NORN9 Norn+Nonette // Akito Route

Wow wtf all my posts are “idk whats going on” now that I reread it. Goodness.

Aaaaanywaaays……. Akito Syukuri! Gdi I rly hate how they romanize the ‘shu’ sound as ‘syu’ like they did with ‘Syo/Sho’ from UtaPri asdhkshfafsaddfjslgaf. I’ll try to keep to ‘Syukuri’ but…if you come across ‘Shukuri’… know why…lul.

Ranked numba 1  in the popularity poll comes Akito Syukuri who is capturable by Nanami. He’s a massive tsundere…who is really similar to Kyousuke from Storm Lover……..Armed with the pro cooking and fighting (well…Akito’s more ‘strength’ rather than ‘fight’ I suppose). Akito rly hates on Nanami and thinks of her as some super cold ice woman with no emotions but it turns out he and Nanami have some unresolved issues in their past.

As for his power…………………well you’ll see.

Akito’s route was really enjoyable, to the point where I was sad that it ended LMFAO. One of his ‘bad’ ends (I’m going to use that term rather lightly) was pretty stupid imo like…the writers threw it in cuz they needed to fill the 2 bad ends quota. His real bad end was bittersweet and sort of unexpected though. As for his good end………erm………..yeah I’m pretty sure it’d almost fall into Heishi’s good end territory if it weren’t for the rest of his route.

imma spoil u nao so if you dont wanna read it skip past the huge text www

 The story starts off hinting that Nanami has known Akito from childhood and that he holds a massive grudge against her as she ‘stole’ something from him. After she realises that there’s a traitor among them, Nanami pairs off with Akito, to the surprise of everyone else since they know how he treats her. She does this for two reasons; one, to protect the fact that Akito actually has no powers and two, make up for everything she’s done to him (well this is a secret rn).

Nanami realises that with their history, if Akito was the traitor, he’d likely be doing it to get back at her, so she continually monitors him for evidence to show that he is indeed the traitor. Sakuya notices this and realises there’s something deeper between Nanami and Akito instead of just Akito being tsun to her and decides to tell Kakeru.

As Nanami finds Akito talking to a strange man near the gaping hole left in Norn’s wall, who then disappears as she appears, she suspects that they are the ones who’ve attacked the ship. Confronting Akito, he doesn’t deny nor confirm her suspicions. It seems that Akito thought that Nanami was looking for evidence to get him kicked off Norn the entire time, when she thought he was just trying to get back at her. Akito gets confused when she asks him to spare everyone else and just kill her, and at that point she starts losing consciousness from the exhaustion of trailing him 24/7.

i would if i were her tho

i would if i were her tho

As she falls into the hole in the wall out of the ship, Akito grabs her. Since holding onto her would mean that Akito will fall too, Nanami tells him to let go and further confuses him as to her intentions. In a nick of time Kakeru comes and saves them both, but both of them start arguing over what the other was doing, pissing Kakeru off cuz they’re ignoring him (ㅎ◡ㅎ). So he ends up handcuffing them and telling them to sort out their own problems.

The next half of the day ends up being cat and mouse as they both try to track him down but to no avail and, suddenly Kakeru has a fever. Since Akito wants to turn his room upside down, Koharu tells him to shut his trap and that he can see Kakeru when he’s better www. They realise there’s a function where the handcuff can be undone for 30 minutes for more private matters and Akito thinks of this as the way out and they end up undoing it.

30 minutes later, Akito is on the ground from electric shocks coming from the cuff which only stops after Nanami attaches it back together. Since they can’t do anything, they end up having to stay together even at night and Akito keeps insulting Nanami despite just learning that she hates her power. Finally having enough of his shit, Sakuya is the one who tells Akito off for being such a massive douchebag to Nanami despite whatever may have happened between them. Akito ain’t gonna take dat read as: can’t take it) and storms off after undoing the handcuffs, fully knowing he’ll just get shocked again after 30 minutes.

Masamune tells her to forget about Akito and dissolves her group, and so she goes to bed but she doesn’t want him to suffer so goes looking for him after being unable to sleep. Heading to the library, she finds Heishi instead who’s researching something with his partner Ron (who’s actually asleep). He notices that Nanami is down and tells her she should pair with him instead cuz it’ll be fun. She doesn’t accept and goes back to looking for Akito, who she finds by the water suffering.

She attaches the hand cuff back and stops his pain, telling him that she’ll stay in the shadows so he can’t see her and not touch him, or if he wants, she’ll hide her face with a bag lmfao _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ Nanamiiiiiiiii poor baby. Akito confesses that he thinks of her as a cold person who feels no guilt and would do anything for money, but seeing how she has been acting he realises she isn’t. Holding onto his grudge, he says he doesn’t want to learn anything more about her. _(┐「﹃゚。)_ Then they get the handcuff removed cuz…

The next day, it turns out that Mikoto is missing, as is Ron. Sakuya is obviously distressed and everyone goes looking on Norn to no avail. Nanami realises that if Mikoto was still alive, she’d be protecting the ship with her life and realises that the barrier surrounding Norn is still  active, meaning Mikoto is safe. For the time being Sakuya is at (slightly) more ease.

That night, Nanami is thrown into a weird dream as little red riding hood and as she wanders around, she stumbles upon Senri confessing to Koharu and says everything is weird www (ㅍ_ㅍ)… Then she finds Akito who’s dressed up as a wolf as per little red riding hood. Since it’s just a dream, Nanami doesn’t hold back her urges at all and mofumofus Akito cuz he’s so goddamn adorable. _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

Unable to take the closeness and Nanami rubbing his ears, Akito runs away in embarrassment. As unfortunate as that was, another Akito appears. This time he tells her not to get so full of herself just cuz he was a little bit kind to her. He begins to strangle her and Nanami resigns to her fate since she knew she deserved this from the beginning. Halfway, wolf!Akito comes and kicks the other Akito away, saving her.

Persona ensues and after a hardcore battle with shadow!Akito, wolf!Akito now has a new persona to use! Na jks, the other Akito just disappears as soon as wolf!Akito tells him to  (ㅎ_ㅎ)…



Nanami comments that this is a really nice dream, since he actually saved her and wonders why. Akito yells that it’s not a dream and she wakes up… yes it was a dream Akito www

In real life, Akito storms into her room and hugs her. He asks Nanami why she didn’t fight back, and whether she was really that ready to throw her life away if he willed it. …Then storms off again. Soo….Nanami finally realises that the dream was someone’s power.

Norn arrives at another town and everyone decides to look for Mikoto there. Nanami and Akito seem to be getting along pretty well but she realises that this may not last since she doesn’t deserve it and starts getting fearful that he’ll return to hating her. As this happens, Akito saves her from some creepers and she tells him that his kindness toward her scares her and runs away. Not understanding, he chases her back to Norn.

Turns out Nanami is still trying to atone for the fact that she stole Akito’s brother’s memory. Soo…to she runs back to Norn and hides behind Heishi, telling Akito not to come near her. Heishi stops Akito from going near her as well (mhmmm do I sense….a love tria-). Heishi takes Nanami to her room with Itsuki and he asks Heishi what he thinks of Nanami and he just replies with “an important little sister” (-angle, damn it!!!!). So he goes off to ask Masamune to really dissolve Nanami and Akito’s pair so she can pair with him.

Itsuki asks Nanami whether she’s really okay with dat, and Nanami spills her feelings toward Akito to him. Itsuki says that he and her are very similar in that they are always afraid of being too close to people they care about but also tells her that she should swallow that fear and see whether it’s worth it, cuz at least then she won’t have any regrets. As he’s leaving he finds Akito at her door and speaks with him as well.

Being his usual tsun self, he won’t admit that he’s worried about Nanami until Itsuki makes him spit it out www (ㅎ◡ㅎ) Itsuki asks him what he thinks of Nanami and (thinking she’s asleep) he says that she’s completely different from what he originally thought she was, that she’s actually really fragile and cute. (・    ω   ・) In the end, Akito and Heishi decide to settle this on their own and thinking they were going to have a punch out Nanami tries to interfere but is stopped by Itsuki.

Next day, doctor piyo waits at Akito’s door but since he’s deathly afraid of those things Nanami tells it that she’ll tend his wounds. And–….he’s actually fine, turns out they were only talking lol. He drags her into his room and asks her why she doesn’t care about being stepped all over by him and that she won’t even resist him when he tries to maker her his. She says its okay cuz she did something that he could never forgive her for and this is atonement and Akito stops, asking her what it means to forgive and to give him some time.

As she leaves, she spots Heishi and tells him that everything between her and Akito is fine now. Happy for her, Heishi pets her head and Akito pops out and starts getting jealous lmfao (; <>◞౪◟<>)

Masamune goes to find the World or something and Mikoto suddenly comes back with Natsuhiko and Setsu and warns everyone that their powers are actually there for a sinister reason but before she could explain, Norn is attacked by Shirou Yuiga and she flees. Saying that the World has sent for them, the ossan asks everyone to come with him but the group is divided on how to proceed since Masamune isn’t around. Sakuya plans on going cuz Shiro promises to save Mikoto and Kakeru cuz he’s his father. Koharu will follow cuz she’s worried about Kakeru and Senri follows cuz……welp, he’s in love with Koharu.

Nanami’s past is revealed and it turns out that Senri is actually Akito’s younger brother but she stole his memory of Akito. With the help of the World, Akito stole some of Senri’s power and now he steals the rest of it. So they finally revealed why Akito had his power 8D……

At that point, Akito confesses that he’s Senri’s brother and he actually believes it, saying his warmth felt familiar and faints from the power transfer. Akito asks Nanami to wipe Senri’s memory of that annnnnddd……..

Bad End 1

She wipes his memory again.

They go out to town and Akito confesses that he loves Nanami and tries to bang her but she won’t, even though she was fine with it before hahaha. Love is a confusing thing Akito…….. As Nanami is about to say her feelings, he stops her and they go back to Norn.

Masamune is back and he reveals that he was being held captive by the ossan the entire time and that he was actually the World’s enemy the entire time but he was released by Sakuya. (⌓◡⌓) Good job guys.

While Akito and Nanami are alone, they end up getting attacked by Kakeru’s power. But since they didn’t see the perpetrator, Nanami refuses to believe its Kakeru and tells Akito not to tell anyone, who’s worn himself out fighting the…vegetation with his water.

The remaining half of the group arrives on the island that was their destination the entire time and Heishi tells Nanami to stay on Norn with Akito till they find out if its safe or not. Akito ends up talking to the strange man again from before he ends up explaining to them both that he’s actually Aion (albeit male form) and starts telling them about the world and reset, then assuring them that everything will be fine if they return their powers to him. He also asks Akito why he didn’t wait for him before stealing all of Senri’s power and Akito says that he didn’t want Senri to suffer because of the strain the power puts on his body.

They both get teleported into the island and Aion asks them all to return their powers but Akito refuses since half the group is with the ossan, so a fight is imminent. Nanami doesn’t want to think of this and asks everyone what their powers are and Masamune’s is to show the past.

Nanami decides to go into the past with Akito and the whole thing is revealed. Akito and Senri were brothers living in a village struck by a drought and since all the ppl didn’t give a rats ass about Senri’s life being put on the line every time he used his water power, Akito was the wall between their feet and Senri’s face. Nanami was summoned by the ppl cuz they wanted Akito out of the way without compromising Senri’s cooperation and so she has to wipe his memory. For the first time tho, Nanami realises that what she was doing was bad but since she couldn’t go against her retarded douche of a father, she does it and earns Akito’s scorn. As the villagers are all hunting down Akito, Nanami gives him a horse to run away on.

Akito realises that he was always pushing the blame on others when he was the one who felt the most guilty about being unable to help Senri and reverts back into a child and steals all of Senri’s power. This way, it takes away his guilt as well as the burden on Senri, so win win in his opinion. Too bad Masamune’s power doesn’t actually allow the past to be changed and he ends up trapped by his guilt forever.

shota akito: 100/10 would tap dat

shota akito: 100/10 would tap dat

Nanami knows that nothing will change but Akito doesn’t respond to her so she decides to stay by his side until the day he can forgive himself arrives.

Bad End 2

Nanami succeeds in stopping Akito from losing himself in the past cuz doing that would just make everyone who cares about him sad. Nanami assures him that Senri doesn’t hate him cuz even without memories of him he still remembers his presence. Then she finally confesses that she loves him and cuz Akito loves her too he comes back.

Itsuki and Heishi go to confront the ossan (???) and gets the rest of the crew back to Norn and in the end, Nanami wonders what would happen had she not wiped Senri’s mind.

Good End

Uhh…Same as above but she doesn’t wipe Senri’s memories.

Just as Nanami and Akito are getting comfy (about to bang), Senri pops up with Koharu to speak to Akito.







( ৺ ◡৺ )

( ৺ ◡৺ )

Akito realises that Nanami was only pretending to have wiped Senri’s memory and then the brothers are reunited.

????????????????? I think I missed something but….why did Nanami suddenly want to go into the past o_O……I’m supposing she wanted to lift Akito’s guilt a bit but eh…See how well that went for her in the bad end lol.

okay it should be safe from here on…..

 -NANCHATTE!- rocks fall and everyone dies

So basically:

  • Bad end 1: ADhsDSKFljaDA WHAT THE HELL DONT DO THIS TO NANAMI, AKITO!!!!!!!!! //gross sobs
  • Bad end 2: um………………………………….okay
  • Good end:……the bad….end 2… some….

Yeah the bad end 2 is a bit……….

Aside from that the whole thing after the complication point with Akito, everything is settled in like 2 lines. THIS REALLY GAVE ME SOLOMON’S RING VIBES. Like literally “AND THEN THINGS WERE GOOD AGAIN” and straight into ichaicha. The routes ended so suddenly, I was honestly expecting a little bit more? It felt a little like they were running out of space on the UMD to continue the story and properly end it. Since that kind of ending was used in both bad end 2 and the good end, you’d think they’d invest a little more effort into completing it… This contributes to part of the reason why I was sad it ended lol.

But the other half was Akito MOEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

On another note though, pretty much ALL the heroines in this route were in some of of love triangle. No joke. Playing this route made me realise how much I love Heishi haha…….Sort of started wishing for a 3P end. Then I remember his good end and  ( ´_ゝ`) nopes out of here. The main plot of this route was so good aheuahue and Akito being the babu that he is made it so much better, so no surprise he got no. 1 eh?

If Ron’s route is going to be what happens to Nanami in Kakeru’s route………….welp…

At this point, considering the huge back story, I think Akito should’ve been the unlockable character for Nanami rather than Ron, but we’ll see how that changes.



  • I
  • wanna play it again actually


  • lol that bad end 2
  • did you mean: NORN9 -solomons + solomons ring- ?
  • lmfao akito didn’t get laid in the end (………………………but holy shit nanami is 16 tho………………………………..)

Imma do Ron next. Gotta compare ’em all!



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  1. Yue-Poo

    Spend a well half n hr reading this not knowing what i’ve read

  2. laura

    Are you still going to do Ron’s route? 🙂 I like reading your reviews QQ

    • AHHHhh I’m so sorry, after a whole bunch of things happening I actually already finished the game 100% and didn’t take notes so I can’t write about it…even if I tried it’d be so vague cuz I can’t remember specifics in the remaining routes. Sorry about that D: and thanks for your support!

  3. Laura

    Somehow I don’t see the comment (I got an email notification) . To Hanna:Norn9 VC was released on Psvita in english

    • I think you may have been mistaken, the game I talked about here isn’t Vars Common, it’s the original PSP version. And also I played it in Japanese, the screenshots are edited.

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