Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Astaroth Route and Final Thoughts

HAPPY NEW YEAR <- 2 weeks late

I said I’d blog whenever and it is now whenever. I’m sorry if you expected me to update with BAD APPLE WARS but Rinka is driving me insane so I need a break from her. What a better way to take a break than play the shittiest game imaginable hey?!

SO here I am with the last route of Solomon’s Ring Chapter of Wind (like the wind from my ass). Honestly I’m already thinking of what game I should play next, barring BAD APPLE WARS, because I’ve got very little patience these days.


Lookitdat silver haired derp face. He’s Astaroth.

By now, I’m too fucking lazy to type out the back story because honestly you’d only be reading this to see how I’m suffering anyway. The char I went for this time is Astaroth, some duke in hell, has legions of demons working for him yadda yadda yada. I don’t know anything about demonology (lol why the heck is there even such a thing) so what’s so special about him, I’ll never know. In any case if he were special, GOOD NEWS! Solomon’s Ring will completely fuck with that and make him not special anyway.

Coincidentally the oresama Astaroth (he’s so oresama he actually calls himself…oresama) is voiced by Suwabe Junichi….much like Higa…the next route of BAD APPLE WARS that I’m playing through…………………………..Suwabe overload.

Anyways JUMP OVER FOR SOME SPOILING SPOILERS AND THINKY THOUGHT THOUGHTS and skip past the huge text for my final thoughts


When forced to make a decision to choose who to help with breaking the time loop, Lily actually realises she has the most hope if she works with a strong demon! But for some reason when she thinks strong, she concludes Astaroth is probably it. Thing is, she never actually chose him but just looked at him and he’s all like “GR8 I WONT LET U REGRET 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and makes her form a contract with him like a shifty salesman.

Unlike the other routes, where the other 2 demons are like “O NO U DONT” this time they just fucking stand there and do jack all LOL and then even explain to Lily what a contract isWhat the hell.


He says this but literally did not even do anything as it happened

Lily asks Astaroth why he wants her in particular like it isn’t completely obvious and he says as much, that he wants to use her lmfao. He even tells her to feel honoured. HAHAHAH WHAT THE HELL.

After that he casually moves in with Lily because he makes it painfully clear it’s for her protection. So unlike the other routes, there’s no “I CAN’T BECAUSE U A MAN I A WOMAN”. Lily is so understanding in this route that I actually liked her a bit, esp her tsukkomi to Astaroth’s crazy demands were great.

Immediately after moving in with her, he demands that she make him food that ‘suits his taste’. Lily, like any reasonable person, leaves him to die her friend Flora’s cafe. Over there as usual Flora and her mother get all giddy thinking Lily has a hot new boyfriend. Is that seriously how the author thinks girls act when they introduce a dude to (an apparently really old friend), cuz tats super stupid. Astaroth has no idea what they’re on about so it just goes over his head.


Is it tasty?

Astaroth is sick of the human world bullshit and wants the time loop thing gone so he tells Lily that they should go and kill Lucifer straight away to get it over and done with. Lily is reserved about it cuz she’s scared she’s too weak but asks him about the details anyway.

Turns out Astaroth has no idea where Lucifer is even though he was the one who suggested killing him. This guy.

He tells Lily that since she works in a super ancient library, she should just look for clues in the books there. Shocked by such an idea, Lily asks whether he’ll help and he’s like “NO FUCKING WAY” LOL.

The next day Lily starts working through all the books for clues. I don’t even get why this is a thing at all. Looking through library books on demons…something that she didn’t even believe existed. (´・_・`) During the entire time, she wonders what the hell Astaroth is even doing while she’s working.

After work, Astaroth pops up and just tells her to come with him. (。≖ิ‿≖ิ)


He’s so proud of himself for being able to do it.

Turns out he spent the entire day farming Lucifer’s familiars for her to vacuum up and level. This was like, the smartest thing any demon has done out of the two Solomon’s Rings I’ve played hahahaha……..

As gratitude, Lily makes him more food. Astaroth laments about how being human is so annoying because you have to eat or you’ll die, and Lily finds out demons don’t need to eat. But he insists.

The next day Lily goes out to buy groceries on her own since Astaroth was taking a nap (I thought demons didn’t need to sleep either………..). As she’s returning, ….a robber grabs her bag lol. At least it wasn’t another bunch of familiars.

She gets shoved and injured as the guy makes off with his bag, she yells and Astaroth comes out of the house and hunts the robber down. He goes all “U HURT MY HUMAN” and bashes the dude half dead lol. (゜∇゜)

He says that he hates humans because they end up doing things crueler than even demons! But Lucifer was the one who put the world into time loop and is trying to destroy the world and both Paimon and Dandalion killed Lily for pretty much their own insecurity……….Sure, humans=crueler than demons!

Oh but he says, Lily is different, Lily is not cruel so she is not trash. Wow.

He ends up tending to her wounds and insists on putting the ointment on the gauze for her….but somehow manages to miss the bandage……several times………………………….i think the author is trying to tell us that Astaroth is all brawn no brain type of guy by having the hand-eye coordination of a baby.

After he does all this, Lily asks him if he hates humans. Which he said he did before already. He says that he hates them cuz they’re boring and weak but are cruel lol so he wants to destroy the human world. He brings up other demons who wanna do the same as well, but before that he must kill Lucifer because he hates Lucifer too. Astaroth thinks that a world where everyone submits to Lucifer would be boring as fuck so he gotta get rid of him. In summary, he’s chucking a fit because everything is boring.

Astaroth realises this isn’t something he’s told anyone before, and wonders whether he’s attracted to Lily or just the ring. He goes on about how Lily is so special that she’s determined to take on the role that was so unjustly thrust upon her and that she ain’t scared of demons like normal girls. All of this is bullshit btw because Lily tries to run away from the role several times and she totally shits her pants when she finds out they’re demons most of the time. But hey whatever floats your boat Asstaroth.

Lily finally finds a clue as to where Lucifer is in the books and both her and Astaroth travel to a nearby tiny island. While they’re looking for the entrance to Lucifer’s hideout, Lily gets separated from Astaroth and attacked by Lucifer’s penguins. For some reason, Lily insists she must handle it on her own but in the end calls for Astaroth who comes and saves her anyway. ( ・ัω・ั)

After all the penguins are defeated, Lily is so relieved that she then collapses and Astaroth catches her. He berates Lily for…getting him worried! (。≖ิ‿≖ิ) And there’s a touching scene of Astaroth hugging Lily and it begsin to rain blahblah cue they cannot leave the island so have to spend the night together in some dingy hotel.

Cuz they’re both wet, Astaroth is like yo I got this great idea! Turns out he just wants to bathe with Lily, for reasons I don’t know. It wasn’t even like a woah they’re gonna do something seedy together kind of scene, cuz he literally did it to make Lily embarassed. It wasn’t even romantic either since he basically sits there in the bath laughing at her. I wouldn’t call it the most pointless bath scene ever, but it was certainly getting there.


Something looks super odd about this CG

After going back to Lily’s home, Astaroth decides to drag her back out to get info out of Dandalion about Lucifer. Being a child, Astaroth decides that threatening Dandalion would get him what he wants. Dandalion gives no shits and is just like is that how you’re meant to ask for favours????


Astaroth is smat

Obviously he ain’t lifting a finger for Astaroth because of his attitude problem,…….but for some reason says that if Lily asks…he’ll do it for free. What.

Astaroth ~hates~ being ignored but Lily does the thing and they find out that Lucifer’s life force is tied to a crystal ball in his hide out, destroy that and Lucifer be dead. WHAT STORY! And then he tells her that Lucifer is located in a place that’s the closest to her, yet the furthest away. It’s like he wanted this to sound cryptic like a horoscope or something.

Literally 2 minutes later, Lily has an idea of what that means…Apparently she thinks its the big stone door below the library for which she has no key and her grandfather would not tell her anything about while he was alive. What coincidence! Lily has a door to the underworld under the library which she conveniently forgot about until now!

They go down there and Astaroth can’t get the door to budge lol. It was a nice touch that they added echo effect to the voices to show the hollowness of the room but….is that worth suffering through the rest of this game? Lily goes near it and TADA Solomon’s Ring glows and the door opens.

And unsurprisingly, the place the door lead to was Lucifer’s hide out. Wow. Just. Wow.

The catch was that the place was like a maze, so no matter where they go, it always seems like they’re in the same place. All while they’re busy cleaning it out of penguins, they lose track of time and, time loop again on Sunday night and they’re back to where they started.

At a loss to how to find Lucifer, Astaroth’s bright idea is to tell force Berial to help them. Berial says sure, if Astaroth hands over Lily for him to do as he pleases. To clarify, Berial says that this means he gets to hug and kiss and do more to Lily and Astaroth gets red faced saying Lily is his not Berial’s and flies off.


Says the one who asked in the first place and hey CG recycling!

As they’re going back Lily asks him what he meant by her being his, and Astaroth pins her to a wall and tries to kiss her. Lily pushes him away thinking he was testing her and he says it was just a joke and walks off. This fucking guy is like a teenager that doesn’t know his boundaries and says its a joke because he’s too embarrassed to admit he was serious.

They keep going back to Lucifer’s hideout to find Lucifer, but nothing. During this whole time Lily and Astaroth are still cleaning up the penguins. You’d think the next demon king candidate would have something stronger than penguins for his enemies but you’d be wrong. (ㅎ_ㅎ) I mean he has Paimon, but for some reason (ie. they don’t wanna pay Kondou Takashi to voice him) he never appears outside of his own game.

This time round, Astaroth gets exhausted and is about to get hit by the penguins but Lily shields him with her own body. Luckily as it happens, time goes back to the beginning of the week. Coincidences!

As Lily appears back in her room, Astaroth barges in and tells her to strip. (。≖ิ‿≖ิ) He’s checking to see if her injuries are still there and is super worried but she’s completely fine lol. He blames her for making him worried and kisses her…uh…okay. And then blames her again for making his emotions unstable. (ㅎ_ㅎ)


Say hello to the most unromantic (hilarious?) expression of love

They go back again and…..this time the ring emits a beam of light leading them to Lucifer. WHY THIS. ⊂(。ω、°)⊃

They get into the main ‘room’ where Lucifer’s crystal ball is and….it’s completely unguarded. As they approach, time begins reverting again and Astaroth panics and tries to break it but alas, too late.

That night, Lily goes to stare at the sky and Astaroth comes to join her. He tells her after this is all over he wants her to be by his side…and by all over I mean after he kills Lucifer and destroys the human world LMFAO. Lily says it’s her duty to stop him from destroying the world but she knows she can’t oppose him because of her sudden feelings and they both wallow in despair since they don’t know how to be together without letting go of their dreams.

The next day they go back and try to destroy the crystal, but Lucifer is actually there this time. Lucifer reveals that them finding his place and leveling up off his penguins was:


Because somehow feeding them power is better than killing them while they’re weak and securing the ring for himself.

Astaroth is too weak to fight Lucifer and decides to sacrifice himself for Lily telling her to leave him and live. Lucifer is like, “oh hey you guys want a minute alone? Sure!” and walks the fuck away. What the hell? ( ・ὥ・)

Good End

Astaroth gets Lily to seal him, which will boost her power enough to defeat Lucifer.

Hesitantly she agrees and seals him. Lucifer comes back in like slowclap.gif and applauds them on showing him ‘a scene which was more entertaining than any story or play’. This pisses Lily off and she fucking seals Lucifer who is like “oh nooooes why u suddenly so stronnngggg?” Yeah he fucking brought this on himself LOL.

After that Lily just lives her life as normal.

Best End

Lily says no she wants to be with Astaroth and confesses her love to him. Astaroth just says “SASUGA THE WOMAN I FELL IN LOVE WITH” and they both decide to fight Lucifer.

They fight but in the end, still aren’t strong enough. As they’re about to die Astaroth hugs Lily and….Lily wakes up in a barren field with Astaroth.


Apparently Lily died once as a human, but because of Astaroth’s magical protection, it turned her into a demon while at the same time demoting Astaroth’s position as super duke of demons to low level demon. Why this suddenly? BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY.


Unfortunately that means jack all when you’re the only ones left in the world

Lucifer destroys the human world but since Lily is now a demon she gives no fucks for humans and lives happily ever after with Astaroth.

Bad End

Lily doesn’t want to part with Astaroth and tells him they will fight together and die together.

And then they do. Lol.

But as Lily dies, she says that being with Astaroth to the last moment is her greatest happiness.

Dark End

Lily says she’ll grant his last wish and live and then seals Astaroth.

She seals Lucifer as well but for some reason, as his world crumbles, Lily gets lost in time and space for a while.

After that she wakes up in her room before the time loop began and wonders why her ring is gleaming a weird green light. Having no idea, she begins to live her life normally.

But oddly in the back of her mind she feels like she’s forgetting something….or someone and begins crying.

Sure why not, throw random amnesia into this shit fest.

Writing the plot of this game out gives me new found revelations on how goddamn bad the story is with all the deus ex machina and random JUST BECAUSE WE CAN plot devices

I actually thought Astaroth was the best char out of all the Solomon’s Ring games I’ve played because he’s so hilariously stupid despite being an archduke or someshit.

There was literally zero character development and things just happened because the author said they did. Throughout the entire story, there was all this “oh no how hopeless is our situation” but all of a sudden Solomon’s Ring will do something and everything is okay again. Wow.

A lot of the plot was basically picked out of a book of rules of things you shouldn’t put into a professionally written story. That best end was particularly terrifying in how quick Lily gives 0 shits even though it was meant to be a pivotal point of their relationship. I mean for the sake of the player suffering through this thing, I think it was actually fairly welcome how quickly things happened so I’ll take that as the author’s pity.

On the flip side, Lily was actually pretty hilarious as well in this route. Rather than complaining about her life and not knowing what to do all the time, she just moved everything along like a champ but there was probably nothing else to make the story progress. So I got the most laughs and enjoyment out of this route compared to Berial and Dandalion’s….which is not as good as it sounds.

As for my final thoughts on this game…If you want to experience Solomon’s Ring first hand and have a thing for great voice actors, look no further. I feel like Astaroth’s route is the best one to play to experience all the derpiness and less of the irritation.

Compared to the previous game, I feel like they totally toned down the bad ends, which was all that I was really hoping to enjoy by playing this so that was rather disappoint. I hope they don’t do it for the next….2 games…that I have… I want to see some demon tears.

So here  goes the tldr;


  • Astaroth was funny
  • I never mentioned this before but I quite like the ending theme, which is recycled for all the games


  • Story
  • Writing
  • Progression
  • Character development
  • The CGs look weird as fuck sometimes

Okay now for final thoughts:

Plot ranking of routes (wtf to lolwtf?????):

  1. Astaroth
  2. Dandalion
  3. Berial

However if I ranked chars alone…:

  1. Astaroth
  2. Dandalion/Berial (I really don’t like these two so it’s not much of a ranking when they’re both just as far to the end as possible)


Solomon's Ring ~風の章~_0001

The omake BG is quite cool though

So in this case I’d recommend people play in the order:

  1. Astaroth
  2. Just play Astaroth and quit the game
  3. If you even want to play that is
  4. Otherwise whatever order is fine since there’s no links to each other anyway

This marks the full completion of another Solomon’s Ring game ヽ(⑅ ε∀ε )ノ Praise me!!!!!

Anyways next up…I don’t even know. I’m busy reading Prince of Stride nowadays to see what all the fan girl screaming is about and BAD APPLE WARS is like the last thing I want to play at the moment (for goodness sakes I mean I’m playing Solomon’s Ring instead even). I’ll decide later or see what people want me to do ・:*三(    ε:)



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3 responses to “Solomon’s Ring -Kaze no Shou- // Astaroth Route and Final Thoughts

  1. You know I thought Solomon’s ring was pretty 糞 but then I played D3P’s Believer and it’s baaaaasically the same thing. That said, Believer has a way nicer system and better quality (and resolution) on graphics which makes it be the winner in the battle of the shits. 苦━(´゚c_,゚` )ププッ━笑

    • That’s like comparing horse shit and cow shit, they’re both terrible and no one likes it either way lmfao.

      Maybe D3P hired the writer of Solomon’s Ring, y’never know.

  2. Congrats on full comp! Loll honestly I can’t wait for your next reviews on this series. The snark is delicious.

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