NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Masamune Touya Route

I’m back! I finally finished Masamune’s route and I honestly expected worse but welp, it was….okay???? Idg why he ranked so low on the polls cuz in my opinion Heishi’s GOOD end was like much worse (in terms of story) than Masamune’s route altogether lmfao.

Masamune Touya (I’m used to calling him as Masamune as opposed to first name cuz Koharu does that all the time and it stuck with me ╮(•ω•)╭) is the oniitan of Norn. He does all the mediating between people and reporting of events to The World and pretty much just puts himself into other peoples troubles all the time, so much that Koharu spends most of the start of his route cock blocking herself cuz she’s scared of bothering him. I expected some sort of yandere activity from him but surprisingly there wasn’t any (wow, but oniichan char!!!!!!!!!!1111).

did u say masamune and koharu? of course not you mustve meant mikoto.  Totally accurate summary of this route.

did u say masamune and koharu? of course not you mustve meant mikoto.
Totally accurate summary of this route.

There was potential in his route…potential for lots of romance and ero but gdi, this route just headed down cock block galore territory. Srsly. Aside from that, he has 3 bad ends lmfao. THREEEE WhAT THE HELL MAN…???? The first two were pretty omfgwtfbbq but the last one was just plain wtf.

Spoilers for Masamune’s route aehauehuae! 三⊂( っ⌒◡|

After pairing with Masamune, most of the start of the route is just establishing how much of an oniichan Masamune is to everyone on Norn. He busies himself all the time with saving Koharu from Itsuki/Nanami’s cooking and Senri from Kakeru’s bullying etc. Being dragged into one of Kakeru’s exploits and leaving Koharu alone, Mikoto sighs at how Masamune always gets dragged into annoying situations and this makes Koharu weary about bothering Masamune.

When it comes Koharu and Masamune’s turn to weed the fields, something happens between Mikoto and Itsuki so he leaves to help them mediate the situation. By the time he returns, Koharu’s done the job all alone anyway. Koharu innocently tells Masamune that she wants to help him and ‘will do anything’ to which he blushes at cuz he’s a dirty ossan lmfao.

Then they end up taking a break and they planned to have a tea party after Koharu changes outta her dirty clothes. But as fate has it, the guys were all going to try out the sake flavoured (is that what you’d call it???) bath salts in the bath and Masamune goes to bring Kakeru his towel. Koharu looks for Masamune after changing but can’t find him, but is directed to the baths by Ron, who thought he was going to clean the bath. Happy to lend a hand Koharu heads into the bath and gets more than an eyeful (☉ω☉)……

She ends up having to apologise with Masamune and feels that she caused him even more trouble. Getting some advice from Senri, she comes to the conclusion that in order to not cause anyone trouble, she should stop interacting with people completely………and asks Masamune to dissolve their partnership. Wa h t…

Masamune says that he has to keep an eye on her cuz she’s too naive and will be strung along too easily by people like Itsuki but she’s still upset at being an annoyance. Then he tells her that it’s impossible to not hurt others but you can grow from the experiences blahblah and knowledge = growth and he’ll support her. Somehow this translates to teaching her about life whateven. So they have these little study sessions where he shows her his megane face and she admires it all day. After one of these lessons, Itsuki tries to converse with Koharu but remembering Masamune’s warnings she just covers her ears HAHAHHAhA.

As per other routes, Kakeru gets a fever again and Masamune is forced to take care of him. Koharu runs into Heishi who realises she feels neglected and says that she’s cuter when she smiles. As he says this Mikoto and Sakuya walks past and she disses him for flirting like Itsuki but he denies it saying he sees Koharu as a little sister hahaaaa. After hearing about what happened, Mikoto also disses Masamune for being a massive doM to trouble and Koharu asks if there’s anything she can do to help him. Heishi suggests making candy cuz sugar = energy and love = even more energy or something but since he annoys Akito all the time, Akito won’t help…..So Heishi offers to help bake cookies.

Bad End 1 – Srsly wtf haha

This is srsly the fork pt for the bad end. Like is Heishi gonna poison Masamune or smth?????

This is srsly the fork pt for the bad end. Like is Heishi gonna poison Masamune or smth?????

Koharu asks Heishi for help and Nanami chimes in to also lend a hand, cuz they both ‘have incredible confidence in their cooking skills’. So to get the brown cookie colour they put in lots of brown sugar and Nanami says they can’t do without her ‘super effective secret ninja drug’ and end up with something worst than diabetes in a biscuit. Koharu ends up handing the result over to Masamune who seemed like he didn’t like sweets.

The next day Masamune rounds up all the girls and says that he is going to personally teach them how to become women. Kakeru, who’s recovered from his fever, tells Koharu that Masamune gets drunk off sugar but will recover in a while and runs off to let them deal with it cuz it’s too 面倒 for him.

….But because of the ninja drug Nanami put in + the sheer amount of sugar, it ended up screwing Masamune’s brain up so…………all the girls were at his mercy forever. He literally becomes a tyrant and Norn, his ‘country’………………………

If this were an R18 game, this end would most definitely be the rape end lol. Watdafuq lmfao.

Continuing onward……….

Koharu says its fine and decides to make cookies on her own using books from the library to follow. Mikoto says she’ll help Koharu, but it’s not like she wants to make any for Sakuya or anything!!!!!!!!!!! They end up with perfect cookies and Koharu hurries to give them to Masamune who, again, looks troubled at the sight of the cookies making Koharu think he doesn’t like sweets.

That night as Koharu goes to get some water before bed, she spots Masamune taking the cookies to the roof of Norn. Thinking he was going to throw them overboard, Koharu follows him and then sees him eat it. Content, Koharu heads back but accidentally steps on a twig, alerting Masamune. He ends up confronting her but unlike normally, he’s really curt and emotionless, scaring Koharu. But instead of saying that she tells him he’s not scary and Masamune is all like ‘WELL YOU SHOULD BE’ and kisses her lmfao. Then Koharu runs away.

Two days later, Masamune confides in Sakuya about what happened and Sakuya casually comments:



Koharu on the other hand, researches about the meaning behind kisses and uses fairy tales as a basis. Since both Mikoto and Nanami can’t give her an answer about what kissing is supposed to signify, Sakuya saves the day and tells her it’s something special you do to show your feelings of love, so you don’t just kiss anyone.

Later on Masamune and Koharu resume their lessons and since they’re both acting as usual, Koharu thought that Masamune didn’t really think anything of the kiss so she confronts him. She asks him if kisses are special to him and he says yes, and then apologises for forcing one on her, which makes Koharu feel as if he did it by accident/didn’t want to kiss her and upsets her. Mistaking her dismay, Masamune proposes to disband the partnership cuz he thinks this way it’d be the best way to protect her and not hurt her……………………………..but then Koharu just spends her days thinking about Masamune anyway.

Since he’s so busy and they’re no longer partners, Koharu rarely gets to see Masamune and one night feels the intense need to thank him for all his help, so heads to his room. Ron, Itsuki and Masamune were about to start drinking in Ron’s room but Masamune stepped out to get the alcohol leaving Koharu to wait for him. Ron offers to have her wait in his room and……

Bad End 2 – The end where what the fuck I don’t even

Koharu goes into the room to wait for Masamune but Itsuki and Ron try to make a move on her. Remembering back to her lessons with Masamune, she realises she was told to not go into a guy’s room at night and panics. Trying to leave, both Ron and Itsuki stop her.

idk this was pretty funny

idk this was pretty funny

Masamune comes back to see this and well………………………..”since that day, I never saw Itsuki and Ron again.”

He killed them or something jfc HAHAH WTf.

Or….Koharu remembers her lesson earlier and doesn’t go into Ron’s room

Koharu waits outside Ron’s room for Masamune and he sees her. Telling him that she’s waiting outside cuz he taught her, Masamune praises her for being a good kid while Koharu is just like NoPENOPENiPElNEPPE in her mind cuz she didn’t like him breaking off their partnering up thing so easily.

Then she thanks him and runs off. She realises it herself that she didn’t need to go right then and there to say it but it was an excuse to see him lol.

Next day everyone’s thinking about their partner and Heishi comes into ask them to do the amidakuji (ladder game) which gets used for the dream sequence but they all shoo him off lmfao. In the end, he gets the guys to do it instead. So that night they all get whisked off to the dream world of Itsuki and Heishi’s doing.

Koharu, being Snow White, goes to look for the dwarf’s home but Kakeru ends up intruding on her. Telling Koharu that he’s the poison apple, Koharu realises she has to ‘eat’ him in order to find the prince, but how does one eat a person shaped apple lmfao. Kakeru says that they should kiss and tries to force himself on her, scaring her but Masamune saves her. As the story of Snow White goes, now they have to head to the castle and get married but Koharu worries that Masamune won’t want to and ends up confessing to him about her dark feelings toward him for not partnering up with her anymore so she’s not really a good kid like he thought.

Masamune realises what she means and says that cuz she didn’t react to his kiss, he thought she didn’t see him as a guy and disbanded the pair cuz he didn’t want to lose control of himself again. But now that their feelings are out in the open he says that he can’t have anyone special to him in that way cuz he still has a role to play on Norn and needs to tend to everyone equally (ㅎ_ㅎ) and asks her to wait for him till they finish the trip cuz apparently they won’t be separated like they all originally thought. So then they get married in the dream as a ‘practice’ for the real thing.

Back in the real world, Masamune and Koharu are being with each other as usual and Koharu finally finds out that Masamune gets drunk off sugar ( ತಎತ) which is why he kissed her and yaddayaddayadda.

Since the dream, Mikoto’s been in shambles because of her feelings for Sakuya and thinking that they’re going to be separated but Koharu tells her it’ll be fine cuz of what Masamune said to her. Same happens with Sakuya, who thinks he’s just causing Mikoto pain but Koharu helps them make up and then suddenly Heishi tells them it’s an emergency, that the next town they’ll arrive at is in the middle of a war and that the World has ordered them to protect it.

Mikoto’s forced to use her power overtime and the whole thing just exhausts her, but being the stubborn child she is, she doesn’t let anyone see it even though everyone knows she’s suffering. Akito warns Koharu that if she shows her power, the same thing will happen to her and she’ll open herself up to be used by the army/other people.

Koharu asks Sakuya why he doesn’t stop Mikoto from exhausting herself like that but he tells her that she’s rather collapse than see innocent people die, which makes sense??? But yeah, then he tells her to look after Masamune cuz he heard groaning from Masamune’s room………………He’s actually in withdrawal from not touching Koharu in so long eh. Well my mind automatically switched to some other touching here but…NEVERmind.

Koharu pets him to rejuvinate him and Masamune starts getting turned on lmfao and begins ossan x young girl role play with Koharu until he realises he’s being kimoi but she likes it anyway. Just as he’s about to try and bone her, it’s midnight and he has to report the situation to the World and he has to leave. Koharu then thinks about ways to spend more ‘time’ with Masamune and welp she rly just wants him as bad as he wants her.

Next day, Koharu tries to help out with the war effort without using her power and this massive doM comes along and tries to talk to her. Feeling grossed out Koharu runs away only to be chased by him and when she calls him gross he just blushes and asks for more punishment LMFAO.

He seemed pretty normal to me at first tho

He seemed pretty normal to me at first tho

then this lmfao

then this lmfao

Then Natsuhiko appears and tells the guy, now known as Setsu, to stop being so happy at being called gross. It seems they both want to know where Mikoto is and Natsuhiko begins to threaten Koharu with his gun. Not budging Koharu refuses to tell him and just as he was about to shoot her, Masamune comes to save her.

Natsuhiko appears to be against the whole ‘resetting’ business as per the other routes, and now its also evident that the orders that Natsuhiko says he got from the World were actually from the people on the island that they both came from. Natsuhiko leaves and Koharu asks if Masamune wants to ret because he looked really hurt by Natsuhiko’s words but he assures her that he’s fine as long as she’s there and then confesses that he regrets not boning her the night before.

Later Natsuhiko says that the fighting has calmed down so they can leave and Sakuya talks to Masamune about something. As they all go off to finish up their last jobs, Mikoto realises that Masamune was lying about the fighting stopping and goes to protect the people in the town. Sakuya realises what Mikoto is doing and rushes off to her and Koharu also gets a glimpse of this, so she tells Masamune.

The still exhausted Mikoto is in the town protecting everyone and for a moment she slips up and lets her own guard down, one of the enemies shoot her. Instead though, Sakuya takes the bullet and dies after telling Mikoto he loves her. ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

Koharu arrives into town to see Mikoto with Sakuya’s body and realises she shouldn’t have run away from her power from the start and begins to kill all the enemies ( ◔ д ◔ ). Masamune finds her and now, cuz they know what her power is, apparently the World orders them to stay and fight again. Akito asks Masamune whether their role is more important than their lives and he cannot answer, jeeze wtf man. Unable to take breaks, Koharu ends up staying in the town to fight 24/7 and this pisses Masamune off cuz the army is just using her as they like.

One night Koharu ends up wandering back to the ship.

Bad End 3 – aka. Masamune wtf dude srsly????

Koharu visits Mikoto who’s still despairing about being unable to protect the one person she really wanted to protect. Seeing her blame herself for Sakuya’s death, Koharu tells Mikoto its not her fault but Koharu’s, cuz she ran away from her power which could’ve saved them if she acted on it earlier. Mikoto blames her and then Koharu continues fighting to protect Mikoto.

After a battle, Koharu’s flames go out of control cuz its the first time she used it so much so she sits there to wait it out while telling everyone to leave. Masamune comes along and feels bad for placing her in that position but does nothing and the flames finally die out before she collapses for 3 days.

When she wakes up Masamune is not there, so she goes to visit Mikoto and stays by her side till she falls asleep. After Mikoto falls asleep, a soldier sneaks in and tells them to go back to the town cuz they’re ‘neglecting’ their duties but Koharu snaps at him with her flames and tells him to shut up cuz Mikoto is sleeping, making the guy shit himself and run away.

Masamune drops by and finds out about the break in. Then he apologises to Koharu who’s asleep with Mikoto and says that he’s going to think about what to do after for a while longer and leaves.

….Um….??????????? Watdafuq Masamune. You’re gonna let Koharu kill herself over your fricking obsession with duties. 最低.

Good End

Instead of meeting Mikoto, she runs into Masamune and they have some small chat. Asking whether Koharu is gonna stay on Norn for the night, she says no, and that she has to stay in town cuz of her ‘duty’ and this starts making Masamune doubt himself.

As in the bad end, her flames go outta control but this time Masamune hugs her and Koharu tells him to let go or she’ll burn him alive but turns out cuz she loves him, her flames won’t hurt him!!!1111 okay. Same as Kakeru’s route. Masamune apparently has the power to see into her memories or the past or something similar and ends up delving into her past where everyone in her village rejected her and finds out her real name. Her real name which is…….not shown. Then like Heishi, he suggests they run away together. (σ^∀^)σ r u fukin kidding me.

Koharu initially says no cuz she has to protect Mikoto, but Masamune assures her she has no say cuz he’s taking her by force. But since even Sakuya didn’t wish for Koharu to suffer like this its okay!……….(σ^∀^)σふざけんな!!!!

So that night Masamune contacts Natsuhiko and admits that he thinks the World is wrong cuz even tho Sakuya died, they still have to fight (and this would mean they also can’t reset sooo…..) and Natsuhiko says that the World is now something that’s being altered to the purposes of the people from their island. This also means that Masamune is gonna abandon his role and wants Natsuhiko to lend a hand.

Then Nanami erases Koharu’s memory of everyone but Masamune, putting her to sleep and Itsuki shows her a dream where she and Masamune are getting married.  ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)

And they fucking run away. Why.

As long as Masamune and Koharu are not discovered by the World, the rest of the people on Norn don’t have a role anymore so priority lies in hiding them forever.

Some time later, Masamune is learning about mainanence of machines and stuff from Natsuhiko so he can finally be self sufficient and alone with Koharu. Obv his main goal is to bone Koharu but either way……

even natsuhiko knows when ur full of shit masamune

even natsuhiko knows when ur full of shit masamune

Masamune then asks Koharu about the future and says this time they’ll have a proper wedding ceremony and Koharu thinks back to something she can’t remember but feels happy and sad about; “I feel like we had a wedding ceremony once as practice….but whennnnnnnnn……..?’

(●´―`●) I have no idea what the hell is going on in this end cuz somehow running away = solves all the troubles of the world??????? It’s certainly not as bad as heishi’s hobo end but it’s pretty up there in terms of what the fuck just happened?

Then the whole memory wipe thing seemed kind of pointless because it seemed like Mikoto recovered by the end anyway????? So Koharu wouldn’t have had to feel guilty about something that wasn’t even her fault at that point.

End spoilers for Masamooner Tooooo yah………..

An issue I have with this game is that it seems a lot like every heroine’s route seems to focus so much on everyone BUT the heroine you’re playing? Most of the drama in Masamune’s route was concerning Koharu’s feelings toward the Mikoto-Sakuya pair   ( ´_ゝ`)……..That and Nanami also seemed to have pretty much zero presence in this route too aside from 1 or 2 appearances lol and then the end……………..

I didn’t realise till I was writing this either but, wow the ends for Masamune are mostly really pointless. I’m not really sure what I learnt about Koharu in this route that I didn’t already know………….And he’s like the mainmainmain guy for her right (being the one which requires unlocking)…………………..

Another thing is er, the romantic development between Koharu and Masamune seemed……..really………sudden……………….like….imo it looks a lot like oniitan was looking out for imouto then all of a sudden he wants to bang her. And then it looks like imouto wants to help out oniitan but suddenly mistakes those feelings as wanting to help him with his sexual frustrations but never really notices that.

Masamune seems more like the traditional shoujo heroine in this route with his indecisiveness which I thought was fixed after the dream event but obviously wasn’t (bad end 3) ◟( ˘•ω•˘ )◞. Koharu was more straight forward and didn’t really do anything I found annoying on the other hand. Which is sort of strange, seeing as she’s meant to be the naive one.

welp tldr;


  • Yay Koharu has more balls than Masamune
  • Those first two bad ends LOL………………….

Didn’t like;

  • All dat sexual tension yet nothing happened
  • Masamune was so much of a side character that his power was only shown once GJ

I’ve got a surprise for my bebe-tachi and by that I mean lol expect to be disappointed for my next post. Anyways now that I finish Koharu I’ll prob go for Itsuki before Akito cuz I rly wanna savour him aehauehau. (  ゚々゚)


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