NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Kagami Itsuki Route

Itsuki’s route left no impression on me whatsoever other than the fact that it was damn eroi, just like his char. I was really curious as to how someone like that would manage to get someone as stiff as Mikoto to fall for him and goodness what even.

As part of my 3 part campaign (yes I will reuse this image all I want):

im lovin' Mikoto

aka. everyone loves Mikoto in her routes

Kagami Itsuki is resident nanpa otoko/flirt but that’s nothing new. He’s like, the oldest guy on board Norn, and yet he prances around like the most immature. But like all charaikei guys, he’s only doing that to hide his true thoughts and feelings. He’s really the embodiment of the trope I hate the most next to studentxteacher romances.

He, Heishi and Nanami play cards together a lot and so people always mistake them as getting along (? Nanami doesn’t seem to agree tho -see Heishi route-). For the most part I think I just felt sorry for Sakuya this whole route.

Spoilers for Kagamee Itsukee (੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭

During the time that Norn first gets attacked by Natsuhiko, Mikoto actually faces off with him and he threatens her to join with him so that she can use her powers for ‘good’. Not budging, Natsuhiko also threatens everyone else’s lives on board but before Mikoto is about to step off with him, Sorata comes and asks her wtf is going on cuz the ship is surrounded with missiles and that bad dude there is holding a gun. Since it’s meant to be Taisho era they dont have guns n shiz (I dont think they’d also be wearin clothes like that either tho if that were true which it isnt) so Mikoto is going “g uh n? miss isle???”. Natsuhiko realises that the kid is special and so retreats (Idk why srsly).

So then Kakeru proposes that they pair up to observe each other cuz of the suspicion of a traitor in the group, so Mikoto pairs with Itsuki cuz he da most suspicious. From then on, Itsuki basically gets dragged around by Mikoto who is investigating who the traitor could be/looking for evidence that Itsuki is the traitor.



The whole time Itsuki tells Mikoto she shouldn’t push herself cuz she’s tired from erecting a barrier around Norn all the time as well as looking for the traitor. However, it plays out most of the time to show that Itsuki is just too lazy to go around searching for the real traitor…and that’s the impression that stuck around for me, even when his real feelings came out……….

Itsuki tries to get Mikoto to open up and sexually harasses her when asking her what her true self is like underneath that icy exterior. He says that their lack of mutual understanding must be cuz of the fact that he was born in the gutters of society and she’s an important ojousama, and lets her go.

That night Itsuki appears in her dreams and freaks her out but Mikoto gets suspicious that the ability was his power but doesn’t pursue. The next day she spots Itsuki and Ron talking, and knowing they aren’t particularly friendly with eachother she asks what they were talking about but Itsuki won’t tell her. From then on Itsuki actively gets in the way of Mikoto’s search for the traitor and pisses her off no end.

She finally gets a hold of Itsuki and then spots Sakuya talking to Nanami and smiling, which in some deep part of her causes some jealousy or something cuz Itsuki says she looks like she’s about to cry. Then out of the blue Itsuki suggests that she should fall for himself before she falls for Sakuya and causes her to run away. Sakuya pops up from behind him and asks if he’s serious about what he said but Itsuki brushes it off as a joke…..Besides Sakuya was talking to Nanami about Mikoto anyway wwww what the hell is with these kids.

At the same time, Itsuki was thinking of the same thing I was………’wat u doin mikoto……sakuya…..jus get together already’.

Mikoto is plagued by Itsuki’s suggestion and she gets sucked into the fairy tale dream as per every ones route again. Instead of going to a ball, she misunderstands Koharu and thinks it’s a martial arts tournament. As per her story as Cinderella (..she was Cinderella right?…….I skipped the dream part after the first time www), she’s to be delivered to her prince Sakuya via carriage and Itsuki pushes her in.

Despite all that, she manages to escape and hunts down Itsuki cuz she realised this was his power. She tells him that she really hates him cuz he’s always laughing but it’s not from his heart and that he doesn’t seem to really give a flying fuck about anything so Itsuki then asks her whether she’ll be the one to make him truly happy.

Wondering why her, he says that all his efforts to set her up with Sakuya aren’t working cuz she keeps going back to him. He admits that the suggestion to fall for him was a joke and this makes Mikoto disappointed cuz she was srsly thinking about it (?????????????). She starts crying and tells Itsuki she doesn’t see Sakuya that way (????????????????????????) and finally Itsuki understands this as the truth (???????????????????????????????????????w h a t).

Trying to lift the mood he changes the dream and they’re both in a hot spring together and Mikoto quickly changes to flustered from his sekuhara. Then Sakuya pops up with an axe and tells Mikoto to close her eyes wwww then she hears a scream and they wake up xDDD sakuuuuuuyaaa………

jus, ye close ur eyes...and cover your ears.......切り裂いてあげる...

jus, ye close ur eyes…and cover your ears…….切り裂いてあげる...

Back in reality, Sakuya tells Mikoto that he’s going to mail his relatives and she should prepare something too for the next stop over. Itsuki says he wants in but doesn’t know how to write so Mikoto decides to teach him.

They go to the library to write and we learn that Itsuki’s never had a formal education. He’s learnt to write via mimicking (holy shit???) and when Mikoto watches him try so hard she gets jealous of the person who he’s going to send the letter to. In the end, he gives the letter to her, and she starts feeling embarrassed at herself for being so petty, cuz his writing was so good despite being self taught. The letter spills his true feelings for her and tells her how he truly despised her at first but over time, because of how hard she always tries, he fell in love with her. He was pairing her up with Sakuya cuz he thought she loves Sakuya and wished for her happiness and Mikoto gives him shit for this cuz she said that she didn’t want to see the person she loved be happy with someone else. She says that he must not really love her then and he says nope ur wrong and kisses her…and Mikoto runs away. I get that Itsuki’s meant to be in love with Mikoto before we even start the route but like…it seems so artificial…? He shows more concern for her in other ppl’s routes than his own (well of course before they actually get together I mean).

Itsuki actually tries to chase her down but they run past Sakuya who stops him thinking he did something weird again. Finally fed up with the ‘she’s mah childhood friend’ excuse, Itsuki tells Sakuya he should lay off his over protectiveness of Mikoto. Then they hear a splash and……

Mikoto ran into the water ( ತಎತ)…

Itsuki rushes to save her and when Sakuya tries to lend a hand, Itsuki gets angry www. Senri notices this and points it out to which Itsuki proceeds to bully Senri.

As they head back, Sakuya says the future has changed and that he is no longer going to die (??????? uh) and Mikoto is relieved, asking whether the future is now something less bleak but he runs away saying he’s tired. Itsuki goes with him to find out what’s wrong.

After that Itsuki becomes a hikikomori and refuses to leave his room, saying he got some stuff to think ’bout. This pisses Mikoto off cuz he’s the one who confessed to her and kissed her, yet refuses to see her.

u piss mikoto off...she snap u like chopstick

u piss mikoto off…she snap u like chopstick

She can’t go to his room either, cuz that’s unfitting of a lady. 

senri doesnt mince words

senri doesnt mince words

As she heads to see him anyway, Heishi reports to everyone that the next stop will be their final one so they should all tie up loose ends. Having nothing to lose by now, Mikoto runs to Itsuki and starts crying, thinking she did something wrong to make him hate her. But of course that couldn’t possibly be the case and they bang.

my all ages otome game can't possibly be this ero!

my non r18 otome game can’t possibly be this ero!

No seriously.

As Mikoto falls asleep after the deed, Itsuki apologises for something.

The next day, Mikoto realises she fell asleep in Itsuki’s room and hides when Heishi comes in to tell him to come to breakfast. It turns out Itsuki’s been confiding in Heishi about his feelings for Mikoto www and Heishi tells Itsuki if he doesn’t confess his feelings soon, some other guy will snap up Mikoto and Itsuki will be the one crying yoooo. Thinking he did that on purpose, Itsuki says that Heishi ain’t like Kakeru but he does wanna ichaicha with her in bed more. Surprisingly…..Mikoto agrees, and Itsuki gets turned on. Σ (°ζ‿° )

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Reaching the cafeteria, everyone suddenly notices they’re holding hands. Embarrassed, Mikoto instinctively erects a barrier but realises she can’t and this puts her in a panic. As soon as she hopes that nothing happens due to this….Norn gets attacked again and she loses consciousness.

When she wakes up, she’s in the house with Itsuki that they always lived in. Figuring something is wrong but not quite knowing what, she spends her days with Itsuki peacefully in the house and about, and at night banging each other. Though sometimes, Itsuki disappears from right in front of her eyes and freaks her out. At one point in time, she hears Sakuya and Koharu’s voices asking her to wake up but she thought it was just her imagination.

Bad End

Mikoto asks Itsuki what’s going on cuz things don’t seem right in this world. Having little choice itsuki tells her that reality is cruel and that yep, this is a dream he’s showing her.

im sorry im one of these delusional ppl that'd rather live in a dream 2 www

im sorry im one of these delusional ppl that’d rather live in a dream 2 www

well this part was sorta obvious the whole time tho

well this part was sorta obvious the whole time tho

im sure that they only did this so they could show mikoto and itsuki bang a couple more times www

im sure that they only did this so they could show mikoto and itsuki bang a couple more times www

Mikoto tries her hardest to remember what happened before she got here but she can’t and ends up giving up on reality, living forever in Itsuki’s dream.

Later though, Itsuki’s time starts running out and he can no longer keep himself inside the dream and disappears after creating a copy of himself for Mikoto. Right before he disappears he comments that even though his most important person is happy he doesn’t understand why he’s crying. (☉ω☉) えー、切ないね

Good End

Mikoto remembers everything and wakes up from the dream. She goes to find Itsuki and sees that he’s actually on his death bed and comatose, from the injuries he sustained during the attack that left her unconscious.

When he finally wakes up, he tells Mikoto that he thought he was going to die cuz of the change in the future. Wao, so basically whoever Mikoto gets with will die eh, that’s….harsh. Ron comes in and tells them that Natsuhiko wanted Mikoto and Nanami’s powers but Itsuki said that wasn’t part of the agreement cuz he said he’d lay off if Itsuki stole Mikoto’s power for him. So the whole time, Ron was blackmailing Itsuki with everyone’s lives. Ron says he knows that, but was hoping Itsuki would die before he realised that Ron broke the agreement, which he didn’t. Douchebag alert  (。◕ ∀ ◕。).

As a final offering of goodwill, Ron tells them that Natsuhiko will attack again in 3 days, giving them enough time to run away. And that at the next attack, they’ll be stealing everyone’s powers that they want, and killing those they don’t need.

….In the end, Mikoto who lost her barrier power and itsuki who’s too injured to fight, can’t do anything for the group so warn Kakeru and leave to the nearest town.

…They end up living in a house in the town and after Itsuki’s wounds healed, went to the forest where Norn had fallen. Despite seeing the fallen ship, they never found any bodies, so they don’t know what happened to their friends but Itsuki keeps reassuring Mikoto that they’re alive………and they live happily ever after.

フゥ…(☉ω ) ☉  あのぉ...これってグッドエンド???

End spoilers for Itsookee Kahgahmee

I never really felt for Itsuki really, which probably adds to my wtfness when I reached his good end. Like holy shit????? Why did that happen?!

His route was pretty interesting most of the time actually, but the dynamic between Mikoto and Itsuki really REALLY seemed rather strange to me, like sure…one of them is going to have to stop being so stubborn about their feelings and unsurprisingly it’s Mikoto. This kinda thing usually annoys me (not to say it didn’t here, but less so I guess???) but I never expected to like him before I played him anyway, so nothing new. He’s a really meh character to me despite that I really love his design…..and his past has me pretty interested but it seems that’s all we’ll ever find out about him.

And well…………yeah I got nothing.

Yes, I’m that uninterested in him.

welp tldr;


  • ┏( 「・ω・)「┓?
  • Sakuya
  • ༼ º﹃º ༽
  • ero

Didn’t like;

  • (‘、3)_ヽ)_…
  • Itsuki

yeah these tldr’s are full of shit lol

Akito next! ( ◜◡‾)ノ”



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3 responses to “NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Kagami Itsuki Route

  1. Kay

    Aww, I just replayed Itsuki’s route again today after first playing this game in 2013. I still think he’s my favorite character before Natsuhiko who’s my second favorite 😉 I really like Mikoto’s characters and designs as well, she’s tsun as hell but I like that she’s so stubborn and aggressive as compared to most other otome girls who are mostly doormats with no personalities ugh… I totally have a seiyuu bias for Yusa Kouji who voiced Itsuki so that’s prob why I love this chara so much, I can really feel the love he has for Mikoto in his actions and dialogues even though it’s kinda incorrect to want to escape reality in dreams. By the way, there is a reason why Natsuhiko retreats after seeing the shouta chara, it’s explained if you have enough patience to finish the game by playing everyone’s routes lol… I didn’t though, i just force skipped to the end haha.
    I also read your list of otome games you’ve posted, and I’ve played so many which are on your list haha. And my absolute fav otome game of all times is Gekka Ryouran Romance and Wabisuke!!! That and Toma from Amnesia…haha yanderes FTW
    BTW, I’m curious as to where you’re from? Your English is really good! And those screen caps are so nicely translated and photoshopped that they look so real (as if there really is an Eng patch out there) !!! I’m not a native English speaker so my English still need some improvements haha…I hope to translate some games in future and make a patch when my English is better…Oh, and if you aren’t a native Japanese speaker how long have you been learning it?

  2. Kay

    Hi again! Oh, just to add one more comment…I think the game author totally got inspiration from the movie Inception for this route LOL Like how Cobb wanted his wife to remain in the dream world they created hahaha… I suddenly thought of Inception the second time I’m playing. BTW, who is your favorite character in this game? Great blog btw, I’ll check your blog frequently in future! Thanks~

    • I actually haven’t bothered to finish the game yet….since last year LMFAO– I have half of Sakuya left as well as Natsuhiko and the Sorata stuff so I can’t really comment on them. With the FD coming out I bet you’re happy there’ll be more Itsuki hahaha.

      Uhh otome game list…as in the one I have on tumblr? Hmm, Gekka was really good but sensei route bothered me so much I rage quitted but that had nothing to do with the quality of the game. I got into it for Wabisuke too |D…<-loves oniichan chars. Toma actually really caught me off guard…I don't think I'll ever recover from that lol.

      I'm actually from Australia so English is my first language hahaha. From your comment, it's easy to understand what you're saying so I think you're pretty good at English already (*≧o≦)b Thanks for enjoying my screenies too~ I "studied" Japanese for about 4 years to reach this kind of level but I say this loosely because I didn't actually go through textbooks or anything, just through playing games LOL. If you're studying officially at school, it'd take you much less time to get better.

      Inception lol ( ´˂˃` ) I didn't think of it like that. If they did more with it it'd probably spawn a completely different game.

      Character-wise……..I love Heishi LOL //recalls totally dissing his route… but who knows, once I finish Sakuya and Natsuhiko, he might get de-throned ;D

      Thanks for your comment, didn't expect so much praise ww I haven't actually updated this blog in a rly long time because no time so I don't want to get you too excited but I hope to start it again sometime……….( ৺ ◡৺ )….for everything else, my tumblr is still active!

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