines. I’d honestly have thought that if Koharu was really living alone for so long she’d probably have a trick of her own up her sleeve to cook but eh….apparently not.

She makes it and gives to Senri who is surprised she can make something so nice and asks her to make it for him again. Somehow after that he falls asleep in her room and she falls asleep beside him.

They wake up the next day and while Senri is flustered, Koharu just thinks that he didn’t like sleeping next to her lmfao おい、純粋すぎるよー。He tries to run away before anyone notices that he spent the night in her room and gets the wrong idea but as they eat breakfast Kakeru makes it pretty clear he stumbled on the scene already and teases Senri.

Sometime later, Kakeru catches a cold so Masamune has to take care of him, leaving Senri and Koharu to tend to the gardens alone. Masamune tells Koharu to ask Akito for help, but Senri is still afraid of Akito for breaking his door down. Koharu feels that if they could do the 4 person job with the two of them, they’d surprise everyone and feels like doing that but Senri just (ㆆωㆆ ) and doesn’t wanna do anything at all. In the end he gives in and go off to water everything.

Being the weakling hikikomori he is, he runs out of energy much faster than Koharu, who then says he can rest while she does the rest. Feeling horribly weak, he shows her his power for the first time, the ability to control water, and waters everything.

Noticing that Senri is still exhausted from not being able to rest alone, she suggests they fix his door themselves, since everyone wouldn’t let him before, thinking that he’d just hide in his room all day again. As usual, Koharu is lifting more of the weight than Senri is. Just when he’s about to help, he realises how weak he is again and Koharu tells him he should ask Akito for help, since he’s strong. For the first time, Senri asks Akito to help fix the door and seeing that Senri’s changed, he reluctantly agrees. Kakeru suddenly pops up and asks whether Senri’s gonna hide in his room again but this time, Senri doesn’t take dat shit and tells him he won’t and that Kakeru can  control his lock if he wants to. Kakeru declines and says thats a job for his partner, Koharu to do ehehehe, and teases him with ‘now you got no more reason to hide in the girl’s rooms though’. Senri then retorts, asking Kakeru whether he’s just jealous since he keeps bringing that up and Kakeru is speechless (I DIDN’T RAISE MY HIKIKOMORI TO BE LIKE THIS…..) Masamune also comes by and notices that Senri’s changed since Koharu started talking to him and pets her saying it was the right choice to leave him with her. Senri gets jealous and stops Masamune from touching her. HAHAHHAHAH awww.

Senri asks Koharu whether she likes anyone and Koharu just replies with ‘I love everyone on the ship’ and causes Senri to be disheartened. Koharu doesn’t understand why he gets upset and he avoids her for a while.

At this point, apparently Nanami and Mikoto are also having problems with their partners in the romantic way and Itsuki pops up with some nonsensical survey and tell them all that tonight, their problems will be solved. That night Koharu has a dream where she’s Snow White, Mikoto is Cinderella and Nanami is Red Riding Hood. Both Mikoto and Nanami have no idea about the fairytales and Koharu tries to explain, albeit failing, leading Mikoto to think that she has to find her shoe and Nanami has to hunt down the wolf. They both run away in a hurry and Itsuki tells Koharu that unless they all find their important person, they wont be able to go back to the real world.

She wanders around looking for the dwarf’s home and thinks about who her important person is. Itsuki tells her that there’s more than one type of ‘like’ and teleports her to the dwarf’s home while taking away her voice so that she cannot say anything but her feelings of love. At the house she sees a blue piyochan whom she believes is the dwarf but neither of them can speak. Nanami pops up asking if Koharu has seen the wolf but before she could tell her that the story doesn’t go that way, Nanami tries to take the piyo as bait for the wolf. Koharu stops her and the wolf (Akito) appears anyway but runs from Nanami who chases him. This time witchy Kakeru comes to offer Koharu an apple and Masamune, the prince stops him. Just as Masamune tries to drag Koharu to safety the piyo runs away and Koharu chases it down and falls into a hole or something idek.

The piyo turns out to be Senri and he finally tells Koharu that he loves her and Koharu wakes up in the real world. And since that dream she can’t face him properly. Haha… She starts seeing Senri talking to Mikoto and the other guys and realises that she’s not special to him and gets jealous, then proceeds to feel guilty about it and avoids Senri.

He chases her down and she tells him she can’t face him with these dirty feelings.

(´☉ι‿☉`) as if a hikikomori could do exercise

(´☉ι‿☉`) as if a hikikomori could do exercise

However, he’s obviously happy and kisses her, telling her that he’d only do that with her and to think about what that means.

Norn lands near a town where the kids are to gather supplies and Koharu stays behind on the ship alone to think. She steps outside for a bit and runs into the traveler from her past. The guy reveals that he was the one who created ‘the world’ and disappears again wtf.

The next day she goes out again and runs into the traveler again, this time they go to a nearby town and it gets attacked by soldiers. The traveler tells Koharu to run away but she can’t abandon the people so she uses her power to protect them, which earns her respect and the people wish she’d stay there to protect them. Unable to handle the pressure she runs away and goes back to Norn.

The rest of the people come back and decide to take her out to town, but a different one. This time the town gets attacked as well, but then the people attacking recognise her; turns out she was protecting the wrong side previously and people start doubting her. As she spirals into despair, Senri takes her away and starts saying things like “I wish I had your power” and calls her special. She shoos him away because she wants to be alone, so Senri goes to get Masamune. As Senri goes away, Koharu whispers that she only wants to be special to Senri. The traveler appears again and tells her he’ll guide her and takes her with him.

gomen this was rly kimoi to me

gomen this was rly kimoi to me

The town begins to be consumed by fire and Masamune begins to doubt Koharu, thinking it was her doing but Senri keeps believing in her. Well, it wasn’t her anyway, but the enemies trying to scare the other side.

They retreat and go back to Norn and Natsuhiko appears. Mikoto recognises him as the one who attacked Norn before and immediately calls him out but apparently he’s in league with Masamune, who then begins to explain the real situation with ‘the world’ otherwise known as Aion. OMfg apparently they’re all in like the year 8000 and something and that the people on board Norn are all there to aid in the restoration (resetting) of the world. Because in the past, the world was destroyed continuously by war, the people figured to stop this they should revert the world back to a more primitive but peaceful time ie. get rid of the current technology and culture, and the kids aid this by returning their powers to Aion. Koharu’s fire is for the destruction of the current world, Kakeru’s green power is for restoration of the environment along with Senri’s water power etc. AND APPARENTLY THE WORld HAS BEEN RESET SEvERal TIMEs ALready………..but this balance is being destroyed by the fact that this ‘traveler’, Yuiga Shiro, has Koharu’s destructive power in his hands.

Bad End

In Koharu’s side, Shiro orders Koharu to destroy a town with her fire, a town full of bad people. Just as she sets it on fire, Senri finds her and laments that he couldn’t stop her on time and tells her to come back cuz Shiro’s leading her in the wrong direction. Shiro appears and starts telling Senri that this’d mean Koharu is now a bad guy if Senri is right and basically mind fucks them both into self delusion or something. I’M NOT EVEN SURE WHAT HAPPENED SORRY GUYS. In the end Senri and Koharu both lose themselves and Shiro cages them both, to show ’em who’s boss.

Good End

Senri gets there on time to stop Koharu from setting the place ablaze and tries to drag Koharu back. Koharu who’s blaming herself for everything refuses to go back and dukes it out with Senri. In the end Koharu gives in and Senri hugs her n shit.







But then Shiro’s soldier things come and attack em. Not wanting to destroy anything else, Koharu refuses to use her fire and that suits Senri just fine, so they both run away.

pic_0039 (14)

Yeah man wtf they actually run away. On a freaking jet.

I have no fking idea what happened but then they live happily ever after on the ship forever or something.

See what I mean when I say don’t ask too many questions?

Half of this was what the hell even happened and the other half was why is the world so convoluted. I’m really curious to see Mikoto’s side (Natsuhiko aheuaheua), but at the same time I’m scared I’ll just be weirded out again.

Aside from the weirdass world and convoluted scifi plot, I have to say Senri is pretty adorable and the traveler side is really goddamn creepy.

Other than that, I’m not sure how I can express how confused I was when the real situation was revealed lol what the hell. I came into this game expecting some kids emo-ing about how they’re different from society but instead I got some massive YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? I THINK NOT drama. I also see how some people were complaining about this game having ‘too much romance’ but lmfao they’re just being jerkoffs who can’t handle seeing anything more than a single kiss right at the end of the game. This game is both nice and fluffy when it needs to be and freakishly creepy when it doesn’t need to be.

I also expected myself to hate Koharu because she seemed like the kind of char to go “WHAT IS THIS DOKIDOKI?” but that never happened thank goodness. She was innocent, but not annoying imo so that’s pretty good, although I still expect to like the other heroines more.

I can’t remember what else I wanted to say so I’ll leave it there.



  • you want a plot right, HERE’S A NICE THICK HARD PLOT
  • hellloooooo suspense
  • you also need to experience the moe of dere!Senri


  • well….the suspense is sorta over the top and gdi now I have to capture 8 more guys lmfao do I have that kinda patience
  • frikin traveler-san is rly creepy, you didn’t have to add those events in, otomate………………..
  • i sorta felt like i got punched in the face when i heard this was in taisho…………………………………but that’s just my opinion

I finished Kakeru soo…I’ll write about him soon ahaha…………………………………………….



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    umm…where do you get the english patch?

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