First Impressions of Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Dandalion Route

Look which game I’m back with! filled with eyeball gouging, brain-leaking-out-of-my-ear goodness!~ I didn’t really take many screen shots cuz well, nothing was all that funny.

いよいよソロモンズリングのダンダリオンを攻略終了しました!( ৺ ◡৺ ) Now time to disappear for another month www I actually planned to finish this much earlier since I was only less than an hour away from full comping Dantalion more than a month ago but….Solomon’s Ring………………………………

I'm warning you, never ever press that start button.

I’m warning you, never ever press that start button.

By the way he’s actually called ‘Dandalion’ as the official English name cuz they can’t romanize for crap. Might as well go one step further can call him DANDARION…Yes he’s meant to be Dantalion, the demon who teaches arts, sciences and can read minds at will – this comes later. He’s sort of this really nice-ish guy and is rather smart,…except when it comes to ~feelings~. He’s probably closest to a kuudere. Everything is pretty much about logic to him….except this game has none.

If anyone’s read my suffering along with the first Solomon’s Ring, you should know what to expect by now, but once again I’ll brush over the basics of the prologue…..since it’s literally exactly the same in this game. Laura, the only living descendant of King Solomon, is passed down the Solomon’s Ring, a ring with supah magic which seals demons (and grants her an exp bar) from her dying gramps. Thinking demons are a thing of fairy tales, she accepts his willful dying wish for her to seal all the demons in the world thinking nothing of it. That it until one day she’s suddenly attacked by penguins demons. Srsly somehow she manages to seal three demons on her own and then continues to live life normally despite this new found knowledge and ….proceeds to get attacked NOT ONCE BUT TWO TIMES MORE before she starts getting the point – this isn’t going to stop.

Bigger spoilers after this, read if you dare, and if you want to punch your computer screen probably. ( ৺ ◡৺ )

After the second time she runs into Astaroth (Suwabe Junichi) who promptly claims her as his. Of course no one with a brain will just follow a stranger, much less a demon cuz they told you to and luckily Laura doesn’t either. Then come Berial (I’m guessing…King Belial??) and Dandalion who cock block and Astaroth runs away.

Yet again she gets attacked sometime later and all three pop up this time to save her, working together suddenly because of reasons. During the battle Berial and Dandalion change into demon form so Laura realises they’re actually demons and somehow this is supposed to be surprising. Seriously, why would established demon Astaroth run away from two humans earlier????????

They explain to Laura that the ring she possesses can seal demons and that for reasons unknown aka. lazy writing they’ve all escaped the seal and Lucifer is after her as Solomon’s descendant. Astaroth lays claim to the ring and Laura’s soul because he’s a shitty brat who thinks the world is his and everyone tells Laura she needs to level up, which comes with forming a team (contract) with one of them. Laura doesn’t know what to do so she runs away…………….and continues living like normal afterward. ( ৺ ◡৺ )…….. Well……

After a while Laura notices that time seems to be repeating itself and runs out to the middle of nowhere and through another happy coincidence all three demons come to her aid and tell her Lucifer has placed the world under a time loop, cuz that’s how the cool kids torture their enemies, although no one without magical power has realised. ( ৺ ◡৺ )… TIME LOOP BECAUSE THE PLOT CALLS FOR IT. She realises that she has to and possesses the power to stop Lucifer but she can’t do it alone. Again, the demons ask her to pair up with them cuz then they can finally defeat Lucifer  along with the condition that she not seal them, and only them. Wouldn’t it be much faster if say, everyone just grouped up to defeat Lucifer cuz what’s one demon against what, (minus Paimon) there’s already 5 in this game + chapter of fire (ㅎ_ㅎ)….

Laura chooses to group up and form a contract with Dandalion and the other two immediately turn sour toward him lmfao. Dandalion promises to protect Lily and asks her to leave everything to him, and as she leaves he monologues to himself about how he’s gonna gain her trust and exact revenge. Hello, major plot point given away right after the introduction! Σ (°ζ‿° )

Yet again, Laura is attacked in her own home and Dandalion pops up in a nick of time, berating himself for underestimating Lucifer’s stubbornness. Seeing as how she needs protection like 24/7, Laura invites Dandalion to stay with her because that’s totally proper ◝( •௰• )◜ But it’s okay cuz Dandalion tells her that he ain’t interested in tapping dat ass.

Unsure how to act Laura serves him tea and finds him reading a magic book, which he tells her holds the records of the past, present and future. So he can literally know about everything that’s happened or will happen. As she readies her later gramp’s bed for him to use, she ends up tripping and they brush lips lmfao. She obviously feels embarrassed over the accidental kiss but Dandalion brushes it off as ‘just two body parts touching’ OH SNAP.

For the next while, Dandalion stays by Laura’s side under the guise of ‘her gramp’s acquaintance’ and everyone pretty much gets the wrong idea of their relationship. Though Laura secretly likes it even though it’s their first week togetherAll the while he’s also very obviously planning her downfall.

On Sunday night, time reverts back to the start of the week and Laura has to keep introducing Dantalion to everyone again and this happens a lot. Laura begins to start liking preparing meals for Dandalion even though she knows he doesn’t need that, nor sleep as a demon, and his cold attitude toward her in general causes her to feel sad. Asking Alicia for advice, she tells Laura that it’s obvious that she wants to be close to him cuz she’s in love with him. Well that was quick. (✿◉◡◉) She rejects this idea cuz she knows she has to seal him later on anyway (then why bother wanting to be close to your enemy my dear Laura (✿◉◡◉)……?)……………..

Because of Alicia’s comment, Laura begins to act unnaturally around Dandalion and ends up cutting herself on a broken plate as she’s washing the dishes, to which he then proceeds to lick up her blood. For some odd reason, this time though, he realises that action is embarrassing. As he tries to run off and finish washing the dishes she stops him because she’s lonely. She tells him that she doesn’t want their relationship to be purely master and servant and want to be more friendly but he doesn’t understand, so she asks whether he has anyone important to him and the conversation just ends with “no” LOL. Then another week passes of unable to do anything about Lucifer’s time loop.

Later, they get attacked and Laura is slowly leveling up from the low level demons Lucifer is conveniently sending her way. Honestly, if the first 6 tries didn’t work, what makes you think the 7th will??? After a hard grinding session Laura is exhausted and Dandalion supports her by embracing her and…well they just end up embracing for a while. ‘No one important to him’ my ass, Dandalion. She thinks about how she’s holding Dandalion back cuz he’s busy protecting her from the demons and that ‘IF ONLY SHE WASN’T THERE….’…..but if you think about it for a second…..the demons were sent to attack her… if Dandalion had no fucks to give, all he has to do is step aside and ( ৺ ◡৺ )?????? Laura wtf u doin? Dandalion then tells her that she ain’t a bother and she freaks, thinking she said it out loud.

Just as she’s about to head to bed that night, she realises she’s deathly afraid of fighting demons and doesn’t want to go alone. Just at that moment Dandalion also announces that he’s going to sleep….and that if she wants, she can share the bed with him. She accepts his offer ( ৺ ◡৺ ) and they end up sharing the bed. He tells her that she’s done well to last to this point cuz any normal girl would fear demons……….yet she’s lying there with a demon………………………….

Then he tells her that she should rely on him, although in the end to fufill her grandfather’s wish, she’ll need to seal him too. ( ৺ ◡৺ )…When did she tell him about that? SHE FUCKING DIDN’T, THAT’S WHEN.

Another cheesy scene telling us about how Dandalion doesn’t understand love later, Laura wakes up in the middle of the night with Dandalion over her trying to kill her with his magic. Luckily, the time loop refreshes and just as she blacks out, he’s flown back to where he was a week ago. She wakes up the next morning and because Dandalion acts as usual, she thinks it’s all a dream and she’s too fearful to ask him about it, not wanting to believe it.

He asks her out to lunch that day and Laura ends up lamenting about how she’s so dishonest about her own feelings compared to Alicia who’s so honest about her love, being happy just to be by the guy’s side unlike herself. Dandalion asks Laura what she’s so unhappy about even though he’s by her side and she wtf’s. Dandalion tries to brush it off but Laura insists on him explaining himself lmfao, yes go Laura! He finally confesses that he can read people’s minds and….also display what they’re thinking on a screen that only the pair can see and demonstrates with Alicia’s feelings. ( ತಎತ)……….. Ofc then Laura’s like aw fuq ALL THOSE TIMES I WAS THINKING ABOUT HIM THEN………バレちゃったぁぁぁぁ!

Even so, they continue to sleep together wwww. Laura asks how he’s been living til now, cuz it’s obviously a pain in the ass to read people’s minds unconsciously. Unlike usual, he shows her a sad face and tells her his past, explaining why he has no one important to him. Apparently in the past, when he was still young and green, he was besties with King Solomon since they could both read people’s minds ( ತಎತ)……. but one day, for reasons unknown, Solomon betrayed him and sealed him. So he thinks it’s no good to trust people anymore. Great!

The next day, they both get attacked again. You know, with the same tactic that failed every single time before. As the demons are about to surprise attack Dandalion from behind, Laura launches herself as a human meat shield for him and the ring reacts on its own and the demons are suspended in animation. Unlike the usual calm Dandalion, he loses himself and berates Laura for carelessly tossing her life on the line before shutting up and brushing it off, causing her to wonder what he’s thinking about. Obviously she knows that he can read her mind but he’s casually ignoring it, even when she asks him about it lmfao.

When they get home, Laura launches herself again at Dandalion, proclaiming how she was fearful for their lives and….they end up kissing. Idk, seriously they didn’t explain ANYTHING at this point, they just….kissed.

Come Sunday night again, Laura wakes up in the middle of the night……………..being slowly killed by Dandalion again. Again, in the middle of the attempted murder, time loop again and she wakes up the next day. As usual, Dandalion pretends nothing happened, but Laura won’t just drop it this time and he stops pretending. He finally admits that this was all a plan to exact revenge on Solomon (who’s long dead) so she should suffer. Not wanting to believe it, she keeps asking him ‘what u doin????’. Then he tries to test her trust in him and requests her to give him her life.

Good End

She listens to his request and lays down her life for him, if that would make him feel better cuz she loves him.

if ur happy how about not killing her

if ur happy how about not killing her

Right till the end, he can read her thoughts and embraces her, thanking her for thinking of him till the end….and kills her with his magic. Omf ( ৺ ◡৺ ) 余計なことしないでください。

……………….THEN SHE WAKES UP………With Dandalion by her bed side. Turns out he realised his feelings for her and revived her somehow (see best end).

....idk isn't 'not killing your lover' sort of the basic rule to relationships

….idk isn’t ‘not killing your lover’ sort of the basic rule to relationships

( ৺ ◡৺ )( ৺ ◡৺ )( ৺ ◡৺ )( ৺ ◡৺ )( ৺ ◡৺ ) I don’t have enough of these faces to go with this end. I really don’t.

Best End

Going through the game again, you see his thoughts….except they’re all literally “IM GON EXACT MAH REVENGE YOYOYOYO BUT SHIET WHAT IS THIS PAIN IN MAH CHEST?????” 勘弁してくれ

Then its all the same as above, except he elaborates!

Apparently after she died, he took the ring along with the magic infused in her soul and ….. crushed Lucifer like a fly and released the world from his time loop…….for no reason. 

Then this new super magic from the ring allowed him to rewrite his book, which is normally read-only, to revive Laura. However, the price to be paid was that it broke afterward.

He tells her that to believe in her, he had to kill her once, so please forgive him. How about no.

Then they live together sleep together eat together forever.

( ৺ ◡৺ )…

Bad End

Laura decides she can’t just lay her life down for this crazed maniac and decides to duel him, and seal him. They fight for a while, but he’s stronger so in the end he uses his magic to kill her. For her final request, she asks him to defeat Lucifer for the world and he agrees. Then right before she dies, from the bottom of her heart she feels that Dandalion is her most important and treasured person. As Dandalion reads her mind, he stops his magic but she’s already dead.

Not understanding this pain in his chest, he realises that he’s crying and that the revenge was worth nothing in the end.

Dark End

Same as above, except he goes down to the demon world and kills Lucifer lmfao.

it rly does look like a movie

it rly does look like a movie

After everything is over and peaceful again, he sits in the demon world pondering over his feelings and realising that he loved Laura. Stuck with the hollow feelings in his chest and the unfulfillable desire to see Laura again, he plays his memories with her with his magic and watches it over and over again, living alone forever in the demon world.

◝( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◜ That was sort of interesting, except he should’ve realised way before that exacting revenge on the wrong person ain’t gonna do him any good. Well, by far it’s not the worst plot development….. But of course…..he could’ve always revived her LOL like in good ends but I guess book>her.

Aw ye this only took me a month to finish……or more…..only

Did someone ask for contradictions? Or did someone ask for contradictions? Seriously, I dunno if the writers pay even less attention to the game than the players or if I’m paying too much attention to the plot. The ones I mentioned aren’t even all the contradictions in the story.

In addition, there’s also a lot of stupid developments/situations which are completely pointless. Like really pointless… like asking normal townsfolk people about demons.

Dandalion was literally the only char I was interested in, in this game………and I don’t even recognise his seiyuu lol. Not sure how I’m going to feel about the rest of the game. But as usual, will have low expectations xD…

Unlike chapter of fire which was cero D, this game is cero C, which is sorta reflected in the bad end I think. At least in this route the bad end seemed to be much less cruel than the ones I found in chapter of fire e_e…

As per Solomon’s Ring quarity, this game’s plot is just as bad as the previous lol. Even my friend who I was playing this with (coincidentally also called Laura….) thought the vocab was really repetitive and we’re not even native Jap www so that should set the bar for you all.

summary of the route

summary of the route



  • …….?? Idk I think the heroine was pretty okay most of the time? Like I keep expecting her to ignore things/drop topics when Dandalion says so but she doesn’t so we don’t get any cliche shoujo miscommunication drama which is good…..


  • do i rly need to mention horrible writing again
  • ( ৺ ◡৺ ) ….

By the way, I thought I’d just mention it now, the heroine’s name is actually Lily as per the other games.

Well…back to NORN9, sorry I’m slow ( ৺ ◡৺ ) PSP gaming is such a hassle these days www….not to mention my brain is leaking out of my ears rn so (。╹ω╹。)


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