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Meiji Tokyo Renka // Fujita Gorou Route

I forgot to mention this earlier, but certain portions of this game are actually dummy mike LOL. I had no idea so I was wondering why it suddenly goes quiet and loud and sounds like its moving around… The future of otome gaming right here lol. (If I recall dialovers was also dummy mike right? //blocked out all the memories of that game)

Anyways moving on, I didn’t realise earlier but there’s 6 obtainable guys and 1 secret char (who’s obviously Charlie but don’t let me spoil you–woops) and each of these guys are paired into 3 routes. These three routes then split depending on which guy you’re going for so like before Otojiro was paired with Kyouka, so the options that weren’t chosen would lead to his route etc. For this play through, I did Fujita Gorou who is paired with Koizumi Yakumo.

Fujita Gorou, as I’ve said before is supposedly Saitou Hajime of the Shinsengumi. In MeiKoi, he’s this long haired guy who has a really short temper and is really cold. He’s supposed to be rather merciless when it comes to monsters and ghosts, as he is the head of the Youraka, a division of the police dedicated to supernatural cases (lmfao). In any case he’s a kuudere and his CV is Fukuyama Jun with his Lelouche voice so….can’t go wrong there! /o/


“It’s no use pleading for help. Don’t think that you’ll be able to return tonight.”

Wow his quote in the opening sequence is really dirty….or scary depending on how you look at it (why don’t I remember him saying this in the game…Hmm?)

Beware, rly big block of text cuz I didnt take many screenies.

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First Impressions of Meiji Tokyo Renka // Kawakami Otojiro Route

Ahahah…sorry about taking so long to post but y’know real life calls/blogging is boring etc.etc.etc.

I finished Jooubachi no Oubou -Kaguya Hen- last weekend but I don’t plan on blogging that because it’s like someone lit some shit up and threw it at the fan and proceeded to make that into a game. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I liked it, but the rest of it just really depressed me with the plot and how they refused to make real happy endings. I’ve also played Geten no Hana of late,….. but er….I didn’t take notes, so I can’t reliably blog about it www.

Anyway moving on, I needed something to make me feel less depressed so I picked up MeiKoi which apparently is also getting an anime in the near future. Sasuga Broccoli, must make animu of all the games they produce (although in this case, port).

Meiji Tokyo Renka is about a normal high school girl called Ayazuki Mei, who by some twist of fate chances upon a festival as she’s heading home from studying for her exams. She takes a detour through the festival and comes across a strange magician called Charlie who unveils one of his tricks being a ‘box which can make anything disappear from this world’. Unfortunately, thinking nothing of it, he suggests that Mei enter the box and…whisks her away to Tokyo of the Meiji era (1868-1912). To boot, as she arrives, she forgets everything about her family and friends from the present so she must regain her memories. From there on, Mei is left to fend for herself.

Among the people she meets is Kawakami Otojiro, a man…….who dresses up as a woman, a lot. Well, to the public he’s supposedly a geisha called Otoyakko and is apparently part of a travelling theatre troupe. He’s pretty close with Izumi Kyouka, a playwright/writer, and is always looking forward to acting in plays written by him. His seiyuu is Toriumi Kyousuke.

"Don't worry. As if I'd flirt with a kid like you."

“Don’t worry. As if I’d flirt with a kid like you.”

I didn’t realise this till I looked it up….but it seems like the chars in this game are actual people in the Meiji era… with most games. Wow. Why? DO WE REALLY LIKE DATING REAL PEOPLE THAT MUCH? IT WAS SO AWKWARD THAT HIS FEMALE NAME IS HIS REAL WIFE’S NAME AS WELL. Idk I think I’d be happier dating actual fictional people in a fictional game rather than romanticized real people who…..yeah. Just. Okay.

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