NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Heishi Route

Lmfao took me a while to churn this one out…………gomen. I’ve been busy being a tactician in Ylisse and listening to ear porn but I’m gonna try and  get back to NORN9 now.

but waht waz question?

but waht waz question?

I needed a break from Koharu’s self blame so I headed down Nanami’s routes. The next guy up is Otomaru Heishi. Like his twitter handle suggests, he’s a wanko type of guy and I think the game referred to him as the mood maker? I forgot most of this cuz its been LIKE THREE WEEKS HAhHAahshduasdhasf.

Heishi has the ability to know the feelings of people around him and the ability to convey those feelings and for telepathic communication. Except instead of reading people’s minds, he can only hear a ‘noise’ that corresponds to a feeling. Idk sorry, I can’t remember much about him except for how much his good end made me wtf. Seriously. That’s all I remember. Apparently he, Nanami and Itsuki are thought to be good friends cuz none of them really give two shits about getting along but somehow do anyway.

Spoilers from here yo YOOooooooooooooooooooooo there’s some CG at the end of the spoilers so scroll fast!

Basically after Nanami forms a group with Heishi, he comes to wake her up for breakfast and sees her sleeping. Cue all the dramatic ‘you can’t go into a girls room without her permission’ from Mikoto and Nanami realises that Heishi doesn’t see her as a girl at all. Observing the way Itsuki treats Mikoto, Nanami tells herself that his treatment of Mikoto is the real way a guy should be to a girl but she doesn’t mind that Heishi isn’t like that to her.

well....certainly a first

well….certainly a first

A lot of the drama in this route kinda centers on Itsuki pissing Mikoto off lmfao, so instead of forming their usual 3p group, Itsuki has to go off and console Mikoto, leaving Heishi and Nanami alone together. Heishi decides that it’d be a good idea to play shiritori (that game where you chain words ending in the same sound), but not just any shiritori, shiritori with books in the library. Being a general annoyance, Sorata then tells Heishi off cuz its a library not a playground HAHAHA. Then Heishi says that there’s nothing to do and Nanami feels dejected cuz she thinks she’s boring to be around.

They wander around until they see Koharu and Masamune trying to stop Kakeru who is growing a forest in Senri’s room. Apparently Kakeru spotted Senri trying to cast a hex on him cuz of how he helped destroy Senri’s door and got pissed. Masamune tries to stop Kakeru and tells Koharu not to get too close despite that she wants to help, while Heishi (oblivious to the actual intent) helps Kakeru cuz he views it as Masamune and Senri vs. Kakeru. Nanami then gets Koharu to act on her own will and help out Masamune despite his protest and…..Kakeru grows a flower on Masamune’s head.



Later they goto the cafeteria and Heishi comments that Koharu and Nanami are very similar in the way that neither of them are used to being treated well by others. Then he suggests that they hold a test of courage on the ship but Nanami says its a bad idea since they only just got attacked. Heishi says that it’s okay as long as they go in pairs but Nanami then asks what would happen if she were the culprit with the dangerous ability. For once, Heishi actually gets angry and asks her if she wants him to doubt her or something cuz then his ability would transfer his feelings and hurt the other party. Nanami realises that she said something wrong and tries to apologise but Ron cockblocks her and Akito comes to tell them all off for being in the kitchen.

Nanami tries to consult her issue with Mikoto and Itsuki and Mikoto gives her some heated replies about how Heishi is the scum of scum. Itsuki then tells Nanami that apparently Heishi walked in on her changing lmfao and he couldn’t control his ability in sharing his thoughts to her. Itsuki then tells Nanami that she should probably change the way she says things so he wouldn’t interpret in the wrong way.

Heishi comes and Mikoto and Itsuki leave and Nanami has no idea what to say to him……..So she asks him to pet her head……….wat well….err…okay….

After that they finally get the test of courage thing to happen and they start getting things ready. Being able to sense her feelings, Heishi asks Nanami what she’s worried about and she wouldn’t say so he brings her to the….roof…..of….the….spherical…ship…..Roof…top?

While they stand there, Nanami asks Heishi what he does when he has a problem he can’t solve. He replies that he comes there, cuz it helps him feel like he can forget everything there. He also tells her that he also worries about no being able to find the right words to say what he wants, which Nanami is surprised about, cuz that’s her problem. She tells him that he could easily get over that problem by transmitting his feelings and he says that was all he did when he was younger, but as he got older his parents found it a hassle and abandoned him. Then he was picked up by travelling performers and he learnt and played the flute to make money to survive, but even though the music he produces can convey feelings, he says that words are still needed to accompany those feelings.

Nanami then realises even though he has that power, his life ain’t easy lol, and tells him her true feelings; she tells him that she’s not the perpetrator, but she thinks that he should still be more careful cuz the perpetrator is among them. Then they make up www.

The next day they practice hitting the drum for the test of courage but Nanami REALLY REALLY SUCKS AT IT. She pouts and says that she’ll play Heishi’s flute instead, cuz if he can do it, she can too. Just as Heishi says bring it on, Itsuki comes and says that she can’t possibly have an indirect kiss with Heishi! Turns out he’s having problems with Mikoto….as usual. She gives up on the flute too cuz its too big for her hands and Heishi compares hand sizes with her and welp….’your hands are so small….SO YOU ARE A GIRL’…..idk is it me or does a lot of stories have this development (;´ェ`)??????? He’s cute tho……

Nanami comments that Ituki was different today and Heishi says that Itsuki was angry at something. Remembering how Mikoto complained about Itsuki being too elusive with his feelings, Nanami says that he should just tell Mikoto.

They go looking for Itsuki so she can tell him that, but spot Itsuki hugging Mikoto. Not understanding why he only hugs Mikoto and not her or Koharu, Heishi explains that he only does it to Mikoto cuz he likes her. Still not understanding, Heishi doesn’t know how to explain so he transfers her the feelings of liking someone o___O…

Nanami says that it feels intense happiness and sadness and asks how people live with those kind of painful feelings.  She also says that it’s pointless to pine for a future together when they’re all bound for separate destinations. Despite that, they both suddenly think its a good idea to matchmake Mikoto and Itsuki together……okay.

Using Sorata’s godly future technology skills, he makes a remote controlled will o’ wisp (??????what kind of grade schooler has this kind of knowledge cuz I think I need to repeat grade 6 or something now?????). During the test of courage they control the will o wisp to scare the Mikoto-Itsuki pair and Mikoto jumps onto Itsuki.

Watching from afar, Heishi wonders if they’ll get married no. Lmfao that’s a bit quick don’t you think???? Nanami answers that it’s impossible, but it’d be good if they could. Heishi tells her that he and Itsuki have the same wish, to marry the person they love and have a family. Hearing this, Nanami feels that it is a wish which cannot be granted because they’re part of the X men but just knowing he even has a wish gives her some insecurity about her own life.

That night, Nanami wonders about her own future, but only sees herself unchanged and trapped forever by her power. Then she also realises that she’s jealous of the person who Heishi loves….because she loves him. Unable to hold back, she runs out to find him.

Surprised at seeing Nanami, Heishi asks whether he heard his voice or something lmfao. He was apparently going to the roof to play the flute, making Nanami think he was angry about something and asks if she can listen. He lets her, on the condition that she reaches the roof before him and they both run.

Heishi laughs at Nanami, cuz he never thought that she’d actually get so serious about something like that cuz since she hails from a family of ninjas, she grew up to be cold and calculative. Then he asks her what her dream is and she tells him she doesn’t have the courage to dream, since she grew up being told what to do. Heishi says that since she has no dream, then why not share his dream www what?! She realises that he’s asking her to grant his wish and marry him, and that apparently the feelings he showed her before were toward her. Of course, Nanami agrees and Heishi confesses his love for her and as usual, someone comes by, but this time with killing intent!

Ron knocks out Heishi and Natuhiko follows, telling him he should’ve killed Nanami when he first arrived. Realising Ron is the traitor, Natsuhiko tells Nanami to show them her power, to wipe someones memory, if she doesn’t want them to kill Heishi. Taking advantage of this, she agrees and tries to get closer to Natsuhiko but Ron stops her with a gun………well, even ninjas can’t fight guns lol. Natsuhiko then tells her to wipe Heishi’s memories since they arrived on the roof and with his life being threatened, she has no choice.

Nanami says that she’s willing to die in order to expose him but Ron  threatens the life of everyone else on board even if she did not care about her own life, so she is unable to do anything but be used again. Feeling guilty about being unable to protect Heishi, she begins to avoid him. Akito realises that she wiped Heishi’s memory but doesn’t know why and tells her to stop being a bitch lol. I felt so bad for Nanami here ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ).

Like in the other routes, Itsuki brings everyone into the dream sequence. Akito, the wolf, (aheaheau) confronts Nanami about her feelings for Heishi and she says she’s going to go apologise to him. He also tells her that the powers are not mutually exclusive, that this dream everyone is simultaneously seeing is actually Itsuki and Heishi’s powers together. Fearing that her power combined with Heishi’s would mean that she could wipe the memories of large groups of people, she reconsiders her position with Heishi.

……THEn ROn FuckING SHOOTS AKITo……………………….

He calls Nanami a coward, because she wouldn’t let anyone get hurt for her sake. Nanami then says she won’t go find Heishi in order to have them both be trapped in the dream forever, but LOL Ron says he can leave at will cuz he probably has nothing important to him………wat. Then he could leave and kill everyone in their sleep, but he won’t if she comes with him, knowing what a great impact her power can make.

Then Heishi comes in cuz he felt Akito’s presence disappear as well as Nanami’s feelings, confronting Ron. He says that he won’t forgive Ron for scaring Nanami but Ron only says that she fears Heishi not him and runs away. Heishi asks Nanami if this is true but she tries to chase after Ron, asking him to let her leave the dream. Instead of letting her go, he gets angry that she cares more about Ron than him lmfao talk about bad timing. Nanami finally tells him that Ron is the traitor and Heishi lets her go, but by the time they wake up and look for Ron, he’s gone.

Heishi confronts her again in the real world and asks if Nanami has anything to say to him, to which she asks whether the dream was really him and Itsuki combining their powers. He says its true but doesn’t know why she cares and she tells him that it would be scary if they all combined powers. Still not knowing why she’s so afraid, he simply says that he wouldn’t do it even if the World told him to, but this doesn’t work for Nanami cuz she sees her wiping his memory as a sign that she doesn’t have the courage to go against orders. Learning that, Heishi confesses that he loves her and Nanami coldly rejects him, in hopes of protecting him but he tells her to shut up and kisses her lmfao. I thought she’d finally collapse and accept him but she actually keeps rejecting him and runs away wow.

Poor babies

Poor babies

i didn't expect him to yell tho

i didn’t expect him to yell tho

and then wha....i didn't bother translating the 'NGjdnjf' kiss noise sorry

and then wha….i didn’t bother translating the ‘NGjdnjf’ kiss noise sorry

Later on, she explains the situation with Ron to everyone else and Akito feels guilty, thinking he was the reason she didn’t say anything earlier while Heishi ends up avoiding her. Well of course, it wouldn’t be a NORN9 route without someone avoiding someone else hahaha……………………………………. (、◔ω◔)、

Suddenly it’s summer on board and all the guys are playing in the water wtf. Turns out Heishi’s been angry ever since his rejection and when Heishi’s angry, he’s exceedingly negative about everyone and he insults Mikoto so she punches him or something.Then she decides that they should have a female only tea party in the cafeteria  when the ship flies into a storm cloud and causes everything to black out, effectively locking them inside the room cuz the doors are automatic. Borrowing Heishi’s power, Masamune and Itsuki relay messages to Koharu and Mikoto to tell them to stay put and console them but none come for Nanami.

As Nanami goes to check the door she finds Heishi waiting on the other side. He finally speaks to her through his telepathy and confesses that he was angry at himself for not noticing her suffering and that even if they were to be apart in the future, he could always use his power to communicate with her. However in the end, he feels that he’d still want to touch her and Nanami says she feels the same and at that moment the power comes back and door opens. Then Heishi asks Nanami to run away with him cuz the situation they’re in means they can’t be happy ever.

They begin discussing their plan later and figure the next town they land in will be their best chance since it’s the last place they’ll be going before everyone goes their separate ways. Itsuki tells them that they’d only be able to survive by using Nanami’s power but Heishi won’t let this happen cuz he knows how much Nanami suffers from it. And then they have a punch out. WHateven ( ತಎತ)

In the end they know they can’t do anything alone but regardless Heishi asks Nanami to run away with him.

Bad End

Nanami agrees and they run away living in some cottage in the middle of the forest.

Heishi becomes increasingly insecure about the future yet continues trying to protect Nanami and not allowing her to use her power. And pretty much begins to freak Nanami out cuz he brings home a gun from the black market to protect her.

Akito and Itsuki come knocking on their door trying to talk to them but Heishi fears that they will try to bring them back to Norn so he takes his gun and………

Nanami, realising she was the root of this, wipes Heishi’s memories of her completely and they return to Norn. ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

Good End

Nanami says that she won’t leave with him because she noticed that he was obsessing over her not using her power and protecting her whereas she wants the future he wished for earlier. She also knows that this can only be achieved by her working for it as well, even if it means using her power.

Well this basically stops Heishi from heading down the path in the bad end and they both decide to run away anyway. Finally relying on Mikoto and Itsuki’s help, they begin to run away but Masamune stops them. Not taking his World-needs-you bullshit Nanami wipes his memories and tells Mikoto and Itsuki to pick him up wwww.

They actually GET AWAy ANd WTffffffffff they get hired by some rich person to travel and TAKE PHOTOS OF THE WORLD FOR THEM. Wtf????????????????????? Then they basically spend the rest of their days together travelling and living like hobos. Omfg what the hell. What kind of end is this??????????????????  ( ◜◡༎ຶ)

tldr; da good end

tldr; da good end

End spoilaszxsafio; wha t the hell lol………..

I actually really really liked Heishi (despite getting Auger reminders everytime he spoke lmfao Yoshino you…….), but seriously that good end was pretty horrible in a way which totally destroyed all the plot build up until that moment. Even before I reread my notes to write this post all I could remember was the ‘good’ end and ………wow. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel like otome gaming at all right now haha……….

Good end aside, I liked the bad end a lot more cuz DESpAIR huehueuhe.  Well it was only very miniscule but I think anything is good when they can actually make me feel horrible without killing anyone. Other than that, I also really liked the pacing of how Heishi falls for Nanami. Before I started the route I was really skeptical of how it’d play out but it was really cute and Nanami is pretty awesome on her own so I’m fairly upset that Koharu scored the highest out of all three heroines because being 2/3 into her routes, I can’t handle her too well.

The relationships between all the chars and Nanami (especially Mikoto omfg) was explored so much I was starting to wonder if Nanami was even the heroine of the route sometimes. Well, at least Itsuki was hilarious. I’m not sure if the television programs that the heroines can watch near the end of the route are randomised or something but seeing Natsuhiko hit all of Mikoto’s traits as his 好み I’m really curious to his route………but Koharu…………….

Doesn’t help that Masamune also ranked so low in the poll too.

welp tldr;


  • cute events
  • good pace
  • the way nanami handled things

Didn’t like;

  • dat good end
  • who dafuq wrote that good end
  • srsly wtf why did they think that was a good idea

Idk when I’ll finish Masamune cuz I’m still technically stuck in Ylisse and by that I mean I cbf touching either Koharu or Masamune………………………and I just recieved DotKare……………………………………welp. Till next time in da cage yoyoyoyo.



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