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First Impressions of BAD APPLE WARS // Aruma Route

I’m back! I didn’t actually expect to write this so soon but having just finished Aruma’s route I have a lot of written(verbal?) diarrhea to release about BAD APPLE WARS.

Image heavy/sarcasm heavy post ahead

At least the cover looks cool

At least the cover looks cool

The game is basically about ‘life’ after death. The heroine Rinka is an ’empty’ girl who basically just lives each day doing nothing special, with no interests and no aspirations. On the day of her high school entrance ceremony, she drops her shoe and…ends up getting run over. She even died in a really stupid way.

The next thing she knows, she’s in this weird world where the sky is red and there’s a freaky teacher with a rabbit head on welcoming her to Nevaeh High School. Thinking he’s one of those weirdos commonplace nowadays, she asks him to bring her back to the school she was actually heading to. Rabbit sensei tells her he can’t because she’s already dead. 




Sugitan seems to have a knack for voicing trash lately lmfao

Thinking it’s a horrible dream, Rabbit sensei drags her to the entrance ceremony where there’s another student, Satoru, who’s already waiting. The ceremony begins and, as you’d have it, the invisible principal explains that they’re both there because they died meaningless deaths while achieving nothing in their lives. The goal of the school was to “to compassionately reincarnate a loser” lmao.

Suddenly a giant explosion happens and a group of delinquents calling themselves Bad Apples appear. The Disciplinary Committee appears almost immediately and both groups fight.

The Disciplinary Committee fighting

The Disciplinary Committee fighting

This red headed kid who is presumably the leader, asks both of them if they want to live before retreating.

So you see where I'm going with this?

So you see where I’m going with this?

All the principal says after that is that these new entrants should not become bad apples. Rabbit sensei turns out to be their new teacher and he hands Rinka a student hand book with a whole bunch of pointless rules and she notices the other students look really lifeless and are wearing the same freaky mask and finds it incredibly disturbing.

In the hallway she gets stopped by Bucket sensei (a teacher with a bucket on his head lmao) and harrassed by Gas mask sensei (…yeah). Here she chooses to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

I did Aruma’s route first because it’s fairly obviously the Tacchi char is meant for last so…Aruma is the leader of Bad Apples and voiced by Sakurai Takahiro. Continue reading

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Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Berial Route

After a year and many games unblogged in between I’m back to disturb you all. BETCHA DIDN’T THINK I’D COME BACK! When I read my old posts I realised how much of a shit storm Solomon’s Ring was and being a dumbass I am, I went back for more. I figure I’d at least finish the games I had….meaning the remaining three because for some reason my consciousness blacked out for a while and I had already purchased those kusoge.

Bear with me as I repeat myself multiple times because I completely forgot what had happened in Dandalion’s route or in the previous game.

berial title

His name is spelt ‘Berial’, which is coincidentally close to ‘burial’ which is what I’ll need after finishing this game.

The guy I went for this time is Berial voiced by Takahashi Hiroki….who is actually King Belial, who is a fallen angel. He’s the demon which tempts people to ‘worthlessness’ (which by the way is merely self gratification lol). Apparently in the Christian Bible. he’s synonymous with the devil so behold, watch as the devil falls for an air headed 16 year old girl! Since the game goes through such lengths to romanise his name as Berial, I’ll use that.

The basic premise begins with Lily, the only living descendant of King Solomon, is passed down the Solomon’s Ring, a ring with crazy ass magic that can be used to seal demons by her gramps on his deathbed. Thinking demons are a thing of fairy tales, she accepts his willful dying wish for her to seal all the demons in the world thinking nothing of it. That it until one day she’s suddenly attacked by penguins demons. Srsly somehow she manages to seal three demons on her own and then continues to live life normally despite this new found knowledge and ….proceeds to get attacked NOT ONCE BUT TWO TIMES MORE before she starts getting the point – this isn’t going to stop.

As before three ikemen demons pop up after another attack and offer their support by trying to form a contract with her but for some reason she can only choose one and they begin to fight over her because why not? Continue reading


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