Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Berial Route

After a year and many games unblogged in between I’m back to disturb you all. BETCHA DIDN’T THINK I’D COME BACK! When I read my old posts I realised how much of a shit storm Solomon’s Ring was and being a dumbass I am, I went back for more. I figure I’d at least finish the games I had….meaning the remaining three because for some reason my consciousness blacked out for a while and I had already purchased those kusoge.

Bear with me as I repeat myself multiple times because I completely forgot what had happened in Dandalion’s route or in the previous game.

berial title

His name is spelt ‘Berial’, which is coincidentally close to ‘burial’ which is what I’ll need after finishing this game.

The guy I went for this time is Berial voiced by Takahashi Hiroki….who is actually King Belial, who is a fallen angel. He’s the demon which tempts people to ‘worthlessness’ (which by the way is merely self gratification lol). Apparently in the Christian Bible. he’s synonymous with the devil so behold, watch as the devil falls for an air headed 16 year old girl! Since the game goes through such lengths to romanise his name as Berial, I’ll use that.

The basic premise begins with Lily, the only living descendant of King Solomon, is passed down the Solomon’s Ring, a ring with crazy ass magic that can be used to seal demons by her gramps on his deathbed. Thinking demons are a thing of fairy tales, she accepts his willful dying wish for her to seal all the demons in the world thinking nothing of it. That it until one day she’s suddenly attacked by penguins demons. Srsly somehow she manages to seal three demons on her own and then continues to live life normally despite this new found knowledge and ….proceeds to get attacked NOT ONCE BUT TWO TIMES MORE before she starts getting the point – this isn’t going to stop.

As before three ikemen demons pop up after another attack and offer their support by trying to form a contract with her but for some reason she can only choose one and they begin to fight over her because why not?

Spoilers start here yo scroll fast if you don’t want to be spoiled and play the game yourself loljks who’d wanna??

As before the world is stuck in a time loop which somehow means that man kind is being tortured and that the end of the world is near (???I don’t know how they came to this conclusion) the demons are all unhappy about the current situation. Obviously since this is Berial’s route, Lily chooses to form a pact with Berial so the other demons try to interfere. BUT FOR SOME REASON either the demons aren’t actually doing anything or that Berial is able to fend both Astaroth and Dandalion off while explaining how 2 contract. And the moment the contract is sealed the other two are literally like “TCH YOU WIN THIS TIME” and flies the fuck away. ?????why give up so easy?????

After this they go to Lily’s place and she makes dinner for herself (cuz demons don’t need to eat etc.) but Berial is very interested in watching her eat….okay. Lily asks him what is in this relationship for him and he says he wants her ring. Fair enough, Lily isn’t gonna hand it over though. And then he elaborates, he doesn’t want to do anything with the ring, just wants to own it, not even for strength or to rule the world, just owning it. What the fuck?

pic_0001 (2)

I wish I was making this shit up

Later on Lily and Berial go to her library to look for any clues on fixing the world, cuz y’know time loop and everything. They find out that in order to end the magic, they have to defeat or kill the caster, ie. Lucifer. Hold on a fucking minute, Lily didn’t even originally believe in demons before all this, but for some reason there are just magic books lying around in her library? Can the writer not?

Being inexperienced, Lily doesn’t think she can beat Lucifer but Berial assures her with the ring and the exp bar it grants, she can get stronger.


I’m scared, therefore I, the only one with the power to stop the end of the world, will let the world end.

Otherwise she can just overwrite his magic like you can save over some shitty word document. ಠ_ಠ???

In a night, Lily learns how to use Solomon’s Ring to vacuum demons up through Berial’s teaching ( ৺ ◡৺ )…Why…does he know how to use Solomon’s Ring….given that he never owned it and was INSIDE the thing for most of existence? All the way through this, Berial keeps calling Lily cute, like he doesn’t have any other words in his vocabulary.

After teaching her, he asks to let him live with her cuz they never know when lucifer will send his penguins to attack and if he’s not by her side, he can’t protect her. Because he’s a man demon, but mainly because he’s a man, Lily grows flustered and is like “oh noes I can’t”. At this point, if the fate of the world is in your hands I don’t think you’d have the luxury of going “oh noes living with mans!!!!” ʕ ㅎ_ㅎʔ Luckily berial was thinking the same thing as me and tells her grow up and Lily agrees, no hesitation or questions asked. ( ৺ ◡৺ ) They clearly needed her to share a roof with Berial for ~developments~ but adding the fake hesitation made this scene 1000x more cringe worthy.

In their spare time, they keep vacuuming all the Prinnies up to slowly level Lily up. On her day off from grinding, Lily goes out with her friends Flora and Alicia…and hang out at Flora’s cafe. While she’s eating cake with them, Berial comes and and cue the “who’s that hottie????” from her friends. Berial comes up reeeeaaaal close and, licks some stray cream off her cheek. In front of everyone.

Understandably Lily gets angry he does something so embarassing. Not even sorry, Berial is just like “then what would you have me do to humour you? you should think about how I feel.” The fuck, he sounds like one of those ppl who just make everything your fault without acknowledging their own. ( ͡°_ʖ ͡°) Lily is like “wtf is that how you think of me????” and storms off.

Of course the message of this game is that you should question logical progressions because something is bound to happen. Lily gets attacked by prinnies. She tries to seal them herself (!!!!! wow!!!!!!) but her power isn’t enough and she gets cornered. Then she realises Berial is fucking just standing there watching her. (  ・᷄д・᷅ )….And he basically makes her beg him to help.

Srsly wtf???

Srsly wtf???

After saving her life, they go home and he’s tending to her wounds. Turns out, he acted that way earlier because he knew she didn’t trust him and wanted her to show him her true feelings (ie. say what she meant) and she fucking accepts this all as her own short coming and says that it was her fault that she held all these preconceived notions that demons should not be trusted and apologises.  WHY? HE’S A DEMON. ANYONE WITH A BRAIN WOULDN’T TRUST THEM. THE FUUUCk. I still haven’t forgiven him for knowingly putting Lilyin danger as well, making her beg him to fucking save her life. But of course, Lily thinks its ALL HER FAULT, JFC I raged so hard.

My fist + your face = OTP

My fist + your face = OTP

They make up and the next day they go out to Flora’s cafe. Cue “wow hottie” from her friends. They make up some bull shit excuse that he’s helping her with her research and all her friends+flora’s mother make fun of Lily for being stupid and noticing what a great guy Berial is.  Yeah he’s a great guy esp if you’re only judging his face and don’t know anything about him except for the 2 lines where he’s like “I’m sad she won’t notice my attractiveness!”.  ಠ_ಠ…. After they leave Lily thanks him for some bullshit I zoned out of and he blushes for some odd reason and does the typical “do you do this to everyone???” fuck off.

For the rest of the time remaining, they train together. I have no fucking idea what Lucifer keeps throwing shitty little small fry for Lily to continually level up on. The first wave of familiars couldn’t kill her?Maybe it’ll work the 100th time!

As time is about to reverse again, they get worried that all the grinding is for moot if the experience gained is also reversed. At the same time, Lily realises if it does reverse, then Berial will have no reason to be with her since she’s useless to him.

While watching her eat dinner again, Berial asks Lily whether she likes him. For some odd reason Lily acts like a tsundere and tells him not to get the wrong idea but immediately regrets because he shows a sad face. For some reason, he then felt the need to propose that she sleep with him and then seal him so he has one happy memory and that the exp gained from sealing him would be enough to defeat Lucifer. (  ´・_・`) What? Is he like a billion year old virgin or something? Lily objects and says she’d be sad without him and begins crying. But she doesn’t know why.

It’s been less than a week since they first began to cooperate by the way.

CONVENIENTLY, time reverses and the ring’s exp doesn’t drop. ι( ・ิ-・ิ )/ Yay? no. They’re now incredibly happy they can be together now!!!!1111oneoneone

Now instead of suggesting to seal himself, Berial offers up Dandalion as the sacrificial goat for exp boost. Since he’s been getting info from the guy, it’s not weird if he calls Dandalion out, so all they have to do is ambush him. Lily has some reservations cuz he thinks they’re friends and fwends shouldn’t betray eachotha. While agonizing over it, Berial tells her to STFU and do what he says cuz he already made plans to meet Dandalion.

As Berial leads Dandalion around, Lily jumps out and warns Dandalion that it’s a trap and gets him to run away. ………………………….okay. Dandalion is like “lol looks like she doesn’t wanna seal me bye” to Berial and ollies the fuck out. Berial gets furious and asks her why she do that for, and tries to rape her but Lily is like “you can’t just do whatever you want to achieve your goal” because not like the fate of the world is important or anything. She truly thinks Berial would understand that she only didn’t want him to betray his ‘friend’.

It’s not a true shoujo romance without Berial thinking that Lily was secretly in love with Dandalion and…her stare of determination scares the fuck out of him. I’m not kidding, her stare scared him.

I don't want to see YOUR face

I don’t want to see YOUR face

He leaves after this wonderful scene.

Lily tries to look for him cuz she lonely and runs into Dandalion. He uses his ‘see da truth’ skill and lols at Berial’s stupidity and because ‘he owes her for saving his life’, helps her with her search. He gets reeeaall close to her face and tells her she has an eyelash on her cheek and then takes her around town saying that “Berial will appear on his own”.

True to his word, Berial grabs Lily while Dandalion was about to enter a store with her. he’s angry that she’d do such a thing so soon and basically calls her a slut and kisses her. Lily is confused asking him wtf is going on and….Berial thought that the thing earlier was Dandalion kissing Lily. Wow. They fix their misunderstanding and all is good again. ( ৺ ◡৺ )

The kiss is conveniently never brought up again and they live as normal. Berial has this whole monologue about how he only wanted to get close to Lily because he wanted her soul but now he doesn’t wanna kill her anymore and that he wishes time would stop. The last time he felt like this was apparently when he was still an angel in heaven. ( ৺ ◡৺ )???????

One day while they’re grinding, Lily gets injured and Berial licks the wound to “disinfect it”.  She calls him cruel for making her so dokidoki and he misconstrues it to “so you only want your lover to do this to you? then make me your lover” and kisses her more. Theeeeeeeen he tries to bang her.

….Lily pushes him and runs away.

In the middle of the night, Lily wakes up to a new time loop. Realising it’s only been 6 days, they both worry something is going on but….live life as normal.

Lily realises she’s in love with Berial at some point but reasons that he couldn’t possibly love her back since he flirts like he breathes. .. o…ka…y…….

After 5 days, the time loop occurs again. So it’s getting shorter and shorter. Berial tells Lily that every demon has a skill which only they can do like how Dandalion is able to read ppl’s minds, his is amplification of feelings of self gratification like lies, violence, confusion  in people and then causes them to fall on to paths of ruin. This allows him to then take their souls.

Lily asks how this relates to anything and he explains that, his skill must have amplified his own want to stay in the moment with Lily and merged with Lucifer’s time loop to create something else entirely. At this point neither him or Lucifer can end the magic alone lololol. He tells her than he has to discard his feelings for her and for that reason he can’t be with her, regretting falling in love with her and leaves for good.

After he leaves Lily gets depressed. At the same time Astaroth and Dandalion seek her help in defeating Lucifer because they can’t do much else but hope defeating him will end the time loop. For some reason Lily feels doing this would mean she’d never see Berial again and doesn’t help. ( ¯¯ํ¯௰¯¯ํ¯ ) They tell her she has some time to think about it and leave.

At the next time loop, they come back again but Lily refuses again, saying she wants to leave a place for Berial to return to. They explain that the world is fucking ending because once the time loop shortens enough it’ll mean time stops and nothing will move anymore yet all she can think about is her broken heart….This explanation does nothing and Lily is basically letting the world end because she’s heart broken.

When she gets home for some reason Berial is there and he’s happy to see her one last time. Turns out he spent the last however many days agonising over dying for the sake of Lily’s world but couldn’t bear the thought of Lily being happy with another guy so he came back to kill her. And then himself.

╭( ・ㅂ・)و!LOGIC.

Lily doesn’t even protest, saying that she’s happy to be told that he loves her, even if it means she’ll die.

JUUUUUSt as she’s about to die, she tells him she loves him too and that this must be fate….No it’s just you being an idiot.

They both die buuuuuuuut as it becomes midnight, time reverses and….they’re both alive again lmao.

Pretty much immediately, he recovers and is like “so….could you repeat what you said?” ….wow…2 days before the end of the world. And this.

On the last day, Berial gives Lily a bunch of blue roses and basically proposes to her. He asks to bang her as well.

Good End

As they’re about to bang, Solomon’s ring glows and Berial asks if Lily knows what the flower meaning of blue roses are. It meant ‘miracle’ and reveals that “when two souls reach the max understanding levels, he can send his soul into the ring even without her permission”.

So she ended up sealing him against her wishes. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و  Yes!

Not letting his soul be wasted in the ring, she goes to overwrite Lucifer’s magic and defeats Lucifer with Astaroth and Dandalion’s help. And the world is now safe (except Lily doesn’t have Berial, which technically makes this the best end imo).

Best End

After defeating Lucifer, Lily finally has time to cry over Berial.

Suddenly, she sees him on her window sill and he has !!!white wings!!! They kept using the chars to bring up the fact that no one could believe a selfish demon such as Berial would give his life for Lily lmao. So apparently god gave him a gift and made him an angel again.

Lily asks him to be with her forever but he says that only she can see him now and trails on. Lily shuts him up with a kiss and says him being there is all that matters and he proclaims himself her ‘guardian angel’. Hurrhurr I see wat u did thar

Bad End

Lily rejects Berial’s plea to bang and he’s like “gdi I failed”. He tells her he was trying his last resort, which was for her to seal him unwillingly …and then they get attacked…

By the same things they had no trouble sealing before…

Lucifer captured them both and kills Berial who was trying to protect Lily. Then spends the rest of the days torturing Lily, killing her and letting the time loop revive her and killing her again. Wow.

Dark End

In Berial and Lucifer’s fight, Lily is able to deflect Lucifer’s attack with the ring once and both Berial and her escape back to the human world.

Since the world is about to end, even Lucifer can’t catch them in time. They make out as the world ends.

I cannot even comprehend the wtfness I experienced playing this route, I srsly cannot.

The amount of rage I have for Berial, I’m not even sure the amount of times I said “fuck” can even reflect it.

For the lols I checked how many times I swore in my notes for his route:

  • “Fuck” 20 times
  • “Wtf” 14 times
  • “Shit” 5 times

Eh, only an overall 1% of the entire document was swearing. I thought there’d be more honestly.

The progression in the entire route was so bad, like after 1 week it seemed like they were totally in love, then they act like they’re not in love and then suddenly they are. It doesn’t help that I kept remembering Lily is a 16 year old. I’d hate to think how the world would end if the fate of it depended on someone as stupid as her and Berial.

I wasn’t expecting anything but damn my expectations of expecting nothing were still somehow let down even when I thought it couldn’t ever be.


accurate description of me rn


  • Spoiler (highlight to see) Berial dies


  • ( ৺ ◡৺ ) ……..everything??????????
  • Spoiler (highlight to see) I mean Lily tries to let the world end because her heart was broken

That concludes my first and possibly last post for this year LOL. I just got my hands on Bad Apple Wars, so I’m hoping to kick start my blogging again with that but this nagging feeling of all those other games I haven’t completely finished norn9lasteracoderealize is weighing me down hahaha…………………………………………..

Idk if anyone is rly expecting anything from me so I’m just gonna blog whenever.



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  1. lol I like how the Kuso brought your blog back from the dead (゚∀゚)
    also mfw you have not yet sold/godden rid of/used as a paper weight all these games xDDD

    • The smell of shit made it spring up from the grave lmao. I’m waiting for when I go back to Japan and can get someone to sell it for me _(┐「﹃゚。)_…which is basically never.

  2. This was amazing. Thank you.

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