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NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Kagami Itsuki Route

Itsuki’s route left no impression on me whatsoever other than the fact that it was damn eroi, just like his char. I was really curious as to how someone like that would manage to get someone as stiff as Mikoto to fall for him and goodness what even.

As part of my 3 part campaign (yes I will reuse this image all I want):

im lovin' Mikoto

aka. everyone loves Mikoto in her routes

Kagami Itsuki is resident nanpa otoko/flirt but that’s nothing new. He’s like, the oldest guy on board Norn, and yet he prances around like the most immature. But like all charaikei guys, he’s only doing that to hide his true thoughts and feelings. He’s really the embodiment of the trope I hate the most next to studentxteacher romances.

He, Heishi and Nanami play cards together a lot and so people always mistake them as getting along (? Nanami doesn’t seem to agree tho -see Heishi route-). For the most part I think I just felt sorry for Sakuya this whole route.

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