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Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Astaroth Route and Final Thoughts

HAPPY NEW YEAR <- 2 weeks late

I said I’d blog whenever and it is now whenever. I’m sorry if you expected me to update with BAD APPLE WARS but Rinka is driving me insane so I need a break from her. What a better way to take a break than play the shittiest game imaginable hey?!

SO here I am with the last route of Solomon’s Ring Chapter of Wind (like the wind from my ass). Honestly I’m already thinking of what game I should play next, barring BAD APPLE WARS, because I’ve got very little patience these days.


Lookitdat silver haired derp face. He’s Astaroth.

By now, I’m too fucking lazy to type out the back story because honestly you’d only be reading this to see how I’m suffering anyway. The char I went for this time is Astaroth, some duke in hell, has legions of demons working for him yadda yadda yada. I don’t know anything about demonology (lol why the heck is there even such a thing) so what’s so special about him, I’ll never know. In any case if he were special, GOOD NEWS! Solomon’s Ring will completely fuck with that and make him not special anyway.

Coincidentally the oresama Astaroth (he’s so oresama he actually calls himself…oresama) is voiced by Suwabe Junichi….much like Higa…the next route of BAD APPLE WARS that I’m playing through…………………………..Suwabe overload.

Anyways JUMP OVER FOR SOME SPOILING SPOILERS AND THINKY THOUGHT THOUGHTS and skip past the huge text for my final thoughts

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