NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Kakeru Route

To be honest I found Kakeru pretty boring, which might be why I took ages to finish his route. Another reason is that because at the end of Senri’s route, they revealed who the kimoi ossan is and so capturing Kakeru would inadvertently mean more kimoi ossan so I didn’t really wanna play.

Kakeru is…a pretty normal guy?  His power is to control the growth of vegetation and at the start he uses it to hold down Koharu and Sorata before they confirmed their identities as x-men. His hobby is probably teasing Senri while under the guise of helping him. I don’t really have much to say about this guy except wow I didn’t expect certain things to happen in this route…but that didn’t really make his route any more interesting. It was sweet, I give it that, but not interesting.

Yooooo you dun want spoils don’t look between the fat text

By now, it’s fairly obvious that the story for guy you’re trying to capture starts by selecting them as a partner for observation. So in this case choose Kakeruuuuu.

Basically Koharu’s happy that she’s surrounded by people like her and wants to make some friends but Mikoto tells her there’s no point being friendly cuz they might became enemies later on when they reach their destinations and work for different countries. Koharu gets saddened by this but still wants friends regardless so she continues trying and Kakeru ends up being influenced to feel the same way.

They go to the fields and he shows Koharu his power and despite her praising it, he says that it’s nothing special cuz anyone can grow and nurture plants, then asks if she wants to try growing something. They go researching plants and Koharu decides on the strawberry plant cuz in hanakotoba (language of flowers) it means respect and friendship. She says that after she grows it, she can share its fruits with everyone and deepen bonds, which makes it doubly special.

i dont actually remember where this part goes

i dont actually remember where this part goes

Basically Koharu ends up tending for the plant too much and it ends up starting to wither. Seeing it wither, she becomes depressed because it was her only link to making everyone friends. Desperate to save it she tris to take the pot to the fields where it was to be replanted and welp, she trips and drops it all. Not only that but she remembers what Kakeru said about everyone being able to take care of a plant lmfao. From these events, she starts feeling like she really is a destructive monster like all the villagers from her past say she is.

Kakeru finds her and wonders why shes so upset and, turns out she just over watered the plant. Then it starts growing normally.

see why I was bored?

see why I was bored?

Some time later the plant grows enough to be planted into the garden and Mikoto and Sakuya come past looking for Itsuki. noticing that Koharu is covered in dirt, Mikoto cleans her up and tells her to be more lady-like, something which Koharu herself doesn’t understand. But when Koharu looks at Mikoto and Sakuya, she feels like they’re prince and princess and grows sorta envious, so she asks Mikoto to be her student. Flustered Mikoto ends up accepting and she leaves with Sakuya.

Kakeru asks her why she did that and Koharu doesn’t know herself, only saying she felt something she never felt before. Kakeru likens it to the ‘growth’ of new feelings in peoples’ hearts and warns Koharu that some plants are poisonous and leech life from others but brushes it off as a joke or something.

Koharu then notices that he has dirt in his hair and tries to mimic Mikoto and brush it out for him. However, when she reaches for it Kakeru slaps her hand away and says he doesn’t like being touched near his ear. This causes misunderstandings between them and ~drama~.

Studying Mikoto, Koharu copies her and doesn’t eat like a pig (coughlikeNanamicough). She also admires Mikoto’s long hair and remembers that in the past villagers thought her powers came from her hair and they cut it, not allowing her to grow it out. Primitive superstitions 101.

Itsuki sees Koharu having trouble sorting out her feelings and basically nudges her in the right direction with the wrong methods and she starts getting a hint of her feelings toward Kakeru. That night, she can’t sleep and runs into Kakeru, who tells her she doesn’t need to act more feminine cuz she’s fine as she is. Then he explains why he doesn’t like being touched; he has an ear cuff that his father left him right before he died when Kakeru was 10.

After that Kakeru gets a fever again, but unlike before, Kohau says she’ll take care of him, cuz Masamune has an important job which he needs to be healthy for. While he’s sick, Kakeru has a dream about his father, which indicates to Koharu how much his death makes him suffer. When she goes out to get food for a slightly more well Kakeru, someone sneaks into his room and steals his ear cuff while he slept.

After noticing it’s missing, Kakeru searches high and low for it but to no avail and ends up depressed but hides it. Noticing he’s upset even though he said he was fine, Koharu tries to brainstorm ideas with everyone else to cheer him up.















Heishi suggests they use Sakuya’s fortune telling and he gets a reading about a traveller with a dog who both have their own will but are acting according another, or something cuz even I got confused. Naturally even Koharu is confused too (・∀・).

Koharu finally tells Kakeru to stop pushing himself cuz he’s been looking for the ear cuff since he was well enough to get out of bed and he finally opens up to her about his past and how his father left one day and just died whateven.

The dream event happens again and Snow White Koharu ends up staying at the piyo!Senri’s house on the arrangement that she does all the cleaning/cooking lmfao. Koharu then comes across Kakeru, who she thought was the witch………but he says he’s the poison apple. HAHAHHAHAHAH sorry this was just, what the fuck. He says his being is a poison etc. that he’ll only hurt her but Koharu corrects him and says that he’s important to her and should just be himself in front of her. She kisses his cheek and, welp, he ends up kissing her on da lips yoyoyoyoyo kid moves fast. She wakes up and felt like that was a massively embarrassing dream.

She goes outside and sees Ron casually taking a nap on a bench and spots the ear cuff. Ron wakes up as she tries to steal it back and confronts her. She tells him to return it and he refuses saying it’s dangerous to Kakeru and should throw it out. Unable to get it back, Koharu ends up using her flames on Ron and steals it back. Aheuahueahe.

Kakeru and Koharu end up in a library together doing something I forgot and as Koharu tries to return the ear cuff, Kakeru talks to Koharu about the ‘very happy dream’ he had and Koharu figures they prob had the same one and end up gazing into each others eyes. Hearing someone come into the library, Kakeru instinctively hugs Koharu and welp ye they wait till the other ppl disappear. A book falls as Koharu is let go and it shows the tarot card ‘the fool’ which was a traveller with a dog and she starts putting together Sakuya’s prediction. Kakeru proceeds to call himself a ‘fool’ which further makes Koharu suspicious.

Bad End 1 – Aka. what was the point of this end?

Koharu tells Kakeru to cheer up and Kakeru is saddened at that. Then she drops his ear cuff and Kakeru spots it, thinking that Koharu stole it. Koharu isn’t sure how to explain but just as she starts, Kakeru says he’s disappointed in her and walks away.




Not bad end 1

Koharu tells Kakeru to just be himself in front of her and finds his ear cuff on the floor. Not knowing how it got there, he’s all cheered back up. Remembering what Ron said, Koharu suggests that Kakeru should just put the ear cuff somewhere safe and not wear it in case he loses it again, and he agrees, saying that its time he graduates from his safety blanket ear cuff cuz he got her yooooooo.

Later everyone finds out that the next stop in town will be the last one before they go their separate ways which makes Koharu sad cuz no more Kakerooooo foh her. She ends up not feeling well from not being able to sleep on the day everyone goes out to town so she’s left on the ship alone, while all the guys go out for lunch and Nanami and Mikoto go to bring back Kakeru for her.

When she goes outside her room she spots Ron and asks him again about why the ear cuff was dangerous to Kakeru. Ron being the troll he is doesn’t give her a real answer.

Suddenly the ship is attacked by robots lmfao. They walk onto the ship and are about to attack them both when Koharu tells Ron to do something. So he chucks a knife at it.

frikin troll didnt even try

frikin troll didnt even try

He was actually trying to force Koharu to use her power but she wouldn’t. Ron ends up having to use his guns and wild west shootout it is. After destroying the robots, Ron decides to try and kill Koharu, forcing her to use her fire afterall.

Kakeru who was heading back with Heishi hears the gun fire and rushes back. When he arrives he sees the robots partly turned to ash and wonders wtf went down but more robots come and attack them. Kakeru’s power is completely useless against them and Akito comes to stop it too, but he gets injured, forcing Koharu to use her flames to protect her friends.

After having her power discovered, Koharu proceeds to hide in her room thinking everyone’ll think she’s a monster. Sorata, not knowing what happened, knocks on her door asking her to come out and Kakeru tells him to stop making a scene. Sorata then tells Kakeru off for not being there when she needed him the most lol.

Kakeru ends up forcing his way into her room and apologises to Koharu for not noticing that she hates her power, and that he’s become arrogant cuz she kept praising his power. This makes Koharu sad cuz he did nothing wrong, so Kakeru explains that her looking down on herself would also make him sad. He tells her that her power is for protecting others which makes her feel slightly better then she just says that even though they might be enemies int he future, she still wants to be with him. Kakeru says that’s not wrong at all and he’s no longer satiated by hugging her but wants all of her………..

And they bang.

Next day Koharu is able to face everyone again and is surprised that everyone is thanking her for protecting the ship. She tries to tell them that Ron seems to know something but gets cockblocked by Masamune who says they’ve got 3 days till they arrive at their destination.

Later the ship gets attacked and Koharu  goes to look for Kakeru. Meanwhile Kakeru and Ron are fighting. Ron mentions how someone got angry at hime for ‘not cleaning up the mess’ ie. killing Koharu and she learns that Ron doesn’t actually have any power yoooooo what even. He was also the one who caused the damage earlier on in the game to the ship and comments on Kakeru’s behaviour, saying that he seems to be acting on his own will lately or was that also an order from his father? He mentions the ear cuff and pisses Kakeru off and welp, Kakeru gets owned.

When Koharu finds Kakeru, Ron long gone, the traveller from her past appears again, saying how he’s here to collect her and will wipe the memory of any useless dolls. Then we learn that the ear cuff was actually the travellers means of controlling Kakeru’s actions. Then the injured Kakeru realises the traveller was his father and is happy he’s alive and faints. Douchebag dad then takes Kakeru and runs away.

Koharu tries to chase them but Masamune stops her, with Natsuhiko in tow, saying that if that guy got a hold of her, the world will end. Just like that they arrive at their destination.

They meet Aion (‘the World’; also a computer or something) and she explains the past again and since I finally got it this time I’ll put it in dot points lol.

  • year 2000: war threatening humanity’s survival breaks out but humanity would not stop fighting
  • year 2060: world war 4, humanity’s biggest war yet
  • year 8075: current year
what happen

what happen

The reset thing, which involves them all giving their powers back to Aion, is what happens every time humanity is on the brink of war. So technically all of them have the power to control the fate of the world. Also for some reason this will also be the last possible reset ever. I didn’t get that part so……..yeah.

HOWever cuz douchebag ossan has Kakeroo, they can’t reset anyway. Koharu says she can just go get him but Aion says that ossan already wiped his brain/brainwashed him so it’d be pointless and this is rly what the ossan wants anyways, her young burreh. Heishi tho, says that he can still feel Kakeru’s feels, like its rly mixed up n faint but it exists. Aion then says OH IN THAT CAse……………and well she breaks down at the most important moment ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ). Turns out ossan has his army attacking the place n that damaged Aion’s hard drive.

Knowing that Kakeru is likely with the attackers, Koharu is scared of using her power to fight back, but Akito takes Senri’s water power and consolidates into one supah water power and says he’ll control her fires. Nanami tags along cuz she wants to ‘protect’ someone, who Koharu thought was Akito.

As they fight, plants start growing and cue Kakerooooooo. Ron takes on Kakeru but this time he’s like massively weaker……….okei.

Bad End 2 aka. Koharu is not my lover she’s just a girl who claims that I am the one but the kid is not my son

As Kakeru is about to own Ron, Nanami human meat shields foh him and dies. At this point I was so sure Ron’d just go “YOU….what’s ur name again babe?”……..but yeah anyways. Koharu, from shock, uses her power and stops the fight.

Then Kakeru takes Koharu to creepy ossan and doesn’t remember a thing about Koharu. He says his use is ending so he’ll probably disappear anyway and Koharu basically gets left alone with the ossan foh life.

Right at the end, ossan says he’s interested in Koharu’s experiences and “So…tell me about the time I was away………” fkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfk creepy ossan.

Good End aka. our life has become a porno so fuck logic

Before Kakeru kills Nanami, Koharu uses her flames to stop him. She realises that her flames are a mirror of her emotions, so when she’s scared it’ll hurt others etc, but now she accepts it so it’s like a ‘healing’ flame or smth.

So they drag Kakeru back and somehow use technology to restore his memory and he confesses o Koharu that he was strong in the past because he was not moving by his own will, but when the ear cuff disappeared he was left alone like a kid and didn’t know what to do making him weak. Koharu tells him that making mistakes is part of life, but the important part is that you move on from the mistakes and not get stopped, so Kakeru says that he wants to move on with her cuz he luuuurvees her.

And then Masamune and Natsuhiko say that ossan apparently died of old age????????????????????????? I don’t even, he wasn’t even that old?????????? idk maybe Masamune’s path will explain.

In the end Kakeru and Koharu return to the place where she used to live, a big open area with no one around. And then Kakeru says he wants to bang her in front of the animals in the grassland.


did I actually just understand the game completely wrong or something

did I actually just understand the game completely wrong or something

mhmmm i lyk dat,,,the taste of my brains oozing out my ears………… moar spoilers

I think I probably got something about that good end wrong….otherwise it becomes one massive mind fuck of a plot hole………………well I hope I just got it wrong so I don’t have to settle on wtf did I jus read.

Kakeru was very sweet and I thought his route was pretty funny, especially with his teasing Senri aheuaheuae. Otherwise, I think the plot development pace was a little weird? Like the front half was so….dragged out. And then there was the real plot at the last half, but part of this might just be me being an incredible slow ass during his route lmao. Still though, I think Kakeru was just not my cup of tea (heuaheuaeh) cuz I didn’t find much enjoyment with Koharu romancing him compared to Heishi who I finished last night.

Koharu’s self blaming gets a bit depressing after a while and I feel bad for even playing the game cuz its like making the chars live it or something lol.

Otherwise the only other thing I found pretty interesting was the……..pervy plot developments www but I expect more of those from….Itsuki. Sorry I’m a perve.



  • non-serious Kakeru is pretty funny
  • helloooooooooo exercise….in bed

didn’t like:

  • well….i think this plot was overall boring (excluding the background plot)

Next char I’ve captured is Heishi yooo. Playin through Masamune’s nao.


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