First Impressions of Meiji Tokyo Renka // Kawakami Otojiro Route

Ahahah…sorry about taking so long to post but y’know real life calls/blogging is boring etc.etc.etc.

I finished Jooubachi no Oubou -Kaguya Hen- last weekend but I don’t plan on blogging that because it’s like someone lit some shit up and threw it at the fan and proceeded to make that into a game. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I liked it, but the rest of it just really depressed me with the plot and how they refused to make real happy endings. I’ve also played Geten no Hana of late,….. but er….I didn’t take notes, so I can’t reliably blog about it www.

Anyway moving on, I needed something to make me feel less depressed so I picked up MeiKoi which apparently is also getting an anime in the near future. Sasuga Broccoli, must make animu of all the games they produce (although in this case, port).

Meiji Tokyo Renka is about a normal high school girl called Ayazuki Mei, who by some twist of fate chances upon a festival as she’s heading home from studying for her exams. She takes a detour through the festival and comes across a strange magician called Charlie who unveils one of his tricks being a ‘box which can make anything disappear from this world’. Unfortunately, thinking nothing of it, he suggests that Mei enter the box and…whisks her away to Tokyo of the Meiji era (1868-1912). To boot, as she arrives, she forgets everything about her family and friends from the present so she must regain her memories. From there on, Mei is left to fend for herself.

Among the people she meets is Kawakami Otojiro, a man…….who dresses up as a woman, a lot. Well, to the public he’s supposedly a geisha called Otoyakko and is apparently part of a travelling theatre troupe. He’s pretty close with Izumi Kyouka, a playwright/writer, and is always looking forward to acting in plays written by him. His seiyuu is Toriumi Kyousuke.

"Don't worry. As if I'd flirt with a kid like you."

“Don’t worry. As if I’d flirt with a kid like you.”

I didn’t realise this till I looked it up….but it seems like the chars in this game are actual people in the Meiji era… with most games. Wow. Why? DO WE REALLY LIKE DATING REAL PEOPLE THAT MUCH? IT WAS SO AWKWARD THAT HIS FEMALE NAME IS HIS REAL WIFE’S NAME AS WELL. Idk I think I’d be happier dating actual fictional people in a fictional game rather than romanticized real people who…..yeah. Just. Okay.


After Mei is whisked to the Meiji era Tokyo, she finds herself hungry and Charlie leads them both to a party at an huge mansion called Rokumeikan to which of course they were obviously not invited. They both sneak in and while Charlie is eating all the food, Mei gets stopped by a policeman who asks her why she’s dressed in such revealing clothes (her present day uniform). Mei looks to Charlie for help but he’s too busy eating to notice her and Otojiro steps in, saying ‘fuck the police’. Taking that chance, Mei runs away so that she doesn’t get arrested.

After wondering around in an unfamiliar Japan, Mei sits on the side of the road, hungry and wondering if this is it for her. Until a lady stops by recognising her from earlier. The ‘lady’ calls herself Otoyakko and picks Mei up and allows her to stay with her at the geisha house she’s staying at since she has no where else to go and no memories. At first Mei thinks that Otoyakko wants to prostitute Mei out, but she explains that they’re geisha, people who sell their entertainment, not prostitutes. There, Mei is to work doing odd jobs like cleaning/pouring sake for guests to earn her keep. the manly voice isn't the first thing they notice...?

………………………so the manly voice isn’t the first thing they notice…?

Otoyakko takes Mei around Kagurazaka so show her the roads and stuff so she doesn’t get lost again and they run into Kyouka. Kyouka asks why Mei is with Otoyakko since he ran into her at Rokumeikan and Otoyakko tells him that she ‘picked’ her up lol, making him freak out. Otoyakko tries to get Kyouka to show Mei around but he refuses and Kyouka tells them that he hates humans and would way rather be with monsters and ghosts cuz they don’t sweat/smell or carry bacteria, so it’s fairly obvious by this point Kyouka is a clean freak. Kyouka runs away after Otoyakko teases him calling him a virgin so Mei is left with her to wonder around.

Mei starts hearing a man’s voice and is shocked when Otoyakko starts acting really aggressive and speaking in a masculine way to people who are hassling Mei for bumping into them….but still doesn’t realise who Otoyakko really is.

That night, Otoyakko is to entertain guests so Mei goes to bed first. However….when she wakes up in the morning, she finds that Otoyakko has cut her hair and wonders whether she suffered a heartbreak or something. Until she sees her flat as a runway chest.

( ◜◡༎ຶ)

( ◜◡༎ຶ)

She freaks, thinking that Otoyakko became a dude, but he wakes up and is like ‘shut up I was always a man’. (´_ゝ`)Torikou’s woman voice isn’t very convincing anyway so I’m not sure why Mei was confused in the first place. Or if they really wanted to trick us, they should’ve cast someone who could actually do a better woman voice. Psht.

Mei starts wondering why Otoyakko/Otojiro is pretending to be a woman even though he’s a man and comes to the conclusion that he’s a drag queen. Lmfao.

That night, Mei has her first job as an apprentice geisha. She starts getting her ass felt up by a gross ossan but Kyouka yells at her for not getting any service, so she narrowly escapes more harassment by running to serve him. As Mei talks to Kyouka, Otojiro interrupts and wonders why Kyouka is here even though he hates these kind of places. Turns out he was just dragged along by Kouyou Ozaki, his teacher in literary arts. As per usual, Kyouka starts acting tsundere and argues with Otojiro, leading Mei to ask how they met.

Otojiro explains that on the way back from buying famous anpan (red bean bread), he stopped by Akagi shrine to offer a prayer to Bishamonten where he saw Kyouka praying…or rather chanting his prayer like he was trying to curse someone while prostrating himself on the ground HAHAHA. Not noticing Kyouka, Otojiro ends up kicking Kyouka. As an apology, Otojiro offers him an anpan and Kyouka takes it with his “it’s not like I really want to eat this but if you insist I will” kind of attitude. Then he takes out an alcohol lamp and match and proceeds to grill the bread to ‘disinfect’ it since other people have touched it. While Otojiro is sighing at him for being such a clean freak, Kyouka ends up setting the bread on fire and not knowing what to do, ends up setting his own hair on fire as well. Asking for help Kyouka ends up chasing Otojiro around while on fire. Uh…..

After Kyouka and co leaves, Otojiro gives Mei her pay and tells her to go out and buy something for herself. She ends up looking for Charlie at a park the next day but the sun sets and she gets lost. When trying to ask a woman for direction, the woman says she’ll tell her….if Mei gives her some of her flesh. Turns out the woman is a monster and Mei ends up running for her life but bumps into Charlie and the monster is gone. Charlie makes fun of Mei, telling her that she mustve been dreaming and when Mei gets angry, Charlie’s doM mode gets turned on and asks to be abused more HAHAHA. Mei then tells Charlie to bring her back to her own time and finds out that this isn’t the first time he’s lead people into the past. He tells her that some of the people he’s brought to the Meiji era stayed behind while some went back to their time. He also tells her that he can bring her back on the condition that she still wants to go back when it’s once again a full moon, although if she wishes at that time, she can also stay instead. Most likely her memories will return by then so it’s up to her what she wants to do.

On the way back, Mei runs into Kyouka and asks why he always has a bunny on his shoulder. Surprised, he realises she can see monsters, like himself. This makes Mei a Tamayori, someone who can see monsters/ghosts and Mei has no idea what this means. He tells her she’s a dumbass for not knowing something that’s pretty much common knowledge and Otojiro comes stomping in, angry that Mei hasn’t returned before nightfall. Before Otojiro drags Mei away, Kyouka tells him that she’s also a Tamayori.

Back at the geisha house, Otojiro tells Mei about Tamayori…being that they can see monsters during the nightfall (?? idk man this seems like such a minor plot point but okay, it’s sorta important in the other routes). Otojiro starts thinking that Mei must’ve suffered from something serious if she couldn’t remember how to put on a kimono nonetheless that she’s also a Tamayori but Mei’s just like YOO ITS CUZ IM FROM DA FUTURE inside her head lol.

The next night, Kyouka is back with his writing circle at the geisha house and Mei thanks him for literally saving her ass the other night from the lecher but he acts all tsundere saying he doesn’t remember. Kyouka then asks if Mei is still staying with Otojiro, despite knowing he’s a man and she’s an unmarried woman, to which Mei says yeah. Kyouka starts badmouthing Otojiro and Mei tells him that Otojiro has no interest in her at all and asks her how she feels about this arrangement. She feels like it’s perfectly normal although it obviously isn’tfor that time period and Otojiro comes to bully Kyouka. Otojiro asks them since when did they become so chummy and tells Kyouka to talk to him before approaching Mei cuz he’s her guardian. That night, Otojiro asks Mei to finish her cleaning by midday so they can go out to Asakusa the day after.

The next day, Otojiro turns up in his man clothes and surprises Mei. He asks Mei where she wants to go cuz he wants to treat her for making her wait and ends up buying her a….pin wheel ( ৺ ◡৺ ) erm…. Mei tells Otojiro that he’s really like a big sister and he snaps at her asking her what kind of guy likes being called big sis lol, at least call him a brother. Mei then tells him that he dresses in female clothing so she though he was into that but he tells her firmly that its only because the job pays well. (´◉ι‿◉`) He’s also only acting female roles in Kyouka’s plays because there aren’t many female actors as well.

Realising that he’s actually into women like other men, Mei feels sort of out of place since he always treats her as a child so he teases her by asking her what adults do and says that it’s fine even if there are other people around. Mei tells him to stop joking around and they end up going to a haunted house attraction (…??? they had these?? wtf??? lol) and Mei is scared out of her brians despite being a Tamayori who can see real monsters and being in a dark enclosed space with him is making Mei all excited.

The next day on a job, Mei bumps into an exhausted Kyouka and finds out that he finished writing the play. Mei says that Otojiro is definitely going to be happy but Kyouka won’t show him the story yet, since it’s not stable, and that if its not stable, it’ll suck you in. Confused as to what he means by that Otojiro appears again. Why does he always seem to appear when Mei is talking to Kyouka??? (、◔ω◔)、Otojiro tells Kyouka that to get to Mei, he needs to ask Otojiro first to which Kyouka replies with “are you sure this isn’t for yourself??” and berates him, saying that if he cared so much for controlling Mei he should just lock her in his room forever, cuz pets could escape when their masters aren’t looking, which set off my yandere bells. Otojiro retorts that its true that pets can escape, but dogs can also sneak in, like at Kyouka’s place, which happens to have a broken window lock.

Kyouka runs off saying “I’M GON REMEMBA DIS” and Mei tells Otojiro it’s bad to lie. But of course he tells her that he wasn’t lying cuz he was the one who broke the lock breaking in to Kyouka’s house to steal his new play’s script. ( ৺ ◡৺ )

After a day, Kyouka is back again with his friends and designates Mei as his Geisha, to piss Otojiro off for stealing his script. Mei asks him about what he meant about ‘being sucked in’ when he was talking about his script and Kyouka explains that to normal people a story is a story. To certain people, it exceeds this and if they dwell on it long enough, so much that they end up forgetting their true self. He says that Otojiro was fixated on his script even before he finished so it seems like he’s different from normal people. After this, Kyouka tells Mei off for not pouring him sake and they both end up drinking, but while Kyouka is talking to Otojiro she ends up drinking it all and gets drunk.

Later that night, Mei can’t sleep so Otojiro has her help him practice for the play. Forgive me if I’m wrong about this part but it was really confusing. Otojiro is acting the role of….’snow white’ (? srsly I have no idea) who is the goddess that got trapped in a lake who was in love with the god of another lake. For many hundreds of years she was trapped in it since if she leaves, the lake when end up flooding the nearby village. However, in the end due to dumb people, she ends up running from the lake and it floods the village, supposedly killing a pair of lovers, Shouroumori no Akira and Yuri. However, they end up living happily ever after with eachother in this new flooded world. Otojiro ends up acting a part where Snow White is jealous of seeing the lovers Akira and Yuri and is about to run away from the lake, although Yuri’s lullaby ends up persuading her to return.

The next day Otojiro goes to scout out Meijiza, where he’ll perform the play. This makes Mei realise that Otojiro won’t always remain at the Geisha house and will probably leave her. Later that night when Otojiro finally returns he tells her that she’ll do fine without him and even tells her that he’ll teach her how to put on make up like a geisha lol. But he also assures her that before her memories return he’ll stay with her which makes her feel dokidoki and bad.

When Mei sees Otojiro practice again, she notices a watery nature smell and sees a lady watching Otojiro but then disappears as she turns away. Not understanding the situation, she forgets about it =w=…

A few days later, Mei gets a fever and Otojiro ends up taking care of her. She falls asleep when she’s meant to take medicine, so Otojiro feeds it to her mouth to mouth, warning her that if she doesn’t wake up the next time he’ll do it again. Well that escalated quickly.

When Mei gets better she’s back to serving clients andonce again Kyouka designates her as his geisha.  He tells her that Otojiro freaked out while she was sick and Otojiro interrupts Kyouka again with ‘it’s bad to lie’. The other Geisha start butting in making fun of Kyouka and Mei saying they’re rly close and invite them all to their wedding and stuff which for some reason pisses Otojiro off.  That night before bed, Otojiro is still in a bad mood. He asks Mei why she didn’t deny being in a relationship with Kyouka and she says that if she did so vehemently it’d be bad for business which then ends with Otojiro pinning her down and telling her ‘pls notice me senpai’. As he’s about to kiss her, he pretends it was all a joke and goes to sleep. Yo.

The next day, Mei meets with Charlie. She asks him whether he’s going to keep his end of the promise and he’s like WHAT PROMISE? omfg this guy www. But he tells her should she return, she’ll probably end up forgetting all that happened with time, since it’s ‘not important’.

Otojiro brings Mei to Meijiza where he’s gonna practice the play on stage. As Otojiro says the lines, Mei beings hearing a woman’s voice mix with his, until only the woman’s voice is heard. Then Otojiro becomes that woman she saw earlier. Mei then realises that he’s slowly losing himself in the play and won’t respond to her. Desperately trying to save him, she ends up singing Yuri’s lullaby and holds Otojiro. He returns back to normal but wonders why she’s holding onto him. She tells him she’ll definitely come to see the play so he can’t postpone the play.

The day before the full moon, Otojiro performs the play without any problems. Otojiro starts feeling uneasy and Mei realises that he probably knows she won’t be staying long. He tells her that he’s going to watch her fall asleep so she doesn’t disappear anywhere. He also reminds her that they promised to go to the festival for Bishamonten the next day and Mei realises she probably won’t be able to keep the promise so instead of replying she says she’s going to sleep. Not wanting to be stared at, she asks Otojiro to look away but he won’t cuz he’s still scared she’ll disappear, so instead he uses her as a dakimakura and they end up in the same futon.

def yandere if this was an otomate game

def yandere if this was an otomate game

otome game logic 101

otome game logic 101

He says that since she’s a stray, she’ll probably always be a stray and wishes that he’d have chained her down already (more yandere alarms omg). He ends up making out with her and telling her that he loves her and she realsies she loves him too but can’t say it since she’ll be leaving. He asks her to move out with him so that they can flirt more but she doesn’t reply.

The next day she ends up at the festival looking for Otojiro and runs into Charlie instead. He asks her if she still wants to go back and…

Going back to the Present Alone End aka. bad end

She says that its more important to return to the present but not before saying goodbye to Otojiro. She asks him why she hasn’t regained her memories and Charlie tells her she probably needs a trigger and,,,seeing her mobile phone, she ends up remembering all the things she forgot. ( ৺ ◡৺ ) That was really quick.

She runs back to where she was meant to meet Otojiro who sees that she’s in her uniform again and realises that she’s probably going to leave. She tells him that she regained her memories back and he asks her what she’s going to do. All Mei could do was apologise while crying so he hugs her and tells her that if she’s going to cry, she should just stay in his arms forever. He tells her that no matter how many times she gets lost, he’ll always be there to pick her up and he won’t let go of her until she promises to return. Of course neither of them believe the promise will be kept so Mei doesn’t say anything. ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ)

Mei then parts with Otojiro and meets with Charlie and gets returned to the present where she resumes her life as a high school student.


Going back to the Present with Otojiro aka. good end

Mei says that she doesn’t really know which is more important so Charlie tells her that it’s fine if she doesn’t part with the person she loves. He tells her to be happy and…Mei finds herself at the festival with Otojiro. As they walk back home….they somehow travel into the future, back at the festival where Mei first met Charlie.


A year later, Otojiro ends up being an actor in the present day and is really excited over the contraptions that stage actor now get to use but Mei is like “lol this is normal”. Otojiro says that for his next play, he secured a front seat for Mei and she says that it’s embarrasing but he hugs her and tells her that they’re always this close anyway so why should it be embarrassing for her to sit in the front row.

…….Uh………………… he went to the future….and literally had nothing to say about it other than “hey lol technology!”

Staying in the Past with Otojiro aka. best end

As with good end, Mei finds herself at the festival with Otojiro again…but this time the full moon has already passed so Mei missed her chance to return. but she regrets nothing. A year later, Mei and Otojiro are married and they’re heading to America to spread Japanese theatre around.

Kyouka sends them off and tells them that if they get bored of America, they can return but he won’t be there to welcome them back lol.

On the ship, Otojiro asks Mei what they should get as a souvenir for Kyouka and Mei says one of them “I love NY” shirts HAHAHHA wtf.

End Spoilers

Srsly this game hahaha. Mei and Charlie’s interactions are hilarious since she holds nothing back against him I’m really looking forward to his route, but before that I need to clear everyone else’s route.

The romance seemed really sudden imo though. For most of the game, Otojiro had this “I’m just your guardian” attitude which for some odd reason changes to “I’m going to tap dat” in one event??????? I mean when he’s deredere that’s pretty cute but most of the other times I’m confused as to WHAT he wants with Mei.

I’m also really confused as to why the ends themselves were so short, literally nothing is explained. I really hope not all the “go back to present” eds are the same as what happened up there….(but I’ve finished another char’s route and ….yes it was the same)…

As bad as the progression was, the bad end really hurt though cuz Otojiro yooooo. I’m really weak to these things. But as far as bad ends go, I guess it’s not that bad.

Also, the thing with ToriKou acting as a woman, I swear that voice is NOT convincing, I find it really hard to believe they kept insisting Mei didn’t realise he was a man for so long. SO. LONG.

Idk, I’m not particularly impressed with this game, but I’m not particularly disappointed I suppose. But really, all I see so far is the humour is the only good thing about it. Cuz the art certainly isn’t its selling point (right???) I didn’t take screens but….some of the chars look constantly cross eyed and it’s really distracting (//stares at Yakumo)



  • Humour yo
  • ???? I guess the cast is good????
  • They didn’t randomly pull the uguu cage of love out (or is that a con of this game w w w)


  • Bad end pls.

I’ll write about the other route I did after this (Fujita Gorou– WOW WHAT THE FUCK HE’S ACTUALLY SAITOU HAJIME? JFC HOW OLD IS HE?)…………………………………….Then I will…Either return to NORN9 (lol jks) or do Kyouka.



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5 responses to “First Impressions of Meiji Tokyo Renka // Kawakami Otojiro Route

  1. Awww… Was Kaguya’s Hen so bad? ;w; Well… I’m actually only interested in Sumeragi’s route, but I guess he has the most fucked up endings after all… orz

    • Eh, it wasn’t /the/ worst game I’ve ever played, but the story takes a bipolar twist in Sumeragi’s route. Rin’s route is just plain depressing along with his ‘good’ end. Utsuro’s route is probably the only one I can say made me happy www. I’d say it was probably just about average?

      • Aww. YEAH. Twists.. Man, I’m really not sure, if I should get this game, just for Sumeragi. LOLOLOL Maybe I should not. xD Is he getting even more of a prick in the game or is he actually redeeming himself (is that even possible)? orz orz

      • I just got spoiled a friend and WOW. WHAT. HAPPENED. xDDDD LOLOLOLOL I don’t even know even more… This game is such a trainwreck, I don’t even have words for it. Guess, I won’t play it then, but yeah… I’ll be stalking reviews for it, because I’m INTERESTED. :’D

  2. Sumeragi seems like the main guy for Kaguya (and he has the most ‘complex’ story) so if you like him, why not? Yeah he is a massive prick in the game with most of the bad ends involving him killing Kaguya in one way or another…as for redeeming….well…that’s what I’m referring to as the bipolar twist lol.

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