Meiji Tokyo Renka // Fujita Gorou Route

I forgot to mention this earlier, but certain portions of this game are actually dummy mike LOL. I had no idea so I was wondering why it suddenly goes quiet and loud and sounds like its moving around… The future of otome gaming right here lol. (If I recall dialovers was also dummy mike right? //blocked out all the memories of that game)

Anyways moving on, I didn’t realise earlier but there’s 6 obtainable guys and 1 secret char (who’s obviously Charlie but don’t let me spoil you–woops) and each of these guys are paired into 3 routes. These three routes then split depending on which guy you’re going for so like before Otojiro was paired with Kyouka, so the options that weren’t chosen would lead to his route etc. For this play through, I did Fujita Gorou who is paired with Koizumi Yakumo.

Fujita Gorou, as I’ve said before is supposedly Saitou Hajime of the Shinsengumi. In MeiKoi, he’s this long haired guy who has a really short temper and is really cold. He’s supposed to be rather merciless when it comes to monsters and ghosts, as he is the head of the Youraka, a division of the police dedicated to supernatural cases (lmfao). In any case he’s a kuudere and his CV is Fukuyama Jun with his Lelouche voice so….can’t go wrong there! /o/


“It’s no use pleading for help. Don’t think that you’ll be able to return tonight.”

Wow his quote in the opening sequence is really dirty….or scary depending on how you look at it (why don’t I remember him saying this in the game…Hmm?)

Beware, rly big block of text cuz I didnt take many screenies.

U REDY FOR BROCCOLI VER OF HAKOUKI? lol jks just another rendition of shinsengumi ppl

As before, Mei is detained by Gorou and since turning to Yakumo for help didn’t work, she literally gets dragged to the police station lol. Mei thinks to herself that if she was gonna get arrested anyway she should’ve had a taste of the food first www.  As it becomes clear that Mei has no memories other than her name and that she’s from the future (can’t tell no one dat tho), Gorou just views her as someone super suspicious.

Yakumo, literally a weab and in love with all things mysterious and ghastly, decides to take Mei in, so that she doesn’t have to sleep in a jail cell since she has nowhere to go. He lets her stay in a separated part of his room in the famous Teikoku Hotel also known as the Imperial Hotel. As they head to the hotel, Mei notices someone in the shadows but can’t see them well and Yakumo runs off to chase them thinking it’s a monster. While he’s gone, Gorou warns Mei not to do anything funny cuz he’s gon arrest her. But during that time Mei just ignores him and drools over the smell of meat.

The next day Yakumo gives Mei a kimono to wear since even by his western standards, her uniform is unfitting for a lady hahaha. They go down to the dining room and Yakumo is surprised that Mei understands the English on the menu (ofc its cuz she has had most of a modern education) he starts thinking she’s probably a lady from a high class family. Gorou comes to disturb them, (unsurprisingly) telling them that there’s no information on Mei’s history and berates Mei for not putting on her kimono properly /o\ what a stickler.

yes sir

yes sir

punch him mei!! DO IT!!

punch him mei!! DO IT!!

So now she really has no where left to go, Yakumo offers a semi-permanent position as his assistant since he needs someone who can really read Japanese for his research so she can help him and as payment, she can stay at the (really) expensive hotel with him. He then side tracks and starts saying how Mei’s so tiny and Japanese and he wants to eat her up but Gorou interjects, saving her from Yakumo.

Mei then asks them how they met and Yakumo tries to answer….but doesn’t remember. Gorou gets irritated and tells her that they met when he was investigating a case.  Yakumo ended up following Gorou to his home and fanboys over his Japanese porch. As Gorou warns him to not move, Yakumo tells him to stop as well….and move over… Because he was about to step on a dandelion. Then he thinks that it would be a good idea to fill Gorou’s garden with dandelions. Having enough of his shit, Gorou arrests Yakumo who proceeds to call out for help and the police /o\……………………………..

Later that day, Yakumo tells Mei he has to go to the university to work but she’s free to wonder around so she heads to Hibiya park. Where same as Otojiro route, she runs into a monster and Charlie who tells her she has a month before she can go back to her own time.

As she goes back to the hotel, she spots Gorou who has his sword directed at a woman who looks like a foreigner. She calls out to him to stop him, but the woman then vanishes. Surprised, she asks him what the woman did and where she went, which in turn surprises Gorou. He realises that she’s a Tamayori which of course makes her 100x more suspicious in his eyes. Since Gorou was directing his sword at the woman, Mei asks if Gorou is also a Tamayori but he says he isn’t. Then Yakumo appears, worried over why Mei hasn’t returned yet. Seeing Gorou and Mei together, Yakumo asks if her returning late has to do with Gorou stopping her and he says yes, since the situation has changed. Apparently Mei is now going to be under constant surveillance by the Youraka.

Back at the hotel, Yakumo explains that in the past there used to be more monsters and Tamayori, but as time passed there’s less and less. Monsters supposedly warm up to Tamayori really easily since they are the only people in the world who can recognise their presence and pretty much validate their existence (wow deep bro). Yakumo goes on to say that, if she so feels like it, she could control all the monsters and achieve world domination lmao. This is the reason why she needs to be put under surveillence but neither Gorou or Yakumo really believe she would. Yakumo then goes into otaku mode and says she must be gods gift to him and fanboys over what kind of monsters might be around. Mei then notices the woman from earlier behind Yakumo and freaks out but decides to see what happens instead of telling him.

The next day, Mei asks whether Yakumo feels like somethings on his back or whether he’s ill but turns out he’s fine. Then he mistakes this as her being interested in him. He then invites her to go eat with him and hearing that the food on offer was meat loaf she agrees without hesitation www. When they arrive, they see Gorou again who is there for a case. Turns out someone’s been stealing from the hotel and Yakumo sighs at it being a boring case. He goes on to say all the people staying at the hotel are rich anyway so they can spare one or two jewels and gold which obviously pisses Gorou off and Mei tries to stop Yakumo from being rude. Gorou then goes on to say the prime suspect is a monster, a man who has no face, Nopperabou.

Sounding familiar to Mei, she mentions that the first night she was brought to the hotel, she saw a man from afar which matched that description. Gorou then says that he’ll definitely need to interrogate her thoroughly later to which Yakumo interjects that she’s not a criminal or anything so he has no reason to be so cruel to her. Gorou asks them where they’re going later and Yakumo replies that they’ll be going on a date in Ginza where they’ll be holding hands and such www. He says that on the way back she’ll have to leave first since he’s going to the university though.

They go and get anpan………and Yakumo then heads off to the university. As Mei heads back to the hotel, she sees Gorou waiting outside. She decides not to face him so she goes and wanders around a bit more till its sunset, but when she returns he’s still there lmfao. Waiting for him to leave, people start whispering that she’s been watching that guy for a long time and embarrasses her so she runs away.

As it becomes evening, Mei loses her way and asks two guys for directions. They tell her that they’re also going to the hotel and they’ll take her there……but….you know how these things end. They lead her down some alley and try to kidnap her but Gorou comes and slashes ’em up and the rest of the squad detain the two guys. Mei collapses on the ground from the fear. Gorou doesn’t understand why she can’t stand and asks if she was hurt, but she wasn’t, then he mistakes her for being hungry like before lmao. He asks her what she was doing and Mei doesn’t wanna say she was scared of facing him so tries to make it up saying she was just taking a walk.

that's a pretty precise guess--- is my stalker senses tingling here

that’s a pretty precise guess— is my stalker senses tingling here??

Yakumo turns up and is apologetic about not insisting on taking her back to the hotel himself but Mei tells him it wasn’t his fault cuz she did return to the hotel….which contradicts what she told Gorou. Then Yakumo takes a guess that she was too scared to face him so ended up leaving again and getting in this predicament ww. It ends up like it was Gorou’s fault Mei was about to get kidnapped so he just leaves without a word. Mei starts feeling bad and decides she needs to thank him.

The next day the Youraka are still there investigating but Mei doesn’t spot Gorou. She asks the other policemen who blow her off as a child and Mei is dispirited that the police of this era are so horrible lol. She finally spots Gorou at the lobby and brings up the events of the previous day. Gorou tells her that the criminals admitted their crimes, and had the police not saved her she’d be the 14th victim to be thrown onto an isolated island to be a prostitute till the day she dies. Frightened, Mei realises this is the truth of the time period and thanks him for saving her life. Gorou doesn’t understand why she’s grateful since the police are hated by the citizens and he was ‘only doing his job’.

Suddenly there’s a blackout and Mei freaks out. Apparently this is also normal so Gorou tells her to stop moving around or she’ll get hurt. Again, he doesn’t understand why Mei, a Tamayori is afraid of the dark lol, and says its the first time he met such a cowardly Tamayori. Mei ends up grabbing his arm in fear and Gorou tells her to let go cuz he’s only watching her as his job so she does…but he changes his mind after thinking that she was looking for a weakness to take advantage of and run away (srsly come on). Mei vehemently denies it but Gorou doesn’t agree and grabs her arm. After a while, Mei asks what he does with the monsters after he catches them but he laughs at her saying he ‘erases’ them, not catch.

That night Mei ponders whether Gorou is a good person or not and Yakumo tells her that based on the saying ‘only good people like monsters’ Gorou must be bad. Mei is like wtf is he talking about and Yakumo tells her that Gorou rly hates monsters. Mei wonders why Gorou hates them so much and Yakumo tells her that he’s not the only one, cuz some ppl think that all monsters should be erased since they can cause problems like the one happening at the hotel. But this is a double standard since people do the same thing. Mei still thinks that Gorou can’t be all that bad but Yakumo doesn’t like it so he takes it upon himself to show her that he’s a bad guy…..??? wtf??

The next day, Yakumo brings Mei to Gorou’s house lol. Mei realises then tries to get Yakumo to leave but not before Gorou appears swinging his sword at them. That night, Yakumo is angry that Gorou would treat ‘his best friend’ like this and Mei is even more wtf is wrong with this guy.

After that, mei decides it’d probably be a good idea to apologise so she goes to get him some sake as a gift…and sneaks into his house again. Gorou starts saying something about Mei being shameful and Mei agrees since she pissed him off so much already until he starts being forceful and telling her to fix it already…and realises he was talking about her sleeve being ripped. He fixes it like the perfect waifu. Mei tries to give him the sake but he refuses…so she leaves it and runs away hahahaha.

2 days later, Yakumo brings Mei to the university….which happens to be close to Gorou’s house….and she goes to visit him again. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ストーカ行為しか思わん。There she spots Gorou asleep on his porch and when she goes up to stare at his pretty face, he pins her down with the intent to kill. Thinking she was after his head, he asks her what she’s doing there and she says she’s just visiting. (✿◉◡◉)……… She smells something nice and decides to intrude on his kitchen as well this time. While telling Mei to go home, he practices swinging his sword and Mei asks him to teach her a little bit too. Afterward she goes to the kitchen to get some water and comes back to the porch….and spots Gorou half naked wiping his sweat (º﹃º) Gorou wonders why she’s so edgy but Mei can’t bring herself to look at him and one sidedly he comes to the conclusion that she wants to eat his food as well. HAHAHA omg. He allows it and Mei offers to help him with preparing dinner since it looks difficult…Since there’s no technology, she doesn’t know how to prepare anything and Gorou ends up showing her anyway.

Gorou wonders why Mei is so useless even though she’s at an age where she should be getting married and it’d be her duty to do these things. He attributes this to her memory loss and says that she must’ve lost skills as well. Trying to be helpful, Mei offers to take the pot off the stove but ends p burning her hands to which Gorou then applies first aid to, saying it’d be an annoyance if it scared and she made him take responsibility ehhhh.

She ends up staying for dinner and tasting his homemade pickles. Then he takes her back to the hotel cuz its late and she’ll probably get kidnapped again hahahaaa.a…a.a…………

Mei apologises for wasting his day off and Gorou agrees she wasted it, but he had some good sake, the one she gave him. She says that she thought he’d throw it away since its from her but he says that the sake is innocent LOL. He asks her how she chose it and she tells him that she asked the shop keeper by describing him, saying how he’s a policeman of few words and really manly (硬派 kouha) and suddenly his mood changes for the worst. As he asks her how she came to that conclusion, Mei wonders why he’s angry and Yakumo appears again, worried about her.

He notices that he’s not in uniform so he’s not working, but he’s still bothering Mei. He asks whether Gorou is trying to hit on Mei but doesn’t believe it since Gorou is so prideful,…..except Gorou agrees. He says that before being a policeman, he’s just a man, so what’s wrong with flirting with a woman. Omfg. He adds that even someone like him can have dirty ideas if a woman is alone with him in his house and warns Yakumo to keep a closer watch on Mei. Uhhhh. Even Yakumo doesn’t believe what he heard so he ends up thinking that Gorou was replaced by a kitsune hAHHAHA wtf. However, Yakumo warns Mei not to get too close to Gorou cuz if worst comes to worst and the police don’t solve the case of the Teikoku thief, they’ll just pick a random Tamayori and say they were controlling the monsters– which means she might end up being the one arrested especially since the case began as she was discovered.

Taking this warning to heart, Mei tries to avoid Gorou. Despite that Gorou stops Mei and asks her what she’s doing standing behind the displays at the hotel. Mei tries to prove she’s innocent by telling him to interrogate her all he likes and he ends up dragging her around town on his patrol. He uses her as bait for monsters– but it being day time she can’t see them anyway. Mei wonders what Gorou is so up in arms about and he tells her that he’s no homo. Not knowing what he’s on about she realises that her saying that he’s ‘manly’ (硬派 kouha) in the Meiji era also has the double meaning of being homosexual lmfao. He doesn’t believe her when she says that she meant the other meaning and then asks her why she went to his house. She obv went cuz she wanted to but Gorou is in his mother mode and berates her being stupid. Mei then remembers a little bit about her friends and Gorou asks her about it, sounding worried rather than his usual ‘u r criminal’ attitude. Mei then realises she’s feeling happy he’s worried about her. She tells him that she remembered about her friends but nothing important and Gorou tells her he’ll get someone to take her home. Thinking that he doesn’t want her around, she runs away and runs into Mori Ougai, who for some odd reason is butt naked in public.

Gorou appears and drags Mei away saying she shouldn’t act on her own at night. Before it was the kidnappers, this time it was a pervert, the next time he might not be there to save her. Mei apologises and hopes that Gorou was doing this all out of worry for her well being.

Pass another half a month and Mei hasn’t seen Gorou for a while. She heads to the park and sees Charlie whom she asks whether he’ll keep his promise as per before. When Mei heads to the hotel, she spots Nopperabou in the corner looking for someone. Not sure what to do she leaves him alone even though she thinks he looks lonely.

Another 3 days pass and Mei realises she hasn’t seen Gorou in a while. She goes to his house and presents him some daifuku from Yakumo. Gorou says he doesn’t understand and asks her why she’s there even though he’s supposed to be watching her and she knows the answer is cuz she wanted to see him. However she couldn’t say this cuz she knows that it’ll trouble him. She tells him that she’s not plotting anything so she’ll be on her way, but is surprised by a cat and she loses her balance. Gorou protects her but doesnt get angry like she thought he would. He tells her to wait and gets one of his underlings to take her back to the hotel.

plot twist: she's actually a monster

plot twist: she’s actually a monster

At the hotel, Mei sees the woman from before in her mirror and freaks, covering herself with her blanket. That night while she’s asleep, Gorou appears in her room and warns her about 3 things, lock the door, don’t go out alone at night and not to go to his house ever again. Mei hears his voice but since he sounds really lonely, she thinks its all just a dream. The next day, she finds out from Yakumo that he was actually there although she can’t remember what he said…and this makes her want to see him even more (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)…

She finds Gorou outside the hotel, and she tells him to stop looking at her as if she were a monster. Gorou then proceeds to threaten her by saying he hasn’t had anything but monsters to cut down lately so he wouldn’t mind cutting her down, someone who’s history is completely unknown, and no one would care. As he draws his sword at her, Mei strongly believes that he wouldn’t cut her down….and the woman appears again, standing in front of her as if to protect her. Gorou is about to cut the woman down, thinking Mei called her to protect her, but Mei stops him and the woman disappears. Withdrawing his sword, he tells her to keep calling monsters to protect her, because she will never know when he’ll come to cut her down.

Later, Yakumo tells her he needs to go back to the university and may not return till the morning, so she should sleep first. After he leaves, there’s a blackout again. Thinking it was perfectly normal, she tries to sleep, except she hears someone sneak into her room. She lights a match and sees Nopperabou, who didn’t realise there was someone there and proceeds to choke her.

In a nick of time, Gorou appears and cuts the guy down. He arrests him, and it appears that this Nopperabou was actually a human pretending to be a monster. Gorou says that she’s really unlucky but Mei disagrees, saying that Gorou has once again come to save her. Turns out Gorou was chasing the real Nopperabou who lead him to her room, most likely to save her. And then Nopperabou and the woman in Mei’s mirror seem really happy they’re reunited, although they don’t know what relationship the two have. Mei is taken to the police station afterward to explain the situation.

Hearing Mei say that Yakumo might not return till the morning, he brings her to his place. She realises he’s worried that she’s feeling frightened so he’s staying with her and he starts talking about his past. He tells her that he first killed someone at 19 and that person was possessed by a spirit. When he killed the guy, the spirit possessed his sword which allows him to sense the presence of other spirits and monsters and ultimately do his job now, which is to get rid of monsters which corrupt people. He tells her that he threatened her before so that she wouldn’t be dirtied by his blood-stained hands. Mei asks him why he didn’t cut down the two monsters in her room earlier and he says that it was cuz them two seemed to be protecting her, although he could’ve cut them down cuz having him alone protect her is enough lolol. Then tells her that she’ll get cold on the porch and tells her to go inside but she wants to stay with him and they end up hugging to keep each other warm.

The next day is the full moon and Mei is invited to the party that Gorou is guarding at. She runs into Charlie who asks her why she isn’t at the park where she promised to meet him and whether she has something even more important to do and…

Going back to the Present – Bad end

Mei goes to meet with Gorou after getting her memories back from seeing her mobile phone. He realises that she’s probably leaving for good since she’s wearing her uniform that he really dislikes. Mei starts crying and he wonders if she’s crying from the joy of remembering her family but she apologises to him. Gorou tells her that he’s used to farewells, but he didn’t have time to prepare himself for this one so soon. He tells her to go and stop crying or he’ll lose the confidence to let her go and that he’s going to hope that she’ll change her mind and come back to him. She leaves and goes back to Charlie who brings her back to the present.

In the epilogue, Yakumo sneaks into Gorou’s garden again and start discussing about what happened with Mei. Gorou says that she’s untrackable and to give up, because Mei obviously doesn’t want to be found and Yakumo is upset that she will remain a mystery to him.

Going back to the Present with Gorou – Good end

Mei replies that she doesn’t know and Charlie says he’ll do something special for her. The next thing she knows Gorou is asking her why she’s spacing out and brings her outside. Mei asks if Gorou is bringing her back to the police station and he says that he’s found where she belongs. Which makes no sense. He says that he always planned to deliver her home by his own hands and they both get into a horse carriage……………………………………………………….which somehow travels back to the present with Gorou.

Mei regains her memories as she comes back and….Gorou becomes a renown sword teacher cuz that’s the only thing he can do. Gorou comments that no one in his time would imagine the world could change so much in such a short amount of time and Mei says that she bets Yakumo would’ve been really happy to see this. Gorou gets jealous and is like “dont talk about the men of the past and focus on me” and they ichaicha in the dojo.

Staying in the Past with Gorou – Best End

Gorou sees Mei spacing out and thinks she’s probably hungry again so leads her back to his place. OF COURSE HE HAS NO HIDDEN MOTIVES FOR THIS RITE HURRHURRHURR. They run into Yakumo who jokes that the stony Gorou is gonna lay his hands on his important lady and Gorou says that he has no plans for returning Mei to the hotel tonight…but he plans on ‘taking responsibility’ (๑◔‿◔๑)下心丸見え Yakumo screams for the police as they leave LMFAO. 

When they arrive Mei realises the full moon has passed already and Gorou asks her to not look so lonely at the moon, cuz from now on his place is where she belongs and that he won’t let her go. Presumably they bang and later they’re married (◔‸◔ ).

In the epilogue Yakumo comes to visit and Gorou isn’t around so he starts flirting with Mei. Gorou finds them and starts swinging his sword at Yakumo. Yakumo leaves and Gorou criticises Mei for not being cautious with Yakumo and that she makes him worry so much. But in the end he says that he’ll just protect her from anything and everything and they ichaicha in his garden.

End spoilers

Pretty much every time Yakumo (Tachibana Shinnosuke) spoke mixing English words in his sentences, a part of me shriveled up and died inside. I swear had he spoken like a normal person, it’d sound more like the English than his English??? My skin literally crawled everytime he went “RAIDY” I’m fucking crying.

Not to mention the racism seems rather strong in this one. Pretty much every foreigner was a suspicious person to Gorou but okay sure he’s Saitou Hajime (EXPEL THE FOREIGNERS) so that could be canon historically. But aside from that, Yakumo was one of the rudest people I’ve seen in this game??? His actions went OVER the normal “we have different cultures so I didn’t know this was rude” with the sneaking into people’s houses and flaunting his wealth. Mei even says that Yakumo seems to know more about Japan than the average Japanese person so this shouldn’t even be an excuse. Aside from that, he was a massive weab who thought everything everywhere had to do with monsters. I dunno if the real Koizumi Yakumo was said to be like that, but his characterisation really got on my nerves. It’s like they’re trying to keep that image of the ‘rude foreigner’ honestly, but I’m not familiar with Japanese history to dispute whether this is canon but doing things like this surely can’t be good. Yakumo’s sprite also appears to be the most derp, but I guess derpiness isn’t only limited to him either so I can’t say anything about that being only directed at Yakumo lol.

I actually really liked Gorou, while trying to ignore everything else but it looks like the trend with the present endings making no sense whatsoever is going to continue. I didn’t realise the epilogues after the bad ends were actually linked to the plot because Otojiro’s one was just Kyouka and Otojiro arguing???? But then Gorou’s one actually mentions Mei so…Er??

I just realised I spent so much time hating on Yakumo I don’t really have much to say about Gorou lol.





  • idk if i’m looking too deep, but das racist
  • for the most part the game makes sense……except when it comes to the good and bad end

I wanted to do Kyouka but looking back at what I’m saying about the game I’m not sure– I want to do Charlie to find out why he’s such a creep but must finish all the other guys for that. Why? _(┐「﹃゚。)_


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