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First Impressions of Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Dandalion Route

Look which game I’m back with! filled with eyeball gouging, brain-leaking-out-of-my-ear goodness!~ I didn’t really take many screen shots cuz well, nothing was all that funny.

いよいよソロモンズリングのダンダリオンを攻略終了しました!( ৺ ◡৺ ) Now time to disappear for another month www I actually planned to finish this much earlier since I was only less than an hour away from full comping Dantalion more than a month ago but….Solomon’s Ring………………………………

I'm warning you, never ever press that start button.

I’m warning you, never ever press that start button.

By the way he’s actually called ‘Dandalion’ as the official English name cuz they can’t romanize for crap. Might as well go one step further can call him DANDARION…Yes he’s meant to be Dantalion, the demon who teaches arts, sciences and can read minds at will – this comes later. He’s sort of this really nice-ish guy and is rather smart,…except when it comes to ~feelings~. He’s probably closest to a kuudere. Everything is pretty much about logic to him….except this game has none.

If anyone’s read my suffering along with the first Solomon’s Ring, you should know what to expect by now, but once again I’ll brush over the basics of the prologue…..since it’s literally exactly the same in this game. Laura, the only living descendant of King Solomon, is passed down the Solomon’s Ring, a ring with supah magic which seals demons (and grants her an exp bar) from her dying gramps. Thinking demons are a thing of fairy tales, she accepts his willful dying wish for her to seal all the demons in the world thinking nothing of it. That it until one day she’s suddenly attacked by penguins demons. Srsly somehow she manages to seal three demons on her own and then continues to live life normally despite this new found knowledge and ….proceeds to get attacked NOT ONCE BUT TWO TIMES MORE before she starts getting the point – this isn’t going to stop.

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