Dot Kareshi I Unboxing

I wouldn’t really have considered doing a post on this if I got the normal edition but since I actually went and threw like 2x rrp to buy this game, fuck I’m gonna get as much use as I can out of it, even if it includes randomly writing something useless on it.

A while ago I was mulling over whether to buy the normal edition of DotKare with the 2 official bonuses or buying the Medialand set and I folded for the Medialand set.

I did this mostly because of two reasons:

  1.  it came with a hell of a lot more stuff, as in real stuff not short stories/graphics
  2. it was also cheaper than the DotKare with both bonuses (3.5k yen vs 4k if I recall)

And after half the world full comp’d it already, I finally received it from my proxy (which is where the other half of the price came from ( ´_ゝ`) sigh).

Many photos in da post beware. Well not really actually. Whatever ( ´_ゝ`)

I couldn’t be bothered dishing out my DSLR so have some shitty phone quality photos.

I knew there was a problem when the box is so huge but it barely weighs a kilo lmfao

I knew there was a problem when the box is so huge but it barely weighs a kilo lmfao

So thats what I got from my proxy minus all the news paper stuffing to stop the CDs from moving everywhere. Also I don’t know why but the straps were outside the wrapping so it was free floating in the newspaper.



Basically in the Medialand set for DotKare, you get:

  1. A square poster (I believe it was 50cmx50cm)
  2. Bromide set (one of each char)
  3. Can badge style strap for each char

I’m a massive phone strap fan so that sorta sold me, cuz welp what am I gonna do with a stupid booklet that I have to pay extra for.

all da stuff minus posta

all da stuff minus posta

awww yeeeee look it those straps

awww yeeeee look it those straps

and here da bromides

and here da bromides

Tbh i don’t rly care about the bromides cuz I honestly have no idea what you do with them. Put them on my wall???? But they’re fricking tiny???????????????

I didn’t take a photo of the poster cuz it was rolled up and I had no idea how to flatten it enough for a photo so………….ha. It’s the exact same image as the cd case sleeve so not like anyone’s missing out on much.

Hearing about people’s opinions of this game sorta made me regret spending so much money on it, especially this version cuz I’m not particularly interested in any of these chars. Maybe I should’ve bought the Medialand set for the last volume which has my お気に入り (  ´_ゝ`)……………..

Well no use crying over money already spent. Can’t be as bad as my other purchases:




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5 responses to “Dot Kareshi I Unboxing

  1. At least it looks like you got some cool stuff with it ^.^ the straps are really cute!


    • Yeah…………….I srsly paid like 8000 yen for the straps ( ৺ ◡৺ ) ……………………………………………………………………………

      • Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ OMG seriously?! thats craaazy son! >O< is it crazy that I still think they're cute though? (´・ω・`;) personally, I have a cellphone strap obsession too – but Anime related straps are so god damn expensive where I live (#`д´)ノ and truth to be told, I really want these Dot Kare straps but.. MUST CONTROL MYSELF! (TAT)


  2. loool why did you buy Shinigami Kagyou!!! xDDDD
    ok I guess that’s not nearly as bad as the next rendition of Solomon’s Cock Ring xDD

    Interesting stuff from Medialand. I wonder if they accept foreign cards to use with a forwarding service (I think checked before and probably not?)

    By the way ComiComi studio has Dot Kare for sale as well. I just preordered the next one from there and they ship overseas so no need to use a proxy/forwarding service =)

    • CUz IM A MASSIVE DoM ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Solomons Ring is the jewel of my PSP game collection………wat u on about.

      I’m not sure about them accepting foreign credit cards but I honestly wouldn’t count on it either…Sorry I’m not much help there ( ৺ ◡৺ )

      Oh yeah, but I got this one in particular cuz I wanted the set lol. Just didn’t expect my phone strap obsession to cost me so goddamn much ( ´_ゝ`)……………..

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