BAD APPLE WARS // Higa route



This time its the tall dude on the left

Admittedly trying to double the dose of Rinka by doing Higa right after Aruma killed all my motivation in trying to play this game…So I took a 3 month break from this game hahahaha //sweats.

Anyway I’m back with your favourite not-Angel-Beats otome game, with the baseball baka Higa’s route.

Higa (CV: Suwabe Junichi) is your average huge idiot who is all brawn and no brain, basically the perfect side kick for Aruma’s who is actually 90% brain 10% muscle.

Since I assume people reading this would have read the Aruma post, I’ll gloss over the common events rather than go into detail. Giant wall of text as well.

Game spoilers start nao skip as fast as you can to avoid if no want to read

After Rinka runs away from the creepy teachers in the school, she tries to leave by scaling the fence. As she climbs, the fence grows taller and she falls off.

Higa catches her and asks if she’s trying to leave, to which Rinka stoner faces (  ´・_・`) and doesn’t know how to react. He ends up explaining how the school works, just like Aruma does and brings her to him.

Then she goes with the flow and joins the Bad Apples and is thrown into her first Shinigami Game (Cops and Robbers) with the disciplinary committee to break the first rule “you must not win the Shinigami Game”.

During the planning time, Rinka wanders the school and finds it creepy that its so empty and again falls, from the stairs, when she’s startled by Higa. He catches her and Rinka struggles to thank him, but he misunderstands thinking she was trying to accuse him of harrassment or something.


Because that’s what everything thinks when they fall fom stairs

Oddly, Aruma thinks they’d be a good team to search for the ‘key’ so he tells Higa to work with Rinka. Higa agrees full force but the moment Aruma leaves, he immediately spits poison at Rinka.

On the day of the game, Rinka and Higa go to search for the ‘key’ but because he’s a huge baseball baka, Rinka can’t match his running speed. Naraka gets angry at him for having no consideration for Rinka and being rude in general. But Higa has no idea he was rude at all. Yeah, stupid. (´・ω・)

This causes Rinka to think she was holding the group back. When they inevitably find the key with her observations, the disciplinary committee attack and she tells Higa to leave her behind. In the end Higa is just like “Aruma told me to believe in you so shut up and let me protect you” (°ω。)…okay. He fights with the white haired disciplinary committee member and gets hit with the despair stick.

Not knowing what to do about Higa, Rinka is told to slap him to wake him up from his despair. She does so and ends up seeing a vision of a boy losing his mother and then being taken in by a new family. He wakes up and they win the game.

But as in the other route, the forbidden apple appears and disappears immediately after, depressing everyone. Seeing everyone depressed, Rinka again, thinks she is useless. Higa appears and tells her to stop being a downer because she was the one who found the goddamn key in the first place which was closer than they’ve ever been before to the apple.

They go on to try and break the next rule which is “you must not score 100% in the test” so everyone with academic ability tries to study. Naturally Higa is on the support team because he’s a dumbass. Rinka is on the study team as before with Aruma and You.

Being on the support team, Higa comes in to the study room periodically with snacks despite there being no need to eat food in Nevaeh so ╮(•ω•)╭ sure, why not. When Rinka doesn’t respond, Higa tells her to lend him her face, in true delinquent style. Rinka thinks that she did something to piss him off but he only wants to help her rest.


He takes her leads hostage. Such scare.

They end up playing catch ball and…Higa throws the ball at Rinka’s head.

This knocks Rinka out for a bit and Higa picks her up saying that he’ll take responsibility and take care of her if she never wakes up but to Rinka that sounded more like a proposal.

When he touches her, she ends up seeing the boy from the vision earlier playing baseball with his new older brother. It shows that they’re both part of a baseball team that was aiming to go to Koshien. They were both part of a battery with the elder brother being the team’s ace and the younger brother (coughHigacough) being the catcher.

She wakes up and realises that Higa was so worried about her that he forgot they can’t die.



From the visions, she starts piecing together that it must’ve been Higa’s past but doesn’t feel it’s in her place to tell him about it. Later on, Higa explains about the unwritten rules (ie. not being able to say words of love etc.) and she realises his feelings of despair when being hit with the despair stick were truly his feelings and wants to be of help to him.

Thereon, the route is the same as Aruma’s with Sanzu confiding in Rinka about wanting to move people’s hearts and Rinka scores 100% on the school test because all the answers were 0.

As usual, the forbidden apple appears and disappears again. Despite being the only one able to break the rule ever, Rinka feels like she let everyone down again because it only managed to depress everyone again. She spots Higa punching a wall in frustration and apologises to him for letting him down as well but he tries to stop her. In doing so, Rinka rejects his touch telling him she sees his memories. Yet when he touches her, he sees nothing because she’s empty, she concludes. Pls stahp.

Higa starts praising his elder brother and at some point, says that he’s even the Bad Apple’s leader, which causes Rinka to point out she wasn’t talking about Aruma (Higa calls Aruma “brother” in the gang sense of the word rather than familial sense). It seems that even Higa is getting his memories confused from the amount of time he was hanging out in Nevaeh.

Rinka laments that she has no where she belongs since everyone has a goal they’re working toward but she’s just empty. Higa tells her to do something about it, which is exactly what I thought lmfao. But nooooope. She realises that Higa is worried about her which is why his words are harsh. He asks her why she’s so afraid to break the rules and she tells him that she doesn’t want to make everyone sad by it again. ( ৺ ◡৺ ) Even though its clearly what they all want, since they’re still breaking the school rules but sure, pretend its all about hurting them. Higa comforts her by saying it’s okay for her to blame him, since he’s the one who wants to break the rules and will keep pushing for expulsion. (´°ω°`)

Everyone stars preparing for the school culture festival and does their thing, with Sanzu doing a live music performance, Naraka doing a fashion show and Enishi doing a play. As usual, right before the thing, they’re all unable to practice their skills due to the unwritten regulations. Rinka and Higa both feel helpless as everyone gets depressed due to this again.


Be glad you only have to see this kind of line once

Higa calls himself useless and Rinka comforts him saying he always saves her and tells him it’ll be fine. This is pretty much a reversal of their relationship up until now and Higa realises it, so he asks her to hit him to snap out of it. ◝( ˙ ꒳ ˙ )◜

When she does so, she ends up seeing a bunch of randoms in a vision insulting the Higa’s family, saying he was born from an extramarital affair yet the legitimate wife’s family treats him as if he were their own. The young Higa feels that he is in their debt and wishes to become an adult to pay them back for their kindness.

Later on Rinka comes up with the day before culture festival party idea to lift everyones spirits as in the Aruma’s route. Rinka sits in the corner and again laments her emptiness and Higa pets her saying she should give herself more credit since she’s been so useful.

The touch causes her to see another memory of his, where the club’s manager confesses to him despite him knowing that his brother liked her. This triggers him to reject her callously and makes his brother angry enough to punch him.

Higa realises Rinka must have seen something but presses no further when she denies it. Deep inside she thinks that the pain she feels must be his so she cannot take ownership of it.

During the day of the culture festival, Naraka gets Rinka to model his clothes. Higa sees her and in true cliche fashion, is unable to respond. Naraka translates his reaction to Rinka which causes them both embarassment and then forces Higa to escort Rinka on the cat walk, under the guise of protection from the disciplinary committee. But of course, they do come to cockblock and that’s when Sanzu starts singing her song and reincarnates.

After this everyone falls into depression again now that they know even breaking the rules can cause them to reincarnate. Aruma is also at a loss and stops giving orders to the Bad Apples, causing Higa to take matters into his own hands.

Higa tries to take on the entire disciplinary committee but even then he’s so useless on his own they don’t take him away lmfao.

Rinka spots Higa wandering around the science labs but doesn’t pay attention to it, thinking he wants to be alone. Until she mentions it to Naraka who tells her that there is a rule associated with the lab that was so dangerous that even Aruma forbade them all from trying to break it. So they rush to try and stop Higa but they were too late and Gas Mask Sensei drugs both him and Rinka with a pain gas.

They end up escaping but Higa forces Rinka to take the only antidote, meaning he will suffer for at least the next day from the pain of the gas. He gets angry at Rinka and asks her why she’s even paying attention to him and she says it’s the same as how he always saves her and hugs him.

This causes her to see another memory of his. Higa and his brother are discussing their plans for the future right before they were due to play in the finals to reach Koshien. Higa realises that while they were always together, after this summer they will be split apart and wishes for the summer to never end. At the same time, he spots a child chasing a ball on the road and instinctively jumps out to save the child, getting run over in the process. ( ৺ ◡৺ ) This sounds awfully similar to this other game I played.

Shocked by the memory of his death Rinka tries to let go but Higa asks for her to hug him more because its comforting. Being able to support Higa in any way makes her happy so they stay a while.

Aruma then calls on Higa and yells at him for being stupid, trying to break a rule on his own to which Higa doesn’t defend himself and leaves. Rinka tries to tell Aruma it was because Higa wanted to help Aruma but he says he knows so Rinka runs after Higa.

Rinka finds Higa on the school roof berating himself for being stupid and that in the end he can’t repay his debt to anyone, not to his brother nor Aruma. Rinka denies it but her words no longer reach him so she grabs him in hopes that her feelings will be transmitted to him.

Nevaeh End

She ends up seeing a memory of Higa in his final days, comatose. His brother is visiting him and talking to him but the words cannot be made out. In the end his brother starts yelling and crying in what she assumes was frustration, anger and sadness. Higa’s feelings of inadequacy causes him to wish he were never there to cause pain to his family and team mates.

In the end none of her feelings reach him and Rinka is relieved that he didn’t see any of the frightening things she saw in his memory.

Aruma then announces that they’ll all be breaking rules as per usual while avoiding risky maneuvers but others end up complaining that by doing the same thing they’ve been doing, means that nothing will change. Higa convinces everyone that Aruma is correct because he’s always correct and then blindly follows along with his opinion.

Rinka feels that it was odd, regardless of how much Higa used to respect Aruma, he never followed him blindly. She confronts him about it and he tells her that he’s finally learnt his place and that he’ll never match up to Aruma.

He hugs Rinka and asks if she needs him and she says yes, to which he just replies “then I need you too”. She now understands that he doesn’t actually need her, but just needs to give his all to someone. Wanting to support him she agrees with him and starts crying.


Well then…

Σ (°ζ‿° )


Present Day End

Rinka sees the memory on Higa on his death bed and his brother yelling at him. But this time the words are clearly heard, he was crying that they all needed Higa back to support like he has all along because they were the ones in debt to him all along. She relays these memories back to Higa who is shocked but having seen her feelings himself, knew it wasn’t a lie.

With that, one of his regrets was cleared. ( ৺ ◡৺ ) How does one retain a memory of when they’re in a coma tho? 

Anyway, he then goes to confront Aruma about his true feelings. They end up in a punch up with Higa inciting violence by telling Aruma he’s always shouldering things that aren’t his to shoulder and looking down on the rest of the Bad Apples because he never relies on them. They took the saying that men talk with fists way too literally here ( ৺ ◡৺ ). But somehow this works out for them. Like a true teen drama.

They then all collectively decide to break the final rule, which is “you must not cry at the graduation ceremony“. Higa helps Rinka out with the preparations and she mentions that she feels sad if they succeed because it means they’ll all part ways. Higa says that there’s no need to feel sad because he’ll just come looking for her, but then wonders how old he’d be compared to Rinka lmao. I wondered the same thing ( ´ω´)since he was born in the Showa era it means he was born anywhere between 1920s to 1980s…even if he was born at the end, he’d still be like 20 years older than her.


There are some things that just aren’t meant to be, like a dude from Showa era and a girl from the present day

Rinka say they’ll manage somehow and…end up breaking one of the other rules: “you must not have illicit relations“. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…Although they only just kiss though. The forbidden apple appears again and disappears but they both aren’t sad this time because they know they still have other chances, and that they’d continually break this rule lmao.

They end up reporting the apples appearance to Aruma and at the same time announcing that they’re going out now. Naraka then suggests they should have a riajuu extermination party (・〻・) Higa agrees to the party part….but has no idea what a riajuu is.


Even in the afterlife teens are gonna be bitter about the happiness of others

They all end up playing catch ball with one another and suddenly the graduation bell sounds again and Higa realises it was his turn. Like Sanzu, he was going to graduate because he was finally able to say words of love to Rinka. Everyone gets angry at him for leaving Rinka but he just says that he’ll look for her in the next life and that he loves her and poofs.

Rinka is understandably devastated but still attends the graduation ceremony rule breaking. Aruma leaves her to deliver the graduation speech…and the teachers don’t bother to stop the Bad Apples because they just want to see something interesting. Wow.

She asks all the “good kids” who are about to graduate whether they really want to reincarnate by throwing “themselves” away, or whether they have regrets and worries. Because if they were the latter, by combining heads like the Bad Apples, they would surely find a solution. The “good kids” slowly remove their mask one by one and start crying.

This breaks the final rule and a rotten forbidden apple appears, asking them all whether they really want “expulsion” because it means they’d all be thrown back into a world of unjust despair. Rinka answers that the Bad Apples taught her to turn despair into hope and regrets nothing. The apple changes and she bites into it immediately.

She wakes up in the present world and spends a year in rehabilitation, which causes her to enter high school a year late. As she goes to her high school, a very familiar boy passes her a leaflet asking her to be the baseball club’s manager and Rinka agrees wholeheartedly. The boy is Higa Tatsumi, the captain of the baseball club, and he promises to bring her to Koshien with the club.

Higa has no memories of his previous life but Rinka thinks that this is fine, since they’ve now got a new promise. The next year, they’re in the final leg of the qualifiers, the Coach Higa mentions that it was his younger brother’s death anniversary and seeing his own son Tatsumi was like seeing his younger brother, but Rinka knows the truth that he is his younger brother. That’s gotta be creepy, having your younger brother as your son, but sure, it’s meant to be touching. I presume.

They win the game and at night Tatsumi stops Rinka to talk to her. He says that he promised himself that if they won the game, he’d confess to her and Rinka answers with “I feel like I was born to love you” I don’t even. They kiss and it ends.



wat u’ve all been waitin 4? yes? yes.


It is very very painfully clear that Higa isn’t a main guy at all in this game. Despite having a great voice actor he bored me to tears and when you have a heroine who’s most spoken words are “empty” and “useless”, it’s very easy to see why I spent so long playing this route. That is also the reason why there is very little screen shots, this wall of text is a literal interpretation of the fatigue I felt playing his route.

Higa’s Nevaeh end was a very generic end where everyone just ignores the important stuff to avoid conflict. It wasn’t frustrating or particularly disappointing, but not something that leaves a lasting effect either. His Present Day end on the other hand though, oh boy. It brings to question so many other things. Like does Rinka truly love this Higa for who he is or…For a better look at the end, see Yamamoto’s route in Nise no Chigiri. It’s exactly what I’m talking about. I couldn’t feel happy at all for either of them because it bothered me so much.

The progression from meh -> oh? I think I’m interested -> I LURVVVEE UUUuu is…I suppose sort of natural but I still felt the first kiss came out of no where. Since the game is from Rinka’s perspective it’s very very bloody hard to not see her being with Higa as some sort of going with the flow despite the game trying very hard to tell us that she’s changed and she’s no longer empty!!!1111 But I guess this comes down to him being a very minor character in the game.

Since I skipped all the common scenes I felt even less for all the characters than I did the first time (I recall feeling partial to Sanzu and You) so if I didn’t write this post ASAP I’m sure I’d forget completely about the game and not even be able to finish blogging.

There was a lot less parallels in this route compared to Aruma’s to Angel Beats so I can spare you all my pointless rants. Or maybe I just skipped through them because I literally gave zero fucks by the end of his route.



  • it wasn’t terrible


  • It wasn’t great either

I’m going to try and do Shikishima next, probably after I go finish another 5 games in between when I get bored of BAD APPLE WARS. Hahaha, if there’s another game which I should blog about, speak up now or I’ll end up playing (and not blogging, probably) La Corda 3+4.

Man I’m starting to feel like I should play Solomon’s Ring because at least I expect horseshit from it.


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